My French Maid

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Rachel Buckett has never been anywhere near France, but some of her ancestors came from there, and she thinks of herself as being a Frenchwoman, even to the point of caricature. Now and then I get a very welcome phone call from her, and last week was one of those delightful times.

“M’sieu, zees eez Rachelle Buckay. Are you ready for me to come over and clean your house?” came the voice, in her comical accent. Rachel doesn’t speak French except for a few common words and expressions but she likes to affect that accent and refer to herself as Rachelle when she is playing this role. I was glad to have her come over because, even though she wasn’t actually going to be doing any cleaning, and doesn’t speak French, she does all other French things extremely well.

She arrived a short while later, and I let her into my house and removed and hung up the long coat she had been wearing. Underneath she had on her French Maid’s outfit, which included a black micro-mini skirt, a black bustier, black bikini panties, black high heeled pumps, and a short white apron. The outfit looked quite sexy, especially with her rather dusky skin and dark brown hair. I don’t actually know just how French Rachel is, but her appearance does with the rather broad accent she likes to affect.

“Ooo la la, M’sieu, we begin in zee bedroom, no?” Rachelle asked.

It was strictly a rhetorical question, because what we were going to be doing is usually best done in the bedroom. I handed her the feather duster she likes to wield as a prop and that’s where we headed. She led the way and stopped by the bed, and I prepared to do what we both knew she was there for.

After we had arranged for Rachel, or Rachelle, to come over, I had made the bed, using a clean fitted bottom sheet and clean pillow cases, with no blanket or comforter to get in the way. She stood over it with the duster in her hand and I came up behind her, as usual, and put my hands on her shapely hips. “Ooo, la, la, M’sieu, do you want to do zee sex zing wiz Rachelle?” she asked. By way of answer, I pulled her panties down around her ankles. She stepped out of them and out of her pumps, slid onto the bed and rolled over to face me. Rachel, wearing nothing under her extremely short skirt, reached out her arms in welcome. Seconds later, I was next to her, wearing even less than she was, with my cock stiff and ready.

She held my erection in her hand and grinned lewdly at me, saying “Ooo, M’sieu, zee cock eez ready for Rachelle, no?”

“Zee cock eez ready for Rachelle, yes. What will Rachelle do wiz zee cock?”

“Rachelle eez a Frenchwoman and she weel take zee cock into her mouth and suck eet.”

That’s what she did, getting off the bed and kneeling on the floor between my legs, the way she likes to do, and taking my cock deep into her mouth. Although her accent is comical, there was nothing comical about the way she sucked my cock, bobbing her head up and down and slowly taking it in and out between her lips. With every stroke, I could feel the tip pressing against the back of her throat, while her tongue caressed the entire shaft. After sucking it for a few minutes, Rachel took my cock out of her mouth, licked around the ridge, looked up at me with her pretty dark eyes and smiled around the head.

“M’sieu, zee cock ees very nice, but now Rachelle needs you to leek her poozy.”

She got back on the bed, lay down beside me and smiled at me. “You weel do zat for Rachelle, no, M’sieu?”

“I weel do zat, yes, Rachelle.” This time, I was the one who got off the bed and, after she had rolled over onto her back, I got back on to kneel beside her and put my hands on her breasts, which were still mostly covered by the bustier. In particular, her nipples were not available to my tongue. .

When Rachel saw what I was doing, she smiled at me again. “Ah, M’sieu wants to play weez zee teets.”

She rolled onto her side, with her back to me and I untied and loosened the strings on the bustier. When she turned onto her back again, I pulled down the loosened garment but didn’t try to take it off her. As soon as her very nice breasts popped free of the restraints, I cupped one of them in either hand and bent over her to start licking her nipples.

They were already hard, and I could feel all the tiny ridges against my tongue, and hear Rachel cooing in pleasure. For several minutes, I alternated between them, licking with wide strokes of my entire tongue or quick jabs with just the tip. Rachel squirmed on the bed, thrusting her luscious breasts up at me, and I drew one of them into my mouth and started sucking on it. Still holding one of the twin beauties in either hand, I switched back and forth between them, while her movements turned to writhing from the pleasure I was giving her. Finally, Rachel pushed my head away. Although she was immensely enjoying what I was doing, she wanted me to go lower on her body.

“Ooo, la la, M’sieu, you are making Rachelle feel zo good. But now, her poozy, eet ees zo wet, she needs you to leek her zere.”

That Uşak Escort seemed like an excellent idea to me, so I got off the bed and went around to get back on at the foot, so I could come up between Rachel’s legs. Usually, when I am at this point with one of my lady friends, she is either naked or wearing only panties, and I lick and kiss my way down her bare belly until I reach her pussy. On Rachel, however, that area was covered by her bustier, and she didn’t want to come out of character, although she did in one small respect. Not wanting to waste any time getting my mouth and her pussy together, she had already folded her skirt up and out of the way and placed a pillow under her ass to elevate herself for me to start licking here there.

As I knelt between her knees, Rachel raised her legs, and I ducked between and under them so she could drape them across my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, letting my fingers met on her mons. In keeping with her “Continental” style, Rachel refrains from shaving her legs or armpits, but she does get her pubic area waxed sometimes, so most of her skin there was smooth and hairless. It’s also very sensitive, especially when being stroked by a tongue, and she considers that increase in her pleasure to be worth the small departure from character. As for me, body hair doesn’t bother me at all, and what little had been left around her pussy served to set off its beauty.

And, it was truly beautiful. Like her face, the skin around Rachel’s pussy is smooth and unblemished, and the slight duskiness contrasted nicely with the narrow band of dark brown hair that remained. That band framed her slit, and her inner pussy lips were dark red and engorged with her arousal, and had pushed their way through. At the apex of her lips, where they meet to form her clit hood, Rachel’s adorable love button was already crowding its way out from under the protection. I gently separated her inner labia so I could gaze into the lovely pink hole that was producing the delectable pussy juices that were pleasing my nostrils. Like a fragrant cloud, the Heavenly aroma rose from that source, inspiring me to lean in closer, breathe in more deeply and taste them. They were delicious, as I knew they would be.

They were also quite abundant, including what had spattered on the insides of Rachel’s thighs, and I started licking there, sluicing them all up with my tongue. I was getting three treats in one, because the delightful flavor and aroma of her nectar were enhanced by the feel of her silky smooth skin under my tongue. A fourth sense was delighted too, that of hearing, when Rachel expressed her joy in what my tongue and lips were doing.

“Oooo la la, M’sieu,” she murmured. “Zat feels zo – zo- how you say eet? Zo – zo scrumptious! Rachelle love eet when you leek her poozy.”

It was scrumptious to me too, and my tongue cleaned all the juices off Rachel’s thighs, crotch and belly, before I started leeking, er, licking one of her smooth outer lips. It felt even better than the soft skin of her inner thighs or anywhere else had, and I took my time in caressing her there with my tongue, slowly meandering all the way up to her mons. When I paused and looked at Rachel, her head was nestling in her pillow and her face was a picture of joy, with her eyes happily closed and her lips slightly parted in a smile. I was smiling too, although inwardly, because everything about eating Rachel’s pussy was such a delight.

And one of the best parts of it was licking up all the juices that dripped from her wet, pink opening. After I had devoured them, I started on Rachel’s other outer lip, which was just as lovely as the first one, and felt just as wonderful. Still moving slowly, my tongue covered the entire surface, which felt like a warm satin pillow. By the time I once again reached her mons, Rachel’s pussy was squirming under my face and her happy cooing had turned to blissful moans. I kissed her soft, round Mount of Venus and brought my mouth back to the source of the nectar that was so pleasing to my nostrils.

It was even more pleasing to my taste buds, and I relished the flavor as I licked up all of the nectar. Rachel’s inner lips were swollen with her lust, and my tongue probed into the seam between one of them and the outer lip. I had to tilt my head slightly to squeeze in between the labia, but it was worth anything I had to do. The texture, especially the sponginess of the inner lip, was one of the most delightful I had ever felt. I took my time, wanting to have as much fun as I could, besides giving Rachel the best time possible.

I seemed to be succeeding quite well at that latter goal. By the time I reached the end of Rachel’s inner lip, her pussy was starting to fuck up into my face. I raised my head, briefly, because I didn’t want to stay away from that delightful sensation for too long, and looked at the body of the woman whose pussy was under my face. She was thrashing around on the bed. I couldn’t see her breasts because the view was blocked by the Uşak Escort Bayan cups of her bustier, but I know they were swaying from side to side with her other movements.

Rachel’s head, elevated by her pillow, was almost as active as her body, tossing from side to side, with her eyes still closed and a smile of ecstasy on her face. I looked down at her clit and saw how it resembled a lustrous pink pearl, and how it had pushed its way entirely out from under its protective hood. With utmost delicacy, I stroked my tongue across the top of the hood, and was rewarded by an especially loud moan of pleasure and I detected the marvelous aroma of more of her pussy juices, and I knew they would taste even better than they smelled.

After bringing my mouth back to Rachel’s love hole again and devouring all the nectar she had just produced, I started thrusting my tongue between the other pair of inner and outer lips. Her movements under me became wilder; her hips started swiveling, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders like a set of pistons. She fucked harder up against my mouth too, as if trying to wrap her pussy around my face. Covering the area slowly and completely and moving my tongue rapidly, I licked and probed up to her clit hood again. Once more, I stroked across what little was still covering that little cutie, and curled my tongue around to fondle the precious swollen morsel.

“Yes! Yes! Suck my clit!” Rachel exhorted me, abandoning her French accent for the time being.

Her whole body and her head were thrashing wildly and, when I looked, I saw she had rotated her thigh muscles out, presenting her pussy to me as totally as she could. It was time, so I did what she wanted so much. Opening my mouth wide, I drew her clit in and, while my lips formed a seal at the base, I sucked, while caressing the sides and top with my tongue.

“Yes! Yes! Like that!” Rachel continued to implore me, in loud, unaccented English.

I did what she wanted, which was what I wanted too, until Rachel uttered an incoherent cry of joy and started cumming, with her thighs squeezing the sides of my head. She buried her hands in what little hair I have left and rammed my face against her pussy, while her ass bounced up and down on the bed. The reformed Frenchwoman continued rocking from side to side on her ass but, this time, her legs oscillated wildly from side to side, carrying my head a very willing prisoner.

Rachel was in the throes of cumming for almost five minutes, which were five of the most wonderful minutes of my experience. I kept my arms wrapped around her thighs and her clit nestled inside my mouth and enjoyed the wild ride. Abruptly, she climaxed, all her muscles clenching and her back arching as she rammed her pussy into my face for an ultimate time, before her body totally relaxed under me.

After her orgasm, Rachel’s legs remained draped over my shoulders, and I left them there as my tongue sluiced all the delicious juices from her thighs, belly, crotch and wherever else they had spattered. It was a sacrifice, but I left those that remained inside her love hole because they would be needed for their natural function of lubrication. I knew she would want to fuck, after catching her breath, and I certainly did too. I savored and swallowed everything I was going to allow myself, and crawled out from under her legs and got off the bed.

My cock was fully erect, so I got it even more ready for action by rolling on one of the large supply of condoms I always keep available. After that, I waited, until Rachel opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Ooo, la, la, M’sieu, you geev Rachelle zee good time wiz your mouth. I hope you can give her zee good time wiz your cock too.”

“I hope so too, Rachelle.” I got back onto the bed and knelt between her legs again.

Rachel reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart while I walked toward her on my knees, aiming my cock at the place where we both wanted it. When the end was touching the target, I moved it around to coat the tip with the plentiful juices for lubrication. When it was ready, Rachel held her lips back with her pinkies and used her other fingers to guide my cock to the center of the hole she was holding open. I gave a firm thrust, and the head squeezed between her fingers and the open lips into the wet hole where it was wanted.

“Oooo, M’sieu, zat feels zo good. Now, put eet all zee way into Rachelle’s poozy.” It was not necessary for Rachel to tell me that, but she likes to practice the accent.

Redundant or not, I set about doing what she wanted, because it was what I wanted too. I gave another push, and an inch of my hard shaft slipped inside, and Rachel murmured happily, while continuing to hold her pussy open. Following a series of strong thrusts, my cock was imbedded all the way inside her, and I could feel my pubic hair brushing against the bare skin of her pussy.

“Ooo, la, la, M’sieu, zat feel zo good. Now, you geev Rachelle zee good fucking, no?” Escort Uşak

“I geev Rachelle zee good fucking, yes.”

Before starting to give Rachel the good fucking I had promised her, I leaned all the way forward and slid my arms under hers, so my weight was supported by my elbows and knees. I would have preferred her to be totally naked, instead of still wearing the loosened bustier, but I always let my lady friends do things their way when we get together to make love.

When I was in position, Rachel reached up and held onto my shoulders. Very much wanting to keep my word, I slowly drew my cock out of the warm, tight place that was massaging it so delightfully, paused for a few seconds, and drove it all the way back inside. When she felt my cock surging into her, Rachel moved her hands to grip my upper arms and thrust her pussy forward to meet me. Our bodies came together with a satisfying, wet sound, accompanied by our mutual murmurs of delight.

Over and over, I drew back and thrust forward while Rachel’s delightful pussy met me, both of us letting the other know how good it was. Her murmurs of pleasure turned to soft cooing, a truly delightful sound. As we continued, her movements under me started becoming more erratic; she was rocking from side to side, and her ass was bouncing up and down off the bed, she was fucking back so hard. I could feel my climax building up too, and I hoped I could hold back from cumming until Rachel had reached her orgasm.

I was making our fun last as long as I could, fucking slowly and driving my cock straight in and out of her pussy, with little contact between it and Rachel’s clit. She knew that, and tacitly approved, because both of us were reveling in what we were doing, and wanting it to continue for a long time. Even so, I knew Rachel was getting closer to cumming. Her cooing had turned to blissful moans, in time to the thrusts of my cock into her pussy, and her legs had begun pistoning out and back beside my hips.

Rachel knew it too, and had a request to make. “M’sieu, Rachelle, she needs to cum. Fuck my cleet.”

I was usually familiar with what she meant in her bogus accent, but I didn’t recognize that last word, except for being part of some kinds of athletic shoes. I continued fucking her the same way, with her asking me again in the same way.

“My cleet, M’sieu. Fuck my cleet on my poozy.”

I understood her then, and I knew what she meant. I was glad to start doing what she wanted, because I knew I knew how close I was to cumming, and Rachel had just told me she was equally ready. I moved up higher on her body, and started driving my cock more down into her pussy, so her clit scraped against the top, both going in and coming out. So I could feel her luscious breasts, especially her rigid nipples against my chest, I moved her bustier slightly lower. She wanted to fuck faster too, I knew, and so did I, so I plunged my cock into her faster and harder and just as deep.

“Oooo, oui, M’sieu, like that.” She had lost some of her French accent, but that did not deter me, because I knew what we both wanted..

Rachel dug her fingernails into my arms, and matched my speed. Her moans became louder, and her body rocked just as fast from side to side while she rammed her pussy back to meet me, and her head tossed back and forth on her pillow.

“Oh! Oh! Yeah, yeah! Fuck me!” she cried out, with no accent at all.

I didn’t care how she said it, or if she said it at all because, right then, I wanted nothing more than to ram my whole shaft in and out of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy and feel her clit and my cock massaging each other. Her fingers were no longer holding my upper arms, and had gone to my shoulders. I could feel her fingernails digging into my skin, and I knew I would have some painful lacerations there after her orgasm, but the incredible things her pussy was doing for me made that annoyance even less than trivial.

Rachel’s movements were getting wilder by the second, her legs thrusting out and back past my hips, and she bucked back and forth, bouncing up off the bed to ram her pussy against me as I pounded my cock into her. Her blissful moans and whimpers may have been English, or they may have been French, but they were incoherent in any language. I knew what they meant, and that was all that counted just then.

Her climax started, and Rachel’s nails dug deeply into my shoulders, while her legs clamped onto my hips as tightly as a vise. When I drew back, she rode with me, and when I thrust forward again, I squashed her body against the bed, driving my cock even more deeply into her, and eliciting additional howls of pleasure. For almost five minutes, we continued like that; I didn’t slow down, nor did Rachel want me to.

When she climaxed, her arms and legs and the rest of her body all spasmed, hugging her even more tightly to me, and her nails dug in even more deeply. After her orgasm, Rachel seemed to melt onto the bed, like a dusky puddle. I didn’t stop or melt or even slow down; I continued driving my cock in and out of her dripping pussy, until my own pleasure welled up inside me like a geyser, and I erupted, spurting cum into my condom. I didn’t stop even then, but kept fucking her until I had ejaculated twice more, and collapsed on top of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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