Mrs. Brown’s Tale Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Please note: This is a continuing story of my personal experiences as best remembered.

“Well, after reading the comments how could I do anything but try my best to ‘satisfy’? But before going any further, I would like to offer my apologies to all those that thought my previous entry lacking in both background and length (of the story!). Just hoping this is as well received!!”


“I left off from my last narrative having just missed my first period, and both Tony and myself completely over the moon with happiness, but not completely complacent. They do say that practice makes perfect; so with that in mind, we set about a rigorous routine of fucking our brains out at each and every chance we got! And let me just say that there were plenty of chances!”

“Now, as previously stated, we did have to purchase a bed, but because of the extremely high usage, I did have to eventually make some alterations to strengthen it, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted very long! I also made some very discreet modifications; you know the sort; a few holes in the framework, supplemented by a few hooks here and there, just in case we decided to get a little adventurous!”

“The one thing that it appeared that no-one had given any thought to, was that of privacy, when buying this property. Mind you, we really didn’t think that this current situation was going to occur, so imagine our surprise when, shortly after a sweet leisurely fuck after a nice skinny-dipping session, two of our female neighbours came a-calling.”

“To this day I’m not sure who was the most embarrassed when Tony answered the front door! By the time they stood facing me, they all had red faces, as was mine, when they explained the reason for their visit.”

“After inviting them to sit and have a glass of wine, I tried to offer our apologies, which unexpectedly, were refused, saying that what they had seen and heard, had got them both so excited that they just had to pay us a visit!!”

“It turns out that they too were pretty much in the same boat as I was before Richard got kicked into touch. I now felt nothing but sympathy for them, and explained our situation and how we got to this moment.”

“Unfortunately, both their eldest children had now left home, to pursue their own careers in different states, but still had their younger ones still at home. At various times I had seen their kids outside and judging solely by looks, thought them to be in their late teens or early twenties, which turned out correct, the boy, Sara’s, in his late teens, the girl, Marie’s, about twenty-two.”

“After two or three refills, we were all getting along rather well, well, except for poor Tony, and who could blame him, with three mature women in the house, especially after the initial topic of conversation! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him studying the three of us, the protuberance in his shorts gradually getting bigger and bigger.”

“Now I was thinking of having a little fun, both with Tony and our guests, Marie and Sofia. During a lull in our conversation, I asked Tony to get us some snacks from the kitchen, and from the look that he gave me; I knew I should have been at least unconscious, if not dead!”

“However, he got to his feet and flaunting himself in front of us all, went into the kitchen with a small smirk on his face. I heard him moving things about and he eventually came back with a tray full of snacks, and after putting it down on the coffee table, revealed an even larger protuberance!”

“It seems he’d been moving more than snacks while in the kitchen! He then returned to his seat, still with the smirk on his face, and continued to study us. I’m not sure when it started to penetrate my brain, but I gradually realised that I could smell what could only be a woman’s arousal, faintly at first, but getting stronger.”

“What I also noticed, was that both Marie and Sofia were starting to wriggle around, rubbing their inner thighs together. They were also starting to blush, as though they were completely aware of their situation. I was now trying to think of some way to exploit this situation, to our (Tony and my own) advantage.”

“There were at least three or four hours before their husbands were due home. Their kids’ times, I wasn’t sure about. Trying my luck, I suggested a quick swim, with costumes, this time! Obviously, they didn’t have any with them, so I quickly replied “Well, we’re all adults, how about skinny-dipping?”

“You could have heard a pin drop before Sofia said “That sounds like a wonderful idea”. Now Maria was out on a limb with no-where to go. But I think that she wasn’t going to be left out, no way!”

“Before going any further, let me describe them. Sofia is about 5 feet 3 inches tall, 37-24-38, dark brown wavy hair, lightly tanned skin, with or without tan lines I couldn’t tell yet. Marie was a platinum blonde, long and usually in a pony tail, 42-27-40, as with Sofia, don’t know about tan-lines yet.”

“Marie’s reticence in stripping görükle escort bayan was confirmed as she was constantly checking on Tony; if he was watching her. I rushed to get a few large towels for us all as it was a short distance to the pool.”

“Instead of watching Marie, I saw Tony move in a blur as he removed his own clothes, always in a rush, that boy! Eventually we got to the poolside, and with much shrieking and laughter, dropped our towels and jumped in. Let’s just say that water-wings were not in the least needed; not with the buoyancy attachments we already possessed!”

“Tony was the last one in — pervert that he is! I’m not at all sure that I know what he likes more — fucking or watching!! Maybe he just likes to assess the opposition before plunging in! So now he’s about 15 feet away from the edge, drops his towel, and runs, jumps, and bombs right beside us!”

“By the time we’ve all finished spluttering, he’s up on the other side planning his next move. However, he failed to notice Marie slip underwater and getting underneath his legs, grabbed one, and with a mighty heave, pulled him in the pool, then dunked him before he had a chance to recover!”

“Oh, how the tables were turned! Each of us females were determined to exact our revenge — and how! Without the encumbrance of clothes, he had nothing to grab onto; but we did! I never heard one guy make so much noise as he did that afternoon. Having said that, I don’t suppose for one moment, that he didn’t enjoy any of it!”

“I can categorically state that we pulled on it, licked it, and even mouthed it a few times, before leaving him high and dry with a massive boner waving in the wind. Now we in turn, had a problem. We were wet, unclothed, and feeling more than a little horny.”

“All we had to do was dry off, get dressed, and relieve our horniness; not necessarily in that order, all before Tony could take his advantage. We’d all retrieved our towels from outside; our clothes were in the sitting room, which just left our horniness to be sated.”

“I think, judging by various reactions, that we were all remembering our college days in the dorm, but at the same time not knowing how or who to approach. I decided to get between Marie’s legs and started licking her pussy, every now and again pulling up to watch it flowering open and her juices start flowing.”

“After tasting her sweet juices, I definitely wanted more and started tongue-fucking her, and it was while I was performing, that I felt someone part my legs, encouraging me onto my knees and start eating my pussy. At first I really thought it was Tony, but then thought that he’d have shoved that big dick straight into me after the way that we’d left him.”

“So, revising my thoughts, it must be Sofia and settled down to enjoy. Which is how Tony found us; with Sofia on her back eating me, me on my knees eating Marie, and Marie on her back, clutching her stiff-nippled breasts and breathing like an out-of-the-water goldfish, gasping!”

“After again watching us for a while, he decided to get it together with Sofia, and while licking and fingering her, started to place that magnificent cock into her pussy; at first slowly, and after easing most of it inside her, started thrusting faster and harder, completely filling her.”

“My pleasure was becoming less and less, as she couldn’t focus on both of us at the same time.To my knowledge, she came on my sons cock at least three times — I don’t know if he came inside her or not. When he had finished with Sofia, he now wanted Marie, and giving me a gentle nudge, got me out of his way.”

“He was now going to do what I had wanted to see for quite a while — sink that beautiful prick into someone else’s wide-open cunt! Ohhhh, the feelings and the thoughts that were running madly through my body, they felt as if they were going to completely control me, I was getting that worked up.”

“Then, there it was, slowly being pushed into Marie, her nether lips stretching to accommodate that gorgeous cock, right before my eyes; my god, I so wanted to be completely involved in this beautiful union, I could feel my heart beating so hard!”

“I could hear Marie both moaning and groaning at first, then suddenly stop. When I eventually looked up, there was Sofia with her pussy in a very close encounter with Marie’s mouth and tongue. Knowing what was happening above, I went back to where I was to start with.”

“Oooooooooh, I loved it; the sight of my beloved son’s cock both stretching and filling Marie’s cunt, I felt so envious, but then thought it would soon be my turn!! As it was, Tony had reached his emotional limit and with a loud groan, began pouring his thick white creamy spunk into Marie, who having felt it filling her, came with him, her thick juices pouring over Tony’s fuckstick.”

“I could actually see his prick pulsing as he shot his sperm into her, and even saw Marie’s juices being squeezed out between his prick and her cunt-lips!! Even better altıparmak eskort was the sight of him gradually and slowly pulling out of her, leaving all their intermingled juices in plain sight — a sight I couldn’t get enough of!”

“God only knows whatever made me think of it now, but I suddenly thought of a history lesson I’d had in grade school; the quotation from Shakespeare’s Richard III ~ “My horse, my horse, my kingdom for a horse!” Based on where I was placed at present, I could only assume that I would have given anything for a camera!!!”

“Once Tony was out of the way, I decided to help Marie clean up, so with never so much as a negative thought, I dived in on Marie’s swollen and still leaking pussy. My god, I loved it. I gobbled and slurped all of that excess cum and pussy juices, until there were absolutely nothing left!”

“Even then I didn’t want to stop! Jesus, what was happening to me?? I think I was definitely becoming addicted to Marie’s pussy. I’d have to get her opinion on that as well as her feelings and thoughts. I know that I would like for this to continue, but it would be entirely up to her.”

“After we had a wash and brush-up, we exchanged phone numbers, more to avoid running round to each other’s house all the time, other than anything else, and both Sofia and Marie left, but not before saying they hoped it wouldn’t be long before an encore was required. It could definitely be habit-forming.”

“I think that even Tony was beginning to warm to this new situation; well, they say that variety is the spice of life, and this kind could get as hot as it wants!! After they had left, I had an over-powering urge to cry; not because of what had transpired, but because of feelings of guilt.”

“As I sat there and sobbed, my darling boy came and sat next to me and asked what was wrong. At first I couldn’t speak, but he then asked if it had anything to do with what happened. I could only nod my head. Well, he said, when you’re ready to talk I’ll be here, and just maybe we’ll be able to get things sorted.”

“When I had finally composed myself, I told Tony that I was ready to explain myself.” He then went to make some coffee with a few snacks, then sat himself opposite me. “I’ve got at least two things to feel guilty about, I started, the first being that I feel bad about letting you down; we promised each other that we would be each other’s only and now I’ve got these other feelings for Marie.”

“Secondly, I’m thinking that after what happened, I’m doubting my own sexuality. It’s just too much, especially at the same time!” “Wow!” Tony said after hearing what I had to say.”

“Mom, surely you know me well enough by now to know that if you’d like to get together with Marie, I’d never try to stop you – well, it might be different if you fancied another guy, but another woman, provided that I could participate occasionally, never!!”

“As far as the second bit goes, the only way I think of you getting past that is if you get together with Marie and just talk it out. I’d even offer to come with you, to give ‘moral support’! But for now, don’t even think that it’ll make any impact on our relationship; I’ll always love you first and foremost.”

“After that little speech, I really did crack up, and there wasn’t a damn thing that Tony could do to help me stop bawling. I loved him so, so much. The coffee and snacks were forgotten and went untouched. He finally decided that the only thing he could do was to get me into bed and let me rest, which is what he did.”

“The following morning after he had made breakfast, and delivered mine to me, still in bed, he suggested that I phone Marie and try to get things sorted. I promised him I would, which, shortly after, I began to regret!! It wasn’t long after that he started: “When are you going to; have you already; ect; ect;.”

“After having a shower and getting dressed, went downstairs and straight into the kitchen to make a list of things needed, with Tony right behind me! Having slept in so late, it was now approaching eleven o’clock, and with him still pestering me, I decided to be a Mom. “Tony”, I said sternly, “for god’s sake shut up and sit down.”

“You are driving me nuts with your constant pestering” I said, “and unless you stop I will NOT be phoning anyone!! Except maybe the drug store for headache pills! Now, I’ve made a list of things we need, and I would like for you to go shopping for them.” “Aw mom” he replied, suddenly subdued; “do I really have to?”

“I knew from past experience that his biggest pet hate was shopping, but now it was his turn to suffer! “What have I done to deserve this punishment?” he asked. “Other than practically drive me insane since I got up?” I asked in return.”

“If I promise to stop being a pain, will you let me off, just this once?” he asked. “Shopping will always be needed, Tony, and it always will be, so get used to it. Plus if you really like eating, it would be really beneficential, nilüfer escort as otherwise we’ll all be going hungry.” “OK”, was all he said, starting to sulk.”

“Are you also saying you don’t want any ‘moral support’?” “You know full well that’s not what I’m saying, but if I change my mind, I hope you know me well enough to know that I’ll be as honest and up front with you as always” I replied. “Now, you get the shopping, then perhaps we’ll get to go round to Marie’s ~ if that’s OK with you” I said irritably.”

“I was definitely starting to feel uppity with this conversation. “Alright, I’m going”, he said, walking towards the door. I breathed a sigh of relief as he left, hoping that by the time he returned, I’d be feeling a little more settled. I also thought that I would take this god given chance to phone Marie.”

“When she picked up, I explained what I was going through, as I had with Tony, and asked if we could pay her a visit a little later. When she replied that we could, I thought I could detect a note of relief in her voice, and told her so. To be honest, I was going through pretty much the same thing, she answered.”

“So what time were you thinking of coming round?” “Well, Tony’s just gone to the store to get some shopping, but shouldn’t be very long, so about twoish, if that’s alright? That’s fine, see you later and we hung up. It was closer to half past one by the time Tony returned, still a little subdued.”

“At the risk of upsetting you again, may I ask if you’ve called Marie” he asked. “Yes I did”, I replied, “and she’s expecting us by two o’clock.” “Oh hell, I’ve got to get cleaned up” Tony said, making a mad rush for the stairs. By the time he reappeared, it was almost five to two, and I was about to start yelling at him to get a move on.”

“Thankfully, only living two doors down, it didn’t take us very long to get there. “Come on in” Marie called out after I knocked, “the doors open, but please make sure you close it after you.” We did as asked, and found her in the lounge, behind a built-in bar, making us drinks.”

“What’s your poison?” she asked as we entered. “We’ll have whatever you’re having, please”, I answered, sitting on a stool in front of the bar. “OK then”, Marie said, getting the makings ready, “Margaritas all round”. “It might even help take some of the awkwardness out of our little chat”, she continued.”

“Making me all the more nervous, in the process. After pouring the drinks, she suggested we all make ourselves comfortable, waving her arm towards the suite of sofa’s and armchairs. Taking the proffered seats, Marie and I on one of the sofas, while Tony chose one of the armchairs.”

“Right, best to get to the nitty-gritty before things get too embarrassing for us; where would you like to start?” Marie continued. “Basically, my problems started after our swim and make-out session the other day”, I replied.”

“Afterwards I felt so upset and confused that I couldn’t even think straight. Marie, as I hinted at on the phone, I feel as if I have at least two problems; Firstly, that I’ve betrayed Tony, by breaking my word to him, and secondly, that I now feel so disoriented with my own sexuality; am I to still be classed as straight; bi-sexual or gay, I honestly don’t know!”

“June”, she said, after hearing me out, “let me ask a question; did you actually enjoy what we did during said session?” “Well, the swim was OK; it’s what happened afterward that’s causing me problems, although at the time I must confess that I did thoroughly enjoy it, every bit of it!” I replied.”

“Another question, if I may; am I the only woman you feel attracted to?” “Well the short answer to that is that you’re the only woman I’ve been with in such a long time, well since college anyway”, I said. “But now it’s my turn; I continued, how about I ask you the same questions? How would you answer them?”

“Well I’d have to answer pretty much as you have; like you, I’ve not been with another woman since college, but even then I wouldn’t have classed myself as gay, probably just as bi-curious, but still found it enjoyable.”

“Then it’s now time for the all-important question; “how do we move forward with this new-found relationship?” I asked, feeling as nervous as I probably looked. I could also feel Tony’s eyes boring into me, as I voiced my question.”

“Before I answer that, I’d like you to know that I’ve taken a leaf out of your book, and got a P.I. to check out my own husband, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to get the results back first.” “Oh”, I said. “Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that; straight out of left field!” “How long had you suspected?”

“I didn’t, but so many things that you said rang so many bells, with what I already knew, it seemed like the only logical step”. “OK, so as soon as you get your report, you’ll let me know”, I asked. “Of course I will” Marie said, smiling. “Just one tiny thing I’d like to know first though; is Sofia also a part of this moving forward thing, should it happen?”

“Why”, I asked; I thought the two of you were friends?” “June, my sweet, it’s one thing to collaborate with a neighbour, but to have her sit quite unexpectedly, on my face, is a whole new ball game, and besides, to my mind she just doesn’t do anything for me!” Marie replied.”

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