Morning Musing of Veronica

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I lay in bed still clenching my stiff cock. The once hot cum I had shot was now cooling and starting to feel tacky on my knuckles, stomach and chest. There is nothing better than waking up to a hard-on and having time to do something about it. Morning masturbation was a lifetime ritual for me, and many times it was even more fulfilling than morning sex.

The ritual allowed me to think of girls who worked in my office, as well as any of the many women you pass on a daily basis and would love to fuck. I had fantasizes, scenarios and dreams of what their bodies would look like and how they would feel in their most intimate of areas. Typically, I would think of more than one idea, but when I came the hardest was when I thought of past sexual experiences. This also allowed me to think of the experience and potentially add to what occurred, or think of what else I would have done if I could go back to that moment in time.

If I ever really needed to cum hard and fast, I could set my mind to any of the various sessions I shared with Veronica, Kaylee, or Rachel. Any one of the three would give me great thoughts to think back to. I typically came fastest and hardest thinking about Veronica. She had an unbridled passion that she shared with me and a chemistry that was beyond sexual, yet captivated and cultivated orgasm after orgasm (for both of us) for many years.

This morning I had thought of the time I drove all night to visit Ronnie at her home. The weekend I drove out was less than a month after a torrid sexual visit she had come out to my place for. We had spent the better half of a week fucking like mad rabbits. It left both of us satisfied, yet after we were apart we both longed for the daily fuck sessions that left each other dry.

We had been calling each other and reliving our torrid times through phone sex and eventually, I drove down to visit. Ronnie’s entire family was in town so sex at her house was not an option. We knew we had to have each other but where?

Ronnie always held numerous jobs. This time out to visit her was no exception. She had taken a job where she was cleaning an office on the weekend for two realtors. I was tired from my long drive in yet super excited to see her. She asked me to go with her to clean the offices, I thought this may be the chance we would have to finally get lucky, but I wasn’t counting on anything.

We arrived to the offices, they were closed, and empty. Ronnie had the keys and asked me to carry in a bucket of cleaning supplies she had in her trunk. I walked the supplies through the front door. And she shut it, Tekirdağ Escort and locked it behind us.

The office was set-up in the condo community that the realtors sold. There were two separate offices divided by a long hallway that had two large bathrooms for men and women. The hallway then lead out to a large community room with couches, fireplaces, etc. The community room was brightly lit, lots of windows and shared a door to the deck for the pool.

The community rooms oversized couch would be the perfect place to fuck but the windows were all open and people could see in as plain as day. I didn’t over think things and just followed Ronnie down the long hallway that subsequently had no windows.

Bucket still in had, Ronnie turned around and told me to set it on the floor. She then kissed me with a slow deep wet passionate kiss. I grabbed her around the waist pulling her tight to me. She was looking sexy as ever wearing a sundress and her hair was long and auburn. I lost one of my hands in her hair as we rolled our heads with a long sexy deep kiss.

I pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders, the dress hit the floor and she was standing there in my arms in nothing but her panties. I softly dropped to my knees pulling them to the side and began to lick up her wet crack. She quickly pulled her panties down, and laid herself on the floor. There was no time for a long session; she told me she needed me in her NOW!

I knelt between Ronnie’s legs and se began to undo my belt buckle. I helped her and unzipped quickly, she pulled my jeans down just pasts the bump of my ass and my cock popped out of my pants ridged, hard and already dripping precum. Just knowing I was going to be inside Ronnie put me on the verge of meltdown.

Ronnie pulled me into her, my cock glided into her with ease. She was so wet. Her facial expression said it all; she was in a state of ravenous desire and needed my cock in her. I needed to be inside her. We began rolling into each other and immediately were headed full speed into an orgasm. Ronnie pulled my shirt up so my chest was exposed and wrapped her arms around me so her large breasts would be pressed flesh to flesh with my chest.

Our kisses grew more frantic as our love making became more erratic with the onset of orgasm coming on fast. I sucked Ronnie’s lower lip into my mouth and she began to moan loudly. “I’m gonna come!….Come with me!” She blurted as we rocked into each other faster!

Yes! I bellowed! Ronnie began to cum and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock in small Tekirdağ Escort Bayan contractions at first that increased in intensity, I could not hold back and I began to unload a deep hard orgasm. I buried my cock deep inside Ronnie as I felt my own pulsing growing with intensity, and a slight pain in the head of my cock from the pure force of my orgasm.

I always came super hard with Ronnie, and not being with her for a while left me spent and actually shaking after an orgasm that felt like an earthquake.

My world was rocked, and Ronnie was all smiles. She began to glow as we got dressed. After sex she would be invigorated sometimes and I would be so spent. She actually liked the effect it had on me when I became a zombie. She told me I didn’t have to help her clean and I could go in the community room and sit on the couch.

I actually laid down on the couch and fell fast asleep into an orgasm induced comatose.

I woke-up after a hard nap of maybe 30 minutes. Ronnie was still humming away and cleaning, I ended up helping her out a bit. I followed her into the bathroom and cleaned them… That’s where reality ends and my fantasies begin.

The women’s bathroom had a long sink counter to it with a large mirror. I often think of this counter and mirror and how I missed a golden opportunity. I missed it, but had relished in fantasies about it in my morning sessions. I often think about Ronnie cleaning the sinks and I come up behind her rubbing my hard bulge against her ass as she’s bent over the sinks. She looks at me through the mirror and instead of getting mad or trying to rush her job, she pushes her ass back into me as she skillfully sponges the sink.

I would then take her sundress and pull it up over her so that it sits mid-back exposing her underwear to me, and I still rock into her rubbing her wet pussy with my bulge through her soaked panties. Ronnie stops cleaning and clenches the ledge of the sink as she begins to stoke herself into me and coo.

Sometimes I will pull her panties to the side exposing her wet snatch, other times I will pull them completely off. Sometimes I will rub her pussy while I begin to drop my jeans, other times I quickly drop my jeans and enter her from behind as quickly as I possibly can.

Regardless, I always enter Ronnie from behind, and I always get super, super hard remembering the way her pussy feels when I enter her that way. Her pussy is always so wet for me, and always so snug. She’s tight but in a soft way and I can feel her clench around me as I stroke into her. I Escort Tekirdağ hold her by her hips at first and she sways back into me. I run my hands up her sides and pull the straps of her sun dress down so that her breasts are exposed.

Ronnie has wonderful breasts that are large with super sensitive nipples. I love to pull her nipples during foreplay and whenever I can during sex. The position (entering her from behind) lends itself to being perfect for stroking and pulling her nipples. I reach forward pulling her nipples as I continue to stroke into her. I can feel her clenching her pussy around me and getting wet to the point her thighs and mine are beginning to become slick from her.

I stare at Ronnie in the mirror so that I can take in all those wonderful lust filled looks she makes when we are working towards her orgasm. She rolls her hair, her hair flails in the air, her eyes roll back and her cheeks look thin as her lips begin to make all sorts of “O’s”, as she rolls her tongue at me.

I typically fantasize that she cums first. Usually announcing it as she likes to, “oh Joe, I’m gonna cum’mmmmmmmm!”

I move my hands to her hips and she slams back as I slam forward crashing into each other intersecting deep inside her and I feel her let go and just pour out on to me as she screams into orgasm.

Ronnie cums hard; but she’s not satisfied until I cum. I adore her lust for my fulfillment; I guess that is why she is still my favorite masturbation fantasy. She loves anal sex and has told me about her desire for it on several occasions. All the time we have ever been together I have always been so intrigued by the wonderful feeling of her pussy that I never took the opportunity to fuck her ass.

In this fantasy, I always fuck her ass. Sometimes she begs me to, other times we just fumble into it. But anyway it occurs, I always get to see her face in the mirror, and that always makes me hot, and slick with buckets of precum.

Sometimes I just stroke myself triple speed and let the cum fly, thinking of being deep in Ronnie’s tight ass. Other times I think of what she would say to me, and how she would make me stop right before I came so she could quickly drop to her knees.

On her knees sometimes she sucks me off, drinking every last drop of cum. Other times she sucks me off until I start to cum, then backs up so she can take my load on her face. Other times she takes my loads on her tits.

Any one of the prior mentioned ways would be possible. Ronnie loves my cock and cum. She also finds intrigue in my orgasms and how powerful they are when I’m with her.

Any way that I think of creates a geyser. I love to watch my cum fly high and land back on me as I stroke in a salute to Ronnie and all the good time we had, and still have (Even if they are deep inside my own fantasy.)

The End of this fantasy for now… More to cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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