Mr. Brooks

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Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this hot story about a teacher and his student. I just wanted to clarify before the story that everyone is 18+. Anyways, enjoy it!


Elle always hated school and dread every first day she ever had. Not even the fact that it was her Senior year could lighten her mood about having to go back to school. It wasn’t until she walked into her biology class and saw the gorgeous man standing at the front of the class. He must have been the new science teacher that she had heard some girl’s talking about in the hallway and she had to agree with them, he was “hot as fuck”. He was a bit older, possibly late 30’s, but he had that sexy salt and pepper thing going on and clearly he took care of his body as evident by his large biceps stretching the material of his shirt.

After the bell rang, most of the other students weren’t paying attention to him but there were a few women looking on longingly and Elle was definitely among them. When he introduced himself to the class as Mr. Brooks, his deep voice caused Elle to quiver a bit. She couldn’t even pay attention to what he was saying but she didn’t once pull her eyes away from him. This is how the majority of her classes with Mr. Brooks went and he was starting to notice. He was aware of the effect he had on most of his students that were attracted to him but he knew it was mostly innocent and they normally move on after the first month or two of class but something was different about Elle. He noticed her the first day of school and something about her stood out to him. Obviously she was beautiful but also the way she held herself when she walked into the classroom, the way she would bluntly stare at him and not even pretend that she was paying attention to the lecture. He found it incredibly hot when he saw her eyes scan jigolo escort gaziantep up and down his body and linger on his crotch or his muscles. He wanted to see how far she would push it and he got his answer one day when Elle walked into class in a short skirt.

She sat herself down in her normal spot in front of Mr. Brooks but not quite in the front, so no one was in front of her or behind her and she had a naughty plan. She was willing to get in trouble but she was also confident that he was into her, he was slick but Elle noticed how he would stare at her as she walked through the halls and she could see his pants around his cock grow tighter when he would catch her staring at him, he liked it and today she was prepared to go further. She had worn her shortest skirt to school that day and she had removed her panties in the bathroom before class. She had picked today of all says because she knew the class after a test they always watched a movie or video of some sort, and they had just tested the day before. Her pussy was hot against the cold plastic chair. She had a smirk on her face as she looked at Mr. Brooks and he raised an eyebrow back, not sure what the mischievous face meant.

He told the class the movie they would be watching as he graded the last of their tests, then he turned off the lights and started the film. He was focused on the tests at first not knowing of the show that Elle was beginning to perform from her seat. She made sure that the students closest to her were watching the movie or distracted by their phones, she was happy to see that most of them were focused on their phones or asleep even. That’s when she slid her skirt up a bit and exposed her pussy under the desk, perfect cover from the people around her but not gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan from Mr. Brooks right in front of her at his desk. He wasn’t paying attention yet but he would be soon. She starts to rub her fingers up and down her already wet lips while staring at Mr. Brooks.

Masturbating to him was nothing new to Elle as she had most nights but she only fantasized about him or looked at what picture she could find of him on her phone. She would read stories about student-teacher relationships and imagine it was her and Mr. Brooks. She was still only going to slow with just one finger rubbing in between her slick folds but he still hadn’t looked up so she decided to get his attention by knocking her water bottle onto the floor, some students looked but looked away just as fast when they saw the noise was nothing exciting but Mr. Brooks had not looked away. His eyes froze on Elle’s finger that had started to rub circles on her clit. He was shocked by her boldness, the most obviously sexual thing she had ever done for his amusement was eating a banana very suggestively in class and this was a whole nother thing. He felt his cock get hard quickly and he pushed himself further under his desk so no one could see it. He knew he should have looked away but he would have dreamed of it.

Elle became soaking wet when she finally got Mr. Brooks’ attention, the way he stared at her pussy with hungry eyes was enough to make her cum but she held back. She started to put more pressure on her clit and she put her other hand up her shirt to pinch her nipple. She was biting down hard on her lip in order to hold back her moans. She only got more turned on when she saw his hand under his desk, clearly jerking himself off. He was hoping that gaziantep escort masaj salonları no other student would notice his hand under the desk slowly unzipping his pants and pulling his throbbing cock out of his underwear. He started to stroke it as stealthy as he could, his eyes never leaving Elle’s pussy that now had two fingers buried in it. She was pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy so fast she had to put her other hand over her mouth to stop the moans. She was rocking her hips back and forth slowly so she could rub her clit on the palm of her hand. She was close to orgasm as she stuck one of her other fingers into her mouth and sucked on them as if they were Mr. Brooks dick. She cummed when she could see his arm movement grow faster and his face scrunches up like he was cumming too. She wished she could have seen his hot load leaving his cock but she knew she would soon. It was enough for her to see the little bit of cum that had landed on the floor under his desk.

She pulled her fingers from her dripping cunt and put them into her mouth to clean them up as Mr. Brooks’ gaze still hung on her every move. The movie finished soon after that and Mr. Brooks began to past back the test to all the students, no one would have thought twice about how his shirt isn’t tucked back into his pants correctly but it only made Elle’s pussy quiver as she thought about him jerking off to her in front of his whole class and no one but her knew. When he got to her he shook his head in disappointment and walked to the next student. She quickly flipped over the test and saw there was a large F written on the top with the message “See me after class” written next to it. Normally something that would have made her blood run cold, only made her hot and tingly. The bell rung soon and all of the students left as Mr. Brooks told the students that were told to stay after class to come up to the front. Elle and some stoner kid were the only ones that stayed, Mr. Brooks talked to the other kid about his real F very quick then sent him away. He followed the kid to the door and shut it behind him and he locked it. Elle’s pussy fled when he turned around and said, “You’ve been very bad Miss Elle.”

To Be Continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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