My Satin Blouse

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Today I’m wearing my satin blouse. It’s blue and shiny and billows around my arms and waist but clings tightly to my breasts. I’m not wearing a bra, so the shape of them is clearly defined by the satin material, especially when it catches the light. The slippery fabric feels so good against my soft, bare skin; it caresses me with every movement I make. As it brushes over my nipples they tingle and harden and show through the glossy material.

How much would you like to touch me? Would you like to smooth your hands over my blouse, feel the softness of my naked breasts underneath it, the hardness of my nipples pressing against your palms? Can you imagine the silky, silent whisper of satin as your eager hands explore me?

Picture yourself lying on your bed, completely nude, your cock semi-erect and tingling with pent-up desire. As I walk towards you, dressed only in my blue satin blouse, still braless, the shiny material clings to my tits. I crawl onto the bed, move over you on all fours, the thin blouse gaping open at the neck so that you bahçelievler escort catch a glimpse of my soft, dangling breasts.

I rub my satin shirt over your thighs; the material is slippery and cool, and the hairs of your legs rasp against it. I move further up, using my breasts to tease the glossy fabric over your balls and cock. I look down and see how the smooth contact against you has stretched and stiffened your beautiful penis, the head polished and gleaming. I can feel its hardness against my soft breasts, feel its warmth through my blouse. You close your eyes and enjoy the silky touch of satin as I move back and forth across your swollen genitals.

How would you like to come on my blouse, honey?

Your wish is my command, as usual…

I roll onto my back and you straddle me with your legs either side of my waist. I straighten my blouse so that it’s tightly stretched over my tits and I notice that my nipples are really showing through it because they’re so hard. Meanwhile you start masturbating balgat escort above me with ferocious speed. As you look down at me you can see the shape of my firm breasts perfectly defined by the smooth material of my blouse. I caress them for you, revelling in the slippery texture of the fabric sliding across my hard nipples.

Soon you are close to coming. With a look of strained concentration on your face you point your cock at my breasts and fire a volley of cum spurts in several directions. They land thickly on my blouse, one long streak over each tit and a few random splatters hitting the collar and right shoulder. Some of it even hits my face, and I giggle delightfully at the warm contact against my skin.

I look down and see that your sperm has made long, darkening stains on the satin material, with pearly blobs streaking the surface here and there. Your cock is still dripping and I arch my back to catch it on the hem of my blouse. You then wipe the tip of your penis in my shirt and rub it back and forth to batıkent escort enjoy the silky texture against the sensitive head.

How does that feel, honey? Does that feel nice? Are you gonna lick it up for me now, lick all that beautiful cum off my ruined blouse?

I’m right, you know: you’ve totally trashed my expensive new shirt, but I don’t care. It feels so good to have your luscious sperm sprayed all over it, even now as it’s turning cold against my skin, making the material of my blouse stick to my body, to my tits and stomach. That’s it: lick it all up, lover…

You bend down and begin licking your own cum from my shirt with long laps of your tongue. How does it taste, baby? Does it taste good? I moan as your lips clamp onto one of my nipples and suck it through the satin, sucking the cum-drenched material with wild abandon. Your tongue then traces the curves of my breasts as you lick up that cum and I’m unbelievably sensitive, turned on by the feel of the wet, sticky blouse against my bare skin and by the pungent, heady smell of your semen.

My, what a mess you’ve made of my new shirt! The once glossy fabric is now a collection of dark wet patches that cover my tits and stomach… I certainly won’t be able to wear this again! But you know I don’t care: I’d do anything for you, sweetheart, and you know it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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