My Bitch is Black Ch. 03

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The name is Lawrence Cameron. I’m a young black man living in Bean Town, Massachusetts. A sexy brother who makes heads turn wherever he goes. That’s me in a nutshell. Six feet two inches tall, lean and muscular, with light brown skin and long hair which I keep braided. Astrologically speaking, I am an Aquarian. I am a patrolman with the Boston Police Department. Today, I am off duty and end a very special pact of mine. I’ve decided that I no longer want to be celibate. I’ve been flying solo since my breakup and subsequent heartbreak with my ex-fiancée Rosa Hill. She asked me to be honest with her about who I truly was. I told her I was bisexual. She was less than understanding and cancelled our wedding. That was six months ago. Today, this bull ends! I’m going back to what I used to be. Here’s what I’ve done!

Man, it’s funny how life is. A year ago, I was a rookie cop exploring his new career as well as the bisexual lifestyle. I was living in an apartment near Ashmont Station in Dorchester. My roommate, Milton City fireman Jarrod O’Shea, later became my first real boyfriend. He’s a tall, good-looking, athletic Irishman with blond hair and blue eyes. He was a Pisces. I had no idea he swung that way. When we met, he was an uptight dude with an even more uptight girlfriend. He was going out with a plump white chick named Miranda McKay. She was a Sagittarius. She was mean-spirited and kind of ugly. I usually like them big women but Miranda was a turn-off for me. I don’t know what Jarrod saw in her. He dumped her three months after I met them. Good riddance if you ask me. Miranda was a verbally abusive woman. She made Jarrod feel like he was less than nothing. I applaud him for dumping her. She was a negative influence. We could breathe easier around the apartment.

After Miranda left, Jarrod and I became buddies. We hung out together in bars and movie theaters. We sometimes went to Copley Mall to eat at the Food Court and pick up chicks. Both of us were good-looking, articulate and popular with women. Sometimes, I picked up a woman and brought her home for sex. Other times, Jarrod picked up some college chick and did the bump and grind with her at the apartment while I made myself scarce. We always had a good laugh about our adventures the next day. One night, Jarrod and I both got drunk and next thing I know, we were doing it. Yeah, it turns out Jarrod was bisexual too. Who knew? We became lovers. Both of us were closed young bisexual men in our twenties. I was out to bursa escort myself and a few friends. The Gay and Bisexual Police Support Network or G.B.P.S.N. operated throughout Massachusetts. Many State troopers who were gay, bisexual or lesbian mingled with queer members of the city police departments. This network of friends helped me accept who I was. A young black man who happened to be bisexual and a police officer. Sergeant Lorelei Isobel Azure was the Vice President of the Gay and Bisexual Police Support Network.

While I was slowly becoming more accepting of my sexual orientation and new life, Jarrod seemed to be repressing his. We hooked up at night, with women or with each other, but he didn’t like talking about it the next day. He felt guilty about his same-sex desires. Also, his parents weren’t exactly accepting of the bisexual lifestyle. One day, he just flat out dumped me. I didn’t see it coming. I really didn’t. I moved out the following week. I found myself in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Alone at last. I tried to make the best of it. I was lonely and missed Jarrod. He never returned my calls. My world looked bleak, until I met Rosa Hill. The fiery Scorpio who rocked my world.

Who is Rosa Hill? The tall, beautiful, chocolate-skinned supermodel who was the daughter of Boston City Chief of Police Robert Hill and Massachusetts State Senate President Rachel Jameson Hill. She was a Suffolk University student-athlete who walked into the precinct one morning just to say hello to daddy. I happened to be in the Chief’s office that morning, fetching coffee. I looked at Rosa and gasped. She was that beautiful. I had never met a woman as beautiful. She looked at me and smiled. We shook hands and introduced ourselves to one another. The rest, as they say, is history. I was dating my Boss daughter. That’s not a good thing, regardless of your profession. Rosa and I fell in love. It was a whirlwind romance. I loved her dearly. We even got engaged. I had won her over, along with her skeptical parents. Then, I opened my big mouth the day she asked me about certain rumors which were flying around the precinct about my sex life. And our romance ended.

Now, I am finally single! The first thing I did was head down to Dorchester. I drove down to the Blue Hills Area. What’s down there? It’s ghetto town. I heard stories about the gigolos and prostitutes of that part of town from the men and women of the Boston Police Department. Sergeant Lorelei Isobel Azure is a good bursa escort bayan friend of mine as well as my patrol supervisor. We’re both on the precinct basketball team. She’s mad tall and got talent. She used to play basketball at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I graduated from UMass-Amherst three years prior to joining the Boston Police Department. I was a member of the Men’s Wrestling Club. I miss my school days.

Sergeant Lorelei Isobel Azure is the coolest lesbian cop ever. She told me about a sexy prostitute she picked up there recently. Yes, policemen and policewomen sometimes use the services of prostitutes. In fact, she told me that the sexy black femme she hooked up with was bisexual. Professionally as well as personally. As in eager to please both sexes, for a fee. So, I went down there to look for her. Surely enough, I didn’t have to look for long. I spotted the big black woman standing on a street corner. I smiled, and went to holler. Time to have some fun.

I approached the big black woman and asked her for a good time. She told me that her name was Wanda and she charged one hundred dollars per hour. I was cool with that. Wanda got in my car and we went to a motel. We went to the motel room. I sat on the bed and watched as she undressed. I paid her upfront and hid my wallet as instructed by Sergeant Lorelei Isobel Azure. I know how sneaky those ghetto bitches can be. Wanda is around five feet eight inches tall. This chick has a thick body, very wide hips and a massive, plump ass. The skin tone is jet-black. I have a thing for them dark-skinned females. Wanda turned around, showing me her fine ass. Hot damn! Now, that’s what I call a big ghetto booty! This bitch was hot! Sergeant Lorelei Isobel Azure wasn’t lying!

I reached out and felt up Wanda’s hot ass. Damn. I liked it. She turned around, and showed me what she was working with. I lay on the bed while Wanda went down on me. The big black woman took my cock into her mouth. I’ve got a nine-inch uncircumcised black cock. All natural. Wanda didn’t seem to mind. She began sucking my cock voraciously. Gosh, I admired her energy! She sucked my dick, and licked my balls like oral sex was going out of style. In no time, I was shooting torrent upon torrent of manly cum like a power hose! Wanda gulped it all down before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Amazing!

When she was done, she asked me if I was bisexual or kinky. I said yes twice. She grinned, and said she had a escort bursa special surprise for me. She carried a bag full of toys for her tricks. I smiled as Wanda produced a strap-on dildo. I like! I got on all fours and Wanda knelt behind me. She spread my manly black butt cheeks and pressed the dildo against my asshole. She placed her big hands on my hips and, with a swift thrust, went inside. Oh, shoot. I had forgotten how good it felt to have my ass filled. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a real dick or just a really big dildo. It’s all good! Wanda began to fuck me good and hard, thrusting the dildo deep into my ass. I stroked my long and thick black cock and looked at the big black woman who was doing me. Wanda looked hot! She knew how to use the strap-on alright. Lots of chicks got no talent when it comes to doing that. They’re lousy at sexual role play.

I stroked my dick, watching it get hard as Wanda plowed into my ass with the dildo. I reached up and fondled her breasts. They felt so soft. I liked them. So much that I gave them a good squeeze. Wanda continued fucking me until I came. Then, she pulled the dildo out of my ass and sucked all the cum out of my cock. I was happy as a clown. Afterwards, Wanda and I tried something new. She got on all fours and spread her plump black butt cheeks wide open. I knelt behind her, rubbing my hard dick. I pressed it against her asshole, and pushed. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Oh, my Gosh! Wanda’s asshole felt so wonderfully warm and tight. I dug my fingers into her hips and pushed forward, driving my cock deeper into her asshole. I love fucking the ass. It doesn’t matter to me if the asshole in question belongs to a man or a woman. I grabbed a handful of Wanda’s hair and yanked her head back while slamming my cock into her asshole. She grunted. I smiled. Her ass felt wonderful around my dick. I pumped my cock into her backdoor. I’m addicted to the ass. Especially a big booty like Wanda’s. I fucked her like anal sex was going out of style, slamming my dick into the forbidden depths of her asshole. We went at it until I came, blasting my load deep inside Wanda’s asshole. I screamed in sheer pleasure while she squealed. This was fun!

Afterwards, Wanda and I went our separate ways. She had one hundred bucks. I went back to my apartment. I still had my wallet and all its contents. I went on the web and checked out popular dating sites. I registered on both the straight ones and the gay ones. I was single and loving it. The world was full of handsome men and sexy women. I put Rosa and Jarrod out of mind. I will never marry anyone, man or woman. I will be a bachelor until I die. And I will sleep with as many people as possible. That’s my New Year’s Resolution!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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