My Blonde Stepmom Spanked Me

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I opened the door to the laundry room and I saw my step mom bent over the laundry basket without her pants on. She wore a pair of baby blue panties and I caught a full glimpse of her bent over the basket with her lovely round ass pointed straight at me. My cock shot straight up in my jeans. I said, “Oh my gawd, I’m sorry!” She turned around and smiled while I bashfully backed out the laundry room and shut the door. My step mom, Debra, is 29 and I am 19. She often wears short skirts and blouses in the house and we are alone together often. She is a placid smiling woman, 5’6″, 150 pounds, which makes her a little chubby but I love that look. She has an apple bottom: round and full seated, which is where most of her extra weight is packed. She loves to wiggle her butt and will often do so when I am following her up the stairway. Her blonde hair is shoulder length and curly. In short she is a sexy woman who drives me crazy, and I think my Dad hit the jackpot with her but is oblivious to it. He travels and is away most of the year.

I tried to avoid Debra after catching her in the laundry room. I think she sensed me avoiding her and she called me to her room from upstairs. I stood in her doorway and she sat on her bed smiling up at me. She patted the bed for me to sit next to her. I sat next to her smelling her perfume and her shampoo. A sweet lovely scent. “Joe, did your Daddy ever talk to you about sexual feelings?”

My heartbeat raced and I said, “Oh, no Debra, we talked about that and school and Dad thought that was the best way.”

Debra frowned and said, “I don’t think school addresses all of the urgings a young boy like you must be feeling. I was your age once yourself, but it is extra hard for a boy because he can develop perversions if he does not release his sexual tensions and fulfill certain needs. The internet is full of sickos who did not fulfill their early desires and those sickos often turn to some nasty stuff.”

I didn’t know what to say to this.

“Tell me, Joe, do you fantasize a lot?”

“Well, yes but that’s kind of secret, you know?” My heart was thumping away and I was a little bursa escort bayan scared: here I was a virgin sitting next to my step mom who wore a short yellow skirt and a low-cut blouse that revealed a great deal of her breasts. I am not a breast man so I can’t hazard a guess at what size they were but they looked like more than a mouthful.

Debra smiled and said, “I know you masturbate a lot. I’ve seen your bed sheets. That is healthy” Debra looked me in the eye and winked. I blushed furiously. “But Joe, I saw the way you looked at me in the laundry room. You know it isn’t healthy for you to obsess about me. If you have feelings for me you need to get them out in the open so we can address them. I can help you get over this obsession so you can move on to girls your own age. A little experience would do wonders for your self esteem.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I said. I was a little lost but turned on.

“Do you have any fetishes? Tell me the truth young man.”

“Well yes.” I hesitated. I didn’t want to tell her what they were.

Debra asked, “What do you like? I saw that Shadow Lane magazine under your mattress.” I felt sick. Why didn’t I hide that magazine better? Shadow Lane is a spanking magazine I bought months ago online and peeped at it often. She asked, “Do you like to spank or be spanked?”

Well we had gone this far so I told her, “I want to be spanked. I was never spanked growing up but I’ve fantasized about it for years.”

Debra put a soft hand on my leg and said, “You must feel guilty about it. You are blushing like crazy, but I am here to tell you that that is a perfectly natural feeling and you should not feel guilty. Now a lot of girls your age won’t help you fulfill that fantasy until they get to be older. You can’t repress your feelings though or you will run the risk of turning to some sick things.” What sick things she was referring to I had no idea. She continued, “How do you want to be spanked?”

I stammered, “Just an erotic spanking. Nothing serious. No whips or chains or anything. I just want to be face down, görükle escort bare bottom, across a woman’s knees. You know, my underwear pulled down, and then spanked with her open palm for a couple of minutes while she scolds me and maybe gives me a couple of pinches. Then we have sex with her face down.”

Debra smiled, “Doesn’t it feel better to have that out in the open? Now many girls your age might laugh at you for your desires but I won’t. I am here to help you Joe. I can’t have sex with you, I’m your step mom after all. But I can give you a good bare-bottomed spanking to help you get that fantasy out of your system.”

My cock was aching and straining in my underwear. I felt feverish. Part of this was wrong and part of it was wonderful. After all, we weren’t blood relatives. How harmful could this be? And it was my ultimate fantasy. “I would love that, Debra.”

Debra massaged her hand on my thigh and brushed the backside of her hand against my throbbing cock arching in my jeans. She said, “You are getting to be a big boy, Joe, but please, call me step mommy.”

“Okay, step mommy,” I said.

Debra hiked her skirt up and patted her bare thighs and said, “Pull down your jeans and lay across step mommy’s lap.”

I jerked my jeans down to my knees and lay face down across her lap. I have a thin body and a smaller frame so I fit easily across her thighs. Debra put a couple of fingers in the elastic waistband of my underwear and pulled them down to the top of my thighs. Now my cock lay pressed and throbbing against her smooth bare thighs. My head was swimming in anticipation. “Such a cute little butt you have!” She rubbed my butt with her hands and groped it for a minute. “You naughty little boy. Step mommy is going to spank your bare bottom.” She gave a few light open palm smacks on the bottom half of my butt. There was no pain only a head rush and a throbbing cock. She picked up the pace of her smacks and I listened to the gentle SMACK SMACK SMACK sound as she spanked away. “You are a little naughty boy for peeking at your new mommy!” I felt a guilty dizzy head rush at “mommy.” bursa escort bayan She gave me a few more spanks and then a few on the top of my thighs. She stopped and pinched my butt a few times and rubbed and groped my butt some more. She said, “Stand up and turn around.” I reluctantly got up off her wonderful smooth thighs and in my shame I turned and faced her with my tall erection. “Oh, my! Look at your hard on! What are you going to do with that thing?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I knew I was going to rush to my room and shoot off a load into a Kleenex.

“Why don’t you stick it in me for a minute. Just a minute. You can’t cum in your new mommy’s pussy but you can shoot your load on my butt. Would you like that? This way all of this will be out of your system. Okay?”

I nodded my head and she took me by the hand and led me to the bed. She lay on the bed face down and hiked up her skirt. I climbed up and with a shaking hand put my fingers in the elastic waistband of her panties and jerked them down to the top of her thighs. I took off my underwear and took my cock in my hand and guided it under her round bare ass. It was round like a dartboard. Smooth whiteness and in spite of its largeness it was toned and smoothed. I guided my cock under her butt and into her pussy. I took it slow and groaned as I sunk in. Wonderful. My virginity was lost and I felt my mind was sinking into quicksand but it was a sublime moment. “Take step mommy’s hand!” Debra cried. She guided my hand to someplace just above her pussy and said, “Feel this? This is a clit. Women love to have extra special attention to their clits. Stroke it like this and you will never have trouble satisfying a woman.” I felt her clit and massaged it. It squiggled back and forth under my fingertips and she moaned and groaned with me. “Oh, gawd! Don’t stop stroking it! Uggnh!” She started to jerk her hips and her butt was shaking and she orgasamed. I struggled to hang on and grabbed on to her blonde hair and as she tilted her hair back I felt my orgasm coming on and I pulled out and shot my load on her butt cheeks. I felt guilty but wonderful. I spooned her from behind and we fell asleep with her in my arms. I awoke an hour later with my penis against her butt. My penis shot up and I started to rub it against her bottom. Debra woke up and said, “Ready for lesson number two?” But the tale of round two, dear reader, is for another day. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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