My Best Student

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I met Jesse her first year at college and was immediately attracted to her. Truth be told, Jesse was the only one of my students that I ever truly fell in love with. But I never told her. Full red hair, fun-loving with a wonderful laugh. She took several classes with me, and we talked often outside of class. But we never socialized outside of the academic setting. She liked me as her teacher and I liked her as a student.

During her senior year, Jesse signed up for a month-long course I was teaching in China with a colleague. We moved around a lot exploring China, and the students and I spent 18 hour days together exploring or traveling by bus. We all got to know each other well, and Jesse and I often spent long bus rides talking and laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

I thought maybe it was wishful thinking on my part, as well as years of inexperience, but Jesse seemed to be flirting with me. She rushed to sit next to me on the bus, and sat very close, always touching me in a way that any other student would have made me very uncomfortable. With Jesse, it just made me excited. As the class wore on, it seemed to me that Jesse’s clothes got skimpier and skimpier. Tops were looser, and on travel days she often didn’t wear a bra. When the bus windows were open and the wind was blowing, I was often treated to views of Jesse’s lovely C-cup breasts, capped with bright pink, often erect, nipples. I tried to be discreet in my fascination with her breasts, but I failed. More than once she caught me looking at those tits and imagining them in my mouth. Jesse always smiled when she caught me ogling those breasts, but made only token efforts to cover up. She took to wearing spandex running shorts that clung to the crack of her ass and attracted everyone’s attention when she walked by.

The thought of what pleasures lay under those skimpy clothes gave me a raging hard on during the daily bus excursions, and more than once I caught Jesse staring at my cock bulging through my pants. Once when I caught her staring, she just smiled and said “You must be having very pleasant thoughts, Professor.”

I was a bit embarrassed by her boldness and said “You have no idea. And you should stop looking at my crotch and flirting with me.”

She feigned shock and said “Why would I be flirting with you? You are just a dirty old man!”

We continued like this for a couple of weeks into the trip. Some days I could have sworn her tight shorts were damp in her crotch. She insisted that her flirting was just my imagination. I was about to bust.

By the second week, the students had settled into an evening routine where some went out to bars, if the town had one, and others gathered in my hotel room to watch Chinese TV and concoct their own translation for the endless period dramas that were the staple of Chinese television. My door would stay open, and students could come and go.

One evening students were watching TV while I was making travel plans for the class on my computer. Jesse was there, sitting on the bed with other students. She was dressed in a tight stretchy tank top that showed great cleavage, and short, loose flannel pajama bottoms. I couldn’t keep my mind or my eyes on my work, much to her delight. When she sat with her legs crossed, she angled her body so I could see up her legs and catch a glimpse of fiery red pussy hair. She enjoyed tormenting me, which was obvious.

As the evening drew to a close, students drifted off to bed until Jesse and I were alone; she sitting on the bed pretending to still watch TV and me still pretending to work. She kept adjusting her top, both to distract me I think, but the friction of the fabric also made her nipples hard, protruding through the thin fabric.

“Jesse, if you’re going to keep distracting me from my work, I will have to ask you to leave!”

“But I am just sitting here! I’m not doing anything!”

“Well, you’re not sitting very still, and you are flirting with me again.”

“Oh my God, I am not flirting with you, I am just watching television!”

“Okay, you’re not flirting with me. But if you are just watching television, you can do that in your own room where you won’t distract me.”

“Geez, my roommate is out somewhere and I just wanted company and you are throwing me out,” she said as she got up to leave.

“Stay if you want, just sit still.”

Rather than leave, Jesse closed the door and flipped the deadbolt. “I won’t bother you anymore, I just want to watch the end of this show.”

“Okay, fine,” I said.

She watched and I worked in silence for several minutes, and I thought everything was back to normal. But then she said, somewhat indignantly, “What difference would it make if I was flirting with you?”

I stopped working and looked at her. “None, I guess. It is just kind of a mean thing for you to do to your poor teacher. I might have to punish you.”

She smiled and giggled. “How could you punish me? Send me home from China?”

“I guess that wouldn’t work,” I said, returning to my computer screen. “I guess I would escort çapa just have to spank you.”

She laughed again. “You couldn’t do that! Wouldn’t do that! You’re just kidding me!”

“Okay, if you say so” I replied, feigning indifference. “If you say so.”

She bounced off the bed and came over to the desk and stood in front of me. “Okay, I admit it. I’ve been flirting with you. Constantly. Mercilessly. Now spank me.”

I stopped working and looked at her. “You admit you’ve been flirting?”

“Yes, so punish me.” I looked at her long legs, her slim body and long, wavy red hair. I never wanted to take a woman as badly as I wanted to take Jesse in that moment.

I sighed. “Well, you leave me no choice. Turn around.” With a sly grin on her face she turned around and bent over slightly, hands on her knees, assuming the position for a spanking. “Just one more thing,” I said. I reached over and grabbed the hem of her pajama bottoms and gave them a tug. They slid down her legs and landed at her ankles, revealing a pale, pink and heart shaped ass. She caught her breath and stood up, but didn’t object. “A proper spanking requires a bare bottom. Now I have to put you over my knee.” With that, I took her arm and laid her across my knee, her lovely bare ass right in front of me. She gasped slightly but said nothing as I swatted her behind three or four times, thoroughly enjoying watching her pale skin turn pink under my lash.

After taking her punishment, she slid off of my lap and onto her knees in front of me. She rubbed my hard cock through my sweatpants, making it stand fully erect. I thought she would untie my sweats and suck my cock. But instead she stood up and pulled me to my feet. She stood on her tip toes and gave me a long, passionate kiss. I fondled her beautiful ass.

“So Professor, has my flirting been making you frustrated?”

“Uh, yeah. Terribly.”

“You’ve already took my pants off, and we both know what you want to do…”

“Yes. Definitely yes.” Jesse gave me another fantastic kiss. I thought I would cum in my pants like a lovesick teenager.

“Well, if you thought flirting was bad, tonight I am going to get you back for spanking me,” she said with a grin. “You are just going to have to wait–maybe forever.”

With that, Jesse pecked me on the cheek, bent over, careful to show me her ass and her tight pink asshole, and picked up her pajama shorts. She started to bounce to the door, but I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. Her pj pants dropped to the floor.

“Ooooh, Professor! You don’t want to wait do you?” Jesse said playfully.

“Nope,” I replied, dead serious. “I hope that’s okay, because I’m going to do it anyway.” I grabbed the bottom hum of her skimpy spandex top and pulled if off of Jesse’s body with one quick, rough snap. Jesse was now totally naked in front of me. She was neither shy nor embarrassed about her nakedness.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she purred, turning and kissing me again, and stroking my stiff cock though my sweatpants. “But remember, I don’t have any birth control. We don’t want little professors running around.”

“No problem,” I said, scooping Jesse into my arms, loving that red hair cascading down towards the floor. Jesse caught her breath when I picked her up, but smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

Without another word, I walked across the room and placed Jesse on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. I got down on my knees between her legs and wrapped them around my neck. I brushed my nose through her ample, trimmed red bush, savoring her feminine scent.

“Uhhhmmm…” Jesse moaned. I did the same with my tongue, playing with her pussy hair but not touching her skin. Her bum wiggled in frustration and anticipation.

“Please Professor…don’t tease…ahhh…don’t make me wait.”

I grabbed her ass and pulled her into my mouth, thrusting my tongue up inside her. I tongue fucked her, thrusting and wiggling my wet, slippery tongue as deep as it could go.

“Ohh! Ohhhhh! Yes…yes…please,” she whispered as her arousal rose. She grabbed me by the hair and thrust her hips at me, taking me deeper inside as the first waves of orgasm took hold of her body.

I slid my tongue out of her dripping wet pussy to catch my breath, replacing my tongue with a well-practiced finger probing for her G-spot. As my finger pressed against that soft tissue, I ran the flat of my tongue over Jesse’s engorged clit. She almost jumped out of her skin.

“My God! Keep doing that, whatever it was!” I was only too happy to oblige, rubbing her special spot harder with my finger, and scraping my rough tongue across her protruding clit. Jesse’s orgasm was quick in coming, as I felt her body tense, her hips pushed up against my face and she came almost like an explosion.

“Mmmm…mmmm…ahhh…geeeezus!” Jesse’s hips bucked in the air and thrusted as she sought to milk every sensation out of her body. She pushed against my face, she tried to get away from my tongue, but I held her ass, eskort istanbul keeping her firmly in my mouth as I tortured her clit, causing her orgasm to continue for a minute or more. Finally her body relaxed. Jesse burst into incredulous giggles.

“I’m done. I’m dead. I’ll never cum again. You broke me,” she said, very much out of breath.

“I’ll wager that’s not true.” I started using my tongue to clean the juices from her beautiful pussy hair. I licked her essence from her pussy lips and got another moan when I spent some extra time making sure her taint was clean as well.

I stood and dropped my sweatpants, exposing my very eager cock. Jesse was still on her back, legs spread wide. Her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock, her face slightly apprehensive. I think she may have feared that I had forgotten our lack of contraception. But I had not.

I knelt on the bed next to Jesse and pinned her arms over her head. I lifted my leg over her youthful shapely body and straddled her chest, nestling my balls between her tits. I let go of her arms and slowly started stroking my cock while locking her beautiful green-eyed gaze. Jesse smiled in anticipation. She brought her arms down and squeezed her tits together around my balls and began to play with them. I straddled her a little lower until I could slide my cock in her cleavage. I slid the length of my shaft between her breasts. Jesse gave the tip of my cock a little lick each time the head came close to her chin.

I had been anticipating this moment so long it did not take long before I felt myself close to cumming. I took my cock in my hand again and began stroking it more urgently.

“Open your mouth,” I commanded. Jesse opened wide and stuck out her tongue. I could feel my cock about to pulse, and my balls began contracting and pushing out my load. One final pulse and jets of hot, sticky cum shot across Jesse’s chest and covered her face and hair. Jesse licked her lips as some of my cum found its target in her mouth.

“Oh, God Jess! That’s it…oh fuck…” My mouth was spewing nonsense as my cock spewed my seed across Jesse’s face and hair. As my cock slowed its ejaculation, Jesse lifted her head and took the head of my cock into her mouth. With her tongue and lips, Jesse coaxed the last shots of cum out of my cock and down her throat.

Jesse now had a large load of my cum streaking and covering her face, hair and neck. Keeping her eyes locked on mine, Jesse started scraping my cum from her cheek and chin with her finger and depositing it in her mouth. My legs could not hold me up any longer, and I laid on the bed next to Jesse’s warm youthful body. Jesse laid her head across my chest and smiled brightly at me.

“You caught me by surprise, Professor. And I’m glad you did.”

“Yeah, sorry. Waiting was not in the cards for me tonight. I couldn’t wait.”

“Even though we didn’t do the deed, that was fun. I didn’t know what to expect next. I wish I hadn’t stopped taking my pills. Didn’t think I would need them, not having a boyfriend or anything. You have got to find some condoms, though. I want to see what else you can do.”

“We could, Jess. But I don’t think I would trust Chinese condoms,” I said, slipping back into teacher mode. “Have you seen how many people are in this country? Any country with over 2 billion people may be doing something right–but it isn’t making condoms!”

We shared a good laugh at that thought, but also concluded that condoms in China may well be too risky. We reluctantly put what few clothes we had back on and kissed good night.

About ten days later, our travels led to a very rural area of China. Jesse and I had not had much chance to be alone since the night I spanked her. The group was booked for a couple of nights in an old communist era hotel by a nature reserve. It was clean enough and comfortable enough, with good food. By this time it was hard to find bad food in China.

But the showers in the rooms were a horror movie. There was no central hot water. So to take a hot shower, one had to open a valve to fill a galvanized metal bucket above the shower stall. This bucket had dire warnings–red Chinese characters with exclamation points. You could tell it was dangerous, but you couldn’t tell why. Our host explained that there was a heating element in the bucket. After filling the tank, you had to turn on the heating element. You did this by throwing an electrical switch on the wall–a switch that looked like the switch Dr. Frankenstein threw to bring his monster to life. Our host was adamant, however, before starting to take your shower, you MUST turn off the heating element or risk electrocution. Wiring without very good grounding apparently.

So, what does this have to do with our story? We had taken a morning hike into the reserve. After lunch we were scheduled to go to a museum, but I begged off. We were to be guests at a Chinese banquet that night, so I needed to steel myself for a night of toasting in my honor as senior teacher. I laid down on my bed to close my eyes for eskort bayrampaşa an afternoon nap. It seemed like I slept for about five minutes when the bedside phone rang. It was Jesse.

“Professor, I made a mistake, I need your help!”

“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you go to the museum?”

“I wanted to shower after lunch, and I lost track of time and they left without me. That’s my problem.”

“What problem?”

“I messed up the shower and didn’t turn off the switch before starting the water flow. The water’s running and the electricity is still on! I am afraid I did something terrible.”

“I’ll be down in a minute, I will take care of it.” It was the third such shower problem I’d dealt with since we got there. I got to Jesse’s room and knocked on the door. Jesse opened the door, and I saw she was just holding a towel over her breasts.

“Jess, what the Hell are you doing? I can’t come in when you are like that! The hotel staff might see and rat us out!”

“No, please, Professor! I’m not kidding around. I am really scared. Come fix it please.” The fear in her voice seemed genuine. I checked the hall to make sure no one had heard or saw me, and slipped into Jesse’s room. I latched the door behind me.

“C’mon, hurry!” Jesse said as she turned and headed toward the bathroom. The towel was only covering her front. She was completely naked from behind.

“Jesse! You’re not dressed! We can’t get caught!”

Her demeanor changed slightly. “Oh Professor, it’s not like you’ve never seen my ass before. It didn’t bother you the other night!”

I had to admit she had a point. “Okay, okay, let’s just fix this shower quickly before the others get back.” The shower area was completely open, there was no stall to speak of. I grabbed the plunger by the toilet and used the handle to reach through the water to pull the switch. I reached up and shut the shower flow too.

Jesse was standing against the wall, still clutching her towel against her breasts, but maybe less tightly than before. One of her shapely legs was bent in front of the other. Her long red hair was sweaty and wild from a day in the reserve. I couldn’t stand it. I had never seen anyone so gorgeous.

Without another word, I walked across the bathroom, grabbed Jesse by the wrists and pinned them to the wall above her. Her towel fell to the floor and my tongue slipped into her mouth. She offered no resistance and moaned softly as she kissed me back. I kept her pinned to the wall as I bent down and sucked a pale pink nipple into my mouth. Jesse moaned a little louder. I ran my tongue down her body as I dropped to my knees in worship of her beauty. My tongue found her pubic mound.

“Oh God Professor! That feels so good. I want to fuck you so bad!” Jesse’s hips wriggled in rhythm with my tongue lapping at her clit. “I need your cock inside me!”

Without a word I rose and took Jesse’s hand and led her out of the shower room over to the bed.

“On your knees. Head down, bum up,” I ordered. Jesse looked a bit confused but knelt on the bed while I took off my pants. Jesse watched while I stroked my cock to full attention.

“Head down.” Jesse obeyed, presenting me with her beautiful red trimmed pussy and pale pink asshole. I grabbed her hips and put my tongue deep inside her.

“Ohhh, uh-huh…” Jesse moaned and pushed her pussy into my face. I tongue fucked her pussy while one finger massaged her clit.

“Professor! Mmmmh! Oh God! I am going to…agggh!” Jesse couldn’t finish her sentence before a massive orgasm radiated from her tiny clit and shook her whole body. I continued to probe her pussy with my tongue. She gyrated her hips, fucking my face. She got quiet for a moment.

“Professor?” she said tentatively. I still had my face in her crotch.

“Mmmm?” I replied, not wanting to interrupt my snack on her snatch.

“Do you, umm, do you like anal?” I didn’t think it possible, but my cock got harder still at the thought of Jesse offering me that tiny pink prize. I answered her question by sliding my tongue slowly across her taint and stopping to rim her asshole.

“Ohhh…good,” she moaned. “I want you to fuck my ass.” My attention turned to eating her ass, and probing her tight hole with my tongue and a finger. She tasted amazing. Jesse was thoroughly enjoying her rimjob, while my finger was massaging her G-spot and she was playing with her clit.

I took my finger from her pussy and spread her ass wide to open her asshole for my tongue. As she relaxed, I could get the tip of my tongue in her ass. Just then another orgasm took over her body.

“Ah, ah, ah, oh God! Oh shit, Oh fuck!” as she pushed her ass as far onto my tongue as she could. “Professor, I want your cock in my ass. Now.” With that she bounced off the bed and rummaged through her suitcase, producing a small jar of petroleum jelly. I was still on my knees on the bed where she left me.

“Hold still,” she said as she kissed me again, putting her sweet tongue in my mouth. She took two fingers of jelly from the jar. Holding my cock in one hand, she slathered the head with the jelly, spreading down the length of my shaft. She then took both hands to slide up and down my cock, completely coating it with the jelly. Next she handed me the jar and turned around to present her ass to me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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