Morning Passion

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I couldn’t tell whether you were asleep or not as I stepped into the room,shutting the door quietly behind me,your form profiled by the light of the new born day peeking thru the window.

“Bay-bee,”I say in the way that you love,the Tennessee accent shining thru,”I’m here.”

I hear your sleepy moan as I near the bed,my shoes come off,and I slide in behind you. You immediately ‘perk’ up and press yourself against me. I take inventory of your beautiful body before I lay down. T-shirt and panties.

Enticing,but this is a day of sleep. I lay myself down and pull you to me,your back pressed against my chest. My right arm sliding underneath your head as extra pillow,my left arm draping over your body,caressing your skin.

I lay my head next to yours,lightly kiss your ear and your neck.

“Did you miss me,”I ask in a low voice.

“Mmm Hmm,”Comes your sleepy reply.

I smile to myself,feeling your body snuggling against me. Your hand taking my left one as I continue to trace my fingers over your skin. Again I kiss your neck,lightly,trailing little kisses up and down your neck. As I pull my head up to lay down I hear your sleepy voice..”Don’t stop.”

Not one to let my lady down,I resume the kisses. Lightly at first,but it doesn’t last like that as I feel your ass pushing back against me. My kisses become more intense but still soft and hot,lightly touching with my tongue. Your body language becoming more sensual as I continue,your body continuing to press back against me Low,soft moans becoming increasingly audible.

Your pressing begins to effect me,my cock slowly rising to press into canlı bahis you,my kisses more passionate. My hand slips under your shirt and glides slowly up your body to caress your nipples,all in perfect rythm with my kisses.. I feel your hand snake back around my head,pulling me further into you,all the while my kisses still dancing around your neck.

You moan loudly as my kissing and caressing merge with my cock pressing against your cloth covered pussy.Your body itself beginning to be hot to the touch. Not one to miss an opprotunity,nor one to get carried away I slide my hand from your nipples and trail my way down your body,slowy and firmly. Your respones to my kisses become more physical and more verbal,your breathing deeper. I feel your body tense as my hand slides into your panties,my fingers slowly inching toward your pleasure. I hear your loud sigh as my fingers first caress your clit,your wetness already very prominent. Slowly I work my fingers in a circular motion around your clit then ever so into your pussy,your slightly arches and your sigh becomes a deep moan. I finger you slow and deep making sure to rub your clit as I penetrate you. Your body in rythym with me,slightly pushing toward my fingers then back into my hard cock.

You surprise me as you half turn,interupting me,pushing your left behind you to feel my cock thru my jeans. I assert myself to keep control and push you forward. Pausing my kisses to lend my voice to your ear.

“I want you Heather. I’m going to slide my cock deep inside of you,”My voice low and deep,just the way you like it. You turn your head to look into my eyes. Without looking bahis siteleri away I slowly remove my hand from your panties and bring it to my mouth,to taste you on my fingers. Slowly licking and savoring you. I can see the your blood rising as you watch. When I finish I lower my head and kiss you hard then pull back away from eager mouth. I continue to gaze into your eyes as my hand starts to slowly slide your panties down,not all the way,just enough to allow me access. Your eyes widen as you hear my zipper come down and rufflin of fabrics as my boxers slide down with my jeans. I can tell the my slow,deliberate actions make you crazy. You try to press back into me but I stop you. I hear a sigh of discouragement but it quickly changes as you feel my cock press against your pussy,the head sliding slow into you. Eagerly,you push back but again I stop you. You sigh again but quickly change to a moan as you feel the full lenght slowly slide deep inside of you.

I begin to slowly pump my cock into you. You push back again but this time I don’t stop you,I use it as a precursor to pick up the pace. As I penetrate you with a little force,I hear you moan loudly and feel your body shudder as you cum. You moan again as I begin to fuck you harder. I slide your panties all the way off and lift your leg slightly,allowing me to penetrate deeper. Your moans become louder,your hand reaching back to my ass,pulling me deeper into you.

A loud moan escapes you again as I slam my cock all the way into you and hold it,but instead of pulling back I pull you cloer to me then roll us both over. You on your stomach,me on top and still inside of you. bahis şirketleri Not wasting time I grab your hips and pull your ass into the air,your lower half propped up your head laying on the mattress and I continue my assault. My thrusts becoming harder,your moans become more frequent and louder. Our bodies slapping together as I fuck you hard.

I feel the cum rising so I slow my pace,forcing myself to hold back. Once I feel myself regaining control I pick back up,thrusting into your pussy like a jackhammer. I feel your second orgasm. Your body shudders and your pussy clamps onto my cock as you cum again. I use it as another springboard to a more aggressive assault. I grab your ass and start pumping into you at a furious pace,your body writhing and bucking. My cock slamming deeper into you each time. I feel the cum rising again,but this time I don’t slow. I pick the pace even more and hammer into your pussy with short,deep strokes. Your body tenses as you know whats to come.

My cock plunges into you deeply and you hear me moan very loudly,then as your body feels the first stream of cum you shudder in orgasm again. I continue thrusting into you,sending shot after shot of cum deep into your pussy. Your body continuing on its own orgasmic pace. Finally as I slow down,your body trembles. I push my cock in deep once more then slightly lay down on your back,take your body in my arms and slowly roll back over into the original position with my slowly softening still inside of you.

You shudder again in post orgasmic joy as I pull you closer and kiss your neck,tasting your sweat. I pull face back as your turn your head toward. A look of satisfaction and weariness in your eyes. I kiss you hard again then lay my face upon yours.

“I love you bay-bee,”I say again.

“I love you too too,”I hear your voice reply.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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