My Friend’s Freaky Sister Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the story “My Friend’s Freaky Sister”

I woke up in the morning to Rachana jumping into Kelvin’s bed. She lay next to me and whispered something about her mom leaving for work. Her telling this reminded me of the fact today was Friday. While today wouldn’t be my last day here, it was my last full day here, since I was leaving for another friend’s house on Saturday. Also, today would probably be the last day we could engage in our naughty activities since tomorrow her mom wouldn’t be working. Rachana seemed to realize this too, and I could tell by how big and wide her eyes were that she wanted to resume where we left off just the day before.

Before I could even open my mouth, Rachana was already beginning to take her shirt off. While I would have loved to stay close lipped and just get on with our sexual adventures, something made me open my mouth for her to hold on for a moment. I then began to tell her how I had really enjoyed the countless times we had sex yesterday, but that I wanted to talk to her for a little bit before we were to continue.

I began pretty bluntly, by asking her why she was so damn horny, but of course I didn’t use those exact words. She began and eventually told me that her family was rather conservative, and that casual sex was a no-no. She had gone against the grain, and had several boyfriends with whom she would indulge her sexual desires. Yet eventually, she had grown apart from those boys, and with her parents now looking for her future spouse through family circles, she had been unable to sneak out to see new boys as much as she used to.

She then continued, telling me she knew her brother spied on her sometimes. She didn’t really mind, and while she wasn’t into incest, she had contemplated it. Instead, she said that she masturbated a whole lot, especially with her mom’s sex toys. Now I never expected her mom to be as freaky as Rachana, and Rachana decided to prove to me how it ran in the family.

She took my into her mom’s room, and opened up her mom’s clothing dresser. At first, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, just lingerie nicely folded in a drawer. But then Rachana took some of the underwear out and underneath were dildos and vibrators. I was almost shocked. Rachana mentioned that her mom didn’t know she would “borrow” her sex toys. She then showed me some canlı bahis of them. There was a big pink dildo with a suction cup on one end. There was also a big purple vibrator and a very small little egg like thing. My eyes were transfixed on the suction cup dildo, and Rachana noticed this. She smiled at me and asked if I wanted to see it in action.

There was a brown wooden coffee table in her parents bedroom. She took the suction cup part of the dildo and placed it on the edge of the table. She then unzipped her pants and pulled off her panties. Without taking her yes off me, she then lowered herself on top of that dildo, and began to hump it. Up and down she went, as I could see the brown lips of her pussy wrapped around the dildo, holding it tightly inside her. I began to get very hard, and before I knew it, she stopped fucking the dildo. She then tossed me a condom, and we fucked on her mom’s bed. After I had come and disposed of the used condom, she turned to me and said that was the last one.

It didn’t hit me at first, but I quickly realized that this day of fun may be prematurely abrupted. We had no car, and so we couldn’t pick up more. I asked her if she knew if her dad had any stashed away, but she said that her parents didn’t use condoms. I then asked if she had birth control pills, but she said she didn’t. I then told her, that we couldn’t do anymore because of the risks involved, and she said she had an idea.

She got on the phone and called a few of her friends. I didn’t pay attention to the calls, instead made myself something to eat. I figured she was calling to see if she could borrow a car or condoms from one of her friends. When she got off the phone, she ran up to me and was smiling from ear to ear. One of her friends had morning after pills, and so she said we could continue our activities. Now I had no prior experience with those kind of pills, and a part of me didn’t trust them. I told her about this, and while she was disappointed, we decided to mess around but not go all the way again.

We started in the shower together, me rubbing soap all over her body. I even cleaned her pubic hair with shampoo and rubbed her pussy lips as I washed her body. My penis was constantly erected, rubbing against her leg, but even though my body wanted so badly to go inside her, I knew I couldn’t.

Rachana spent most of the rest bahis siteleri of the day almost completely nude. Even when she sat to eat she would but in the buff, with her legs open and her pussy lips apart as if to tease me. I began to think that Rachana was trying to tempt me to have sex with her, but I tried my hardest to resist. She would purposely bend down in front of me and rub her body against my dick to get me hard. It was a horrible tease, and I so badly wanted to go inside of her. I nearly did when she lay on the couch, her legs spread eagle, but I stopped myself.

It was getting later in the afternoon, and within two hours her mom would be coming back from work, quickly ending our sexual field day for good. We had messed around throughout the whole day but Rachana told me she wanted to do one last thing, and that was to give me a blow job I would never forget.

As I lay on her bed, my penis pointing towards the ceiling, she stood mere inches from my cock, massaging my balls and rubbing me to get more blood in that certain part of my body. She engulfed my penis, with her tongue flickering along the sensitive head. I could see my penis poking her cheeks and with every blow, it seemed my member went deeper into her throat. It didn’t take long before I felt I was gonna blow. And blow I did. I shot a big load into her mouth and she gasped as she took it all in. She then motioned for me to look, and opened her mouth. All I could see was a white cloud, almost like smoke in her mouth. She then smiled and swallowed it all. I couldn’t believe she swallowed it all, and she pointed her tongue out to prove it.

I then laid back, slightly exhausted. Rachana though was still frisky, and began to rub my cock yet again. I told her that I thought we had done enough today, but she kept rubbing. I was soon hard again, surprisingly fast. I then zoned out as she began to give me a furious handjob. But then suddenly, I felt something wet, and looked down. Without me even paying attention, Rachana had lowered herself on top of me.

I told her to get off but she kept humping. I was about to pull out but it began to feel so good, especially now that we were doing it bareback. I gave up and just began to fuck her back. Her pubes brushed against me, almost tickling me, and I could feel her pussy lips, tight and wet, all around my shaft. I didn’t do much bahis şirketleri but lay back and let her ride me. She pushed her ass forwards as we had sex, with her chest puffing up. Although Rachana didn’t have the biggest boobs, they were bouncing now, and they were hypnotizing. I watches as they bounced up and down, completely amazed at their movement. I was so caught up in bristling of her pubic hair on my lower stomach and her jiggling nipples, that I didn’t notice I was soon going to come.

By the time I realized, it was almost too late. I told Rachana, and began to lift her off me to pull out, but she pushed me back down and began to pick up her speed. I told her to let me pull out but she just fucked me harder and harder, and soon enough, my body was getting so flush, I didn’t care anymore. I then began to shoot inside of her. With every shot her body arched forward, her tits bouncing in my face, her voice letting out a moan of ecstasy. I came more than I though my balls could ever hold. When finally I was done, Rachana lay on my chest for a good 15 minutes, while I was still very much inside her.

Eventually, she got up and my penis slipped out. I then noticed that much of my cum and oozed out of her vagina, and now was in a small pool on her bed sheet. The rest was still inside her, but it trickled out. Suddenly, Rachana let out a small queef and a glob of cum came rushing out. It was like a thick sea of giz, and she quickly cleaned it up, but not before I got a glimpse of the hot sight.

After we were done, and just before Rachana’s mom came home from work, I reminded her to get the pills from her friend. She reassured me and the next day, I left, but not before telling her to see her friend again.

Eventually, several weeks later I talked to Rachana. While it was rather short, we talked about maybe hooking up again if given the chance and a few other things. I did eventually bring up the pill topic, and what Rachana said threw me for a loop. She told me she had been feeling really bad lately, because she has lied to me. Her friend never had the morning after pills, and she was making the whole thing up, so that she could get her rocks off. I then began to freak out but she said she had checked and I had not gotten her pregnant. Even so, I said she was crazy, and we didn’t talk for a while.

One day, we finally talked, and she apologized. I forgave her and we stayed friends, yet we never got a chance to knock boots ever again. While I was bummed to never have gotten another go with her, I still reminisce about the crazy time we did have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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