Mrs. , Miss Pt. 03

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“So sorry again for the confusion officers, and thank you so much for the discretion in your report.” Dan said as he closed the front door.

Turning to the wet bar in his office Dan poured a drink and put the gun away. He stepped back into the living room with Lena, and walked towards the chair where she had remained silently.

Lena had not spoken or moved while the officers untied Dan. She did hand the officers the note and answered a few questions while Dan went to get dressed, but Lena had not looked at or spoken a word to Daniel. Now that they were alone he walked towards her.

“NO” she said as she rose from the chair and strode past Daniel. Upon entering their bedroom Lena was happy to see her bags packed for vacation, right where she had left them. Lena quickly found the text from Michelle that had the drivers number. She sent a quick text to the driver asking him to come up for the bags. Walking back to the living room, and past Daniel, Lena opened the front door for the driver.

“Obviously I don’t know who you are, so I’m not going on vacation with a stranger. I need space and time right now.”

The driver knocked and Lena showed him to the bags, they left Daniel alone in the penthouse.

As Lena rode in the car she thought about the last few months, and how strange and distant Daniel had been. Missing dinner with the family and ignoring phone calls; like when she saw him on the street earlier that day. Lena remembered the cafe and pulled the cocktail napkin from her handbag. It was the same handwriting as the note and the same name IVY.

Lena thought she should call this IVY woman and tell her off. What would I say? Could it really be the same woman? Thank you for showing me that my husband and I have become strangers? No, this IVY person probably wants the life I have. I will invite her on this trip instead of Daniel and I will get to know her. Bet that would fuck his shit all the way up.

Lena dialed the number and heard a males voice say

“You have reached the voicemail box of the lovely Ivy Prescott, leave a message and it shall be relayed, if a call back is warranted you must answer your phone when it rings, there will be no second chances to this rule. Thank you and Good Day ..beep”

“Miss Prescott we met today at a drug store and had a drink in a café. I believe there may be more to our being aquatinted than that, and I wish to discuss it further in person. I leave for a week long vacation in the morning. You are more than welcome to join me, that is if your schedule should allow. I look forward to your call back. I am certain you know that this is Mrs. Southerland.”

Lena was careful not to say to much as she could not be sure that it was the same Ivy. She also did not want to say to much in front of the driver. Daniel did not inspire loyalty with his high turnover in assistants and drivers.

It took only a few minutes for her phone to ring: UNKNOWN number. Lena almost picked up quickly but decided to let it wait until the last ring, she was angry now and not just with Daniel. On the last ring she answered.


“Mrs. Southerland?”

“Yes, and this is?”

“I’m of no consequence, I am calling on behalf of Miss Prescott. I gave her your message and she is willing to consider your offer to accompany you on your trip. I just have a few questions.”


“Have you had real time experience?”


“How long have you know about your inner desires?”

“Only a few hours.” Lena laughed In her mind; she did not know what she desired from Ivy yet. Lena only knew she was angry, and she wanted answers.

“How many Dominants have you served (Male or female)?”


“How long has it been since you last played in person”


“What level of BDSM connection have you shared with previous partners?”

“None, unless findng my husband tied up counts.”

“What level of BDSM connection are you seeking?”

“I am not sure.”

“I will get this information over to Miss Prescott right away. I will tell you that she never works with newcomers and may make a recommendation as to someone else who can accompany you on your trip.”

“I have a feeling she may make an exception. Please inform Miss Prescott that I will have a ticket waiting for her, and our flight leaves canlı bahis at 9am”

“One last thing, Mrs. Southerland, should Miss Prescott accept how would you be settling your account at the end of your trip?”

Lena had to keep from laughing, vacation and payment…she could not contain the humor in her voice. “Please let Miss Prescott know that she may bill it to Mr. Southerland’s account. I’m sure you have the billing details.” Lena hung up and asked the driver to go to the airport Hilton.

Since Lena respected her employees personal time, and Daniel didn’t, she thought Michelle would be the right person to call about the arrangements.

Lena’s instincts were right. Michelle didn’t seem bothered at all when she answered on the second ring. Explaining that Daniel was not feeling well, Lena told Michelle she would be leaving out on the 9 am flight and to please add a friend, Ms. Ivy Prescott. The young assistant repeated the name twice questioningly, and Lena could tell she was familiar with the name.

Lena slept well thanks to an entire bottle of 1997 red something or other… she was very upset and needed to sleep. She showered but had no desire to mess with her hair.

Dressing comfortably for travel Lena threw her hair in a long braid, tossed on her outfit from the day before but with a few changes. She switched to a black sheer blouse so you could now see her red bra underneath. She had packed some hot red pumps to wear for Daniel but supposed they were to impress Ivy now. Wearing her favorite pocket watch necklace, and red lipstick Lena grabbed her bag and sunglasses as she rang for the desk to retrieve the bags.

Lena arrived at the airport early, had a light breakfast with some hair of the dog, a Bellini of some kind. She boarded early, took the window seat and tried to read. Nervous and hung over she didn’t know what to expect. After all, what do you say to your husband’s Dominatrix?

Ivy was the last passenger to board. As graceful as Lena had remembered, Ivy glided onto the plane and into her isle seat next to Lena. She sat her small clutch handbag in her lap. She must travel lightly Lena thought.

“Hello Mrs. Southerland”

“Hello again, Ivy”

“Thank you for the surprising invitation.”

“Well I thought you and I should get better acquainted, and Daniel was unable to attend.” I pushed the button for the flight attendant; I would need more than my breakfast bellini to get through this flight.

“I was happy to accept, why don’t we use the flight to get better acquainted?” The flight attendant approached and before Lena could speak Ivy said “we will have a bottle of Prosecco and a fruit plate please. “Anything else Mrs. Southerland?” Ivy said turning to Lena.

“Yes, water and please call me Lena this will be a long trip”

“Unfortunately Ladies we can not serve beverages until take off.” Ivy flashed a knowing smile, and the flight attendant walked away.

“Okay, Lena. Why did you invite me?”

Lena thought before answering, she knew why she had invited Ivy but did not want Ivy to know yet. The list of reasons included possible intel for a divorce, revenge on Daniel or Ivy or both. Maybe for a better understanding of Daniel?

“Miss Prescott…”

“Ivy, please, you may call me Ivy.”

“Ivy, I would like to better understand my husbands desires and his choices.”

“Are you certain that you want to know the truth?” Ivy asked.

” No I am not, but you asked me why I invited you and that is why.”

“Understandable, but without intending to insult you I want you to know that understanding the ABC’s and mastering the English language are both entirely achievable. However, one definitely takes longer than the other. I can explain the situation in the broader sense and answer any detailed questions you may have over the next week.”

“Did you get the travel plans?” I asked, rubbing my temples and realizing I had not told her about the entire trip.

“Daniel gave them to me last week. I’m assuming all is the same, that we are just adjusting to today’s late flight departure?” Ivy said this as she handed me two tablets. For your head, just Advil.

“Yes? But How do you … Okay how long have you been working with Dan?” I dry swallowed the two pills.

The plane started take off as Ivy explained bahis siteleri how she and my husband met at a very exclusive party. Dan had been invited but had no idea what type of party it was. They had spent the evening chatting in the vanilla lounge where he felt comfortable.

“He complimented my intelligence and organizational skills, and how well I had put the party together. He said he wanted to hire me as his assistant, but I knew what he really wanted; and that job was far below my pay grade. I found Daniel charming and amusing. Did you know your husband had been sleeping with his assistants long before you showed up, and still did so while you were dating? It did stop before you were married because I made him stop. I also found him his current assistant, Michelle, who would never disobey me so she would never cross that line, your housekeeper Jill and his driver. The drivers kept blackmailing him.”

Just then the flight attendant returned, Lena impolitely swallowed her first glass of prosecco without thought. Ivy poured another which she sipped. Ivy watched and waited patiently.

“So you are responsible for Michelle, well thank you for that. I clinked my glass into Ivy’s and sat back in roaring laughter. Since you know the details of this trip, did you help Daniel plan it? Because it is so unlike him to plan something so elaborate himself, and Michelle said she did not help.”

“No Lena, I did not help Dan plan this trip; however I did instruct him to plan something for the two of you, he simply submitted the itinerary as proof that he had done as instructed.”

“So, you’re telling me that my husbands twisted since of fidelity and spontaneous romance is thanks to you?”

“No I’m telling you how Dan and I met two years after you started dating. He was wild and irresponsible he wanted something from me, and I demanded more of him. We never slept together and I always told him it would end unless he wanted to be honest with you. The first night I ever officially interacted with him on what you might consider a sexual level was the night I left him tied up for you to find in your penthouse.”

“So you want me to believe you and Dan never had sex, but then what did he pay you for?”

“We never had intercourse or oral sex of any kind, he paid me for my companionship and my knowledge. I have a skill set he wished to explore. In a way it is sexual, but not in a traditional sense.”


“I told Daniel we could not go any further until I knew that you were aware of our non- sexual relationship,” Ivy said.

“I’m supposed to believe you after you sat down and had coffee with me, face to face and didn’t say a word?”

“Lena I have so much to share with you, and I will be honest about it all. That day Daniel was supposed to meet us in the cafe and tell you the truth. He had no plans on leaving you, and what he has to say is for him to tell you. What I can do now is answer your questions, and educate you if you are curious, Would you like me to show you?”

“Right now on the plane? Are you nuts? NO”

“I promise it is very discreet.”

Lena watched as Ivy reached into her handbag and pulled out the vibrating sex toy that had been delivered to our house two days before. Lena swallowed hard. She had not seen it out of the box until now. It was small and looked strange; no one would guess what it really was. “Had Dan bought this for me or for Ivy,” she wondered.

“Now Lena, go in to the bathroom and remove your panties, I want you to put this inside yourself and bring me your panties. Do this and I will go to the next destination with you and continuine to answer all your little questions. I hope this will help you drop some judgment and try to understand.”

Speechless Lena sat in her chair, Ivy continued to drink and eat without concern. She pulled her iPhone from her bag and began to tap on it. Lena looked at the time. There was still an hour until landing.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking we will be arriving early and should be landing in the next 30 minutes.”

“Tick tock,” Ivy said placing the toy in Lena’s lap. Lena downed the last of her glass and headed to the bathroom.

Locking the latch behind her, Lena unbuttoned her jeans. “Okay, okay, okay, whooooo, ok. Just do it you have played with sex toys before bahis şirketleri and girls in college, this is easy.” Lena removed her panties and put them in her back pocket. She placed the toy inside deep inside her pussy, hoping this might help to avoid it falling out at a bad moment. She washed her hands splashed water on her face and opened the door.

Before she could get to her seat Lena felt a low slow rumbling. She stumbled and the vibration stopped while she got to her seat where Ivy was waiting, except Ivy had moved over to the window seat.

“I love to watch as planes approach landing, but I never like to watch take-offs. I see you made it back without falling.”

“Yes and I have to say…”

“If it is about the toy, you will not discuss it. You may ask away but this is mine to play with. I will not let my game interfere with your questions or the truthful answers; but don’t ruin my fun. I see the remote signal worked. Do you have your panties?”

Lena discretely pulled her panties from her back pocket and placed them in Ivy’s waiting palm. “Yes it worked.”

“Good then continue with your questions, where were we? You were asking what your husband enjoyed about our time together and why he paid me. The answer is he wanted me to push him towards his fears, feed his habits, and to accept him without judgment, and to keep quiet about it all. Are you afraid right now?”

“A little nervous, sure,” Lena said as she pressed her thighs together tightly.

“This is what your husband loved: RISK. It’s why he cheats, it’s why he loves the restaurant business, and it is why he thinks he loves me. Do you understand yet?”

The low slow rumble returned for about 60 seconds and stopped.

As Ivy returned the remote to her bag, the plane landed. Lena thought silently how crazy this all seemed. Lena wanted to invite her husband’s Mistress on a trip and interrogate her. She hadn’t considered that maybe she had actually paid a dominatrix to accompany her on vacation.

Other passengers shuffled about with bags, they were all so focused on deplaning. Ivy, having no carry on luggage, sat tapping away on her phone. Lena felt the slow and low rumbling between her legs again.

Lena Looked to Ivy who smiled softly, Lena squeezed her thighs together and felt the blood run to her face. Looking around rather hopefully Lena noticed that no one was watching or listening to the low buzzing; She looked back to Ivy just in time to see her finger slide up on her screen about an inch. Lena immediately felt the vibration begin to rev up and down like a cats low buzzing purrrrrr.

Lena squeezed tighter and crossed her legs; she looked at Ivy with contempt and warning. Ivy slid her finger up another inch and tapped the screen twice. Lena let out a small gasp, whatever Ivy had done was all at once confusing and amazing. Lena jumped from her chair and pushed past the fussing passengers and darted to the lavatory.

Lena latched the door and let out a huge moan of ecstasy and pleasure. As she did, the sensation intensified, and Lena felt as if the small toy was attempting to barrel through her. It seemed to move in a rotating motion while it vibrated inside her. Lena reached to remove the toy and heard a knock at the door.

Panting she answered. “Yes?”

“Come back to your seat now, Mrs. Southerland.” Ivy’s voice was calm and soft.

“I’ll just… I’ll… I can” Lena was do close to cumming she sat on the seat and threw her head back ready for surrender. She heard Ivy knock once, twice then the toy stopped.

Lena sat on the seat and composed herself, she heard another knock and snapped “One moment please”

“Sorry ma’am, your the last passenger, if your not feeling well take your time.” A sweet young voice said from the other side of the door.

“Thank you I’m feeling better i just need a moment, I’ll be right out.” Lena had to suppress a chuckle. She removed the toy and placed it in the back pocket of her jeans. Lena washed her hands and opened the sliding door, grabbed her things from her seat and wondered where Ivy had gone.

Lena pulled her phone from her purse, no missed calls and only one new text from an unknown number. Lena usually had lots of messages but expected this week to be pretty silent, Daniel had planned for that. Lena opened her one message which read:

Join me for Lunch

I am at Tocco it is just outside the Gate

Meet me in men’s restroom

You have ten minutes.

Lena decided to take her time as she deplaned and made her way to Tocco.

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