My Fun Buddy

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Not too long ago I began searching for someone…fun. I don’t have time in my life for a real relationship right now but I’m constantly horny and got tired of going it alone.

My fun buddy knows me very well by now, we’re going on about 3 months and we do quite a bit. We exchanged keys about a month into our “relationship” so we could get at each other and surprise each other more easily.

Last night was one of those wonderful surprise nights. Eric, came into my bedroom, surprising me mid-masturbation, fully naked and lying on my bed with my hand stuffed up my pussy. Being that it was only about 9, he paused a second, I could barely see him through my half closed eyes, and looked me up and down before saying, “What couldn’t even wait until 10 and see if I could come over?”

Breathing heavily, I never got a chance to answer as he had rapidly stripped off his shirt, clearly too impatient to bother with his pants at the moment, and covered my body with his. He grabbed my hands, even the occupied one, and pinned them over my head before lowering his head to my neck and pressing kisses slowly up to my mouth. Eric proceeded to consume my mouth, ignoring my squirming beneath escort ataşehir him, and desperate attempts to get relief by rubbing my pussy on his thigh which was just out of my reach. I arched my back, rubbing my aching nipples against his chest, while thrusting my tongue in his mouth. Mercifully, he transferred my wrists into one hand while reaching down with the other to tease my already hardening nipple into aching hardness. As he slid his mouth down to cover my left nipple a loud moan escaped my lips and I felt him chuckle to himself at my neediness.

After catching my breath slightly, “I need you inside me, now!” Eric ignores me, continuing to suck roughly on my nipples, alternating between bites and pinches. Khowing this will make me cum, he rapidly sits up in order to slide his pants off, exposing his thick, eight inch long cock to me. He hovers over my pussy, teasing my clit with the precum soaked head, my hips arching towards him. He continues to tease me, putting his head in but not thrusting any further, lightly rubbing my clit with one hand, my hips bucking at him, begging for him to slam home, but knowing he will only do what he wants.

Suddenly kadıköy escort Eric thrusts all the way in, stretching me around him, eliciting a scream of pure pleasure out of me.

Eric begins to pound into me, grinding his hips against my clit as I feel my first orgasm threaten to overwhelm me, Eric alternating between my nipples, nipping and sucking, sending me over the edge, my body temporarily overcome with the intensity of my orgasm. He continues to use my body, my pussy spasming around him, gushing juices all over the bed beneath me.

As I begin to come down from my high, Eric gives me a slightly mischievous grin that makes me a little apprehensive. He continues to pound my pussy and reaches down with one hand to aggressively rub my throbbing clit, knowing that it’s incredibly sensitive and he will likely push me head first into another mind shattering orgasm. Wrapping my legs around his waist to feel him more deeply, I begin to pinch my nipples as I feel my soaked pussy begin to flutter around Eric’s huge dick, feeling that this orgasm is going to make me limp. On Eric’s next thrust my next orgasm wracks through my body, making it next to impossible to hold maltepe escort bayan onto consciousness, but Eric, knowing me well, leaned down and kissed me passionately, solidly keeping me with him. Pulling away from my mouth and leaning next to my ear, slowing his thrusts, Eric began to whisper, “I’m going to make you cum again, before blowing my load deep inside of you.” I shook my head weakly against him, squeezing my walls around him, trying to make him cum, but he pulled out, looking into my eyes. Laughing slightly, “oh no you don’t.” Despite my weak protests he begins to move down my body, sucking my clit hard into his mouth, thrusting three fingers into my pussy and stroking my g-spot, the location of which he now has memorized. Eric makes quick work of me, nibbling my clit and pushing my g-spot simultaneously causing me to gush all over his fingers and writhe on the bed. After lapping up my leaking juices, he climbs up and kisses me passionately with a smile on his face, before thrusting in as deeply as before, pounding at my recovering pussy, his balls tightening, then holding his thick long cock in , he proceeds to coat the insides of my tight pussy with his cum, setting off a few aftershocks of mini orgasms.

When he finishes he turns on his side, gathering me close, whispering “Now aren’t you glad I got here when I did?” Nodding against his chest, I drift off, knowing he’ll be gone when I wake up and I’ll be horny again, ready for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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