My Last Summer Before College Ch. 04

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I stayed at Jolene’s that weekend. I was right, my parents weren’t too happy. Maggie came over to visit the next morning. we brought each other up to speed regarding the past year. I apologized for being a hermit promising not to do it again. I really enjoyed her company this time. It was weird because we usually were at odds with one another before I left for school. Now we were not only were sisters we were actually friends. Our time apart made us both aware that we are family, not rivals. She didn’t mention the foal as being part mine. Maybe she would as we headed out to the barn to see it. Maybe she was saving it for my birthday or Christmas present.

I realized I needed to make some big decisions and soon. School in New York wasn’t for me. I liked the rural lifestyle that I had returned to. I looked at colleges closer to home and majors that better suited the new me.

I found one within twenty miles of home that I could easily commute to. I called them to inquire about transferring my existing credits along with any qualifications I needed to meet. It would take some doing but working together we could get it completed before the Fall semester. All of my general education credits would be honored and I actually got extra credit for a couple of classes.

I changed my major to agribusiness. Jolene thought that was a good move if I were going to stay rural. My parents naturally were a bit skeptical, questioning my decision. I explained to them that New York wasn’t for me. It would also be less expensive at the local college and I’d be closer to home which persuaded them to support my decision.

I spent every minute I could at Jolene’s. Most weekends I spent Saturday nights at Jolene’s. Sundays were always with my parents. Maggie would spend some Saturday nights there with us. That’s when Jolene and I had to sneak around so she wouldn’t find out about our relationship or just abstain from anything romantic. I hate to say it but, it was the last weekend in August that our secret was discovered.

Jolene and I had finished cleaning out stalls. Maggie had taken one of the horses out on a ride to check the fences. We both thought she’d be gone longer than she than we needed so we decided to take a shower together.

We were like two school girls playing grab ass and tickling each other as we ran from the barn to the house anxious to get naked with each other. It had been a week and we were both frisky as heck. Once inside we began stealing kisses from each other. We got undressed teasing each other as we peeled off our stinky clothes. I made it to the large tile and glass enclosed shower first, turning on the water while waiting for Jolene I tested it with with my toes. She decided to be real stealthy. She snuck up on me while I was inside adjusting the temperature not paying any attention to the door.

She wrapped her arms around my waist which startled me. She nearly gave me a coronary. I playfully admonished her for that then pressed my tush between her legs. Her lovely nipples pressed into my back as the warm water cascaded over us. We stood there embracing, my cheeks massaging her mound in a slow sensual dance while her breasts toured my backside.

Jolene, the practical one, snapped us out of our dirty dance when she reminded me Maggie was out riding and we needed to hurry. I lamented grabbing the body wash from the soap tray.

We took turns soaping each other down trying not to get our hair wet. Being the horny little minx, I made sure I took my time massaging Jolene’s exquisite body with the soapy gel. I had ulterior motives which needed quenching. I figured Maggie would be gone long enough to satisfy my lust.

I began on her muscular tush, massaging it with both hands and the body wash. I had her stand outside the shower steam so I wouldn’t get my hair wet while I worked my way down her long delicious legs. I took my time going over each calf. I ran my hands up and down each leg from cheek to heel then back again. My hands wrapping around each leg in unison making sure I covered every delicious inch.

At the top of each motion I’d slip my hand around to her front to tease her sweetness. Initially, she cautioned me about playing around. I simply ignored her reminder. Continuing to tease despite the warnings. After a four or five teases, lust overtook her mind. She turned around leaning back against the wall. She spread her legs, placing her pussy in my face.

I looked up at her with a big grin, I had won. There before me was the prize I had been seeking. I grabbed her cheeks with both hands and planted my face between her legs.

Her eyes closed, her long fingers sifted through my hair as she adjusted her stance. I licked and kissed to my heart’s content. I could feel her arousal building as I drank from her silken cup. She kept uttering that we were going to get caught but she didn’t prevent me from continuing my work.

My tongue swirled within her sweetness, lapping, sucking, and exploring bursa escort bayan as I squeezed her cheeks keeping her exactly where I wanted her. I was where I wanted to be, making love to the woman I adored. I knew we were short on time so I focused Jolene’s clit. Running my tongue over it I brought Jolene to brink of a wet and soapy climax.

It was Jolene’s outbursts of enthusiasm that made Maggie curious. She had gotten back early from checking the fences. After putting the horse away she had looked around wondering where we were. So, Maggie being Maggie came inside the house looking for us.

She found us alright. Jolene just happened to open her eyes and saw Maggie standing in the doorway. She jumped straight up which caused me to fall back on my ass.

I yelled at my love, “What are you doing? I wasn’t done!”

She looked at me sitting there under the shower steam flat on my ass. She pointed towards the door. I turned my head and saw my little sister standing in the doorway, her arms across her chest. She had a serious look on her face as she shook her head. Jolene shut the shower off as I regained my composure.

“Um, hi Maggie. We were just taking a shower. The stalls were really disgusting.”

Her voice was calm as she replied, “Looks like more than just a shower to me. I thought something was going on between you two. Now I know.”

Jolene and I scrambled out of the shower bumping into each other as we went for towels. We each covered up after fumbling around while Maggie watched the whole thing, a big grin on her face.

“Well, the cat’s out of the bag. We’re not going to lie to you. It is exactly what you saw. Your sister and I are lovers and we’re in love and have been for quite some time.” Jolene said as a matter of fact.

“It’s okay, I suspected something was going on. I really don’t care. I’m happy for you both. Oh, Nice abs, Jolene” Maggie grinned.

“Are you going to tell mom and dad?” I wondered noticing the grin on Maggie’s face.

“No, why would I tell them? You and Jolene should. I mean it’s your relationship. I know mom and dad won’t be thrilled. Jolene is almost twice your age.”

Jolene and I looked at each other each knowing we should have done that a long time ago.

“You’re right, Maggie, we should,” Jolene sighed.

“So, how did all this happen?” Maggie wondered.

“Let us get dressed and we’ll tell you the story.” Jolene lamented.

Maggie headed to the kitchen while Jolene and I got dressed. We quietly talked to each other glad she didn’t get upset or threaten us in any way. She was quite calm about it.

I held Jolene’s hand as we walked into the kitchen. Finally, I thought I don’t have to hide anymore. Maggie was sitting at the table sipping on an iced tea. I sat down near her while Jolene poured some for us. We sat there for at least an hour as Jolene and I took turns telling my sweet sister how we eventually got together and fell in love. Maggie sat though it all looking like she wanted to ask questions but she just kept looking at us as we talked, mesmerized. When we had finished telling her all but the sex parts the only thing she could say was “wow”.

I promised both Jolene and Maggie I would tell mom and dad after dinner. Maggie said she would be there for support. She really loved our story and hoped someday she’d find a guy that would sweep her off her feet like Jolene had done to me. We finished up our chores for the day. I was dreading the talk with my parents but, I wanted to get it over with. Even with Maggie there I was going to be very nervous. I was more worried about what dad would say than mom. Jolene decided it wasn’t right or fair for me to do this without her. So, she followed us home in her truck.

When we pulled up mom was working in the yard with dad helping. I walked up to them sheepishly asking if we could talk inside. I got a quizzical look from both of them wondering what my problem was.

We went in to the family room. I had everyone sit as I stood facing them. I felt like I was giving a speech back at school. I was definitely nervous. I looked to both Maggie and Jolene for support. As mom asked if everything was alright. Dad just sat with his arms folded and waited for the worst.

I cleared my throat then took a deep breath, “Mom, Dad, I’m a lesbian and I’m in love with Jolene.”

The room which was already quiet felt like a mausoleum. They looked at each other, me, Jolene and back to each other. I waited for some type of reaction, anything, anything at all. Nothing was said. Mom and dad sta there with blank looks on their faces.

Finally, Maggie got up, her arms wide. She walked over and hugged me. I began to cry as I hugged her back.

My parents stood, looked at Jolene then left the room. I was heart broken, they could have at least said something.

“Well, I guess I better go and let you work this out.” Jolene sighed as she stood to leave.

The three of us hugged, bursa anal yapan escort the tears flowing freely. We walked Jolene out to her truck regretting our decision. As we hugged the last time my parents walked outside. We paused unsure of what they were going to say or do.

My mother spoke first, “So, this is why you’ve been so quiet and the reason behind your school change?”

I nodded, I felt like I was being scolded, “yes ma’am.”

Dad was next, “We’d like to have a talk with Jolene in private please.”

“Now?” I managed.

‘Yes, now. If you don’t mind.” Mom retorted as if I shouldn’t have asked.

“Of course, here or inside?” Jolene replied.

“Here is fine,” My father’s tone was calm and direct. Maggie escorted me back into the house. We quickly took up positions at the front windows to watch. My dad with his arms folded began talking first. We couldn’t figure out what they were saying. There was no yelling, no screaming, no signs to give away what was going on. My little sister and I hoped for the best but feared the worst. After about thirty minutes all three walked back into the house. We met them just as they entered the door each wearing a non-committal look on their faces. My dad ushered us back into the living room where we took sits so he could address us.

He began, “We’ve talked with Jolene and we’ll probably be talking a lot more. Your mother and I are concerned about a few things. One, we live in a fairly small community and wonder what, if any reaction there will be regarding you two in a same sex partnership and two, the age difference.”

Mom broke in, “We want you to know we love you Christine, and we respect Jolene. It’s the age thing we’re having problems with. You have your whole life ahead of you sweetheart and committing yourself so young concerns us.”

Dad jumped back in, “The age difference between you two is the main thing. If this were a boy we’d have the same reaction. We briefly discussed this with Jolene and we’ll talk about it more. We understand from Jolene you want to move out there with her. Again, your mother and I will have to talk about that. Your college financial aid will change because you”re no longer our dependent. I’m sure there are other things we haven’t thought of. For now we can’t think of any. We see no reason why you shouldn’t be happy.”

It seemed like a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Maggie and I ran to mom and dad along. We hugged and I think dad almost cried. Finally, of course I hugged Jolene.

“So, now that all the drama is done, can I offer you something to drink, Jolene?”

My mother, the perfect hostess stood up. She opened her arms to embrace Jolene. My father hesitated a bit then hugged her too. Jolene thanked them for being such great parents to me. She promised she’d take good care of me as long as I wanted to be there. Maggie and I went up to my room and stuffed all we could into a couple of suitcases. I could come back later for the rest of my stuff. If mom and dad approved of my living arrangements. We all walked out to Jolene’s truck. I tossed the bags in the back then kissed and hugged everyone good bye. Jolene and I climbed in, took a look at each other with big grins and headed back to “OUR” house. There were still quite a few things to iron out. I was one happy girl looking forward to living with Jolene and a new direction in my life.

I couldn’t believe telling my parents had gone as easily as it did. I guess my being as aloof as I had been the last year had affected all of us. Maggie and I didn’t fight and weren’t jealous of each other as we once were. My parents had become more like friends than parents. Maybe I was maturing and didn’t really see it right away.

Maggie continued to come over on weekends sometimes even spending the night. It was really nice having her around. We’d sit, talk, sip wine and just enjoy each others company.

One Friday night we were sitting around relaxing in the hot tub when one of Jolene’s friends came over unexpectedly. I’d met her before, she had been a rodeo princess along with Jolene when they were in High School.

We’d been drinking wine for a bit, Maggie was staying the night so she was drinking too. Lisa joined right in and the four of us sat around in the tub sipping wine and telling stories. Lisa was a knock out, she’d taken advantage of her looks and being a rodeo princess to make some connections. Upon graduating college she modeled for a few years then started her own agency.

As the night wore on, our wine consumption combined with the warm water left us all feeling very relaxed. Jolene was the first to remove her top. Lisa soon followed leaving Maggie and I as the only ones with covered breasts. I was a bit hesitant with Maggie there. After all she is my little sister. Between Jolene’s and Lisa’s goading and the wine I finally removed mine. Maggie was surrounded by bare boobs bursa rus escort and very lovely bare boobs in my opinion.

Maggie looked a bit uncomfortable. I told her she didn’t have to stay if she didn’t want to. Maybe it was our old sibling rivalry or just the wine but, she stayed and took all the kidding from Jolene and Lisa.

Jolene and Lisa were sitting with Maggie between them. Jolene had the wine bottle and was playing bartender. Every time Lisa needed her glass refilled which seemed to be more often than the rest of us. She’d stand up and reach past Maggie. Her boobs right in front of my little sister’s face. She’d wait for her glass to be refilled massaging her augmented beauties inches from Maggie. I could tell Maggie was uncomfortable with Lisa’s boobs that close to her face so I asked that she stop doing that.

Lisa being Lisa asked “Doing what?”

“Sticking your boobs in my little sister’s face like that. Can’t you see it makes her uncomfortable?”

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed. Do my boobs make you uncomfortable, Maggie?”

She massaged them once more in a provocative manner acting as if she didn’t know what she was doing. Just being an obnoxious drunk in my opinion.

“Um just a bit, Lisa. I’m straight and even though they are lovely. I just don’t need them in my face if you don’t mind.”

Lisa apologized, “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie. I won’t do it any more. My apologies to you and to you, Christine.”

“It’s okay, Lisa and thanks. I’ve had enough wine anyway and this hot tub is making me sleepy. Think I’ll call it a night.”

We all said good night as she left the tub. She dried herself off as we all sat there watching her. I felt bad for her. I decided to have a talk with Jolene about Lisa after we went to bed.

The three of us stayed until the bottle had been finished which may have been half an hour. Lisa apologized again which was nice of her. I could tell she was feeling no pain. Jolene did too because she knew Lisa was teasing Maggie.

We cleaned up and shut down the tub. We hugged each other good night then stumbled a bit to our rooms. Jolene and I both fell asleep quickly due to the wine and hot water. I was tired and with the apologies I didn’t want to start something before going to bed.

We all got up late probably due to the wine. It was nice sleeping in for a change. The horses needed to be fed so Maggie and I headed out after breakfast leaving Jolene and Lisa. It was the normal routine which we accomplished a bit slower than normal. By the time we got back to the house Lisa had left. We sat down for lunch. Just as we started to eat Maggie decided to tell us a little story about what happened after we went to bed. Jolene and I were all ears.

I waited until you and Jolene were asleep or at least your door was closed. Then I went to Lisa’s room. She was topless and feeling no pain. Dressed only in her panties she was getting ready for bed. She was about to go brush her teeth when I slipping though the partially open door.

“Lisa, can we talk for a bit?” I awkwardly inquired.

I think I may have scared her a bit because she jumped.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions without Jolene or Christine around. If that’s okay with you.”

“Um, sure Maggie. What would you like to talk about? Wait, let me brush my teeth first, okay?”

“I can wait, no problem.”

She smiled back at me pausing at the door. She apologized for the boob in the face thing again. I told her I was over it, not to worry about it. She went to brush her teeth and when she came back in put her stuff away. She sat down next to me on the bed and with a goofy grin asked, “What do you have on your mind, Maggie?”

I took a deep breath, “Your boobs. Are they augmented or enhanced or whatever it’s called? I couldn’t help but notice since they were in my face so much. They are rounder and I guess firmer than Jolene’s. Not that I’ve touched hers. You two are close in age, right?”

She laughed, “Yes Maggie I’ve had an augmentation. I modeled for years before starting my own agency. I need to look good even at my advanced age of thirty-seven.”

I continued with my questions as we sat. She actually was nice not like she had been earlier. I thought she was more of a snarky bitch when we were in the tub teasing me like she did.

“Do you mind if I ask what it cost? I’m thinking about it, if I had enough money.”

She stopped me right there. “Maggie, you don’t need a boob job. Yours are perfect. I did mine because I made more money with them. If I had to do it over again I wouldn’t. I’ve even thought about having them removed because they do look fake. They don’t feel as if they are fake if you touch them. Would you like to see?”

I had been staring at them while we were talking, so it was a legitimate question.

“Umm, that’s okay. I’m sure they feel like real boobs.”

She grabbed my hands placing one on each boob. My eyes widened as her hands guided mine massaging each one.

“So, straight girl, do they feel real?” She grinned continuing to massage herself with MY hands.

“I wish you would quit calling me that. I can’t help it if I’m straight just like Jolene or Christine or you can’t help being what you are.”

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