My Cuckqueen Wife

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There my wife sat; on the floor next to the bed I was in while I fucked my lover and made her listen to me fuck this woman in our bed. This is what my life has now become as a result of the last few years of me having an affair on the side.

A few years ago I met this woman at my son’s school, I was retired at home and she was a stay at home mom. We chatted a few times and I gave her my card if she ever wanted to hang out. A year went by and she contacted me out of the blue to say her husband cheated on her and she wanted revenge sex.

We started fucking telling each other it was just a onetime thing, then it grew to a weekly thing and finally almost a daily thing. Eventually she got a divorce and moved out on her own. We continued to have our secret sex sessions until her husband found out who I was and I was fucking her. he threatened to call my wife and tell her everything. I told him he should be very careful of who he pisses off as I was a retired special forces veteran as well as a firearms instructor. He tried regardless a few times and each time my wife would ask who this guy is trying to contact her.

I told her he was the husband of one of the school moms I knew and that he thought it was me having sex with his wife. Eventually he stopped trying to contact my wife and things were smooth for a while. I continued to have sex anywhere me and my secret lover could, in any parking lot, at her place and at times at my place. I eventually came clean one day and sat her down and told her I did have a short affair with her.

She asked if it was over and I said yes, even though we were still fucking on the side. She asked if I still talked to her Pendik Escort and I said yes I do, we have become good friends and chat about all sorts of stuff, but we stopped having sex. I then asked her if it would be okay if I saw her again, and my wife asked me if it was for sex or just hanging out. I told her it would be to hang out, but of course I would love to fuck her again.

My plan started to come to life. I set up a time for all three of us to go out to eat and talk about what happened. My lover first apologized about seducing me into a one night stand that ended up lasting a while. She also told my wife that we had not had sex in a while and are still just good friends. We sat and talked for a few hours, having some drinks to take the edge off and soon enough my wife said it would be okay for me to continue to hang out with her.

I then asked her if it would be okay if she allowed me to have sex with her, telling her that she does the things that my wife doesn’t like to do such as blowjobs. My wife smiled and laughed saying, you mean if I let you play with her, you wont bug me for the things I don’t like doing? I said yes and she agreed. We all three went back to our house and soon enough we were all in bed playing and having sex together.

As the months past it became a regular thing, I would spend a couple of nights at her house to have sex with her while my wife stayed at home and things started to improve between all three of us. My wife started to admit some of her secret desires and wants. She admitted to me she liked being a submissive wife and she kind of liked me enjoying this other woman.

Some times when my lover Kurtköy Escort would come over my wife would volunteer to lay on the floor as my lover shared my bed with me. She started to get turned on by being the cuckqueen. She would admit that she liked being called dirty names and being made to do things that degraded her. She would have to listen to stories about me fucking my lover while I fucked my wife.

My wife would tell me about ideas of her being used and degraded while I had my lover please me. She talked about being tied up in the closet while I fucked my lover in our bed. She talked about me having many men use her while I enjoyed my lover. Soon other parts of my plan were coming to reality.

We went on a few camping trips together and enjoyed our poly lifestyle as we went different places. I would sit on one side of the table and I would have my two special women sit on the other side facing me. They developed a strong bond and close relationship and enjoyed being around each other. I soon did the right thing and collared each of them, and I now have two submissive women I call my wives.

We went camping a few weeks ago and in our large motorhome there was a garage for hauling off road vehicles in. My wife brought an air mattress and slept in the garage while I shared the main bed with my second wife. I admitted to my first wife how much that turned me on, knowing she was degrading herself while I enjoyed myself. My lover/wife is very sexy and has large tits and my wife has smaller tits.

My lover loves sucking me while I treat her as my Submissive, I have her anally and do all sorts of nasty things with my lover. Ümraniye Escort I have taught her many skills such as being called very dirty and nasty names. I have taught her how to squirt, how to love anal, how to deep throat, how to enjoy being slapped and spit on as well as some other twisted things we share together.

My wife is not really into those things but enjoys some kinky play. She likes being tied up, and talked dirty to, she even likes taboo talk about me making her play with others. She is happy that I am treating her with more love than ever before and she doesn’t worry about me cheating with other woman since I now have a steady girl to play with whenever I choose.

We talked a few weeks ago and we agreed to have my new lover/wife move in with us as I have a large house. They would each have their own room and I will be sleeping with each of them every other night. They agreed and we are now working on the move. One of them is more laid back and not much of an outgoing person, and my lover/wife is very outgoing and enjoys parties and such.

Last night I had my lover over and my wife moved to the floor without even asking because she knows her place. She put some blankets there and let my lover sleep in the bed while I fucked her loudly and soaking my wife’s side of the bed with her wet pussy. I would call out on how great her pussy feels and she could hear the sloppy fucking we were doing. My lover would even call out that she is sucking her husband’s cock better than she ever could.

We threw my wife on the floor a dildo and told her that would be the cock she would be getting tonight as I fucked my lover long into the night. I fell asleep spent and my lover leaked my cum out of her and onto my wives side of the bed sheets. The next morning we awoke and I had my lover suck me some more then we dressed and all went out to breakfast. My life is going to be amazing these next few years for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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