My Ex and Me

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*All Characters in this story are over the age of 18!*

I have been waiting to write this little story for you all, guess the reason for the wait was to get it all into the right frame of mind. As you all know, if a story that I am writing dose not turn me on I don’t write it. This is something out of my real life that I experienced the other week, it was just too hot for me to pass up writing. In this story I am my present age of 23, and Andy is almost 29.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, the night before I had just gotten home from visiting with a friend. I had stripped off my coat and grabbed some thing to drink from my fridge, I checked my cell phone that I had left home and there was a text message from an old flame of mine that read like this.

“Nice shoes…wanna fuck? I miss you and wanna really fuck you so bad. Just give me a call and I will drive over and fuck you right now.”

I had gotten home just 20 minutes after he had left the text message, excitement hit me and I called him at 4:45am. Well his phone was out of service, that was depressing for me. I stayed up a while longer thoughts running through my head, I ended up getting myself off and then going to bed.

The next day I called him and arranged to meet him later that night around 10:30pm down at the river dock, the rest of the day I was giddy but it kind of dragged on and I was wet in my panties constantly. Finally it was around quarter till ten and I started getting ready, showering and shaving my self baby smooth. It took everything I had not to play with myself as I had been so damn horny through out the whole day, the panties that I wore were stiff in the crotch from being soaked through all day long. Drying off and getting my clothes out of my closet my phone rang, I ran and grabbed it and it was Andy. He was checking in to see if I was still going to meet him and that he was just leaving his house, and was hoping that I could still make it. I told him I was, and that all I had to do was get dressed and head down there.

A little back ground on Andy and me, we found each other through a mutual friend. I was 18 at the time and he was 23, five years older than me. We had fallen for each other and we dated for like four almost four and a half years, one of the great things in our relationship had always been the sex. We were a match made in heaven in that and many other aspects of our relationship, it was always fantastic. Hot, raunchy and explosive. But eventually we ended up going our separate ways, and after a year now he’s gotten married. But we still talk and are great friends though we hardly ever see each other, half the time in our phone conversations we end up taking dirty and turning each other on. Just thinking of him gets me going, he is 6ft around 200 pounds with long dark hair a total hunk in my eyes. I turn green knowing that his wife gets to have him in bed every night, for many reasons including the fact that he has a thick ten inches that gets hard as rock

I took my time getting dressed and spraying on a little of the perfume that he loves, it was cold so I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt with my boots. Seeing it was almost ten thirty I grabbed and threw on my leather jacket and headed out the door. The walk didn’t take me too long, it was cold though and my ears were freezing by the time I was halfway down the gravel road to the docks. The only thing I could see down there were yellow cab lights, my pussy felt like it was getting slicker as I got closer making me giggle a little. Finally I reached his truck and knocked on the drivers side window, he rolled it down grinning like a cat in a chicken house. I just ran around and he opened the door, I virtually had to climb into the truck it was raised so high up with no steps. I was really warm in the cab to my relief, my ears and hands could finally thaw! We talked for a bit before he decided to turn around and part further back into the area, so if anyone did come down there they wouldn’t see us.

We spent a good half an hour talking, casual stuff catching up and reminiscing a little too. And then we kissed, nothing full on at first. But soon enough we were kissing hot and heavy, hands roaming all over the place. His warm hands going up my shirt, at first cupping and fondling me over my bra and then inside it. The feel of metal from his lip piercing’s on my lips and tongue was turning me on, soon enough he had one handedly unsnapped my bra and I backed away only long enough to strip my shirt and bra off. Then he in a flash had me partially on my back on the bench seat and propped against the door tightly cupping one of my 34c cup breasts in one large hand, while taking the other into his mouth sucking hard and latching down on my nipple hard enough to make me moan loudly. My panties were soaking through again, we spent a good amount of time between kissing until it hurt and him licking sucking and nibbling my hard nipples. Both of us breathing heavily he finally sat up in the seat and took his shirt off and started unbuckling his pants, a second later out sprung his beautiful cock. In the dash lights it looked dark in color and swollen, he was as hard a fence post Uşak Escort and veins stood out in broad relief looking like it was carved out of some dark stone and drooling pre cum from the big head.

I just laid and stared for a moment or two, it had been a long time since I had seen it and I still get the shivers from just looking at it and how it just juts from his body like a big tree from the side of a hill.

“Wow are you happy to see me or what? It sure looks like your more than happy to see me, I missed you too.”

I said giggling pushing him back into the seat, I quickly took off my boots and the rest of my clothes. My panties were so wet the seat and crotch literally pealed off of me, I tied my hair back with a hair tie and leaned down over him kissing his chest and worked my way down his happy trail. The head of his cock touched my lips, the slick warm and slippery feeling of his pre come grazed across my lips. I grinned at him hid secretions made a strand of cum between his cock and my lips, I licked them teasingly tasting the salty slightly sweet stuff and he smiled and grinned at me. At this point I was so wet I though I would start dripping on his seat, I gripped him wrapping my fingers around the thick base of him and squeezed. A huge blob of pre come emerged from the end and started to slowly trickle over the side, I bent down and ran my tongue up the side of his shaft and caught the big drop and took the head into my mouth getting a little jerk out of him when I closed my lips around him and sucked hard teasing the slit at the end.

I loved hearing him grunt and moan as I sucked him, I wasn’t trying to be neat about it I was sloppy and sucked him for all I was worth. Working my hands in conjunction with my mouth on him using my tongue on the underside of the head, then using one of my hands to massage his balls. Nothing but the radio and the now and then grunt, moan and loud wet sucking sounds could be heard in that extended cab. I kept on this way for what felt like forever but more likely some thing like 15 minutes before he raised me off of him and kissing me hard jamming his tongue deep into my mouth, and sliding one of his long fingers deep inside of me bringing a long groan from my lips as he immediately found my G spot. He broke the kiss and I was still groaning my eyes half closed and my mouth open as he made circles with that one finger around the most sensitive spot on me, god how I missed how he could just find my button right away and make me drool and become his sex toy with a touch. He smiled at me and laid me back in the seat, I was so wet he had no trouble at all as he slid another finger deeply into me and began to work my G spot with two fingers.

“Mmm Fallon, it looks like your really happy to see me too. Your so wet, your soaked. Mmmm.”

His fingers worked in and out of me, making obscene wet sucking noises as he worked me like some perverted finger puppet making me squirm in the seat my legs starting to shake. Soon enough I felt myself start to well up with my first orgasm of the night, and it was going to be huge. There really was no building up, I felt it coming and then it just hit me like a freight train. Everything seemed to contract at once, I could hear myself screaming and feeling like I was exploding over and over again. Andy had me by the hips holding on grinding his face into my pussy, I knew I had to be soaking his face. He ate me through four more screaming orgasms, he pushed my knees to my tits and ate my ass at the same time poking his tongue into it as he licked me from my tail bone to my clit. I swear he was acting some a sex starved maniac, he didn’t want to stop eating my drenched pussy even when it became too sensitive for me to stand it any more.

After practically prying him off of me we made out way into the rear seat where there was lots more room, undressing him the rest of the way I had him sit with his butt on the edge of the seat as I straddled him. It was a low ceiling but I figured I could do it, at this point I was so damned horny I did not care how I got him into me as long as I did. I worked him into me easily, I was really tight but all of my wetness and my saliva still on his cock helped me force him into me nearly 3/4 of the way. God I had forgotten how big he really was, as I started to move on him I realized how uncomfortable and limited this position was. Andy realized this too and grabbed me and turned to lay me back into the seat, then he lined himself up and in one lunge he buried every thing he had into me. Oh I screamed when I felt him open me up so quickly, stretching me wide and knocking the air out of me when he hit bottom hard. I was no longer used to his size and it hurt, like it had the first time we had sex.

I grabbed him and told him to leave it there and not to move, my breath sounded so ragged and labored from the shock of having some thing that large just rammed right to the bottom and nearly beyond from the way it felt.

“I’m sorry Fallon, everything was just feeling too good. I forgot how long it’s been, you ok?”

I told him I was, and it had been way too long to just ram it into me Uşak Escort Bayan like that. I felt like I had been split in half, but the pain was already starting to lessen and he started to move side to side. He wasn’t pulling out at all just moving side to side, kind of like stirring his cock in me. A few moments later it started to feel really good and he started to pull out of me and pushing it back a little at a time, keeping most of himself buried to the hilt inside me making sure that I was adjusting and opening up for him. After five or ten minutes of this slow and deep penetration using my hands I urged him to start really fucking me, he started that off by pulling nearly completely out of me pausing for a moment and then slowly ramming the whole thing home.

He did this for several minutes, both of us breathing heavily and looking down watching his huge pole saw in and out of me. I was so wet that he was already drenched to his balls, when he buried himself completely inside me I felt like I could choke on the fat head of his cock it went so deep. He knew I loved to start out like this, that I loved feeling him cramming it into me. The head of his cock hits my cervix and then the pressure and feeling of things being pushed upward inside, and then the feeling of him coming to rest against my groin. I had a mini orgasm right there. He just kept up his slow teasing for a moment, a moment later though he just burst into movement knocking the breath right out of me in a flash.

I let out long moan that quickly got really loud, it just came out on it’s own and kept going until I was completely out of breath. Andy just grinned down at me, he looked like a shark grinning like that. One leg over the back of the seat and the other propped against the side of the other seat in the front, I was wide open to him and he took full advantage of it to really rail me hard and deep. He was not pumping all that fast, but he sure was making sure that I was getting the benefit of every inch of him on every thrust into me, every time he lunged hard into me his balls would slam into my ass and my pussy would make these loud sloppy wet popping sounds. Each time brought out damn near guttural groans and moans, each one getting progressively louder as he was starting to speed up more.

Soon this powerful man had me screaming incoherently, my body twisting all over so uncontrollably he had to grab me by the thighs and wrestle me to stay right where I was. One tremendous orgasm after another slammed me, back to back like a chain driving me out of my mind. I felt Andy grab and restrain my wildly bucking hips, and he proceeded to plow me even harder and faster like a vicious machine growling as he did. Finally after what seemed like forever he started to slow down letting me get my bearings again, he spread my legs further apart and drove himself into me at an upward angle hard. This must have made my eyes get as big as saucers, my mouth just dropped open wide in a silent scream that just couldn’t form itself enough to get out.

“Jesus fucking Christ!! Oh god no Andy!”

I finally yelled out, the pain again shot through me in surges like electricity. I tried pushing his hips back but to no avail, I used to like doing this very same thing long time ago but it had been ages and I just was not up for it. But to my amazement, Andy would not have any of it. He slapped my face and grabbed a handful of my hair in his fist, it stung but it was like old times.

“Bitch, this wet pussy is mine. I don’t care how long we have been separated, you wanted my cock so bad you came all the way down here just to get it. No matter what happens you are MY whore, my cock is the ONLY cock that will ever satisfy your horny little cunt now take it!”

My eyes were still wide and my mouth still dropped open, he grinned at me and continued his deep thrusts exactly as the one before. It still hurt but the pain seemed to start to fade into the background hearing his words and the half hearted slap, I just seemed to melt on the inside and I started to feel the build up of an orgasm so big I started to shake all over. Just as I started to loose it I wrapped my quivering legs around his hips digging my heels into his ass trying to pull him deeper for all I was worth, digging my nails into his lower back as I lost it totally. Screaming for him to fuck me harder and faster throwing my head back and yelling incoherently as he literally railed me into a wild bucking animal, I felt myself soaking him with copious amounts of my cum as we kissed so hard it should have drawn blood.

We continued on like this for possibly twenty minutes, I don’t think I could have kept track if I had wanted to! He pulled out of me without warning and sat back in the seat, I gasped at the sudden feeling of emptiness deep inside me and started to wonder why he pulled out of me.

“Come here and suck my cock Fallon, suck it and clean all of your cum off of it like the bad girl you are. Remind me how my slut can suck this big hard cock.”

I love to be dominated by this man, the perfect stud and I wanted nothing more than to service him like I used to. I did Escort Uşak not hesitate at all, I got myself upright and on my knees in the seat and took him into my mouth. His cock felt so hot and slick in my mouth, the head was huge and swollen at this point. I sucked him like a woman possessed, and I pretty much was at this point in time. I took him out of my mouth and licked up and down the sides and looked at it for a moment to burn it’s image into my mind again, god it was so large blue colored veins riddled the shaft like wild vines growing up a tree the head was like a plumb the size of an apricot that looked ready to burst and was a dark color. I took him back into my mouth and sucked the head hard, he moaned and his hands went to the back of my head intertwining in my hair as I sucked him.

I took as much of him into my mouth as I could and was about to come back up, when he pushed my head back down onto him hitting the back of my throat until I gagged. I came up coughing, and again he pushed my mouth back down over him until I gagged hard. He let me back up a little but kept the head in my mouth, after a moment he did it again and I felt the head hit the back of my throat and forced it’s way down my throat a few inches. I pushed away from him gagging and gasping so hard my eyes watered, spit and drool streaming from my mouth onto his cock and groin. I asked him if he was trying to make me puke, he just grinned and grabbed my hair and roughly kissed me running his tongue deep into my mouth.

“What’s the matter Fallon? Can’t handle my cock now?”

He was grinning when he said this, he was taunting and goading me to prove him wrong. Looking into his eyes I thought I would take him up on that challenge, if for any thing it would be to give my poor battered pussy a little break. From my pussy lips all the way up to just below my ribs felt weird, it wasn’t bad but it just felt like everything in there was a jumbled mess. Sort of the slightly sick yet tight feeling you might get in your stomach and lower abdomen, all from him ramming everything upward when he fucked me like an animal. A lot of girls don’t like really big guys, some like it big but Andy is a step up from big I would think in the normal girls train of thought. He and I had been together for nearly four years, and after that we had been split up for a couple years. What my body was feeling was some thing I had felt before getting used to his size the last time, but damn at this frantic pace he was putting a hurting on me with that pussy destroyer of his.

“You should know better than that Andy, you do remember how big this fucking thing is right? I’m not used to it any more, and at the rate were going I won’t be walking right for a week.”

He just sat there, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

“Well excuse the hell out of me Fallon, but in any case that’s the whole point. I want you to remember how I am the only one who can really give you the kind of fucking you need, your still hooked on this big fucking thing we both know that. But now, I want you to suck my cock baby. I want you to worship and service me, look at me I haven’t been this hard in forever.”

I smiled at this, and also at the fact that his cock was harder than I have seen it in forever too. I looked like it was carved out of some hard wet rock, it was just plain intimidating pointing nearly strait up in the air. I took hold of it with both of my hands in a firm grip around the shaft, and still two inches I think were still visible and when I gripped him the reddish purple head swelled impossibly. I looked at it doubtfully, the tight spaced back seat would be a problem for trying to deep throat him. But I did my best, and for the next 10 minutes I made him moan and gagged myself badly but in the end managed to swallow eight inches before I had to stop and get air. This time I decided to take charge for once, I climbed on top of him jamming my right knee between the back of the seat and him and supported myself with my left foot on the floor. I had to raise up on my toes to get him into position, I moved him back and forth in my soaked slit and settled down. Feeling him part me still brought a satisfied exhale from deep inside me, I bore down with all of my weight and moaned in extacy as I felt him slide so deep inside me until I felt his pubic bone on mine and his thighs against me ass. Inside me the head pressed hard into the small cleft of the entrance of my cervix, pushing it upward into me.

He pushed upward raising his hips lifting my body with the movement, he again smiled as he brought a pathetic whimper from my lips that I was not able to help. And we started in again but with me on top this time, by the time we were really going at it rocking the truck with our efforts I could feel sweat trickling down my spine. The windows had fogged over long time ago, I road him like a prize winning cowgirl on a bronco. Soon I had stopped riding and grabbed the back of the back seat with one hand and the back of the front with my other, and just held on as he grabbed my hips and started jack hammering up into me. He didn’t hold any thing back this time at all, I felt he was getting very close to cumming as I felt him getting harder and harder and the deepest thrusts started to hurt. Soon he had me crashing into multiple orgasms that kept coming back to back, I was screaming with my hair plastered to my face jerking as I held on for dear life.

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