Mothers Know Best Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic incestuous relationships, which includes sexual intercourse and other taboo subjects. All characters are over 18 years of age. Please enjoy reading in the comfort of your own home, with family and friends.

Mother Knows Best: Ch. 2 Depths of Carnal Lust

Part 1

I had been visiting my mother-in-law once a week for the past few weeks ostensibly to help her with odd jobs around her condo. But that was not quite true.

I was actually having sex with my mother-in-law. While we did not engage in vaginal intercourse, she loved me paying attention to her beautiful breasts, while she thoroughly enjoyed sucking my cock.

“Getting ready to go over to moms?” Judy asked.

“Yeah.” I replied, while averting my wife’s eyes.

“I swear, I am starting to think that you and mom have a thing going on.” She laughed.

Oh fuck! I thought to myself. I can’t keep the truth from her. While I very much care for my Stephanie, my mother-in-law, I dearly loved my wife.

“Judy, I have a confession.” I said in all seriousness.

“Oh?” The laughter dropped from her face.

I looked at her, my stomach coiled in knots as if a large snake twisted and turned within. I knew this would put our marriage in serious jeopardy or become totally irreconcilable. My heart beat ominously like a war drum.

“I am having an affair with…” my words choked in my throat, I saw the pain tear across her face, and it killed me. “… with your mother.” I looked away from her in utter shame.

“You.. you, what? My mother?” She said incredulously.

Then her face lit up. “Oh, Andrew, that is just wonderful!”

“Huh?” I was thoroughly confused. Did she understand what I said?

“I was wondering why mom has been so happy these days. She has joined the gym, she has joined a social club. Oh baby, thank you.”

“I don’t get it. I’ve been having sex with your mother?”

“My mother adores you, and I adore you for always being there for her. I don’t mind sharing you with her.” She explained.

“You don’t mind?” I was dumbfounded.

“Look, I feel happy that mom is getting sexual enjoyment from someone I trust. I am proud of my mother and for some weird reason, I wanted to share her with you. Also, the most perplexing thing is, that I have the hots for mom too, and through you I feel that I am communing with her sexually. You are my proxy. Does all that make sense?” She sat back and looked at my face for my reaction.

“Wow! Okay, I think I understand.” I said as I tried to digest what she said.

“Now go before you’re late. You know how she gets. Don’t tell her I know, just yet.” She said as she rushed me out the door.

On the drive, I could not help thinking about Judy’s ambivalence toward the fact that I was having sex with her mother. You would think that finding out that her husband was screwing her mother was worse than with a stranger.

Part 2

“Hi, mom!” I greeted her as she opened the door.

“Hello, Andrew.” She said as she gave me an affectionate kiss on my cheek, “come on in.” She ushered me inside.

Today she wore a short blue floral strapless muumuu which matched her captivating blue eyes, and her shoulder length hair was tied back which left her attractive face unimpeded.

She gave me a beer, and an ice tea for herself, and then made herself comfortable on the couch. She looked at me, her eyes seemed to look into my soul.

“You okay, honey? You seem distracted.”

“I’m good, mom.” I said as I sat beside her. “I like your legs, they look great.” I told as my eyes drifted over them.

“You do, do you.” She said smiling as she crossed her legs and checked the hem of her dress. “I am pleased.” She added as she uncrossed her legs then re-crossed them.

Her legs are long and creamy, and very shapely. I thought about what resided between those beautiful legs. I am sure she had an equally beautiful vagina. But for now I could only rely on my imagination.

“Are you feeling remorseful or ashamed at what we are doing together?” She asked

“No, not at all, mom. It’s all good.” I replied as she scrutinized my face. She seemed doubtful and unconvinced.

“Really, mom. All is good.” I said as I placed a soft kiss on her lips. She gave me a guarded smile.

“I could really use a massage. Today’s session at the gym was hard. I swear my personal trainer is trying to break me in two. Now I feel stiff and achy.” She said.

“Would you like me to give you a massage?” I asked.

“Would you? I would really appreciate that.” She replied smiling.

She stood up and removed her dress, wearing only a pair of light blue bikini briefs. My eyes drank in everything. Her set shoulders, her magnificent rack, her sensuous looking belly, her panty covered pubic mound, her hips define her hourglass figure, and down to her shapely legs. God damn, she looked incredibly hot, she looked like a goddess.

“Would it be better if we used your bed?” I gaziantep escort asked.

“Yes, that would be better.” She said as she walked away with sassy sway to her hips.

I watched her leave and marvelled at the sensual beauty of her ass. Damn! I followed her to her room. I cock squirmed restlessly in my pants.

“Are you enjoying the view?” She asked as she turned into her room. My cheeks burned.

She took out a bottle of oil from her night table and gave it to me. “Warm it in yours hands before applying it.” Then she laid face down on the bed, turning her head to one side and closed her eyes..

Squirting a small amount of oil in my hand, I rubbed them together. Starting from her shoulder I began massage her. I squeezed the muscles at her neck then across her shoulders.

“Mmmm. You can go deeper.” She said with a contented sigh.

Working down one side of her spine, I worked my way down to her the top of her bikini briefs, then moved up on the other side until I reached her shoulders.

“You can massage my ass as well. Just pull my panties just below my ass cheeks.”

I was thrilled at the idea of touching her ass for the first time. I pulled the top of the panties down. She had to raise her hips for the panties to slide down.

I worked on her gluteus muscle groups, concentrating on the inner muscles, pushing my thumb deep into her flesh.

“Oow!” She murmured. I stopped.

“Don’t stop, it feels good.” She said softly.

I then moved onto the other cheek and again she moaned as I delved in her tight gluteus muscles. Looking at her amazing ass, I had an urge to kiss her ass.

Placing kisses on her ass cheeks, I then pulled her cheeks apart and ran my tongue down her crack until I reached her puckered butt hole and probed it with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh god, that feels wicked, but so sexy. what are you doing?”

“It’s my tongue, mom. Did you like that?”

“Yes!” She said in a sultry throaty tone.

I continued to lick her anus as I hooked my thumb on the top of her briefs further down, my fingers between her legs, close to her pussy. She suddenly stiffened.

“Your fingers are too close.” She whispered.

I reluctantly removed my fingers out from between her soft creamy legs, and pulled her panties back up.

“Okay, you can turn over.” I said as I patted her ass.

“Mmmm, that was wonderful. No need to continue with the massage, you got me all turned on by licking my ass as you did. Suck my breasts. The girls need your attention.”

Smiling, “whatever you say, mom.” I said as I kissed her.

Then I began the pleasurable task of giving her an orgasm by stimulating her breasts. I buried my face into her beautiful breasts. I estimated her breasts to be DDs, with silver dollar sized areola which are reddish brown like her thumb thick nipples.

She is one of the very few women I know who can reach an orgasm by stimulation of their breasts.

So I began my oral assault of my mother in-law’s gorgeous breasts. Concentrating on one orb at a time, I fondled and squeezed her, while I sucked and nibbled her hard thick nipple.

She moaned and groaned with pleasure. Her back arched as she pushed her breasts against my face, and her hips rocked restlessly. By the time I moved onto the other breast, she was at full boil.

“Oh, Andrew, oh god, what you do to me is so wicked.” She moaned deliriously.

As I continued, her moans and cries became frequent and more urgent. Spurred by her vocalizing, I intensified my efforts on her beautiful breasts.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” she suddenly gripped my head and stiffened.

Then suddenly she let out a protracted cry as her body shuddered and rocked under me. “Andrew! Oh god, oh god! Aaahhh!”

Then she pushed me away. She looked at me with astonishment. “Oh god, that was intense!”

Smiling, I kissed her softly, then her neck, over her tortured breasts, her stomach, till I got to the top of her panties. I ran my tongue along the top of her panties. I then moved to her thighs.

I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal as I kissed her thighs. I parted her legs and kissed and licked her inner thigh. Her panties had a dark dam patch over the length of her slit.

“I know what you are doing. But you are still not getting into my panties.” She said as she closed her legs to me.

“Doh! Busted!” I said as I laid down beside her.

“Don’t be naughty. You know you can’t go down there. You can’t look at it, you can’t taste it, and you can’t touch it.” She said as she rubbed my cock through my pants.

“Now come, take off your clothes and come lay with me.” She said in a sensuous tone.

I quickly remove my clothes. My cock was semi erect as I climbed onto her bed and laid beside her. She rolled onto her side, her hand on my chest as she kissed me.

“I liked you touching my butt hole. It felt wicked and yet so hot.”

“I take it that you have not been touched there before.” I said.

“No, never.” She whispered as she began kissing eskort gaziantep and licking my nipples, before she continued her downward trajectory toward my cock.

“Would you like to fuck my butt hole?” She asked as she placed soft kisses and licks on my hardening cock as held it in her hand.

“That would be sweet, mom.” I said as she took my cock into her mouth. “Ah!” I moaned with pleasure.

“Your first time may be quite uncomfortable.” I told her, just as she opened her throat, and engulfed my entire length until her lips were immersed in my pubes, without gagging.

“Oh fuck! That feels so hot, mom.” I gasped with the unexpected pleasure.

She slowly took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me with a lustful smile.

“If I can learn to take you into my throat, then I can learn to take you in my ass.” She said before taking me back into her mouth and proceeded to lustfully suck my cock, moaning as she drew my length in and out of her mouth.

“Oh god, mom. Your mouth feels amazing.” I said with a moan of deep pleasure.

“I want your cum!” She gasped as she momentarily took my cock from her mouth.

She did not have to wait long. I felt myself building up to a momentous climax. My groin burned to release my load. I held it back, letting the pleasure compound, building ever hotter. It felt as though my cock would erupt into flame. Then my toes curled and my body stiffened.

“M… mom, I’m c… cumming!!” I cried as stream after hot stream flooded her mouth and throat.

I could only stare up the ceiling as I felt my mother in-law straining to swallow the copious amounts of cum that I shot into her mouth. She moaned as I groaned until I was spent.

When I looked down at her, she still had my cum streaked cock in her mouth, she looked at me with a triumphant grin, her mouth and chin in a mess with cum. Her throat worked to swallow the remaining cum in her mouth.

Then taking my cock from her mouth, she used her fingers to brush the cum from her outside of her mouth and chin into her mouth, sucking her fingers clean before cleaning my cock with her tongue and mouth. Then using her thumb on the underside of my cock, she urged out the remaining cum out into her mouth.

“Damn! Mom that was inspired. What got into you?” She possessively held my cock to her cheek and smiled seductively.

Part 3

The following day, filled with excitement , I stopped at her condo for a quick visit. I knocked on her door. I waited with anticipation for her to answer.

“Andrew!” She exclaimed with a captivating smile. “What a nice surprise!”

I pushed my way in, letting the door close behind me, then crushed her body against the wall with mine, cupped her face in my hands as she looked at me in bewilderment. Then I kissed her heatedly, my tongue danced with hers until I felt her body go limp.

I pulled my head back as I slipped my hands around her waist and looked at her. She had a blissful look on her face as she placed her hand on my shoulder for support.

“Oh my. To what do I owe this pleasure?” She stood unsteadily on her legs.

“I brought something for you.” I said as I brought a small box.

“A gift? For me?”

“Not exactly a gift, but it’s for you.” I opened the small red velvet lined box to reveal a gold plated butt-plug with a blue gemstone base.

“It’s very pretty. What is it?”

“It’s a butt-plug.”

“A butt-plug?” She looked confused.

“You wanted me to have anal sex with you, so this butt-plug will help you adapt to having me penetrate you.” I explained.

“Oh.” She said as she picked it up from the box and examined it.

“Come, let me show you how to use it.” I said as I led her to her bedroom.

“Lift your dress above your waist and lay on your side at the edge of the bed.” I instructed.

Instead she removed her dress and stood in all her magnificent glory wearing just a pair of dark blue bikini panties. Fuck she looked hot.

She laid out on the bead and turned her back to me, craning her neck to look back at me. I slipped her panties down below her ass cheeks. Then as I looked at her, I put the butt-plug in my mouth to wet it.

Spreading apart her ass cheeks, I slid my tongue down her crack and over her anus and licked it till wet. She shivered in anticipation.

Slowly I inserted the pug into her. She tensed as the thickest part passed through her sphincter, then relaxed as it entered her cavity.

“How does that feel?”

“It’s okay. It feels exciting.”

“Want to see what it looks like?” I said as I fished out my phone.

“Yes, but just my ass.”

Smiling, I took a series of pictures. I kissed her ass, then pulled her panties back up, and patted her ass.

“Okay , you can sit up.”

She carefully sat on the edg of the bed and smiled nervously.

“It felt so sexy when you put it in, and sexy sitting here.” She said as she settled her ass on the edge of the bed. “It’s made me so hot.”

“Wear it for a couple hours, gaziantep esmer escort clean it with warm soapy water, then use some lube before re-inserting it.” I said as I placed a tube of lube on the night table.

“Here, let’s look at the pictures.” I put up the phone and began scrolling through them.

“It looks cute and sexy.” She said as she tweaked one of her nipples.

“Well, I have to get back to work. My lunch break is almost over.”

“What? I thought you were going to stay! You can’t leave me this way!” She pouted.

“Sorry, mom.” I kissed her quickly and rushed off.

Part 4

I felt excited on my next visiting day with my mother in-law. In fact I have been excited all week. Today I intend having anal sex with her. She had sent me texts through the week telling me she was looking forward to my visit.

I knocked on her door. I expected to wait for at least a minute when the door flew open.

“What are you waiting for, get in here!” She said as she grabbed my arm and roughly pulled me inside and slammed the door closed.

“What took you so long? I have been waiting all afternoon.” She admonished me as she pushed me toward her bedroom while undressing me.

I laughed at her excitement. “Take it easy, mom!” I nearly fell backwards as I tripped over my pants.

“Oh shut up and hurry!” She said as she removed her dress, naked except for her ubiquitous blue panties.

I quickly pulled off my remaining clothes and looked at her with amusement. She took my hand as she got onto her bed, and then pulled me onto her, held my face and gave me a scorching hot kiss as she pushed her breasts into my chest.

“God, this day could not get here fast enough.” She said as she reached down to my cock and pulled it wantonly.

“Relax, mom. We will get there.” I kissed her softly before looking into her eyes.

Her breathing had become deep. Her heart thrashed in her chest, her eyes were dilated. This woman was in full bloom. I kissed her neck just below her earlobe. She shivered.

“Oh god, don’t tease me. Just take my ass. I’ve been waiting all week for you to put your hard cock in my ass and fuck me!” She blurted.

“Excuse me, did you just say fuck?” I teased.

“Don’t make me beg. Please, Andrew.” She mewled.

She pushed me onto my back as she moved down and took my cock into her mouth. She began to lovingly suck my cock with deep dedication. She had me rock hard in minutes.

I looked at her. I began to feel emotions that were not there before. I had been fond of her, but it had now morphed into something great and wonderful.

I sat up and urged her up. She looked at me with doe-eyes. She had mastered the fever that burned inside her. She was calm and in control of herself. She then laid out on her side with her back to me and pulled her panties down.

I turned and ran my fingers down her side. I saw the butt-plug still in place, and also got a glimpse of the plump protuberance of dark glistening flesh that made up her vulva. I slowly removed the plug and placed it on the nightstand.

Picking up the tube of lube, I squirted some onto two fingers. Mindful of the succulent protuberance of her vulva, I slowly massaged the lube over her anus before applying lube to my cock.

Then laying out behind her, I kissed her neck. “Just relax. I will be gentle.” I assured her.

“Careful not to let it slip into my pussy.” She whispered.

I took her hand an put it on my cock. “Guide my cock into your ass, that way you can be sure it goes in the right place.”

“Thank you.” She said as she closed her fingers around my shaft.

“Ready.” She said, and held her breath in anticipation.

I slowly began to push my cock against her anus. Slowly I pushed into her opening, slowly taking my bulbous tip. She gasped and stiffened. I stopped until she relaxed, and continued until the tip was in her cavity.

She took her hand away and I placed my arm over her and placed my hand on her breast and gently pinched and pulled her nipple as I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her ass.

“You okay, mom?”

“Y… yes.” She murmured.

Her breathing had become deeper, her heart beat heavily in her chest under my hand. I was more than halfway inside her, then stopped as I felt her tense.

“Is it painful?” I asked.

“Just a little, but l am getting used to it. It’s starting to feel nice.” She said softly as she held my hand tighter to her breast.

Without going deeper, I began to slowly stroke my length in and out of her tight ass. She let out a moan of pleasure as I inched deeper into her ass until I had my entire length in her.

“Oh god, Andrew, this feels wonderful.” She said as she pushed her ass into me.

Encouraged by her reaction, I pump my shaft in and out of her faster and harder. She began to moan in ecstasy as I thrust my hard swollen cock deep into her sweet anal cavity.

I began to grunt at each thrust, the pleasures I received were amazing, but from this position I could not get a truly good thrust.

“Mom, we are going to change positions. You are going onto your hands and knees and I will take you from behind.” I said as I slowly removed my cock from the warm comfort of her ass.

“Okay, I will need to remove my panties. No peeking.” She said as she quickly swept off her panties and got onto her hands and knees.

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