My 20th High School Reunion Ch. 02

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Reunion Part 2 in which Kathy gets her fantasy. I suggest you read Pt 1 to better relate to this offering. There is a Pt 3 in the works. Kindly continue to score and comment favorably!


I Asked, “What time do you have to be home?”

Kathy snuggled a little closer and said,” Bob’s out of town, I’m free for the next 2 days!”

“Can I stay for the night and a breakfast in bed? I think we deserve a reunion!

My mouth hung open as she pulled my head to hers and quickly inserted her tongue into the opening. We kissed for several moments and as we slowly parted lips I said in my best sales voice. “Well in that case let me be the first to congratulate you on an excellent choice for your private enjoyment and pleasure!” She laughed and hugged me saying.” I need to get cleaned up some! You got me wet from head to toe.”

“Oh no!” I replied. “I made the mess, I clean it up! Stay right here in the bed until I return!”

Kathy looked puzzled but remained laying down, pulling the sheet over herself in a show of modesty.

I hurried to the bath and quickly wet a wash cloth with hot water and grabbed a hand towel. Returning to the bed I sat down next to her and slowly pulled the sheet off her lower body and said, “hold still while I clean you up the correct way!” I shook out the wash cloth to lessen the heat and moving her legs apart started gently wiping the inside of her thighs. She appeared shocked at the attention and opened her mouth to say something but I put my free hand to my lips and motioned her to be still and enjoy the process.

I explained myself by saying.” A true gentleman always treats a lady to every intimate action he can from start to finish, and we are not finished, please close your eyes and relax as this will only take a moment.” Kathy obeyed and with a nice smile propped the pillow behind her head.

I reached down to her left thigh and moving it further apart slowly moved the warm, wet cloth into the cleft between her pussy and thigh to refresh the moist flesh therein. Kathy groaned at the tenderness I was treating her to so I repeated the action on her right side. I guess I lingered a bit longer there because she sighed and whispered, “don’t forget the middle!” As if I would forget. I moved both legs further apart and slowly dragged the washcloth up her pussy and then down which elicited more moans from her. Yeah, I did it a few more times!

I couldn’t help but joke a little. “I can tell you normally don’t receive this particular service madam and I should mention that it is a free service you’ll receive with every visit to our establishment!” Kathy laughed sweetly and said. “I assure you sir I would love to become a regular customer!”

We shared a quiet chuckle and then shared a long kiss as I continued rubbing her pussy lips and lower tummy with the cloth. I reached for the dry hand towel and finished the job moving up to her breasts to remove the slobber I had deposited earlier. Kathy was watching me now and putting her hand to my cheek said. ” No one’s ever done anything like that to me before Jack, that was so erotic! Thank you for being so gentle.”

“That was the idea sweetie.” I leaned in for another kiss. She returned it and held my head in her hands to prolong the moment. Man, this woman was the pinnacle of sensuality! I could feel my dick coming back to life. Kathy felt it also and slowly ran her fingers over the length of my cock which got a shiver out of me. “That feels great honey!” “Don’t stop!” I moaned into her mouth.

Gently pulling my face from hers she said. “I’m going to have to stop-I’m famished!” She gushed. “Do you think we can get some room service anytime soon?”

I thought for a moment. “Hmm, I’m sure we can get something sent up, let me call downstairs, what would you like?”

“Great!” She said jumping up and heading for the bathroom. “Anything is fine.”

I called down and was turned over to the consigliere who listened and said, “yes sir! I can get you a platter from the party we had tonight as they drank more than they ate! Would you require anything to drink?”

Calling to Kathy I asked. “What do you want to drink sweetie?”

“More of that white wine they served is fine Jack.”

I ordered the white and a red for myself and gave the lady my room number when she asked. “Is this Mr. Stuart?”

“Yes.” I replied. I heard an intake of breath from her end of the phone.

“Oh Mr. Stuart I’ll take care of it myself! Is ten minutes too long?”

“Uh nooo.” I slowly replied. What was this all about?

” Great sir, I’ll get right on it!” Click went the receiver. What a strange wonderful night.

Turning and walking to the bathroom to check on Kathy I told her the food was on its way and to put on one of the matching bath robes that hung in the bath, you know the ones, very thick and snow white. I wanted one too.

Kathy emerged from the bath with a huge grin and a wet washcloth and stated, “Your turn young man! Time to clean up our little friend!” konyaaltı escort And she did just that for a sensuous 5 minutes. Glorious1

Tossing the wet cloth into the bathtub, Kathy walked into the suite and said, “I am so hungry, anything to chew on out here? I mean other than the obvious?” She walked over to where a basket of candy and crackers were sitting.

“Help yourself, but room service should be here any minute.” I replied.

I heard her moving things around and she said. “Gummy bears! Ooh I love gummy’s!”

Gummy’s? Oh shit! I forgot I had brought some private stock along for myself. “Uh Kathy, hold off eating any of those!”

“What did you say?” I heard munching and rushed into the other room up to her and asked.

“Uh baby, how many did you eat?” Crap, crap, crap!

‘Uh, this is my second one.” She pushed a green gummy bear to her teeth and held it there.

“Whew!” What a relief! Thinking fast I said. “let me have that one- greens my favorite!”

Looking up at me she moved her lips to mine and coyly said. “take it big boy!”

I swiftly moved my tongue to hers and sucked it in my mouth. I then stopped her hand from grabbing another from the bag the rest were in. “One’s the limit on these sweetheart, they are very potent!” Sure you only took one?”

“Yes, only the one, why do you ask?” Looking at me oddly, realization dawned on her and her eyes got big. “Uh oh, am I going to get stoned or something?” I could see the worry begin to show on her face.

“Absolutely not honey!” I was so relieved I guess it showed. “These are from my shop in Denver and are a special blend of cannabis the enhances senses and nerve endings, and relaxes people. This is a good seller because it makes your good feelings even better- with no letdown afterwards.”

“You’re actually going to love the effects in half an hour or so. And so am I!” I added with a grin.

“OMG!” I haven’t smoked pot since college, and let me tell you it put me to sleep!” Kathy blurted out with a hand to her mouth. “Tell me I won’t pass out on you” She was concerned but there was really no problem-on of my best sellers was now in her tummy.

“No passing out with this product and eating food will stretch out the effects-I think you are in for a real thrill!” I didn’t mention that had she eaten a few more she might have been wide awake far longer than she would want’ I hoped the food got here soon. I was hungry as hell and needed to replenish my reserves if Kathy was really staying for a while. And I really hoped she was.

Kathy was now visibly relieved and smiled up at me saying. “Guess I should have asked first huh?”

“No harm done, its called Flo and is really a mellow high as you’re going to gradually begin to notice, just wait until we kiss on it- you won’t want to stop, it makes everything better!” Kathy pressed herself up against me, kissed me hard and with a little hand rub on my dick asked,” better than that!” Just as a knock came on the door.

“Oh! good foods here, hand me the other robe,” I said. She tossed me the robe and then scrambled back into the bathroom.

Going to the door I looked out the peep hole and saw a woman in the hotels colors and opened it up with a smile on my face. An attractive young lady with the name tag of Beth stood there beside a food cart and seeing me broke into very pretty smile and said, “Room service Mr. Stuart, shall I place it on the table?” And she moved past me to do just that.

As she was bending over to place the trays on the table I couldn’t help but notice the top three buttons of her top were undone and I could see her lacey bra holding in a couple of nice breasts. Looking up at me she saw my gaze and smiling said,” like what you see sir? I had the kitchen staff serve a little of everything from the party.”

“It all looks good to me.” I answered. “Oh! could you do me a favor?

“Certainly sir!”

“Can you bring up Mrs. Toms coat and anything else she checked at the door at the reunion?” I asked, and leaning closer to her said in a low voice, “discreetly Beth? ”

“That’s Ms. Samuels Jack!” Came Kath’s voice through the partially open bathroom door.

“No problem Mr. Stuart, I’ll bring Ms. Samuels belongings right back up!” Beth said with a twinkle in her eyes. “I can use the staff elevator and no one will see me.” The last was said in a low voice. “And if there is anything else I can do for you, please call and ask.” I swear she sounded like she was hitting on me! Those open buttons on her blouse were getting to me. Nice soft, full breasts are my Achilles heel, especially when getting high on gummies.

Beth left and Kathy came back in and sat on the sofa in front of the feast and exclaimed. “Oh look! meatballs and cheeses and veggies! She did a good job!” Kathy was digging in before I got near the sofa, so I sat right next to her and shoved a meatball into my mouth. I was beginning to feel the effects of the gummy and the meatball tasted so good! I crammed kültür escort a couple more in my mouth.

Talking around her meatball Kathy said, “Very good! I was starving after that workout, how are you doing?”

“Didn’t realize I was so hungry until I danced with you.” Was my reply. “You awakened an appetite I lost after my divorce.” I looked at her and grinned my best little boy smile.

Nudging my leg with hers she laughed and said, “no silly, the food on the table, not in my drawers!”

Nudging her leg back, I reached for her head and pulled her face over for a quick kiss said, “okay, give me some of that meatball! Kathy laughed and forked another meatball in my mouth, I chewed for a moment and asked how she felt.” I am tingling all over and can’t decide whether to eat the food or you!” She rubbed my leg with her free hand and slowly moved up to my dick and squeezed. Oh Man! The gummy was working perfectly. I was getting bursts of pleasure every squeeze of her hands.

Moving my right hand up under her robe I found her vaginal slit and slowly rubbed her clit up and down. Kathy stopped chewing and looking at me said, “I’m starting to think about some more of that desert Jack, how about you?” She gave my dick a jerking off motion that curled my toes so I moved my pussy finger in a small circle which elicited a gasp from Kathy.

“Do you want something with cream in it?” I suggestively asked.

“That would be wonderful Jack, would you like something that’s still hot from the oven?” She squeezed and pulled and I knew we were getting our strength back. I leaned over and kissed her as we fondled each other and with my free hand undid the robe and exposed her breasts. I twisted her left nipple gently and pulled on it slightly. Kathy moaned into my mouth and twirled her tongue all around my mouth. “That’s soooo good!” She sighed. “Let’s finish eating and then have our desert. Kissing me hard and then reaching for a sandwich square. “Darn this is such a feast!”

“Yeah, I think our gummies are really starting to affect us.” I leaned over and sucked on her nipple and asked, “how does that feel?”

Kathy sucked in her breath and let out a sigh, “feels verrry promising!” She pulled on my penis a little harder and asked me, “how is that feeling, hmm?” Jerking up and down on my shaft, she made me jump slightly.

“Absolutely wonderful.” Our senses were getting fine-tuned. I reached for another sandwich and bit it in half, chewing, I told Kathy, “I want to visit the boys room for a quick shower, like to join me?”

“Absolutely! Lead the way.” Kathy stood and dropped the robe on the floor just as a knock came at the door. She quickly walked to the bath and closed the door. I, still in my robe, walked over and opened the door to find Beth with a small suitcase and garment bag. Still with her top buttons undone and smiling mischievously said, “I got Ms. Samuels items where would you like them?”

I heard the shower turn on and quickly grabbed my wallet said. “Right on the sofa is fine Beth.” I pulled a fifty dollar bill out and put it in her hand. “Here’s for your trouble Beth.”

Beth almost tripped over the robe on the floor but her smile never left her face as she told me, “no trouble at all sir! Is there anything else I can help you with? I get off tonight at 11:00 but I’m back at 1:00 tomorrow! She stuck her chest out just enough to be obvious. Definitely hitting on me!

“Uh, not at the moment, but maybe tomorrow?” Was all I could think of to say. My gummied brain was only seeing her boobs in my hands and I had to quickly walk her to the door with my hand on her shoulder to keep from grabbing something else. “Thank you so much!” What the fuck! Beth was a sweet honey bread but I had Kathy cake in the shower waiting to be devoured! Her hip bumped mine several times in the few steps to the door. I breathed out heavily saying, “maybe something will come up tomorrow and I’ll call you.”

Turning again with her boobs pointed up at me looking like a pair of pink balloons she grinned and said. “That’s what I’m here for sir!” I closed the door and raced to the bath where an impatient Kathy was standing with hands on her hips, a smile on her face and her boobs pointed at me. “Thought you were never coming back! Get in here young man!” I dropped the robe and took her into the shower stall. The water temp was perfect.

I knew the gummies were beginning to take effect as just holding Kathy against me gave me pins and needles at every point of touch. She was feeling it also as her sighs were loud and long while I fondled every inch of her torso, front and back. My dick was aimed straight at her pussy and I felt her lightly bouncing against it while we kissed. My fingers found both nipples and twisting them pulled outwards, She oohed and ahhed and grabbing my cock, started rubbing the tip against her exposed button. Her hand was so small and delicate.

“Jack, that little gummy bear has my entire body tingling everywhere, this is so erotic! My honey markantalya escort has never tickled this much before.” She backed me towards wall and continued talking. “I want to taste your penis, okay?”

“I would love that Kathy.” I softly moaned as she dropped to one knee and took the tip into her mouth. “I’ve never done this before Jack.” Kathy murmured. “But I think I’m going to like it with you!” She gentle moved her lips over me as far as she could go then smoothly repeated the motion. I felt her other hand gripping my balls ever so gently. I was holding her head and sighing into the mist that surrounded us. I was in gummy bear/Kathy sort of heaven. Her lips and tongue were having their way with my dick.

Knowing I could not stand much more of this I pulled her gently up and hugging her tight said. “I’ve never showered with such a beautiful woman and would be remiss if I didn’t wash you real good!” You can wash me at the same time.” Grabbing two cloths off the rack we began a sensuous dance of lathering each other up. I held her ass in one hand and lathered her pussy with the other, she began at my chest and quickly lathered me down to my crotch which responded with a straighter erection again. “Ooh, did I make that swell up? “Kathy breathed into my neck and nuzzled me with her tongue.

“You most certainly did lady and will have to make the swelling go down somehow.” Any ideas how to do that?” Kathy moved her lips to mine and kissing me softly said, “sure do big boy! Just get us back to the side of the bed again and we’ll work on it!”

I shut the water off and we spent several minutes toweling each other off. Putting my arms around her from behind I massaged her boobs and rubbed my dick up and down her ass crack which made her giggle. “Don’t you dare sneak that thing into my ass, that’s a big no no!’ That never entered my addled brain. I was just enjoying the nice ass cheeks I was humping against, If I slipped up and entered her ass I’d just say ‘oops. Probably have to say it several times if my cock had his way.

We got to the edge of the bed and turning her to me shared a long lingering kiss. Her tongue was so light and wet I just continued lapping at it while gently pulling her ass up against my dick. Kathy’s arms were around my neck massaging my head in the most intimate manner. She began moving her pussy in a circular pattern on my dick and we both were again in heat for intercourse. I pulled my lips away momentarily and asked. “What would madam like?”

“Lay me on the edge of the bed like you did the first time, that was the most erotic feeling I have ever shared with anyone!” I turned her back towards the edge of the mattress and sat her there, pulling several pillows behind her to support her head and back, I moved between her legs and again placed my dick on her pussy. She was soaking wet from her own lubrication and I easily rubbed up and down on her outer lips. Kathy slowly returned the motion making little mewing sounds that I found so sexy! “Jack, you took away all the fears and hesitation I had when I first felt you there, I just have to do it again.” Pulling my lips again to hers, she kissed me so tenderly I started to melt on her body.

Sparks seemed to burn between our body’s- so deep was the moment, so hot was the embrace, so sensual were the contact points of our embrace. Kathy looked at me and blushed. “Jack, I have something to ask you, it’s a sort of dream I’ve had for years. I hope you don’t think me silly but would you please put your penis in my honey, just half way and slowly make love to me? It’s a fantasy I’ve had for years. I’ve dreamed of a lover as gentle as you that would make me cum while looking in my eyes and just teasing my honey with his penis until we couldn’t stand it anymore and came together . Would you indulge me my fantasy? Please?”

“That sounds like a dream come true to me Kath! You’re in charge now so tell me what to do- tell me every little thing you dreamed of doing and I’ll provide it!” I was breathing heavier just talking about it. So again, I slowly slid my dick down to her honey hole. Again, I gently pushed in and out until I was halfway in her. “Right there Jack! Make love to me until I beg you to fuck me!”

I was startled to hear that but was now her loyal sex slave and reaching down for her tits to fondle, I began the slow torture of tease sex. You know, wanting to jam it in all the way and fuck like crazy but can’t until ordered? But I looked at her beautiful face and made slow, passionate love to Kathy Toms Samuels, true to her dream. Slowly, not entering her completely, but feeling every inch, I was giving and receiving to the fullest. Her small pussy help me and actually slurped on every outwards motion, like a suction during a blow job.

Don’t ever take gummy bears and do this, it is such a sweet, sensual pleasure, you can lose your grip on reality with its peculiar flavor of joy and intimacy. All I could feel were breasts and pussy. The world retreated from us both.

Kathy pulled my face to hers and softly kissed me, “this is sooo sexy Jack, do you feel it too?”

“Yes I do sweetheart, you are so wet and warm, my penis is throbbing within you. He wants to lunge all the way in and be consumed by your sex.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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