My Mom’s Friends Ch. 04

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CHAPTER 4: My First Service

Quick recap: After months living what I thought was a secret double life, servicing my mothers’ friends I am told by my mother to report to the women’s health club as she has lined up a job for me. While there I meet Mrs. O rather intimately and am shocked to listen in as my mother discusses my performance… Clearly, she knows what this job entails!


I heard the door close behind my mother and felt Mrs. O slide her chair slightly forward, just enough for my tongue to reach her still moist cunt lips. It was obvious what she expected, but she grabbed my head and pushed me into her waiting quim. I started slowly as I had been taught, speeding up as Mrs. O began to grind into my young mouth. Soon she was moving my head up and down, using me as an oral fuck toy, her cum beginning to run down my chin as I felt her shiver, then relax.

“Ricky” she said sharply. My assistant Anna Yuan is going to give you a quick orientation then put you to work. Today you only have 3 clients, there were 4, but for some reason one backed out.” She said with an odd smile. “I expect you to treat them well.”

“Anna!” she yelled out, facing the hidden door, which promptly opened, revealing a slender, unsmiling Asian woman, slightly shorter than Mrs. O or my mother, like a sexy Asian housemaid. Her long black hair was pulled into a ponytail which she had pulled over her right breast. Standing in front of two such beautiful but different women fully nude should have been embarrassing, but in this setting, it seemed perfectly normal. Anna was wearing a short black skirt and white blouse. I could see her nipples protruding through the thin material, her long slender legs encased in dark, sheer nylons, a red garter just showing under the skirt on her left leg. She and Mrs. O exchanged a meaningful look, the meaning of which I could not imagine until Mrs. O abruptly said “Be nice to him… today”. A slight nod being the only indication that Anna had heard her. Looking down at my semi erect cock, “Come” was all she said.

I followed. We went out and to the last door on the right as before, into the men’s locker room.

“Ricky” she said as she pointed to a door adjacent to the locker room. “That is the rear entrance, from here on out you enter and leave thru there.” Entering the locker room she began “I think you know where your cloths are, in future just use any open locker. You can trust the other boys not to steal from you, but for this shift we are a bit short handed, there are only five of you, I doubt you will bump into anyone, but if you do, we discourage talking. Remember, you are on display!” Reaching into a pocket in her skirt she pulled out a black permanent marker. Leaning forward I could feel her drawing on my right pectoral. “Ricky, your number is 6. From here on out” she said, handing me the marker, “draw a 6 on your chest just like this after you clean up for your shift.” Being numbered was oddly humiliating, but it felt right for some reason I would have to think about later.

As before I noticed the sign over the mirror begin flashing, jumping from 1 to 3 to 5 in seconds. “You are already popular Ricky!” Anna said with a slightly demeaning smile. “Did Mrs. O explain the signage to you?”

“No ma’am, she didn’t” I said, sensing that a longer reply would not be welcome.

“Well you see Ricky. Behind those mirrors is the Pink Key Lounge where our members wait for their showers and receive certain other services, they can watch everything that goes on in here, and for fun we let them rate how you look. That sign is just for fun, the one over there” she said pointing to a computer screen recessed into the wall “is where you will receive your instructions and stall assignment. OH, here is your first customer!” she said, genuinely smiling for the first time. “I have no idea who it is, but you see it says 6-sh2, that means attendant 6, you, to shower 2. Down here you can see any pre-selected treatments. The list is simple, our I.T. guy is working to make it nicer, but for now you can sell all the options, with the selected items highlighted. If nothing is highlighted, just go with the flow, the member will direct you.”

On the screen I saw:

•Full package

•As instructed

•Oral sex before shower

•Full shower, with hair

•Full shower no hair

•Sex organ scrub only

•Oral sex in the shower



oOther: Fill in the blanks


•Conventional sex (penetration) discouraged

Only As Instructed was highlighted.

“OK Ricky, this way” she said exiting the locker room to the rear, walking past the unusually low urinals, the mirror coming down to just above my knees… Did the women in the lounge watch us pee?

“Now Ricky,” Anna said, her accent altering my name slightly, very sexy. “There are a few rules, and some things you need to know.”

“First, you are NEVER to speak to the member you are Beylikdüzü Escort servicing. Remember, your job is to be something of a shower fixture. Your title is Attendant, but you are here for the pleasure of our members and to service their needs.”

“Always do as you are told. We discourage our members from talking to you, but occasionally one will. Please do not respond unless asked a direct question.”

“Also, you will not know which member you are servicing before they join you in the shower. For all I know your first guest could be someone you know, a relative, one of your mother’s friends, someone you thought liked you, a friend’s mother. Do not react. They pay a lot for their membership; every shower experience is theirs to direct. Any questions?”

My mind was reeling. What had I, or my mother gotten me into?

“Ma’am, I do have one question if I may.” I said meekly. Her expression clearly reflected her annoyance, but “Go ahead” she replied.

“Does my mother know what goes on here?”

Her reaction was not what I expected. She laughed out loud, looking me in the eye. It felt like she laughed for a long time, at me, not with me. I felt truly humiliated, degraded even.

“Ricky, your mother has been a member here for the past few years. She is earning her way up, but you will learn more about the other perks we offer once you have been here for a while.”

Not knowing how I felt about this I simply nodded.

Handing me a blue pill and a black rubber ring, “Ok Ricky, thru that door” she said pointing past the urinals. “The stalls are clearly marked, yours is

, just stand in the nook until your guest arrives. Put that cock ring on now and leave it on at all times, and ALWAYS remove all of the hair between your legs. REMEMBER THE RULES!” her last words barked out with an authoritarian air.

The door opened easily, I could see 10 shower stalls, all clearly marked, steam seeping from the tops of several of the solid metal doors. After pushing the black ring to the base of my young cock, I proceeded to the shower marked


The shower was not what I expected. First, my door was clearly a rear entrance. Once inside I was standing in a nook, adjacent to the main shower stall, tiled in white with grey accents. A low bench was to my right, opposing shower heads on the opposing walls.

Standing there naked I was a bit chilly, my erection receding in spite of the blue pill. Fortunately, I did not have to wait long.

Across from me the main shower door was frosted glass, I could see the shadow of a woman on the other side bending over as she removed her shoes. A hand with nails polished in pink grabbed the top of the shower door to hold herself steady. The hand slipped away, and I could see my first customer (how else could I think of her?) removing all her clothing, finally bending over to remove her panties.

For a moment she stood facing the door, as if reading herself. I could smell both her perspiration and a subtle perfume. The door opened, revealing Libby, my mothers’ friend, and the neighbor I had serviced so often. Not saying a word, she entered, glanced at my now erect member, and sat on the bench, spreading her long legs.

What she expected was clear, I knelt and licked up her sweaty right thigh, finally placing my hands on her tight ass while nuzzling her rank pussy, cleaning it while trying not to react to the overwhelming stench. Her breathing increased quickly. Having serviced her so many times before I made her come quickly. She pulled my face hard into her pussy as her juice flowed into my eager mouth, not letting me move as her orgasm subsided.

She abruptly stood up, nearly knocking me over and said ‘Alexa, both showers on for Libby”. After a moment both showers sprang to life, spraying us both with water exactly the right temperature.

Libby finally looked me in the eye, her expression annoyed. After a moment she cleared her throat and glanced at a shelf I had not noticed at first, two bottles of shampoo, a vial of lube, soap and a scrubby neatly laid out.

As Libby leaned forward under the shower, I gathered some of the shampoo in my hands, readying myself to wash her lovely hair. She eventually leaned back, allowing me to run my hands over her scalp, my fingers separating her locks into separate strands. The shampoo was lovely, a light fragrance, lathering up quickly. After a few minutes of this, Libby leaned forward again, rinsing her hair. Sensing an opportunity, I massaged her shoulders briefly, she didn’t seem to mind.

After applying the conditioner Libby handed me the soap, pushing my hand away when I reached for the scrubby. Assuming she wanted me to use my hands only, I lathered them up and began but it was unsettling having her just look at me, not speaking.

She closed her eyes and turned her back to me. Starting with her neck I made my way over her shoulders and gently rubbed her armpits when she raised her arms. Feeling it Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan worth the risk, I slowly slid my hands toward her lovely breasts. Sensing no resistance, I soon had an ample breast in each of my young hands! My already erect cock began to move of its own accord, now pressing up against her ass.

With an annoyed sigh Libby reach up and retrieved a bottle of the same lotion we had used before to desensitize my cock. Once applied I knew I was unlikely to come any time soon, but I could still feel the same arousal I had felt every time my mother had sent me to service her friends.

Eventually finishing with her breasts, I ran my hands down her flat belly, gently cleaning her as I headed for her luscious cunt. After rubbing her ass, she leaned forward clearly expecting me to clean her asshole. Unsure what she expected I added more soap to my hands and ran my right index finger up and down, loving the soft ridges I encountered as I moved up and down.

After a moment she bent over even further. Did she want me to use my tongue? I had done so before, so I took the chance and was rewarded with a pleasant sigh. Running my tongue over her anal bud, then down, softly licking the skin between her anus and her cunt, then licking her pussy and ass like a lollipop.

Having cum so recently my task quickly reverted to cleaning her, now working my way down each lovely leg. Her calves seemed tense, so I massaged them as I cleaned them, earning me another sigh of pleasure.

My last task was her feet, which she held up for me, after sitting on the bench, water streaming over her beautiful body. Starting with her right foot I rubbed the soap all over it, then gently massaged her arches, working my way down to each toe as I allowed them to be rinsed by the streaming water.

Reaching forward she pulled my head in closer, within licking distance of her lovely toes.

First gently licking the tip of her pink painted big toenail, then gently sucking it in and out of my mouth I proceeded to gently suck each toe, one at a time. She seemed to enjoy it, and I know I did so I kept at it until she pulled her foot away, placing her left foot in my hand.

After finishing with her left foot, Libby stood and stepped out of the shower. “Alexa, shower off” she stated confidently. A large white bath towel was on a heated rack by the main entrance, so I took it and wrapped it around her small body. Gently drying her hair, then slowly drying each body part one at a time.

She pointed back to the shower and we were done. Clearly, I had been dismissed by someone I thought liked me a little, but not a word, not even a thank you. All I heard as I returned to the nook was ‘Alexa, shower off.”

While I stood waiting in the nook, I felt the rear door open revealing Anna. Her nipples were still gently pushing against her white blouse, her narrow Asian eyes looking me up and down, apparently assessing me.

“You did well” she finally said. “We let Libby go first, she seems to know you and thought she could help break you in. She tells us she is satisfied and left you a small tip.”

Reaching out she grasped my cock in her right hand, light brown skin with white nails contrasting with my white skin, blue veins standing out thanks to the constant pressure applied by the ring. “You can’t feel this, can you?” she asked. “No ma’am” I replied, the gel having done its job.

“I bet you could fuck a hundred women with this monster and never feel a thing. You are a good tool! I may ask for you next time Mrs. O wants to do me a favor… Did I tell you that employees are rarely allowed to play with you boys? “

“OK, get ready. If we need to tell you anything you will see messages here, on this waterproof tablet.” She said, pointing to said tablet mounted on the wall. The camera clearly visible. “I see your next customer coming in now. For today you don’t need to go back to the locker room in between customers. We have asked them all to just direct you instead of wasting time since we are shorthanded” she said, pushing the door closed against my back. Who would I meet next?

Again, I could see a slender silhouette through the frosted glass, large breasts apparently already free from whatever clothing held them in during her workout. But this time the door opened promptly, the pleasant face of Miss Stickle appearing through the light steam. My high school English teacher. Shit.

Kim was pretty, I mean REALLY pretty. Slender body, long legs, and massive natural tits, large areolas with fat, light pink nipples and one distinct mole on her left breast. Her mid length blond hair was a bit disheveled, as she had just removed a white tank top that she had tossed onto the hamper.

I think she looked at me for a moment, but I couldn’t really tell as she quickly grabbed my hands, bringing them to the top of her gym shorts, clearly wanting me to help her undress the rest of the way. I was not sure why she took off her top Escort Beylikdüzü first, but seeing those lovely tits made my cock hurt as it throbbed against the tight black ring. No sensation other than a deep pressure. Damn gel!

Removing her tight black shorts revealed a completely shaved pussy between two legs every bit as lovely as every boy (at least) in our school fantasized, they would be. Long, cleanly shaved (just like her cunt), toenails painted light blue. As I bent over to remove her shoes, she leaned against me for balance, raising her left foot first, then her right. I thought I heard her mumble something, catching only a few words “…every bit of a stupid piece of boy meat I thought he would be.” I blushed, not that she noticed, or cared.

Unlike Libby, Kim stepped immediately into the shower. “Alexa, shower on for Kim” she commanded, releasing a slightly warmer flow than before.

Unsure how to proceed I waited until she turned and faced fully away from me, the water now running over her head. I proceeded as before, gently washing and conditioning her hair, gently lathering her body with the pleasant-smelling soap. Having those large breasts in my hands should have been the thrill of a lifetime, but as I lingered there too long, she let out a snort, then a short, cruel laugh.

She spread her legs when I reached her pussy, placing one foot up on the bench to give me better access. Again I heard her speaking softly, catching only a few words “…boy…young…fucking dumb but…wanted to use him then…fucking finally… little boy meat…”

As instructed, I did not reply or attempt to speak to her. After cleaning her toes and sucking each one like I had with Libby she finally pulled my head into her breasts, clearly wanting me to lick her nipples.

Happy to comply I licked her left nipple, gently pulling it with my lips, flicking it with my tongue. As I did this, she began massaging her breast, squeezing, pumping until I felt a flow of milk in my mouth. “How…” I said, pulling back in surprise, but not getting any farther as she pulled me back in.

I don’t know how long I suckled her breasts as the water cascaded over us. The flow of milk was like gentle spurts of sweet milky fluid, first from her left tit, then her right. Part way through I realized that I was hungry, giving me more motivation to nurse her breasts, as if I needed any! Fucking hot! Warm milk flowing down my hungry throat, some dripping down my chin.

Once the flow of milk subsided from her right breast she sighed contentedly and pushed me up. Once standing she reached for the lube on the shelf, handed it to me and bent over, placing her hands on the bench, her long legs spread, ready for my desensitized cock. Gently applying the lube to my now engorged member I entered her slowly at first, then picked up the pace as she frantically rubbed her clit.

Her orgasm was brief but intense. Her cunt pulsed at least a dozen times, then became a vice, holding my cock firmly as she peaked. Not being able to feel her heat or even tell how tight her cunt was frustrating… I had wanted to fuck this woman all through high school, and ever since. Now I had, but I couldn’t really enjoy it.

And with that she let herself out of the shower, commanding “Alexa, shower off” as her pert ass passed through the door. “I will dry myself” I heard as the door closed.

Back in the nook I could see the word MESSAGE flashing on the tablet screen, I tapped the word and heard Anna’s silky Asian voice say “Nice work Ricky, Kim is a very demanding client. We don’t encourage our members to actually fuck our toys (that’s how they think of you by the way), but Kim is somewhat special, and she paid a bit extra, I guess she knows you? We will have to discuss that some time, I love stories! Oh, it looks like you are up again, be a good toy!”

And with that the screen went blank and I could see a woman’s silhouette through the frosted glass.

I waited. After a moment she knocked on the door, so I opened it and went to her and was shocked to see a red headed woman, well over 6 feet standing before me dressed in a tight black body suit, her hair in a pig tail, a very wet sweat band around her forehead. “Undress me boy” she whispered. I looked at her in surprise, not realizing that anyone would talk to me. “I know the rules boy, but I play by my own, undress me now you stupid little fuck toy!” raising her voice a bit as she spit out the insult. A slightly Slavic accent punctuating the words.

I started with her sweaty head band, removing it gently, running my fingers through her damp hair. Her top came off easily, her pert breasts spring free as soon as I pulled the sports bra over off. Bright red nipples protruding. She laughed cruelly as I looked at her.

“Get on with it” she whispered. “You really aren’t good for anything else, get moving fuck toy!” As I helped her remove her shorts, I saw her set a small leather bag down by the shower door, but my attention quickly returned to this red headed goddess, feeling a slap on my ass. Without a word I removed her socks and she sat down, naked other than a very tight thong, just covering her cunt, a small patch of red cunt hair showing above it.

“Remove it with your mouth toy, carefully or I will hurt you.” And I believed her!

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