My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 06

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Hi my name is Lucy. Up till now my story has really revolved around my mother and me. This is when Denise becomes a bigger part of my life. I would read the first 5 chapters before starting this one or you might be lost. This is quite a departure from the other chapters, but I can only tell you that this is my life.

I might as well have not gone to any of my classes on the Monday before Thanksgiving break, because I know I didn’t listen to any of the lectures. All I could think about was Denise. I was just sure she was into me as much as I was into her. That morning in the bathroom, I really looked her over when she was getting into the shower and she saw me do it. She didn’t say anything, but I saw her smile and maybe blush a little.

That morning in the shower I rubbed my clit until I orgasmed. She was talking to me the entire time and hearing her voice as I touched myself was so sexy that it didn’t take me anytime at all. She got out of the shower before I did, and I wanted to see her so bad that I rinsed quick and pulled open the curtain and dried off right in front of her.

She seemed too embarrassed to look at me while I did it, but as she talked to me I stood right next to her. She was messing with things (shampoo and stuff) in her little bucket she brought, just as an excuse not to look at me. She told me that later, but I could tell right then.

At breakfast I sat next to her instead of across from her like normal and I kept putting my hand on hers or on her leg when ever I’d say something. Just touching her skin was so sexy, and we kept smiling at one another and then one or the other of us would look away embarrassed. It is so funny looking back at that morning, but that’s when I knew for sure she liked me too.

I have no idea why it took us both so long to admit it to one another, but I knew that night I was going to do something. So all that day I tried to come up with something to say or do, but everything just seemed so stupid.

When classes were over I went back to my room and just lay on my bed. Alley came in and saw me staring at the ceiling. She must have noticed the smile on my face or something, because she kept asking me what was going on, and who was the guy? She had no clue. I actually admitted that I was falling in love, but I wouldn’t say anything else. I just told her I didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure. She thought I was crazy, but she still seemed really happy for me. I talked to her a little bit, but it was hard to talk about how I felt without being specific so I just changed the subject a lot. The problem was I kept staring off and smiling and Alley would always notice and bring it up again.

When Denise got back from class she came to my room right away. She acted differently and I know I was too, and we were both so silly acting. Denise had to go do something, can’t remember what, before we could go eat, and after she left Alley gave me this death stare. I asked her what was wrong and she actually asked me, “Is it Denise?”

Now I had never ever admitted to Alley that I was a lesbian. I tried my best to hide it. Now I know I talked to her about her kissing Nikki and even admitted that I had thought about trying something with a girl. Still I don’t think she ever suspected it, and now she was asking me this.

I just said, “Yes.” I have no idea what gave me the courage to do that, but I did and she just put her hand over her mouth and stared at me for the longest time. Now in reality it was probably only a few seconds, but it seemed to me like an eternity. Then she asked me if I was a lesbian, and of course I told her I was.

She bursa escort admitted that she hadn’t had any idea and I immediately asked her not to tell anyone. She shook her head and just looked shocked. I was scared. She was my roommate and my friend, and I wasn’t sure how this would change things.

Then she joked with me and said, “I knew Denise was a lesbian.” It was funny, but there was still a small part of me that wasn’t entirely sure Denise was. I just started telling Alley everything about how I felt when I was with her and things Denise had said or done, and Alley listened. It was really nice.

Denise and I went to supper later and there was some flirting, but nothing much really happened, and then when we came back to my room Alley and Nikki were there. Alley actually seemed excited for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. I was a little afraid she might have told Nikki or even that she might act differently around Denise, but she didn’t seem to and Alley and Nikki left not to long after we came back. They were going to eat and I knew I’d have some time alone, but then I just got scared and chickened out again.

Later we were hanging out in Denise’s room and her roommate wasn’t there as usual, thank God. We were sitting on the bed side by side reading and as I put my hand down from turning the page my hand grazed her hand. I joked she was on my side and she jokingly argued back and the next thing I knew we were pushing each other’s hands back and forth until I was holding her hand. It was like the cutest thing ever. We just held hands for a moment not even looking at each other, and then I just started staring at her. She smiled at me and I squeezed her hand. She squeezed mine back. I’m not sure what I was thinking then, but suddenly I knew I had to kiss her. I sat up and she had this look of fear on her face that actually made me smile, because I knew exactly what she was feeling, because I was just as terrified as she was. I took her book out of her hands and put it on the bed and then putting my hand on the side of her cheek I leaned in and kissed her.

It wasn’t like kissing my mom when we had sex, or kissing Sydney either. Those kisses were more passionate and lustful. This kiss was tender and slow and caressing and I never felt so amazing in my life. As we kissed we became more passionate and our hands were on one another, but we weren’t groping each other with lustful thoughts, not yet anyway. It was just the most perfect moment and one I will never forget.

Like a fool I spouted that I loved her right then and it scared her, I could tell. I did though. She was my best friend in everyway possible, and now she was about to be my lover. How could I not love her? We stopped kissing and she said we need to talk, and I won’t bore you with all the details, but basically she admitted that she was a lesbian (no crap), and that she had never been with a girl before. That’s where I bit my lip about my mom, but admitted that I had dated Sydney. She was shocked when I told her Sydney was 24, but she didn’t seem upset with me about it. In fact she almost seemed relieved, like at least one of us knew what they were doing. I even explained to Denise how I had broken it off with Sydney because I knew I was falling for her.

She asked me if my mom was a lesbian and admitted that she had somewhat suspected it. I was surprised because I didn’t think my mom had given anything away. I told her about coming out to my mom and asked if she had come out to her family. She told me she hadn’t and that her parents wouldn’t understand. I felt a little sorry for her.

It was a while before bursa escort bayan we kissed again, but just like the first time it was so wonderful. I’m not sure how long we kissed before my hands reached for her breasts, but my excitement went to a whole new level when I did. They were like my mother’s, but maybe a little firmer. I stayed outside her clothes for a while before she finally took her own shirt off. I helped her with her bra, and the two of us actually slowed the other down and we laughed about it. Her breasts were so big and round and heavy in my hands. I just looked at my hands on them for a while and then I just attacked her nipples. This is when my lust took over and I swear I licked every inch of both of them before I was done and let me tell you 32F is a lot of licking. Her nipples felt so good in my mouth. She began to grab the sides of my breasts through my shirt and I started kissing her again, but then we heard someone talking outside the door and realized that the door wasn’t locked or anything. I jumped off her and went to the door, but she told me we should just stop because her roommate could come back. I really didn’t want to, but she was right.

I suggested that we go to my room and she was reluctant at first, but after I told her that Alley knew then we went there. As soon as we were in my room and the door was locked our lips were together and our hands were all over one another. I pulled her shirt up, but not off and sucked her breasts again, and then she did the same to me. It felt so good. We kissed and played with each others breasts for a good hour before Alley came back to the room. I actually was at the door before she could even unlock it and are shirts were down and Denise was sitting up on the bed.

Alley knew right away and she looked really nervous, but not nearly as much as Denise did. Denise actually decided to leave then and I was really sad that she had to go. I said goodbye to her at the door, and even though Alley wasn’t looking at us, we didn’t kiss.

After Denise left I turned to Alley and said that now we had both kissed a girl. Alley joked back with me and said something like, “Oh don’t remind me.” I just jumped on my bed smiling and so happy.

Tuesday sucked. Classes drug by and then Denise and I only spent about an hour together before we both had to get going home for Thanksgiving break. I actually cried on the way home, sort of a mixture of happy and sad tears. Finally we got together, and we couldn’t be together. Still I was the happiest I had ever been.

I told my mom everything when I got home and we stayed up really late talking all about it. She walked me to my room later and watched me change my clothes, and then she held me and kissed me a little and told me how happy she was for me. Suddenly I got really horny and our kisses got a little longer and our hands started wandering and soon we were on my bed together.

She made love to me. This time it was the complete opposite of the weekend before where she had been rough and wild with me. This time it was tender like it had been with Denise. We just rubbed our naked bodies against one another and kissed a lot and I sucked her breasts and told her how much they reminded me of Denise’s. We slept together in my bed and the next morning we made love again. This time I asked her to get the dildo and she did.

She bent me over the bed and did me from behind, squeezing my breasts at the same time, until I begged her to fuck me harder and then she grabbed my hips and pounded me until I felt like my legs couldn’t support my body anymore. Then I just lay on the bed and she kept just escort bursa slamming into me as I moaned and screamed. I kept telling her how much I loved it and how good it felt. It was the most vocal I had ever been. I was talking a little dirty and she seemed to like it.

I actually wore the dildo next and I did her, but I just lay on my back and my mom rode on top of me as I felt her huge breasts bouncing up and down as she fucked herself on the dildo. I loved looking at her face. I can still picture it as she’d drop down hard on the dildo and I’d feel the full wait of her breasts slap against my hands. She lay down next to me afterwards and we just laid there.

I was a little concerned about what I was doing. And we didn’t talk much that day other than about what we were going to do the next day for Thanksgiving. We were going to my Aunts and the whole family was going to be there.

On Thursday I had a great time, but my mom was cold to me, and on Friday we went shopping all day, but she seemed to not be enjoying herself. That night we talked and she told me that what we were doing was wrong and that we needed to stop. I agreed with her only because I now had Denise and didn’t like doing something behind her back. Still, I couldn’t help but have these strange desires for my mom, and couldn’t understand how she could switch them off so fast.

The problem was we didn’t stop. She came to my room that night and made love to me again, and then afterwards she seemed very upset about it. She didn’t sleep with me that night, but the next morning I went to her bedroom and crawled in bed with her. We didn’t say a word for the longest time, but I started rubbing her body and then again we made love. She was so wild and horny this time, and she wanted to shower together again. We washed each others bodies and it was so much fun and then she asked me to lick her asshole again. I told her I would if she’d use the dildo on me.

I licked her ass while I fingered her from behind as she bent over in the shower. I had my hand on her ass just squeezing her cheek and tickling her asshole with my tongue. I love my mom’s ass. I just don’t know why I get so horny when I please her that way. I rubbed her clit until she climaxed and then we got out and dried each other off. Then I helped her with the dildo again and this time I laid on my back and put my legs up and she fucked me with our breasts smashed together. She ended up putting my legs over her shoulders and really bouncing hard on me. I thought the dildo was going to go out the other side of me, but I really enjoyed it. She made me orgasm and just kept going.

Afterwards she told me she was sorry for acting so crazy this weekend, but that seeing all the family made her feel like she was keeping some horrible secret from everyone. I told her no one ever had to know. She said she wished she could tell Anna, but she was afraid it would end things with them. I told her I would probably never tell Denise, but in the back of my mind I think I wanted to even then.

Saturday I left the house and visited friends that were home for the weekend and even went to a big party that night. It was fun seeing everyone from high school. I got home late and just went to bed alone. Sunday everything seemed great with my mom and I, and I told her I was ready to get back to Denise, so I left pretty early that day. My mom and I hugged when I left. No kiss, no hands anywhere crazy, just a nice mother daughter hug and I was glad we could still have that too.

I was ready to have some alone time with Denise. I just hoped we could find a place where we could have some quality time together. Luckily we did, but I’ll save that for the next chapter. Thanks again everyone for reading this. Just thinking back about all this has been great, and all the comments and e-mails have made me think that maybe I can tell Denise about all this.

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