My Affair Pt. 02

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I was putting on mascara when I heard the knock on my door. It was after 10pm, my children were asleep and my fiancé was still working out in the country. He was due home tomorrow.

My heart raced as I approached the door.

I had met Ethan earlier today while I was picking up my girls from school. He was out for a run. He looked really, really good in a navy blue t-shirt and black sweatpants. Healthy sweat on his brow and his hair tied back at the nape of his neck.

Ethan and I exchanged pleasantries until he stepped up to me, whispered in my ear about needing to talk with me. It had been two days since we had sex on my kitchen table. The way his eyes slid up and down my body, had me thinking we wouldn’t be talking much.

I told him I couldn’t away tonight and he placed his hand on the small of my back, his lips touching my ear. Just as my girls were distracted by something on the ground of a nearby tree.

“I need to see you tonight,” His accent made me think of desire and hot demand, “I’ll come to you.”

I should have said something about the kids being home but I couldn’t. I watched him run off with a smirk to stare at his nice ass without a hint of shame.

Now he was here.

I wore jeans to show off my ass and a sleeveless tank top with a v-neckline. I wore my red hair down so it fell just below my shoulders and just a hint of makeup. I looked unassuming enough. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this but I couldn’t help myself. I was hot and bothered by the time I answered the door.

Ethan wore dark jeans and a T-shirt with a band logo on it. His hair was tied back and he wore a sneaky grin as I moved to let him in. This was all the invite he needed. Before I managed, he grabbed my waist and took my lips in a kiss meant to subdue a woman. I didn’t even know he’d closed the door with his foot until I heard it shutting behind him. I was pressed up against a closet and I couldn’t think to save my life.

His hands held me against him and I felt his erection, big and hard, pressing into me. Letting out a soft gasp when he released my mouth for a second, I reminded myself I had to be quiet, we had to be.

I let him into my living room, the curtains were drawn together for the night and a single lamp from the corner ataşehir escort provided enough light. He was stroking my ass in an oh-so-nice possessive motion as I turned towards him and gently pushed him down onto the sofa.

I straddled him and his hands came around my waist, sliding down to my ass. I pulled his t-shirt off and ran my hands over his warm chest as he pulled me closer to kiss my neck, lightly sucking and nibbling. The intoxicating sense I was about to be unfaithful again hit me and I struggled not to moan. He was pulling off my top and I barely remembered to lift my arms up.

I had worn my matching black lace bra and panties and listening to his appreciative groan as he caressed my 36C breasts through the fabric made me so wet. He licked and teased my hard nipples through the lace, switching sides as he went. Always licking and pinching. My panties were getting soaked through. I unbuttoned his jeans and got myself off him and his teasing mouth.

It was time to do my own teasing. He lifted his ass a little to let me pull off his jeans so I could get to what I really, really wanted. Oh, his cock was so visible underneath his black boxers. I couldn’t wait to have it inside of me and almost abandoned my plans right there. Pulling at his boxers, I freed his throbbing cock and wrapped my hand around him. As I stroked the length of him, I couldn’t help biting my lips.

He was so hard and I could see his excitement glistening on the head of his cock. I opened my palm to lick up the length of his shaft and once I reached his head, I licked him clean with a swirling motion. His breath came in moans and gasps as he tried to stay quiet. I could see his hands bunched up in the pillows on each side of him.

Taking him into my mouth, I felt him tense further as I sucked and flexed my tongue. I worked my way up and down as far as I could take him into my mouth, getting into a steady rhythm with my hand.

“Fuck, woman,” He moaned, helpless to do otherwise, “Fuck yeah.”

His hands came to get tangled in my hair and cradle my skull. My free hand was caressing his balls, gently pulling and stroking.

I was so wet and he tasted so much better than my fiancé. The avcılar escort thought made me hornier still and I started to wiggle my hips a little to create friction between my legs and the lace there.

“Lass,” He gasped and pulled my hair back so I would look at him. I liked being called Lass.He looked at me, sitting between his legs with his cock in my hand. I could see the desire in his eyes.

“You need ta stop that or I will lose it,” He groaned as he gently pulled me up to stand in front of him, tucking at my jeans, “These need to come off.”

He made quick work of the buttons and pulled them down. I straddled him again, this time, only wearing my lace. He kissed me, enjoying the taste of him on my lips. His hand caressed my breasts before sliding to my back and undoing the bra.

He was rock hard against my pussy and I couldn’t help but to rub myself against him. He groaned as the bra came off and he was free to enjoy my nipples as he wished. My lace panties was good and soaked at this point and I didn’t want to be separated from his cock much longer. Running my hands down his chest and well-formed abs as he sucked and teased my nipples, I dipped lower.

My hand went around his shaft and I stroked him, needing him inside of me. He sucked in a breath on my breast and one hand went down my stomach, the side of my thigh and then inwards. He cupped my mound and felt how hot I was for him. Groaning low in his throat he shoved the lace aside and I gasped against his mouth as he slid two fingers between my pussy lips and found my swollen clit.

He rubbed my clit in circles and I lost control, whimpering against his demanding mouth, his strong hand and the cock in mine. I wanted this.

“Ethan, please,” I was already climaxing, “Please, come inside of me.”

His kiss got fiercer and he crushed me to him with his free hand. His fingers left my clit for a moment, pulling my lace panties away again to let me feel his cock against my pussy. I wiggled and slid down his length slowly, taking all of him in. He filled me and satisfied a need I didn’t know I had.

His fingers returned to my clit and started to rub, slowly at first and then picking up speed as I did. I avrupa yakası escort had to be careful not to purr like a kitten as I slid up and down, his cock filling me in a way I hadn’t felt in a long time. I rode him slowly, his fingers bringing me to the brink of sanity.

“Oh, God,” I felt my climax start and I knew I didn’t have long to go. I thrust down on him harder and he responded, bucking upwards to meet me, his fingers firmer and faster.

I was clutching his shoulder, the sofa back as I frantically held on to anything I could get my hands on. My breath was mere gasps and I whimpered again. I caught his eyes and he was staring right back at me.

“I want to see you come,” He whispered in a voice I knew I would be touching myself too later, “Fuck me, Anna.”

I lost it and taking him all the way into me, I writhed back and forth, his fingers trapped and still rubbing. I was so wet, making both of us slick. He claimed my mouth again, catching my gasps as I came hard around him. He groaned and I felt his smile against my lips.

I broke apart, becoming everything and nothing for a moment before returning to my senses. Ethan was still kissing me, his tongue demanding. His fingers, oh his fingers, still rubbing as he leaned us sideways into the sofa.

He had me underneath him, his cock still inside of me, still hard and so ready for release. Becoming hungry again, I lifted my ass into the air to take him in deeper and he gasped with a smile.

“You,” He moaned, “You’re wild.”

I raised my head up to claim his lips.

“And you’re going to tame me,” I whispered to him as he slid in and out of me.

He grabbed my ass and pinned me down on the sofa, making me feel owned and I writhed for him. He thrust in and out of me at a fast pace, neither one of us needing any build up. I licked and bit his neck, feeling totally free as I was trapped beneath him, Ethan plowing me into oblivion.

The smack of flesh on flesh filled the living room. He groaned roughly and held on to my ass as his powerful thrust became deliciously painful and I climaxed around him.

“Come inside of me,” I begged and he fucked me furiously, making just the right friction to push me over the edge again. I held onto his strong back as he thrust three more times and filled me with his cum, mixing our juices together.

He held himself up on his elbows so we could both catch our breaths. He slowly pulled out of me and I knew I would be sore tomorrow. It was it worth it.

“So,” He said between breaths, “We’re doing this?” Meaning our affair.

“Yes, we are,” I told him and he smiled.

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