My Husband’s Golf Partner Pt. 02

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The typical Wednesday knock came. I open the door to find my lover, his eyes ablaze with desire, remembrance of our nights together lingering just behind them. I long to brush my lips against his, taste the sweet desire passing through us. I’m jolted into reality by Grayson’s voice behind me “Hey Adam, come get a beer and sit for a while.”

I allow Adam to pass by me. His hand secretly cupping my left breast, his thumb grazing my hard nipple through my shirt. His eyes never losing contact.

I gather myself and follow him to the kitchen, watching his ass, which fills out his golf pants so nicely. I long to reach out and touch it.

In the kitchen Grayson has 3 beers on the counter and a bottle of Fireball with 3 shot glasses. “Join us, Carlie.” He waves me over. “Hey listen, there’s a private party at the golf course tonight, but it’s mostly contained to the clubhouse so the manager Frank said we could have the run of the course if we’re interested. I thought it’d be fun to bring Carlie with us. We could take our time, get wicked drunk, and see how shitty we can golf.”

Adam meets my eyes. A look of panic sets in both of us as we realize I have never even stepped foot on a golf course.

“Only if I can drive the cart and just watch. I’d love to watch the two of you all manly out there with your balls.” I take another shot, feeling the hot liquid shoot bravery down my throat, possibilities of the evening events bouncing around in my head. “Maybe you can both teach me a thing or two together.” I put a hand on each of their shoulders, hoping I hadn’t crossed a line, but secretly hoping they both got my meaning and we’re ready to jump on that particular train.

Grayson looked from Adam to me and back to Adam again. For a second I feared he was going to out us, call me out on my infidelity. “This sounds like it’s going to be fun.” He leaned down and kissed me, his tongue parting my lips; the kiss deep, hungry, taking ownership. He whispers in my ear “Dress appropriately darling, it’s going to get hot on the course.” Grayson slaps me on my ass and heads to the door. “I’ll load up the clubs, meet you guys out here while you get ready.”

My eyes meet Adam’s. He looks terrified. He raises an eyebrow at me. I step close so our bodies are nearly touching. I run my hand down his stomach, past his belt and feel his cock, already hardening through his pants. “Trust me, Adam. I know what I’m doing here.”

I’m halfway up the stairs before I hear him say “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

I pull out a sundress. It’s short; so short that if I bend over you can see just about everything. I’ll have to volunteer to pick up some balls for the boys, let them see what’s waiting for them.

When I get to the truck Adam is in the driver’s seat. Grayson’s waiting outside the passenger door. He gestures for me to enter first. Sit in the middle, between the two men. I climb in and as I do I give Grayson a full view of my backside, including the lack of underwear. He runs his hand up my leg and over my ass, running his thumb along my slit. Ahead of me I see Adam, not sure if he can see the invasion behind me, but his eyes are locked on my chest, my sundress dipping just enough to give him full view of my braless chest. He smiles and shakes his head and whispers “God damn.”

I move away from my husband’s gradually intruding thumb and sit down. Next to me, Adam’s hard cock is straining Sakarya Escort to get out. Grayson sits down to my right, his left hand on my knee, his fingers stroking my inner thigh, teasing. Adam reaches over to turn the radio, as he does His arm touches my breast and my breath catches. He seems to take an awful long time changing the station.

“Hey Adam, If you want to touch my wife’s tits you don’t have to pretend to change the station. She’s practically begging you to.” Adam’s hand drops to my left leg, his fingers basically making the same teasing motion as Grayson’s. I look at my husband. He looks from Adam’s hand on my leg to me and smiles. He leans closer to my ear and whispers “just enjoy it.”

I plan on it.

I look at Adam’s hand and look at him, the grin on his face priceless.

We load their clubs in the cart and head for the first hole.

“Boys, I think we should make this game more interesting.” I announce. “This course has 18 holes and I have 3. Whoever wins each hole gets to come fill one of mine.”

“What if it’s a tie?” Grayson asks amused.

“Then it’s my lucky day.” I watch the boys as they contemplate the wager. Grayson sticks his hand out to Adam to shake, sealing the terms of the bet.

Hole one: The boys are intense. Grayson hits the ball the farthest, but Adam wins the hole, beating him by one stroke. They both turn to me. I walk up to Adam standing at the hole, club still in hand. My lips meet his, my tongue running across, parting his lips. My hand undoes his belt buckle and i lower his pants. I bring the head of his dick into my mouth, sucking on the bulbous end, stroking the shaft. I feel the velvety skin across my tongue. I bring him farther in, opening my throat for his invasion, I suck him in and out, farther each time until my mouth is up against the base of his dick. He’s moaning, his hands on my head, pumping his hips. He thrusts a few final times sending streams of cum down my throat. I swallow his delicious load and give him one last deep kiss, giving him his own taste, wishing I could have more.

On my way back to the cart Grayson grabs my hand and pulls me in “That was fucking hot, Babe.” His mouth lowers to mine, his tongue is in my mouth and he’s tasting what’s left of Adam in my mouth.

“You need to wait your turn, husband.” I saunter off to the cart and wait for the boys.

Hole 2: Grayson must want his turn because he Eagled this hole. He pumped his fists in victory. I walk over and start the same routine. I unbuckle his pant and pull them down. His cock is nearly the same size as Adam’s and it tastes just as sweet. Grayson, used to fucking the mouth currently wrapped around his dick, treats it with a little less respect. His hands tightly fisting my hair he violently pumps his hips fucking my mouth like it was a cunt. “oh fuck yea baby, suck my dick.” He pulls out at the last minute and shoot his load in my face, stroking it as he does to get as much out as possible. He uses his empty dick to rub some of the cum off my face and into my mouth. I clean the last of the cum off his dick. He pulls me up by my hair “Now go kiss Adam, let him find out what I taste like in your mouth.”

I walk over to Adam, unsure how he’s going to feel about this particular turn, but as I get closer he pulls me in by my dress and attacks my mouth, his mouth feasting on mine like crazy, tasting my husband’s Sakarya Escort Bayan cum through me.

These boys are much dirtier than I had bargained for and my pussy ached from the thought of it.

Hole 3: Their minds and their balls clear, they seemed to both step up their game. They both parred the hole and turned to look at me, waiting for their feasting. I walk over to my husband and whisper my plan to him. “Lay down on the grass on your back, Adam.” He does as he’s told and I pull off my sundress. I get on all fours above him, my wet crotch inches from his face. I lower myself to him. Adam’s tongue begins a journey of rediscovery, licking my inner folds, fingers sliding in and out, tongue flicking my hard clit. Grayson kneels behind me and spreads my ass cheeks. He licks one finger and begins circling my tight hole. I’m rocking my hips to both of them, begging for more. Grayson’s tongue licks my ass hole, enters it. I can feel the ecstacy rising, Adam’s mouth feasting my cunt and Grayson’s ravishing my asshole. My body shudders as my pussy seeps fountains of cum down onto Adam’s face. Grayson, feeling left out, abandons my ass and joins Grayson at my wet hole, one tongue on my clit, the other parting my lips and lapping up all my juices, at times their tongues seem to be fighting for control, and at others they seem to be dancing. I collapse on the grass. It takes me a minute to gain composure and put my dress back on. So far, hole 3 is my favorite.

Hole 4: Adam wins. All I want is him on top of me, pumping in and out of me, his chest on mine. I lay down on the grass and spread my legs, motioning him over. He immediately drops his pants and gets on his knees between my legs, his eyes locked on my glistening hole. He enters me quickly and easily as I’ve been a slick mess all day waiting for a dick inside me. I moan and arch my back. His eyes as he rams me are full of lust and need. I grind my pelvis against him his dick rubbing against my clit and my G-spot at the same time causing me to drop off the edge. My nails dig into his lower back, pushing him deeper into me. I see Grayson out of the corner of my eye, his hand stroking his cock furiously as he watches his wife get plowed in the grass by another man. As Adam finishes inside me his face drops to my neck, his hot breath on me as he sucks and licks. I hear a moan escape from him that is only audible to my ear. His mouth raises to my ear and he whispers “holy fuck Carlie.” Grayson has walked close to us and his cock twitches in his hand and he shoots his load of hot cum all over Adam’s back. My hand gathers it up and with Adam still on top of my I lick my fingers, sucking Grayson’s cum into my mouth. Adam grabs my hand and as he looks into my eyes he lowers his mouth onto my finger slowly, as if it were a tiny cock, all the way down and back up again, licking my fingers clean of my husband’s cum.

Never mind, hole 4 is my favorite.

Hole 5: I’m beginning to wonder how many more holes I can take. We’re only halfway through. Grayson easily beats Adam on this hole, but I suspect Adam let him win this one. Adam marches over to me in the cart, bends me over and lifts my dress and slams himself deep into me. He cries out on the first thrust. I feel his hand reach up and grab my neck, squeezing, while he slams against me. I feel his cock deep into me, the head pounding into my cervix. I feel his balls Escort Sakarya slapping against. I look up at Adam. He’s got his cock in his hand now stroking it, but he’s not watching me, he’s watching Grayson as he’s unloading in me, hard thrust after hard thrust. Adam doesn’t come that time, but quickly puts his cock away.

Hole 6: It’s a tie. “Get naked boys” I announce and shed my dress. The boys take off all their clothes. I walk up and grab both of them by their beautiful cocks and drop to my knees begin stroking them both with each hand. Their cocks are both in my face, the boys a mere 6 inches apart. I look up at them and they’re looking down on me, ready to pounce. I grab Grayson’s hand and put it on Adam’s cock and say “I could use some help” and lower my mouth on Grayson’s dick. As I’m pleasuring my husband with my mouth I can feel the movement behind me, he’s jerking off Adam. Suddenly a little jealous of his hand touching Adam’s beautiful member, I turn back to Adam and replace Grayson’s hand with my mouth. As if reading my mind, my lover takes his hand from my hair and begins moving it up and down my husband’s shaft. I pull Adam out of my mouth and begin stroking them both faster. As I do, above me I see their mouths meet. Two friends bonding over one woman. I watch their tongues wrestle above me while I simultaneously jerk them both. Grayson’s hand grabs Adam’s ass. I feel their cocks begin to twitch in my palms and at the same time they spray a shower of cum all over each other and onto me. Their mouths separate and they stroke their own dicks, milking all they can out onto me.

Hole 6 is a winner for sure.

Hole 7. They’re not concentrating anymore and they both triple bogey the hole. I wag my finger at them and tell them that I’m ashamed of them and that all of my holes are closed for maintenance until they can get their acts together.

Hole 8. They both are one under par. Apparently they want back in my good graces. Watching them work so hard has gotten me worked up anyway. I instruct my husband to lay down in the grass. I climb on top, my lips parting for his hard cock as it enters me. I lower my mouth to his and kiss him, while rocking my hips over his throbbing cock. Adam is removing his clothes. A look from him tells me that no instructions were needed on where I wanted him. I feel him behind me, his hands run down my back and over my ass. The tip of his dick pushing against my asshole as I rock back into it as my husband’s dick occupies my other hole. Slowly he stretches the tight ring open. With so much cock inside me there’s barely room for them to move, but we move in a rhythm, two cocks sliding in and out. I have four hands on me, Adam’s on my hips guiding me to the pleasure of three people, Grayson’s on my tits, twisting and pulling my nipple, his mouth flicking the other. The sensation of being fully filled by these two men at once is too much and I’m climbing into ecstasy. I tighten around them and shudder, crying out. They both speed up their thrusts, thrusting at each other with me in between. I feel their hot cum shoot inside me and running out of me, covering their balls.

Hole 8 was unbeatable.

Hole 9. I’m sore as hell, covered in cum. I don’t care who wins or what they do to me. It’s a tie. They both bogey. I suggest we just go home. We’ve filled all my holes to capacity and we all desperately need a shower. The boys look at each other and then at me. Grayson says “That sounds great. We might have to go out golfing again next week. Maybe we could add a couple more holes to the wager.” Grayson looks down at Adam’s cock and smiles.

Grayson whispers in my ear “I think we both have a golf partner now.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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