Mud Gap, Montana Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This is all lies. Enjoy!

A few weeks after I graduated from college, shortly before I started life in the real world, I went to live with my grandmother for the summer. It’s not like she was on death’s door with a terminal illness or inoperable cancer, or that she was feeble or exceptionally lonely; it was a sort of family tradition to spend summers, alone, at my grandmother’s. I was the last to do it. My sister had done it five years ago and my older brother stayed with her two years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my “Grandma M,” but I had planned on a full summer of partying, screwing around, goofing off, and maybe a little time to work. I figured it was the last time in my life where I could truly be free from any serious responsibilities. I knew that it would be much more difficult to find trouble in the small, northeastern Montana town where Grandma M had lived for the past sixty years. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a summer of nothing. I had grown up in a relatively modest suburb of Minneapolis, and was used to the city life-being able to go anywhere and do anything at anytime. In the city it was a matter of deciding what you wanted to do, not what you could do. But Mud Gap, Montana, on the other hand, barely had a thousand people living in it, but it seemed like half that. Oh well. I’d have to make my own fun.


The first few weeks in Mud Gap were fairly uneventful. Grandma M and I tried to get comfortable with sharing each other’s space and each other’s habits. I had to adjust to her early hours, her dozens of delicate knickknacks perched, seemingly, on every available space. I was sure that by the end summer I’d have broken half of them by knocking into tables, swinging elbows around. And she had to adjust to my late hours-waking at eleven most days, not getting to bed until after two, usually. But we both handled it well. It helped that my bedroom was in the basement, on the opposite end of the house where she was, and that she took her hearing aid out before going to bed.

Lately, to kill time I had taken to hanging out in the evenings at the local park, by a small stream that swung through the south edge of town. There were some picnic shelters there, fire pits, a small playground. It seemed to be the spot for local kids to congregate at night. That is, if they weren’t at some kegger or bonfire getting trashed. They’d start arriving in twos and threes a little before dark, driving up their farm trucks, parents’ Buicks, their hard-earned beaters. Some wouldn’t get out of their vehicles, they’d just talk to whoever walked or drove up their windows. Others would pile out of their cars and come to the picnic shelters, bouncing and giggling, and casting a worrisome gaze while they lit cigarettes. I sat at a table at the far end of the park, in the open and wrote in my journal or read until dark. Mostly I observed.

There was one group of girls I happened to notice more than others. The three of them arrived nearly every night at the same time. One of them was definitely older than the other two-probably my age-she usually just parked the car and got in someone else’s car and rode away. She had short, straight brown hair that she parted on the side and held with barrettes. She had a good body, not too thin, not too chubby. Her breasts were on the small side of a C, just pushing against her clothes. The way she swung her hips when she walked away told me she was an experienced girl, that she had something specific in mind when she got in other people’s cars. I thought she was probably a dirty girl under that plain exterior. That she knew she weren’t going to go and make love or have sex, but that she was going to fuck and get fucked.

Another of the three girls looked almost exactly like this secret, dirty girl, but younger by a few years-I guessed a sister. She was shorter and a bit rounder, her breasts swelling beneath her pale blue tank top, and her ass luscious and full in her short shorts. Her long, brown hair was wild and curly, falling in front her eyes, forcing her to always flick it away or tuck it behind her ear. She had something of a secret look about her, too, in the way she would lean and laugh when she spoke to someone. She’d put one hand ataşehir escort bayan on the person’s arm and bite her bottom lip, as if she were keeping something in. I liked her from the first moment I saw her-I’ve always been attracted to girls who have an unselfconscious demeanor when it came to their bodies, like they know what they can do and don’t care.

The third girl was obviously a friend of the younger girl-best friend, I’d guessed. She was tall for her age, gangly. All of her parts hadn’t caught up with her yet. Her legs were long, painfully so, ivory white and thrusting out of a pair of tiny denim shorts. But they looked strong and sinewy, like a runner’s. She had a tiny waist and a flat chest, and I could tell that she seemed a little embarrassed by her tiny breasts, especially when compared to her friend’s. She kept crossing her arms over her chest or kept leaning forward so that her shirt hung and hid what wasn’t there. She had a petite nose, slightly turned up at the end, and icy blue eyes that darted side to side. Long, straight blond hair hung well past her shoulders, framing her face.

On that particular evening, after the older sister came and left, I noticed the remaining two stealing more glances at me than usual. They were edging closer, from across the park, talking as if they hadn’t made up their minds yet. I stood and walked over to them.

“I’m Shawn.” I tucked my journal under my arm and held out my hand to the shorter one.

They looked at each other and giggled. She then tossed her head back and said to me in a mock-formal voice, “I, am Ellen. Those who know me call me Elly.”

She presented her hand to me and I bent forward and kissed it. “Pleased to meet you.” The scent of jasmine and something sweet flooded my nostrils.

“You may now call me Elly.”

The tall girl, her pale cheeks flushed red, simply extended her hand. “I’m Brianna. Nice to meet you.”

I took her tiny hand in mine, but before I could even give a full handshake she took it back and lowered her eyes.

“Nice to meet both of you.” I smiled widely. Elly had her hands on her hips and her tilted, as if she were examining me or seeing me for the first time. When she stood like that her breasts strained against the light fabric of her top. Her black bra, the straps sliding out from under the tank top’s, seemed to be getting a workout.

“So, who are you? No one knows.”

“Elly . . .” Brianna rolled her eyes and shook her head, as if to say, “She always does things like this.”

“I’m just here for the summer, staying with my grandmother. Sort of a family tradition after we graduate from college.” They both nodded, staring at me blankly.

“College? Where’d you go?” Elly said it like it was a challenge.

“U. of Minnesota. How ’bout you guys?” I knew they probably weren’t old enough, so I flattered them.

They both giggled again. Brianna said, “We both just graduated high school. In fact, Elly just turned eighteen last week, but I’m almost six months older. Right? Did you really think we were already in college?”

I smiled again. “So, are there always so many people down here? I mean, I don’t see what for.”

Elly answered quickly. “This is Mud Gap, Nowhere. What else are we supposed to do?” She looked annoyed. “If we had our own cars you would have never met us, trust me. So consider yourself lucky, Shawn.”

“Is that what I am for meeting you?”

“Sure,” Elly said. “Very lucky.”

When she said it her gaze didn’t leave mine. She licked her lips and then bit her bottom lip, slowly letting it slide out from behind her teeth. It glistened with her saliva. “What are the two of you doing later tonight? You should come over and watch movies at my place. At least it’s not hanging out here.”

Brianna answered, looking to Elly for assurance. “I don’t know if we should . . .”

Elly stepped forward and grabbed my wrist, her breasts swinging against my arm. I had to bring my journal down to the front of my pants, an unexpected swelling straining against my underwear. “Oh, Bri. He’s fine, okay? You’re not dangerous are you?”

“Not just yet. But if provoked . . .” Elly smiled, flashing her white teeth.

Brianna escort kadıöy still looked hesitant, but appeared to submit to Elly’s quick pledge. “Your grandmother doesn’t mind, right?”

“It’s okay. Really. My grandma’s probably in bed already. Besides, I have the whole basement to myself, and she can’t hear anything with her hearing aids out.”

“Great,” Elly said. She turned, still holding my wrist, and pulled me toward my car. “You drive.”


The first movie we watched was an Adam Sandler comedy. They both liked it-Brianna laughing and forgetting to be so shy about her body in front of a stranger, and Elly rolling around on the floor in hysterics. From where I sat on the couch I got a good view of Elly’s round ass; her denim shorts kept riding further and further up and she never bothered to pull them down. As it was, I could just see the gentle contour of a cheek as it peeked from the hem. Late into the movie, she caught me looking. I was staring at the bunched fabric, the length of leg, her smooth calf, when I saw her looking back at me. She smiled, her mouth twisted, and wiggled her ass, as if getting more comfortable, but I knew that wiggle was just for me.

When the movie ended I offered to go upstairs and make more popcorn. I was glad to get away; I needed some time for the bulge in my pants to recede. When I returned with the popcorn Elly was sitting in the middle of the couch, her legs tucked underneath her. A blanket lay draped over her legs. Brianna sat in the recliner adjacent to the couch. She had it pushed back to almost full recline and her eyes looked heavy and tired.

I started the second movie, “Cape Fear,” and sat next to Elly on the end of the couch away from Brianna.

“Here,” Elly said, nonchalantly tossing a corner of the blanket over my lap. “In case you’re cold, too.”

I didn’t bother to tell her that I was fine.


Twenty minutes into to the movie I felt Elly’s hand flop onto my hip and then my upper thigh. She stroked my leg through my jeans, her thumb moving in a little circular motion and her fingers clenching and unclenching, as if trying to draw me closer. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as her gaze never left the movie.

I shifted, trying to find a way to relieve some of the pressure from my hardening cock pushing against my zipper, but Elly took the occasion to scoot closer and move her hand directly on to my crotch. She rubbed with more force, clutching and massaging, the motion of her hand causing the blanket to bob up and down. A smile crept into the corners of her mouth, though she didn’t take her eyes off the TV.

Just then Brianna jerked up from the chair, slamming the footrest. Elly pulled her hand back into her own lap and looked over to her friend.

“I think I was asleep, you guys.” Brianna yawned, stretching her arms behind her. Even with only the light from the TV I saw her tiny boobs press against her shirt, her nipples stiff with cold. “I better go home, to bed.”

“Do you need a ride?” I hoped that Brianna heard what I really wanted to say.

She stood up, wobbling, and yawned. “No, that’s all right. I live, like, a block away. I’ll just walk.”

I stood up, hoping that she wouldn’t see my bulge. “Want me to walk you out?”

She held up a hand and yawned again. “No, that’s fine. Nice to meet you, Shawn. I’ll see you later, Elly.” She turned and walked up the steps and out of the house.

I looked back to Elly, who was smiling devilishly. “Do you want me to rewind the movie?”

She shook her head and flicked back the blanket as an invitation. “I remember where we were.”

I sat back down on the couch, discreetly popping open the button of my jeans as I settled into the cushions. Elly draped the blanket back over my lap and without hesitation reached for my crotch. Her eager hand sought my visible bulge. She was not making any pretense of watching the movie. As her hand rubbed and fondled she moved to unbutton my jeans, but then stopped when she found it already open.

“Ooo, aren’t you sneaky.” Her deft fingers moved to the zipper and pulled it all the way down. My cock practically leapt out in relief. With one hand she pulled down maltepe escort the elastic waistband of my underwear, and with the other she reached in and wrapped her smooth fingers around the base of my shaft. She started to stroke me, slowly, deliberately, and I leaned over to kiss her.

Her lips were soft, surprisingly delicate, and eager to part as I slid my tongue into her hot mouth. Our tongues flicked together and ran across teeth, each of us tasting every surface of the other. She circled her tongue around mine, and then sucked it hard, pulling at its base, drawing deep into her throat. The whole time we kissed she kept her hand moving in a steady rhythm, occasionally wiping away precum and rubbing it back in.

I lifted my hips and without a word she pulled my jeans and underwear to my knees, my bare ass rubbing against the cushions.

“You like touching me, don’t you? I bet you’ve done this before. Dirty girl.” She mumbled in agreement. I slid a hand under her tank top and clutched one of her tits. She sighed and pushed against my hand, pressing me into the back of the couch. My cock grew even harder-impossible, I thought-when I brushed across the satin surface of her bra and tweaked the nipple that was pushing through. I rubbed the little nub of flesh between my thumb and forefinger, gently pinching it and then pulling. I flicked it a few times with my thumbnail and Elly moaned softly, squirming on the cushions. She gripped my cock harder and began to pull it roughly. I thought I could feel the pulse of my blood through one of the swollen blue veins that wrapped around it.

I broke our kiss, staying near her face, close enough to feel her breath, for her to flick her tongue against my lips. “Careful when you pull on that. It’ll chafe if it stays dry.”

Before I had time to think about it, she swung her head and closed her mouth over more than half of my throbbing shaft. I spoke only in vowel sounds as she worked my cock with her mouth and hand.

The first blowjob from someone new is always a bit exciting and surprising and I had to concentrate from keeping myself from blasting Elly across the room right away. But the way her mouth expertly kept my cock wet with her saliva, the way she spiraled her tongue-every now and then stopping to lap at the underside of the head-made me want to come and come and come, until I felt completely drained, wrung out.

She didn’t stop using her hands, either. With one hand she stroked upwards, meeting her mouth halfway, collecting spit and semen for the downstroke; with the other hand she fondled my balls or ran her nails over my bare legs. The sensation was electric and I knew I wouldn’t hold out much longer.

I clutched her hair with one hand and said, “Gonna happen soon, Elly.” She took this as an invitation to speed up, her mouth loudly slurping, her hand a tiny blur. I closed my eyes and leaned back, concentrating on the gathering warmth building inside. I could almost feel things pooling, bubbling to the surface, being summoned from my very center by Elly’s deft hands and wet mouth.

I tugged on her hair. “Here it comes, here it comes.” I expected Elly to swing back up and get out of harm’s way-it was what I was used to with girls, after all-but she took her hands and grabbed fistfuls of pubic hair and then clamped down just as I exploded into her mouth.

I thought for sure she’d pull away once the first stream of cum ricocheted off the back of her throat, but she didn’t budge. She swallowed as I jerked and spasmed, milking me of all I had, eager to take all of it.

Finally, she let my cock slip from her mouth, but not before giving it a few licks and nibbles for good measure. I opened my eyes and looked at her, her chin framed by my tangle of pubic hair, a single glistening drop of cum at the corner of her mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked it away and she smiled.

“Mmm, that was fun,” she said. She sat back up and kissed me, her lips pressing hard, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I could taste my salty cum.

I laughed just then, my cock trying to stiffen again.

“What? What’s so funny?” Elly leaned back against the couch. She looked playfully annoyed.

“Nothing. I was thinking since we just met, maybe we should take it slow.”

Elly laughed, too. “Okay. Let’s start that tomorrow.” She leaned in and kissed me again, without the hunger from before, but still, her hand reached down for me.

I didn’t think my summer would be so bad after all.

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