My Biggest Surprise at Uni Pt. 01

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True story

I went to university in Falmouth, UK. It was a relatively small campus where everyone knew everyone. It was there I met the most remarkable and certainly memorable girl I’ve ever come across.

I’m a pretty big guy, about 6 foot 4 and broad. Back then I was in great shape and spent half my time in the gym. Because of this girls came, relatively, easy for me. What helped even more was word got out about how hung I was. My cock is about 9 and a half inches long and well over 7inch in girth, uncut and dead straight.

This has meant unfortunately I’ve been too big for many girls to have sex comfortably on one night stands and even when we have managed i’ve been restrained and gentle. Despite this they never failed telling their friends all about it all and so there was a relatively frequent stream of girls who would approach me on nights out or over message.

So on to the topic of this tale – the girl. While on a field trip, and after a few drinks, I got chatting to another guy on my course. We had all been drinking heavily to celebrate the end of the project. It had come to the end of the night and it was just me and him left up chatting, and what do drunk 21 year old guys usually talk about? Sex and girls. I don’t doubt he knew my reputation (especially seeing as we’d actually slept with a few of the same people) so naturally conversation slid to the most outrages sex stories we had, hot girls the whole lot. Half of it immature boasting no doubt. We started asking each other questions – best blowjobs, best sex, best boobs, weirdest fetishes etc that we had come across and naturally every answer came with a story.

“Biggest vagina” I asked stifling a laugh as i gulped down a mouthful of rum and coke.

Ben looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “This one is easy” he replied “You know my friend Steph? On our course?”

“Yeah I know who that is, surely not her though?”.

“Yep! Her!” said Ben. This was not what I was expecting. Steph was small, about 5 foot 3 or 4, with a cute smily face and light brown hair. Very pretty but also totally unassuming, quiet and very sweet. She worked very hard and was often seen studying hard in the library. She was a good friend of Ben’s and I knew that they had slept with each other on and off for pretty much the entirety of uni.

“No way” I laughed, “I don’t know her that well but you’re telling me Steph has the biggest vag you’ve ever had?” Now Ben had not slept with as many girls as me but he had slept with more than I thought and certainly enough to know what he was talking about.

“Yep, shit you not” he said in his Yorkshire accent, pausing he sipped his drink, “it’s fucking massive and she’s a huge freak, she just hides it” he laughed at the obvious shock on my face. “She’s a huge size queen” he continued “she loves being fisted, she’s got a box of giant dildos under her bed,” he proceeded to gesture with his hands a rough size of the toys, holding them at least 2 feet apart. He continued “she loves anal, double penetration, the whole lot – girl is insatiable”. We chatted about her a while and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in her immediately and as conversation fell to other things and drunkenly ceased, we went to bed.

Several weeks went by and we were back in Cornwall. It was a rainy March, a Thursday, which meant one thing – a night out. I’d seen Ben about a little after the trip and he was often with Steph, they lived near each other and were part for the same friendship group. The more I looked I could definitely tell a vibe between them but Ben has insisted that although they did sometimes fuck there was nothing exclusive about them. I did chat to her a little in this time but nothing beyond the very normal “Hi”s “hello”s and “what’s the word count for this essay”. We were never alone and it certainly would have come across as weird to try anything flirtatious. However, the curiosity inside me was bulging as much as my crotch whenever I saw her. I just couldn’t put the things Ben had told me and match to this small, very slim, sweet girl.

I saw her often those weeks and the more I saw her the more I fancied her. She never wore much makeup but was very naturally pretty. More cute rather than beautiful. She was so slim, she couldn’t have weighed much more than 8 stone but somehow her ass was fantastic and full.

And so came the fateful Thursday night – I had predrank with my usual mates and headed out. “Club I” was pretty much the only club in town and certainly the only place you would go as a student on a Thursday, so naturally everyone ended up there. I saw Ben and his mates, including Steph, who looked amazing yet understated. She was in a little cropped vest top, tight jeans and and small heals. The night was a bit of a whirlwind that, honestly, I don’t really remember. Flashes of dancing, colourful lights, drinking, long hair, smiling eyes looking up at me…

I woke up.

It was not my bed. The sheets were a Maltepe Escort turquoise colour and the walls white. There was sleeping mess of light brown hair next to me. My vodka addled brain struggled to piece together the nights events. I had gone out. I had left my mates and gone and danced with Ben and Steph and their friends. That’s right. Ben had spoken to me, he had said I should go for it with Steph – that he’d wingman me. He did. I’d got with her and gone home with her. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember anything past getting to her front door. I looked over at her sleeping figure, moving my head and sitting up slightly. She was wearing a white pyjama top, maybe nothing happened? Just as I thought this there was a sound. “You’re awake” she said, unmoving still looking away “fancy making this little trip up the hill worthwhile?”

The directness took me by surprise, “you were a bit of a let down last night after all. I had big expectations”. Did I detect a note of a laugh in there?

She turned to look at me, gorgeous big blue eyes. All of a sudden I was hard and needed no further invitation. I leant in and kissed her. She turned and pulled herself close to me, wrapping her legs around me as she did so. She climbed on top and ground her hips down onto me.

“That’s what I brought you home for”. We ground together for a moment before she sat up on me and lifted off her top. Her tits were small, very perky with tiny pink nipples. Her body really was tiny. I couldn’t believe this was the girl I’d been told about. She shuffled down to my crotch, it was only now I realised I was totally naked. “Now that’s more like it” she said as she gripped my cock and lifted it to her mouth. Her hand didn’t even get all the way around it. She began to suck it hungrily. Her mouth was warm and wet and she knew what she was doing, taking my cock deep, running her tongue over the tip and up and down the shaft. She well and truly warmed me up and as I looked down I noticed her other hand was between her legs rubbing away.

Steph jumped up, rolling onto her back and slipping off her lacy, black thong. She crawled up me again, straddling me. She reached down and grabbed my cock positioning it straight up, it was odd feeling, usually I’m a dom and enjoy making the decisions and taking control, but right now it felt like I was just being used – and I liked it. Moment of truth, I waited to see what Steph was going to feel like as she positioned herself above me and then sat down. And… nothing. Well, not nothing, but definitely not what I was used to. Usually girls have to work their way down, slowly taking more and more. Their holes clamping tight on my thick cock. Steph slipped me in, no effort at at all, no warm up, no extra lube, nothing. She sat down on me, ass cheeks on my thighs and ground down as if she was trying to take more. I was amazed. She ran her hand through her hair and ground down and moaned softly. I matched her rhythm and movements to get deeper, pushing up. I couldn’t help but notice just how much space there was inside her, I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her but only on one side.

“That’s a nice cock” she said to the ceiling “nearly big enough” she looked down and gave me a cheeky look. We fucked hard for the next 30 minutes, I took control midway through as I needed to test her. I flipped her onto her knees and fucked her, hard. Slamming my huge cock into her over and over, I was going as deep and as hard as I had ever fucked anyone but she was just taking it and moaning for more. “Stick something in my arse” she begged and I stuck my thumb in there, feeling my cock moving in and out through the thin wall between the two holes. She moaned deeper and more insistent until she exploded in a huge orgasm, I felt her clench and contract her pussy walls as she did so. Eventually she begged me to cum and I relented, I shot a huge load deep inside her and she moaned and groaned as my cock pulsed it’s last. She really was a fantastic fuck. We both rolled over and napped off the last of our hangovers. When we came to I got my clothes on and got out of there, I needed a shower, some food and my own room. We kissed goodbye and the look she gave me let me know this was going to happen again.

I got back and thought over what had happened. Ben had certainly been right, Steph’s pussy was definitely spacious and she could take a cock like no other girl I’d ever met. Unfortunately I never really got a look at it or played with it using my hands to really discover how big it was. Nor had I asked her about her toys or fisting, both things I wanted to know more about.

2 weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything from her but I did see her around a few times; in lectures, around town or campus. We’d share a look maybe a smile. It was an amazing feeling knowing her secret. Knowing that behind the cute, sweet exterior there was a real freak. Friday came around and I had no plans, I was chilling Anadolu Yakası Escort out at home in bed watching some random tv show. It was half 12 when my phone buzzed. It was Steph “come to mine?” Was all the message said and it didn’t need to say any more, I was out the door in seconds, practically running down the wet pavements to her house. It wasn’t too far.

I messaged before I got there and she came to the door in little shorts and a tshirt. She clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and the cold air had stiffened her already perky nipples so they were very visible. “Hey” she whispered quietly, she gestured me in and I went in quietly and followed her to her downstairs bedroom. I closed and locked the door behind me as I heard loud voices from the kitchen. I turned back to the dim room and she was there in front of me already naked. My big cock nearly jumped out of my jeans. Rushing, I pulled them off and she sat back in the bed and spread her legs, rubbing her clit with one hand as she twisted her nipple with her other. Finally I saw it, despite the dim light her pussy was definitely a huge surprise. It was totally juxtaposed from the rest of her. My first thought was just how big it was. There was really no other word for it. It seemed to just take up so much of the area between her legs. It was perfectly shaven yet still looked messy. It was hanging open – not just the inner labia, which were long, folded and slack, but the hole too. I could see empty space up inside her and this was before I’d put anything in there.

She caught me staring “like it?” She asked simply, “it’s not exactly the tightest” she trailed off “but I’m guessing you worked that one out” she almost sounded embarrassed.

“No, it is not” I blurted out still staring at the gaping pussy in front of me, “but I love it” I added quickly. And it was no word of a lie, there was something about seeing a huge gaping cunt on a small, hot girl. I dived headfirst into it, sucking on those long thick lips and and slightly protruding clit. She moaned loudly and lay back. Her hips gyrated and I lapped up that massive vagina.

“Add some fingers” she breathed. She didn’t have to tell me twice. Her choice of the word “some” told me all I needed to know, I added 3 straight away and they slipped in with no resistance. Only touching one wall. I carried on licking her clit as I curled my fingers round behind it and started stroking the upper wall firmly and rapidly, almost a “come over here” gesture. Her moans increased in volume and pitch and she started to shake. I carried on like this, relentlessly bringing her closer and closer until she managed to let out a stifled “gonnnn squiirtrrt” and sure enough she squirted all over my face, warm, wet and sweet. She gyrated her hips and groaned deeply and pulled at her hair as her orgasm subsided. I was soaked, I’d never seen a girl squirt like that outside porn.

Amazed, I kept going, increasing the speed my fingers were moving in that big sloppy cunt. I took my opportunity “I’ve heard you like being fisted, that true?” I asked.

She looked at me, pleasure still contorting her face, “fucking fist me and find out” she said, “fucking do it, I want it all”. Now as a big guy I do have big hands and I had my doubts, despite the visual size of her pussy that she could take it. She reached across her bed side table and threw me a bottle of lube, I squeezed it liberally over my hand and gently started using four fingers in and out. My hand slid in easily and quickly to my thumb which was still stuck out, she felt this; “fist me!!” She begged. This was clearly what Ben was talking about. I moved my thumb across her clit a few times and then slipped the end of it into her sopping wet pussy. Again she accommodated it easily. I pushed further, steadily moving in and out. I was still being gentle, pointing my hand to keep it narrow. It did seem like I was reaching the limits of this amazing cunt yet and clearly she didn’t feel the same. Steph reached down and grabbed my arm with both her hands and pulled it into her. “Fucking fist me!” She said again, louder this time, and I felt the opening of her pussy slip up over my thumb to the widest part of my hand. The rim of her cunt was just at my palm and the joint of my thumb when all of a sudden it simply slipped inside. Tension at the mouth of her pussy ceased and relaxed on my, still thick, wrist. Her reaction was immediate. Writhing and groaning in pleasure, still dragging my arm into her, now moving it out slightly then deeper again. I had never fisted anyone before and was simply amazed my entire had was inside this tiny girl, not only that but she had taken it seemingly so easily. I could feel her long loose pussy lips hanging limply at first on the joint of my wrist, then past this further up my arm. Somehow she was taking my fist even deeper. I balled my fist inside her and started to take control of the movements.

“Harder” she breathed. I started İstanbul Escort moving my arm forcefully into her and nearly out, taking my fist to the widest bit of my hand then shoving it back inside to the end of that cavernous cunt. “Yeasss oh yessss” her words became mangled and turned into little noises at the back of her throat as she grimaced with determined pleasure. “Mo, m m mo… morrrrreeee” she managed to get out. I didn’t know how to give her more so I just gave her what I had, harder. I started to basically punch that loose pussy, taking my entire fist out each time and punching it back in. I didn’t even have to point my hand now, her vagina just accepted it like nothing, but she was loving it. I could see she was building to another massive orgasm. Harder and harder, faster and faster a punch fisted her until eventually she climaxed in moans and groans, again grabbing my arm and pulling it into her grinding down as she did so. She lay back semi conscious, my arm still buried deep inside her.

I slipped it out with a wet sucking, squelching noise and looked down. Her pussy was properly ruined now, hanging wide open. I stared at it, it looked incredible. In a flash my cock was out and then into that warm, sloppy wetness. If I thought she was loose before, this was something else. I could feel the space between the skin of my cock and the walls of her pussy, air was moving freely there. She moaned and asked me me to go harder, I obliged, slamming myself balls deep inside her with all my weight. We fucked like this until she came again and then I did, but she wasn’t done. She got off the bed and reached under it. Moving a box of spare bedsheets out of the way she retrieved a large, seemingly innocuous bag. It was clearly quite heavy. She put it on the chair with a thud, her back to me, and pulled something out of it. She turned holding a massive white dildo. Longer than my cock, at least 11 inches and even thicker, it looked like the thickness of a beer can. I was still not ready to go again but she wasn’t waiting. She slipped the head into her pussy while she stroked the shaft with a bit of lube, then sank down onto the huge dildo, riding it there and then on the bed in front of me.

“When you’re ready you can get in my arse” she offered with a grin. That just about did it. I was soon hard again and lubing up both my cock and her arsehole, which was gently quivering to my touch. She positioned herself on the dildo, sat on it balls deep bent forward while I stood off the bed. Slowly I worked my cock into her arse. There was a lot less space here, made even tighter by the huge dildo I could feel in her pussy. She groaned again with delight and reached back to hold my arse to guide my pace and depth. “She’s definitely done this before” I thought to myself. Slowly we worked into a comfortable rhythm of movements, almost alternating strokes. As her pussy took the dildo I’d slide out of her arse a little and as she brought her arse off the bed I slid further in. The intensity of the noises Steph was making had definitely gone up a notch. Her face was a contorted snarl of determination and desire. Our pace sped up steadily and I noticed she was slowly changing the rhythm, she was no taking both cocks fully at the same time. I marvelled at how this tiny girl physically had enough space inside her for this. The thrusts built to a crescendo and Steph cummed, hard, again. Her legs and arsehole twitching so uncontrollably that I actually got spat out. Immediately she spun round and I was in her mouth, she brought me to orgasm quickly and skilfully. Truth be told I was so close from the double penetration that she needn’t have been skilful.

I cummed a huge amount into her mouth and she smiled and swallowed it all, sucking out the last from me hungrily.

Knackered I sat on the bed, leaning back, sweat glistening my muscled torso. “Is it even possible to fill you?” I joked.

“Yeah, just about” she laughed “get one of the big toy out of the bag, that just about does the trick”

Confused, as I had assumed the toy we had just used was “one of the big ones” I went over the bag. Inside there was a vibrator, a few plugs of various sizes. The smallest being thumb size, the largest more like a fist. There was a large white plastic forearm, with a woman’s clenched fist; a small purple toy (I later realised that this toy was not small, just dwarfed in comparison) and then two absolute giants. The first was a realistic brown dildo. I picked it up and felt it’s weight. She reached out for it. Next to her it looked simply ridiculous. It was essentially the size of her body.

“14 inches long and 10.5 around” she offered as I stared. “Can’t take this one balls deep unfortunately, not unless I have some organs removed” she giggled. Sure enough she put it in front of her and it came just just below her breasts. “I can take about half, but I’m always working on more”

“What about this one? What even is it?” I held up the weirdest looking dildo I’d ever seen. It was recognisably a cock, but not human, it was too short and squat. It had odd ridges and bulges here and there and even what looked like scales and little horns around the wide base. It was of a softer material than the others too, more flexible.

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