My Girlfriend’s Idea

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As the keyboard player I occasionally came into the studio to mix sessions when no real engineers were available. This session had started late but was easy. Tweaking a backing track for a nightclub performance. The client sat on the standard studio couch at the back of the room, her long legs stretched out on the small coffee table. Clarisse was a coffee colored shemale, painted lips, feminine features, tasteful breast implants. She sang at the drag shows and had been taking vocal lessons, recently bringing her voice closer to tune in her limited register.

“Please come to the show. You can tell me if the mix works.” We both knew the dense techno backing tracks generally sounded very flat and brittle in a live setting so I had EQ’d and reverbed as much as I good without a full remix. “I’ll put you on the VIP list of course.”

I had a relatively early wakeup and a girlfriend waiting at her apartment but I decided to go, being genuinely curious about whether the mix would improve things or make a mess of it.

I phoned my girlfriend while locking up the studio. “You’re going to see Clarisse?” She was incredulous.

“Yeah. I want to check the mix. I’ll ring your buzzer after the set. Figure 2am.”

“Okay,” she said, but her voice sounded weird. “Have a great night!”

The show was at the local drag bar. The stage area on the second floor was a standard industrial box. I stood by the DJ who doubled as bored soundman. Clarisse and her three songs was the only “live” entertainment that night and she strutted around the stage, voguing, posing, kind of singing and I suppose you’d call it rapping. The mixes did make give the music space, make it feel a little bigger, funkier.

After the set I shouldered my way through the queens, chasers and female fellow travelers to stick my head into the tiny maintenance closet that doubled as a dressing room. Clarisse was lounging against the wall in full triumphant diva.

“I’m so glad you’re here. What did it sound like.”

“I think it worked.”

“Oh I felt it.” Another thin drag queen was pouring shots from a bar bottle.

“You sounded amazing tonight.” The tray of shots was set on a packing crate.

“Let’s do it again,” I said and turned to leave.

“Oh please stay. I need help relaxing.” The hangers on erupted into laughter at the veiled good natured come on.

“Early wake up,” I said, and made my way out into the bar and the night.

I Maltepe Escort buzzed Cindy while checking the time. 2:45. Late, but not that late. She buzzed me in and I moved up the four flights of stairs not wanting to stand in the cramped glacial elevator. She met me at the door looking very much awake, wearing a robe over what looked like her street clothes. I moved in for a customary hello kiss but she turned away.

“You take a shower,” she abruptly pointed in the direction of her bathroom and turned away. Even in her at-home relaxed look she was stunning, enormous eyes and lips, full hips, light brown page boy haircut. I didn’t feel any smellier than usual but I quickly jumped into the hot water. Very quickly the door opened and Cindy stuck her head in. In the past this had meant shower sex but now she just collected my clothes and closed the door. I washed the soap off and dried myself, stepping into her studio kitchenette wrapped in a towel. Cindy was on the bed with her legs crossed.

“So. How was the show?”

“It was fine. The mix seemed to work. I may get that call from now on.” I could use the work. Cindy was looking at me evenly.

“So.” She paused. “Did anything happen?” I was confused.

“Happen? Nothing unusual.” She raised an eyebrow.

“No … fooling around?”

“Fooling around?” She got a stern look on her face.

“Did you have sex?” That was a question I might have expected after coming off a tour of Ohio but not from a local clubdate. We’d been going out for 6 months and I didn’t cheat. I was crazy about her.

“No … I … uh …” She looked at me with a rye smile.

“Tell the truth.” She grinned at me. ” Did you give Clarisse a blowjob?” My mouth got dry with shock and my stomach felt empty.

“No. Of course not. Strange thing to ask.”

“Well when you do I want you to tell me before we kiss or have sex. Deal?”

“Of course,” I said. “But … I don’t think …”

“Pretty soon … ” She giggled. I looked at her, a lump growing in my throat. She was stunning, her legs slightly spread, her smile curving up around her lips. “Drop the towel.” She was firm, her smile getting serious.


“Drop the towel.” I realized she wasn’t asking, she was instructing, so I let the towel drop and stood nude in front of her. That’s when I realized I was erect, my penis betraying the dry feeling in my mouth. “Look at you,” she giggled. “You’ve Cevizli Escort got a hard on.” The giggle now hit me like a burst of hot air and my erection shuddered. “You like the idea, now that you think of it.”

“Wait, what?” I was confused but betrayed by my lust and nakedness. She relaxed back on a pillow and spread her legs.

“You know what.” She pursed her lips. “I thought it was going to happen tonight but I want you ask me first.”

“I don’t understand,” I lied, realized that my words were bringing an enormous amount of heat to my cheeks. I had thought about experimenting with a guy when I was single but always figured it would be a tranny girl on her knees in front of me. Now the image of seeing Clarissa’s cock combined with the beautiful laughing face of my girl friend caused my legs to stiffen, my hands to sweat.

“Come over here,” she said. “Take my shoes off.” I walked to the edge of the bed and felt myself kneeling down in front of her. We had never had anything but vanilla sex, nothing crazier than a few new girlfriend quickees in rock bar bathrooms. This was different. I removed one shoe and then the other. She flexed a foot and, without being asked, I began kissing it. Tentatively at first, then licking and sucking her toes. Without realizing it my hands traveled to my crotch and I began to stroke myself. “Stop that,” she said. “I’ll tell you when.” I stopped. She pushed herself up and slid her sweatpants and panties off, revealing the folds of flesh I had fallen in love with over the last half year. “Come here sweetie. Lick me while I talk to you.”

I had given her head before but this was different, more electric. I placed my tongue at the top of her fold where I knew she liked it and started slow.

“I think it’s time for us to start having threeways,” she said, her breathing getting heavier as her sex got wet. “You’re going to go down on Clarrise and I want to be there to watch.” Involuntarily her words made my tongue move faster. “You’d do that for me sweetie?”

“Yes,” I choked, my voice strained with lust. She placed her hand on my head and pressed my face into her pubic hair.

“Oh that’s a good boy. Ohhhhhh …” She shuddered and rocked her hips as the orgasm rolled over her. I kept licking as another wave of orgasm made her stiffen. I had made her cum with my mouth in the past but this was way more intense. I looked up at her face, her eyes closed, her cheeks covered Atalar Escort in sweat. She relaxed back on the pillow, spent.

“That was fantastic. Oh wow.” I remained kneeling between her legs, my own orgasm waiting in my untouched penis. Cindy started laughing. “Oh stand up let me look at you.” I stood before her, naked, my entire body tense. “You have such a nice body. Did I ever tell you that?” I thought about it. No she hadn’t. “Come sit by me.” I sat next to her on the bed, timidly awash with erotic electricity.

“You’re so sexy.” She whispered in my ear.

“Thank you,” was all I could say. She started running her finger along my arm to my chest. “I want to introduce you to some things. Is that okay?” Her hand moved down to my stomach, stopping near the base of my erection but not touching it. In the past she might have gone down on me but I wasn’t expecting that now. My head was swimming.

“Uh … okay. Like what?”

“Oh you know,” she giggled and leaned over to kiss me. Our mouths were a perfect fit after months of practice and we made out for a moment. Her hand moved down to my scrotum and caressed my testicles for a moment. “What do you think?” She giggled. She brought her hand back up and stuck a finger in my mouth. I sucked it eagerly.

“Whatever you want.” She laughed.

“That’s a good boy.” She pushed me back on the bed and lay beside me. “Maybe we’ll go go for a ride. I’ll drive and you and Clarisse in the backseat.” Her hand moved quickly between my legs and she pressed her wet finger against my anus. I stiffened with the shock as she started to rub the opening. A strange heat traveled up the small of my back. She kissed me again and her finger started to penetrate me slowly. I moaned uncontrollably and found myself thrusting back at her finger. “You two make out and I get to watch you give a blowjob. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” I gasped. She kissed me passionately and her finger slide further. A charge erupted from my bottom, shooting down to my toes. With a grunt the orgasm exploded in my anus and I ejaculated, sperm shooting up onto my chest. She continued thrusting with her finger and my whole body tensed for another orgasm. I shook while my penis twitched, her other hand coming down and pressing against my testicles, pushing more sperm onto my stomach. I moaned and gasped for air as the orgasm subsided.

As we lay together she slowly withdrew her finger from my anus and planted a kiss on my cheek. Then she stood up quick and tossed me a box of tissues from her bedstand. “Remember,” she laughed. “You don’t give any blowjobs without my permission.”

“Okay,” was all I could say as I wiped myself off. I realized I was getting hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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