My Best Mistake Pt. 04A

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Big Tits

Take a journey with me…

So I took a break from this story series for a couple of reasons.

The first reason also has a couple of reasons behind it. So does that make it 4 reasons? Or are the 2 parts of the first reason simply expansions on the first? Maybe together they represent a completely separate reason? Does that make it 3, then?

I told you I’m not good at math or percentages or as one reader suggested, fractions.

My Sister and I recently had the opportunity to sit down and discuss some of things I have written. As I said I had a couple of reasons for bringing it up to her. The first was to gauge her reaction so far to what I wrote. She’s not a big fan on how far I drifted away from the truth, preferring the first 2 stories over my third, as those are much closer to what actually transpired, outside of the sister/sister sex that is. She did admit that they turned her on quite a bit though and that she masturbated while reading them…so I guess I must have done something right.

My girlfriend, did suggest that the reason she liked the first one the best was not only because it was much more true, thus more easily relatable to Sarah (true stories are hot!), but because she still harbored sexual feelings for me!

Well duh!

Of course you don’t need to be Sigmund Freud to guess that. We admitted a long time ago that we both harbor sexual feelings for each other. That’s the whole point of this! As Sigmund Freud once said:

Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.

So come forth demon emotions and let us do battle!

I also thought I might try to write one from her point of view. So I asked her to write down some of her thoughts. You can guess how that went. Her first response was to tell me she wasn’t a writer. The second one was that it was kind of embarrassing.

Apparently it was ok for me to air our dirty laundry but when I asked her to do it, (even as a proxy) she clammed up. But I eventually got a super long, rambling email that I will use to help write this story from her point of view. As way of explanation the parts of the story told from her point of view are generally true.

The second reason is that I needed time. As Sarah has already said she’s not a writer. So it took her a bit. Then of course I had to compile it and then transfer it into my own prose. Try as I might it still comes across as sounding like me.

I also wanted to include the wedding into it and once again wanted to make sure Sarah was ok with me telling it, as well as get her input. The wedding story is true but I had a hard time blending the fact with the fiction into the existing storyline. I struggled a bit here wanting to tell the (true) story from her point of view, while still keeping it fresh and interesting while not repeating myself too much. So in the end I ended up splitting the story in two. 4A told from Sarah’s point of view is true. While 4B is told by the fantastical ramblings of a sexual deviant. Yours truly!

A few months ago my girlfriend asked me a pretty relevant question, one to which I didn’t really answer at the time.

Knowing full well the attraction that exists between my Sister and I, she will often indulge my fantasy by pretending to be my sister (I have a hot story about it, that I may try and develop a story about). After a particularly satisfying bout of sex one night, she asked if I thought if Sarah and I actually did screw our brains out, would it be a one time thing? Do it once and get it out of my system? Or something I felt I would want more than once.

It was an important question. One that I felt deserved an honest answer. Not only to my Girlfriend but to myself.

Honestly…? I don’t know. I really don’t think that is the correct question to be asking anyway.

My reasoning is that the attraction has been there for a long time. Maybe even longer than either one of us realize. It reminds me about a story I once heard about a Lion trainer. He raised a Lion from a cub into adult hood. Everyday he fed the Lion by hand. One day after feeding the Lion, he decided to show off the trust that the Lion and he shared, so he stuck his hand in the Lion’s jaws. The Lion of course promptly bit his hand off.

The reasoning here is very simple, a Lion doesn’t stop being a Lion just because you feed it.

Only by overcoming our baser instincts, wants and desires…are we truly human. What separates us from the beasts, is the ability to deny ourselves that which will bring instant gratification. Thus I’m certain it would be something I wanted more than once…but the real question is rather- Am I a big bad Human or a little pussy cat Lion?

Well I can tell you what this pussy wants…but so far I have been able to deny myself that gratification.

If your reading this, try and understand that, its not only the account from my memories but my sisters’ as well…which differed from mine in surprising ways. Oh not as to what happened but things bursa yabancı escort that were said or the sequence of events. Know that I am also looking back at this from the experience of now and trying to capture our mood, state of mind and reservations that we had then. Things are different now. You see its no longer a question on IF she and I will ever sleep together, but simply a matter of when.



So where do I begin? First let me say that I don’t consider myself or my sister a weirdo. Incest wasn’t something I had given much thought about before that which, we call “the incident.” It was just some peoples kink. Like BDSM or feet or spanking. Whatever does it for you, right? That all changed the minute I witnessed my younger sister masturbating while sniffing my panties.

I do wonder sometimes how many other women out there get turned on by incest, though. I mean it’s not really something that you can discuss in a casual conversation, now can you?

Growing up in my family was both a blessing and a curse. We were all close and hardly ever fought. We were also taught things like sexual attraction to members of the same sex, different color or ethnicity, was perfectly normal. I think Tiffany said it best that there was very little drama in our house. Our Mother taught us to be free thinkers and accept everyone for who they were not who we wanted them to be.

Of course our Mother was also the most embarrassing woman on earth as you may have heard. Didn’t matter what the topic was – Bowel movements, masturbation, your period – didn’t matter, everybody poops right? I remember her having a 10 minute conversation with my Cheerleading coach and 2 other moms about the diarrhea I was suffering from, before cheering at a big game with our arch rivals! Thanks Mom!

Was I always attracted to girls? Probably…I certainly like guys as well, but there is just something about a pretty woman that I find irresistible. I don’t think I ever seriously considered it though until my sister informed us that she liked girls. That got the old brain box churning let me tell you. Tiffany was always the brazen one though. Adventurous and bold. I can’t tell you how much I admire her.

I can certainly understand why Tiffany had the hots for my friend Jessica. Jessica looks an awful lot like Megan Fox. So yeah, she is smokin’ hot.

I can also tell you that Tiffany is a lot more beautiful than she’s saying. She calls herself merely pretty. Uh uh…she is beautiful, with a rocking body and beautiful hair. Take it from someone who has seen her pussy she’s a natural red head too!

Why haven’t we acted on our mutual attraction? Well part of it is the anticipation. Like prolonging your masturbation and denying yourself release because you know when you finally cum its going to be epic! Also she’s my sister and I love her and don’t want to hurt her. Simple as that! That’s not to say that we haven’t done things that go beyond the bonds of normal sisterhood! She and I have “fooled around” a number of times. And of course there is a tremendous amount of sexual tension between us so who knows what will happen!

My life changed that day. For better? Hmmmm…hard to say. In some ways, yes. In others? Not so much. Why? Because of an itch I have always been afraid to scratch!

I had been planning on going out with Jessica, her boy friend and a guy whom I was planning on fucking that night. I was in the midst of a dry spell and I had been thinking about it most of the afternoon. So by the time I got home my panties were absolutely soaked.

Jessica and I were planning on getting ready at my house before heading out to meet the guys. We when got in the door, we exchanged pleasantries with Tiff and headed to my room.

As I said, we needed to freshen up a bit before heading out. I dropped my jeans and wet panties near my bedside table. Maybe it was fate or just an accident but Jessica who was changing about 6 ft away from me lost her balance removing her jeans and stumbled. She had to put her hand on the wall to keep from crashing over. In the process she was bent over with her butt sticking out giving me quite a nice view of her thong covered pussy. I wondered what it would be like to be intimate with her. Talk about your foreshadowing.

As I said. That wasn’t the first time I had thought about girls sexually. Not even the first time I thought about Jessica. Unfortunately, other than Tiffany I didn’t know anyone who was into girls. Nor even how to go about finding a girl and picking her up for some hot girl on girl action.

Yes at the time that was the way I thought.

Jessica and I finished getting ready then headed out. We probably weren’t gone 10 minutes when she got a call from her mom that her Aunt was in the hospital.

You may think this is a convenient excuse to further the story plot but Jessica’s Aunt was actually diagnosed with breast cancer at that time. She ended up having a double mastectomy. However bursa sınırsız escort the last I heard she was still cancer free.

It had been so long since I had been laid I was still going to go out, but between the distances and logistics it just didn’t make sense. I went home frustrated and horny.

Lucky for me my mother had purchased me a vibrator a few weeks after my 18th birthday. So I figured I could have a nice orgasm and then watch movies with Tiff.

Normally I would have announced my presence when I got in the door, but like I said I had a date with old Mr. Satisfier so I went straight to my room, where I found one of the most erotic scenes I have ever witnessed.

Tiffany was kneeling by the side of my bed, her pants and panties were pushed down. She had one hand between her legs and in her other was the wet pair of panties I was wearing earlier. I could see her little pussy lips from behind and they were wet with her juices. The sight was breathtaking!

She was sniffing my panties and fingering herself. It was like something straight out of a porn movie! Here was this beautiful girl, forget for one moment she was my sister, sniffing my panties while playing with herself.

I must have caught her just in time. Such is fate I guess. I was there for maybe a minute, frozen in place by the erotic scene before me. Then:

“I’m cummmming!” She cried.

I couldn’t even speak. I was just astonished. My first thought was, I wonder how my pussy smells to her? I know not very sexy right? I must have smelled alright because I then watched her bring the crotch of my panties to her mouth and suck on them. Remembering how wet I was and how much my pussy juice had soaked into my panties. I couldn’t help myself. I gasped and the words just came out!

“What the hell are you doing with my panties?” I said. But a jolt was going thru my whole body and ending somewhere in the region of my very wet pussy.

Tiffany turned an impressive shade of red, said something unintelligible then bolted from the room. Pausing only long enough to drop my panties and pull up her jeans.

Holy shit!

I kept replaying the scene in my head. In a daze I shut my bedroom door. This was the universal signal in my family that privacy was needed. Tiffany had bolted thru the bathroom to her own room. So for the time being I was alone.

I stooped and picked up my panties. They were still fairly wet, either from earlier or from Tiffany sucking on them, I wasn’t sure. I thought only little brothers were supposed to sniff panties? I brought them to my face.

Yep! They smelled very strongly of my pussy. It was a smell I was very familiar with.

I wonder what Tiffany’s pussy smells like? I couldn’t prevent the thought, then…I wonder how she tastes? Does she taste like me?

Ever since Tiffany came out to the family, I had thought about being with another girl sexually. Not every time I masturbated, but enough that it was my go to fantasy. I had also gotten into the habit of tasting my own pussy juice. I guess I considered it the next best thing until I actually got the opportunity to eat pussy or maybe I was practicing. I was also curious. Not one of my boyfriends had ever gone down on me. To me I smelled and tasted fine. Good even! But I wondered if I wasn’t bias in the matter? Maybe what I really needed was a second opinion?

Standing there in the middle of my room was like standing at the crossroads of my life. I made up my mind right then to tell Tiffany that I was attracted to girls as well. I was pretty sure that what I had just witnessed was a fluke. It was not uncommon for Jessica to change in my room or for me to change in hers. I wondered if her brother ever sniffed mine? My guess was that she thought they were Jessica’s panties. Failing that, maybe she was just using them for a quick cum. It didn’t necessarily mean anything. Right? Didn’t brothers sniff their sister’s panties occasionally without being attracted to their sisters? Or was it some kind of panty fetish? Either way I was so turned on it was almost painful.

I guess its safe to say that I had a lot of questions, I was horny as hell and confused. Laying the panties on the bed I went into the bathroom. I took a quick shower, not because I needed to, but to give myself more time to think. I was having dirty thoughts. Thoughts that I had never had before regarding my sister. I touched my pussy.

In my mind I was watching Tiffany again. Only this time she was talking dirty while she fingered herself. Talking about eating my pussy. I rubbed my nipples. They were hard as diamonds. I was leaking profusely, my pussy juices running down my leg. One of the things about me as I get super wet very easily. I had an idea.

Back in my room I picked up the little white panties and examined the gusset. The thong was still very wet in the crotch and I shivered when I slid them up my thighs, either from the contact or in anticipation, I’m not sure. The thing with those görükle escort panties is that you could easily tell when I was excited because the wetness easily seeped through. Now if I could only contrive a way to flash my little sister.

I went to finish getting ready. Looking back it seemed like I was operating in a daze. I remember feeling nervous, a little scared and extremely turned on. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen or even how far I was prepared to go. I just knew that I had never felt like that before…and I liked it. I liked how naughty it felt, how forbidden?

I was able to talk her out of her funk with the promise of pizza and romantic comedies. During my conversation on the couch with Tiffany I realized how much I loved my little sister. I was ready to abandon the whole thing, before something stupid happened. Then before I knew it her face was close to mine, as in the prelude to a kiss and the sexual tension went through the roof. When my lips met hers I nearly slipped my tongue into her mouth the feeling was that intense I felt my panties flood in a little mini orgasm and my nipples hardened almost painfully. It was at that point I knew if I didn’t get up soon then I would end up leaving a wet spot on the couch or in a full blown make out session with my sister or most likely, both. I got up and contrived a stretch that pulled up my night shirt and pushed my ass out. Looking back I saw Tiffany’s eyes glued to the little strip of material going up between my ass cheeks. I saw her notice that I was wearing the panties she had masturbated with.

Hurrying to my bedroom I realized that I was so wet that it was running down the insides of my thighs. Never in my life had I ever been that wet and only a few times since. I made sure that both doors connecting mine and Tiffany’s rooms with the bathroom were open, then rushed to my dresser and pulled out Ryan (my vibrator named for Ryan Reynolds).

I didn’t even bother removing my panties, but threw myself on my bed, pulled them to the side and went to town. I was drenched. The aroma of my pussy made my mouth water. Sliding the vibe up my lips I held off from my clit for as long as I could. I slid the vibrator inside and saw my cum coat it in a fine white cream. Pulling it out I brought it up to my clit. In seconds I was cumming so hard I squirted. I started to fuck myself with it. I was whispering to myself fuck it, fuck that little pussy. Taste it. Taste it please? Tiffany? The name slipped out. It was amazing, frightening and hot all wrapped up together. My pussy cream was coating the vibe and every so often I would lick it off. I slowed down a little after that first orgasm checking the doorway to see if my little sister would take the bait.

Only a few minutes after I started and there she was. God she looked hot! Almost wild looking. Primal even. She was naked and beautiful, standing there with her legs spread wide. She was rubbing her clit. Her little red haired pussy absolutely mouth watering. Our eyes met and I slipped the vibrator out of my pussy and licked off my cum, while looking into her eyes.

“Oh god!” she said.

I slid my panties off and threw them in her direction. I wanted to see her sniff them or better yet lick them again.

In Tiffany’s story that was enough to send her over the edge…and she started eating my pussy. Had she actually done that I would have let her. In reality? She and I masturbated to mind blowing orgasms.

Never in my wildest dreams or fantasies would I have ever imagined that day. It was surreal on so many levels. I know, not one of my friends, would ever understand how I could do or even contemplate something like that much less understand the sexual attraction that exists between us. I consider Tiffany to be extremely lucky that she found a girl who could.

The fact is I think about that day a lot. Often, when I play with myself I fantasize that we had done more. Some days I wish we had. Some days I’m glad we didn’t. For awhile afterwards things were kind of awkward between us. It was kind of a will they, won’t they thing. The sexual tension between us was unbelievable. It finally broke at my father’s wedding where once again we were naughty! Perhaps it was simply overdue or perhaps it was because of opportunity, either way it changed mine and Tiffany’s relationship for good!

My father had been dating this extremely attractive lawyer for the last year or so. Kelly was several years younger, blonde and blue eyed with nice tits and a tight body. It wasn’t hard to see my father’s attraction to her. My first impression of her was that she was an extremely confident, successful, strong woman. I found her very likable. Tiffany I think was a little more critical.

Tiffany and I were to be bridesmaids, so an offer was extended for us to come up for a girls weekend to get to know her better. My mother was also invited to the wedding but claimed a prior engagement. Thus the forms were followed. They pretended to want my mother there. My mother pretended a conflict and disappointment that she couldn’t attend. Yay! Everyone was happy.

I actually thought we would be spending the weekend at my Father’s but we ended up staying at her apartment. A very nice, upscale place with a pool. We spent the weekend shopping, laying out by the pool and generally just getting to know each other.

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