My Best Friend’s Sister

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I never thought I’d feel this way about her. She has always just been my best friends little sister. She used to be the girl who poked me and then ran away with a giggle, just like little sisters are supposed to. That’s how I always thought of her, until recently. For the last couple of months I began to see her in a different way. I began to look at her as a woman instead of my friend’s sister. We’d always gotten on well together but I never even thought I’d think of her in this way.

It is amazing how she grew. She’s eighteen and I’m twenty. She is about 5’4 and has the most beautiful pair of 34C tits I’ve ever seen, a tight little butt and legs to kill for. She has got the cutest pair of full lips. I’ve dreamt about them being wrapped around my cock many times.

All the feelings and thoughts finally came out last night. I went round to see Matt, my best mate, and Nikki answered the door.

“Matt’s not here and my parents have gone too but I don’t know where. Matt went out with Steve about an hour ago but he should be back pretty soon if you want to wait”, she said with a little smile

“Sure, I can keep you company”, I replied

She moved aside and ushered me inside. We made our way to the living room and I sat down in one of the chairs while she sat on the sofa on the other side of the room.

After a half hour or so of meaningless chat and watching the T.V. she announced she was going to take a shower.

“Ok, I’m alright down here as long as I’ve got the remote”, I said with a grin

She smiled back and went upstairs to the shower. I watched her tits bounce as she walked away and imagined holding them in my hands, playing with the nipples.

I idly watched the T.V. not really concentrating on anything but the thought of that gorgeous girl naked and wet in the shower. I must’ve got lost in my fantasy because the next thing I knew twenty minutes had passed and I heard her coming down the stairs. She walked into the room wearing only a robe with her blonde hair, still wet, swaying all around her. My jaw dropped about ten feet. I’d never seen a more beautiful sight in all my life. She caught me ogling her and wagged her finger at me.

“Eyes off, you pervert”, she joked.

“Sorry Nikki”, I said while my face turned bright red.

She sat herself down on the sofa again and watched the T.V. Every now and then I peeked at her out of the corner of my eye and each time her robe had become more and more open until I could see her left tit entirely. I should have looked away sooner because she caught me staring again.

“What are you staring at?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing”

“You were staring at my tits weren’t you?” bahçeşehir escort she said after noticing her robe had come open

“No, Nikki, I swear I wasn’t”

“You liar, just tell me the truth”, she ordered looking me straight in the eyes.

“…Ok I was staring at your tits. I couldn’t help myself, they’re just so perfect”

With that her eyes flashed at me and she seemed to be thinking of what to do. I was so nervous she was going to tell Matt and he would kick my ass. Instead, she totally surprised me.

“Do you like them?” she inquired.

I nodded, too shocked for words.

“Would you like to touch them?” she quietly asked

I nodded again, still not believing this was happening. She beckoned me over with her finger. I crossed the room and sat next to her on the sofa. Looking me straight in the eyes she let the robe slip from her shoulders fully exposing her beautiful upper body, still glistening from her shower.

“Oh, Nikki, they’re perfect” I breathed

“Go ahead, touch them, play with my tits”, Nikki whispered.

Hesitantly, with shaking hands, I reached forward and cupped her big soft tits in my hands, squeezing them and running my thumb over her nipples. I rolled her tits around in my hands, rubbing them gently. I heard Nikki breathing a little heavier than before and took this as encouragement. I lowered my head to her right tit and licked at the nipple, still pinching and playing with the other. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it hard, eliciting a sharp breath from Nikki.

“Please don’t stop”, she gasped

I moved my attentions to her other nipple and gently bit it, licking it occasionally as she removed her robe entirely and threw it across the room. I look up at her and moved towards her to kiss her. She met my mouth hungrily, sliding her tongue into my mouth and attacking my tongue with hers. The kiss got deeper and more passionate with every second and I roughly squeezed her tits.

She pulled her mouth away and I bit her neck, gently over and over again. She was breathing very heavily by now and I could feel her heart racing.

“I’m so wet, please touch me there” Nikki gasped

Not needing to be told twice I slid my hand down between her tits, over her stomach and to my destination. I ran my middle finger over her slit, feeling the pussy juice around my finger. I rubbed my finger back and forth over her slit, pushing my finger all the way in occasionally. She was moaning and breathing heavily, her pussy getting wetter all the time. I slid two of my fingers inside her dripping wet, tight pussy and began to fingerfuck bakırköy escort her fast.

“Oh god yeah, finger my pussy, make me cum”, she moaned seductively

I felt her pussy contracting around my fingers methodically. She began to buck her hips trying to devour my fingers. I pushed another in and began to fingerfuck her harder. She gasped twice and then her pussy erupted all over my hand. Pussy juice covered my hand and I raised it to her mouth. Eagerly, she sucked my fingers clean and licked every last drop of her cum off my hand.

“That was amazing, but now its your turn”, Nikki cooed with a sexy smile.

She pushed me back so I was lying on the sofa and dived on top of me. Her mouth sought mine and soon our lips were ravaging each other, tongues probing and feeling. Her hand slid down to my cock and rubbed its hard length through my jeans. She grasped my cock and began to jerk me off over my jeans. The sensations running through my body were intense; no one had ever made my cock feel so good until Nikki laid her skilled hands on it.

She moved down my body, unzipping my jeans as she went. Her head hovered just above my cock as it eagerly awaited her mouth. Nikki slid my boxers down and cast them in the same direction my jeans had gone. She looked at my seven-inch cock and licked her lips, and then she latched her lips around the head. It felt so good to have her pretty lips sucking and licking the head of my cock. She took more and more into her mouth until the whole seven inches were in her mouth. Nikki sucked cock like a pro, bobbing her head up and down with a mouth hungry for cum. I was in ecstasy, sheer bliss.

While giving me the best blowjob of my life she had moved her hand between her legs and was furiously fingerfucking herself. I could hear her moans as she sucked my cock, thrusting her fingers deep inside herself while taking my cock in and out of her mouth.

“This is amazing Nikki, I’m gonna cum soon”, I managed to say

She looked up at me and winked then went back to my cock with more purpose than ever. She licked the entire shaft up and down before taking the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked harder than she had before and I could feel the sofa moving with the force of slamming hers fingers into her pussy. I looked down at her and the sight was enough to send me over the edge. With a grunt of pure lust I shot my load in her mouth. She moaned even more when my cum hit the back of her throat and although she managed to swallow most of it some of my cum dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin.

“No one has ever given me a blowjob like that before başakşehir escort Nikki,” I gasped

“Well as a thank you I expect a good fucking, I want you to fuck me now” Nikki said

Only an idiot would refuse. I got on my knees on the floor and sat her on the couch facing me. I spread her legs as far as I could and gave her dripping pussy a quick lick before positioning my cock at her wet pussy hole.

I looked at her and she just looked straight back and nodded. With that I plunged my entire cock deep in her pussy. She gasped and smiled at me, in what seemed like euphoria. I began to thrust in and out hard, all the way out and then back in with more force each time.

“You like this Nikki? You like me fucking you senseless?”

She could only nod as though she had lost the ability to talk because of the pleasure. Her pussy was so wet I could feel her juices flowing out and onto my balls. I spread her legs further and began to fuck her hard and fast, leaning in to whisper in her ear.

“Take my cock Nikki. Take my big cock in your tight pussy”, I ordered

She started screaming with pleasure and I knew a major orgasm was about to happen. She began clawing at my back, thrashing her head from side to side and breathing heavier than ever before. She screamed and panted and clawed and then it happened. Her pussy exploded and sent her juice everywhere. Her juice drenched my cock in her sweet tasting cum as I continued to fuck her. I began to feel the coming of my climax and sped up my thrusts.

I yelled out and sent stream after stream of hot cum into her pussy.

“Yeah, fill my pussy with your cum, I want it all.” Nikki panted

“Oh god, oh my fucking god Nikki,” I said after I’d recovered.

“I still have a bit of juice left in me,” she winked at me.

I lay down on the floor and she knelt over my head. I could feel drops of pussy juice hitting my face and that made me want it all. I reached my head up and licked all along her slit, back and forth. I slid my tongue in and out of her pussy and nibbled on her clit occasionally. She was squeezing her tits and rolling her nipples between thumb and finger. I continued my attack on her pussy and she began to visibly shake.

“I’M CUMMING,” she yelled

Her pussy exploded and she squirted her juice all over my face. I opened my mouth to try and swallow as much as I could but there was too much. It tasted so sweet, like honey.

Nikki lay down beside me and I wrapped her up in my arms, holding her close to me. I kissed her neck and moved my hand down to her pussy. I slid my fingers between her dripping wet pussy and said:

“I love you Nikki”

“I love you too” she smiled back at me.

I fingerfucked her to another squirting orgasm that night when Matt and her parents came back we were fully dressed but still in each other’s arms. They assumed that we are together, we are by the way.

Hard to believe that my best friends annoying little sister would grow up to be the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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