My Dream of Melanie Ch. 02

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The first part of this story was true. It happened. The rest of this is just a dream.

In my dream, which I had the first night after I started physical therapy, Melanie and I are sitting on a brown, leather couch, watching some stupid movie. Melanie is wearing a pair of khaki colored slacks, a light yellow button up shirt with a button-down collar. We have both taken off our shoes and are in socks.

I am wearing my usual blue jeans and a t-shirt. I am about the same height as Melanie with blond hair and brown eyes. I have 36 DDD chest and am a slim 140 lbs.

I have long since grown bored with the movie and have been sneaking long glances at Melanie. She is so cute (hot) sitting there, with her legs tucked up under her butt, fingertips of one hand brushing the ends of her short brown hair back and forth while she watches television. In the other hand she is holding a glass about half full of a mixed drink.

Her forehead is smooth under her long bangs which barely touch the top of her glasses. Her hazel eyes are more green than any other color and I can’t stop watching her.

The next time I glance at her she is looking at me.

“What are you thinking about?” she asks me, her voice low and warm.

“Nothing.” I say but I keep watching her.

“No, really. I want to know.” she says and licks her lips.

I can’t help but moan as the thought almanbahis adres of that tongue against mine flashes across my thoughts.

“I really don’t think you want to know.” I say.

She shakes her head in denial. “We’re friends. I really want to know.”

I bite my lip because how can I tell this woman who had probably never even thought of being with someone of the same sex in a sexual manner that I want to kiss her so bad I think I might die if I don’t.

Finally, I decide to take the direct approach.

“I was wondering what your lips taste like.” I can’t take my gaze from hers. To my surprise she isn’t shocked.

She scoots a little closer to me, takes my glass and hers and places them on the glass topped coffee table which sits in front of the couch.

“That’s funny.” she comments, sliding ever closer.

“Huh?” I can’t think as she gets even closer to me.

“Cause I was wondering the same thing about yours but I didn’t know how to say it.” she admits. “Have you ever kissed another woman?”

“Yeah.” I admit as she lifts my hand and puts it on her knee. “Once.”

“Was it…” she is sliding my hand slowly up and down her khaki clad leg between her knee to about six inches up her thigh. “Was it different? From kissing a guy?”

“A little.” I admit, trying to concentrate enough to talk.

“How? How was it different?” almanbahis adresi she asks.

“It was…” I have to swallow to wet my throat so I can speak. “It was softer. Not in a bad way, but not as aggressive.”

“Softer? You mean her lips were softer?” she leans into me, putting her face closer to mine.

“Yes and no.” I am breathing hard now, almost panting. “Her lips were softer, of course, but she…”

I lose my train of thought as she leans so close I can feel her breath on my face.

“Was it good?” she asks.

I squeeze her leg just above the knee.

“Yes, oh god, yes.” I moan and light press my lips to hers.

“Mmmm.” she moans right back and raises one hand to my shoulder.

I boldly run my hand higher up her thigh until I can feel the heat of her pussy through the crotch of her slacks and presses lightly against her mound.

“Ohhhh.” she moans, as she kisses me back now, her tongue slipping out to trace the seam of my lips.

I press my lips harder against hers, following her tongue back to her lips with mine. To my amazement, she opens her lips, then her teeth, letting my tongue into her mouth.

I take advantage, rubbing her crotch harder even as I sweep my tongue slowly into the warmth of her mouth. I can feel her moisture gathering between her legs, soaking through pants and underwear, onto my hand.

Finally, almanbahis adres I break the kiss, pulling back just far enough to rest my forehead against hers.

“Is that what you wanted?” I ask her, my voice huskier than usual with passion.

“Yes.” she moans putting the hand she had been resting on my shoulder to the side of my head, brushing my hair back. “Did you have sex with that other girl?”

“Uh-huh.” I admitted, feeling a rush of heat covering my face, neck and upper chest. I had been with Ashley a couple of times but I hadn’t told anyone about it.

“Was it good?” she asked, still fondling my hair.

“Better than good.” I admit, knowing that I am blushing again. “Especially the second time.”

“You did IT with her more than once?” Melanie asked, still resting against me.

“It was an experiment.” I defended myself. “I had never been with a woman before and Ashley had. She opened my eyes. But it’s not as if I want to fuck every woman I see walking down the street or anything like that.”

Melanie giggled. (I am beginning to think that she may be just a little drunk.)

“So, Ashley and I, we’re special?” she asked.

“Of course. Anyone I fuck is special…” I say, “I don’t just fuck anyone!!!”

Melanie giggled again and rubbed her forehead side to side against mine.

“I wasn’t trying to imply that you were a whore or anything.” she lightly presses her lips against mine for about a second.

“Good, because I’m not.” I say just before I kiss her back. “Do you want to stop?”

“I don’t think so.” she answers and grinds her crotch against my hand.

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