My Belly’s Violation

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I woke up in a daze, on a carpeted floor in what appeared to be somebody’s house. I noticed a chain attached to a nearby wall, which lead up to my neck. I felt with my hands that the chain attached to what felt like a metal collar on my neck. I immediately panicked and started tugging at the chain, trying to free myself from these mysterious bonds. Alas, I only wasted my time and made a bunch of noise. I then heard some kind of commotion in a nearby room. I realized that I had just alerted whoever lived here. A few moments later, a tall, brown man who smelt of curry and onions had entered the room I was in. He looked to be of Indian descent, although I would later learn that he was actually Pakistani.

The bottom part of his face was covered in a thick, mangy beard that was starting to gray due to his old age. He looked to be in his 60’s, but could have easily been in his 80’s. He was very overweight, pretty hairy with patches of fur all over his body, and very greasy due to his natural tendency to over sweat. The Pakistani man was wearing only a pair of grey sweat pants and had a gold chain around his meaty neck. He was not wearing a shirt, but I could still see all his perspiration almost pouring out from under his armpits and manboobs. As he smiled at me, I immediately thought of how helpless I must have looked, being all chained to a wall in a place I had never been in before.

He continued to stare at me very hungrily, making me painfully aware as to how slutty my attire made me look. I was wearing a low slung red skirt that covered my legs, but sat very low on my wide hips. I was also wearing a matching red belly shirt with the hem only reaching down to cover half of my rib cage, leaving the rest of my tan, slightly toned French-Canadian belly and tiny innie navel to be bared for this mongrel of a man to see. With my favorite belly chain wrapped around my bare midriff, I thought back to the previous night when I had been wearing the half top and belly chain along with some tight, blue jeans when I went out to the club with my friends. I remember being really excited because I was trying to hook up with a hot guy I had been talking to on social media. He was tall and muscular, with dirty blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He had a strong jaw, along with broad shoulders. Alas… my thoughts of him were dismissed by my current predicament.

I blushed as I realized that somebody obviously had changed my pants for this skirt I now adorned… and they would have noticed that I was wearing a hot pink thong that rode up my ass tightly. I then started thinking about how I didn’t even remember making it into the club last night. I only remembered having to take the subway with my friends, only to be separated on the train from them due to a huge crowd of commuters cramping the cars. After that, the last thing I remember was being surrounded by a bunch of brown people who I assumed to be immigrants and refugees from foreign countries. Then everything was hazy after that. Something must have happened on that train last night.

“Bell bell! It appears like da slutty belly bitch finally abake!” He Kurtköy Escort said with a thick, eastern-oriental accent that only a man from the Middle East could have.

My heart started racing as I heard him say those words to me, like I was some kind of object made for his enjoyment rather than the human being I knew myself to be. He licked his lips as he gazed upon me; his cold, lustful eyes locked on my pure, untouched innie navel. I started to whimper in fear at the thought of this foreign man making plans on what to do with my pure, virgin belly and belly button. I had never even had a boyfriend before this day, and no man had ever touched me before in my life!

“You should not go around shobing belly and nabel like dat! I now must teach you lesson, belly bitch! You bill now be my belly slave, and enjoy my body… as buch as I enjoy yours…”, he said, while rubbing the gigantic bulge that had formed under his sweatpants.

While panting at his promises to violate me, I hastily crawled back against the wall that held the other end of my chain, shaking my head no. I was trying very hard to pull my crop top down to cover my midriff, but to no avail. He laughed and yanked my chain, pulling me towards him with just one, effortless yank.

“You’re my slave now. Obey me or your belly bill be punished!”

I whimpered, but nodded my head “yes” reluctantly. With my eyes closed, I began crying softly to myself, afraid that my fate had been sealed as a belly slave for a man obviously old enough to be my great grandfather. Coming to terms as to how weak I was as a petit 19 year old, I surmised that the Pakistani man could easily overpower me.

“Bery good, bery good,” he said as he lightly patted my belly with his greasy, giant brown hands. His touching of my young, pure white skin sent instant shivers down my spine, making my belly slightly bounce away from his touch.

“Now, I bant you to belly dance! Biggle dat hot belly button for me!”

I blushed and hesitated to move on his command. I had never belly danced before in my life, mostly because I thought that belly dancing was degrading to women and objectified them as sex objects to please the desires of men. At that moment, I especially didn’t want to belly dance just to satisfy the perverted urges of this old, brown-skinned creep! He snapped at me, yanking my chains again so as to force me closer to him.

“Now, Slave!” He snapped again, forcing my young, naive instincts to force me to instantly obey him.

I quickly stood up with both of my legs apart and began moving my belly in a seductive manner. I swayed my hips side to side and all around, causing my belly to shake. My tiny little belly button began to change shape as it was stretched, then compressed, over and over again in a very sexy fashion. I was surprised to see how naturally good I was at belly dancing.

“Mmmm, bery good, slave. Your sexy, squirming, little belly button is making me hot! Come closer and dance in my face so I may taste your delicious nabel,” he ordered, beckoning me over with his clammy, sweaty hands.

He Pendik Escort was already sitting in a nearby chair, sitting up straight while enjoying the cocktease I was performing for him, against my wishes, when he started to slowly pull the chain-leash of mine towards him, all while I continued belly dancing. Within moments, my virgin, white belly was just a few inches from his bearded face. I cringed as I felt his smelly, hot breath against my belly as I danced like a bitch. He then stuck out his tongue and snaked it towards my squirming navel, lightly flicking the outer rim of my very sensitive innie. I whimpered as I sucked my belly in while the old man’s tongue skimmed over my belly button.

“Mmm… bery tasty! I could just eat it!” he teased, fully aware that I did not want his tongue anywhere near my belly button.

The dark brown man then quickly clutched me by my hips, causing me to stop my forced belly dance. He then pulled my belly towards his outstretched tongue, right before thrusting it deep into my navel, causing me to squeal like an animal. He was vulgarly licking my belly button deep and hard as I whimpered and squirmed for help. I felt him using his tongue to stretch my belly button, making my navel feel all gooey. His mangy beard and mustache scratched my belly as he continued to violate my skin and navel. I cried at the fact that I felt so filthy letting him please himself with my innocent little belly button.

After about 30 minutes of licking my navel, the old, dark skinned man finally stopped and removed his tongue from my belly button. My belly button was now all moist with his spit and was now glistening with saliva.

“Yes, yes! Your bery yummy belly button was bery delicious! Now… I shall fill it wit my seed.”

My old captor then pulled down his sweatpants to reveal his brown, massive dick and started to stroke it.

“Lean backwards, my sveet… and arch back onto your hands, pressing your nabel into da air to be fucked.”

I shook my head and stepped back, sobbing even harder now. He was planning on fucking my belly button, I thought! He yanked the chain again, causing me to lose my balance and stumble into his arms.

“Don’t resist me, Slave!”

I reluctantly did as he ordered, leaning back as he pressed me down on the ground, arching my belly as I held myself up with my hands.

“Please… no…” I begged as I pushed my belly button into the air, offering it to his throbbing cock.

“I didn’t say you could talk! You bill be punished after I am done fucking your tiny nabel hole.”

I whimpered, all while shaking as I held my belly button in the air. I had never allowed anyone to let their dick touch my body, and I didn’t want this old, brown man fucking me, especially my innocent, sensitive belly button! I squealed and let out a high pitched gasp as I felt his penis rub against my belly and circle my navel. He was smearing drops of precum all around my belly button. The old man then thrusted the head of his dick into my innie, making me squeal as my belly’s virginity was now being taken. He then Mutlukent Escort pushed it deeper and deeper into my innie, stretching it forcefully until his massive cock was now completely engulfed by my beautiful, young belly button. He started fucking it fast and hard, causing me to squeal and writhe on his dick. I felt my belly button tighten against his dick as I breathed. My tearful eyes were now closed as all my energy became drained as he fucked my belly. My navel became more and more sticky as he continued to release precum with each thrust, making him fuck me faster and more aggressively. He picked me up by my bare midriff and pulled my tummy against his thrusting manmeat, allowing him to thrust harder into my navel. I was now squealing louder, with my tears running down my face while I tried to look away. I was still able to keep my eyes closed…

“Mmmm yes! Bery good! Skeal for me, my nabel slave! Skeal like a pig!”

I then felt his cock start to pulsate. The old man thrusted faster and faster until finally… I gasped as I felt a jet of his thick seed shoot deep into my stretched innie, filling it until it started to ooze out of my belly button, around his huge cock.

He pulled me off of his dick, and although my violated, white belly was now covered with this dirty, brown man’s cum, he pulled me close to him, and although my eyes were closed, he bent me over his arm. I opened my eyes just in time to see his dark brown lips approaching my face. As I opened my mouth to scream, he slammed his lips onto mine, and locked our mouths together, flicking his disgusting tongue all in my mouth. I whimpered and screamed muffled cries as he forced me to swallow his onion-flavored spit. I immediately wanted to vomit at having my first kiss be this old man, with his milky, filthy brown lips and his curryesque breath!

That was about two years ago now. I had passed out after locking lips with the old man for about an hour! After waking up later that night, he laid beside me on his bed, and I was completely naked. I new my pussy had been violated due to it also being covered by his jizz as well as it feeling really sore. He let me know that I was now his property, and I would never be able to live my innocent, great life I had before. As he stroked my belly, I whimpered as I thought about all my friends and family, and even the hot blonde guy I was supposed to give my virginity to.

Over the last couple of years, my new master continued to violate me almost every chance he got. He even took my anal virginity at one point. Just as he told me when he first enslaved me, I was now his property, and was expected to do everything he demanded of me. I would have to embrace my new role as a belly dancing bitch, despite formerly being an intern at a fortune 500 company. I would have to wear anything my master requested of me, even if it was nothing at all. I would also have to cook and clean for him, which I hated, and I also had to bathe with him, even though he couldn’t take enough showers in the world! He is almost constantly kissing me and touching my belly, which is on display all the time for him. I will never get used to kissing his brown, smelly lips. Even now, he is raping me and handling my young, French-Canadian breasts as I reminisce about my past life… when I was a beautiful FREE young woman with my entire life ahead of me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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