My Sex Life: Night Visit

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All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older. This story takes place after School play, but before Tutor and there is another story in between this and Tutor. I hope I have now gotten into a rhythm where it won’t take me nearly as long to post a story. I have numerous ideas so this series will have plenty of entries, however I don’t know when I will be doing the next one. The next story I will be post is part two of A Gay Change of Mind, for those who are interested.


After high school Charlotte left to pursue a degree in another part of the country, while I decided to work for at least a few months until starting at the local community college. Initially this was at the nearby library branch, but later I would start at a small bookstore. However this takes place before that. At the time I was between girlfriends and was mainly working and trying to avoid forgetting things before starting school. One day I awoke to quite a surprise. My underwear was on my head, not covering, just on top, like I had been drunk and wearing it as a hat, but I hadn’t been drinking. I realized that I had cum in the night, however there was no mess. Despite the weirdness of the situation I had work, so I quickly got ready and headed in. As one could imagine this job primarily consisted of reshelving items and straightening the shelves. It wasn’t difficult but the pay was better than minimum and the patrons tended to be reasonably intelligent, all in all a decent place to work.

The next morning saw nothing unusual, so I didn’t think anything more about it. Several days later I was in my room refreshing myself in preparation for college, when my older sister Kayla came to see me.

“Hey bro, you don’t work tomorrow, right?” I nodded as I set my book down. “Great, how about a movie night?” I nodded sitting up.

“Sounds good, which movie?” She came into the room to hug me.

“After the Sunset, than I thought we’d pick something after we get the pizza.” This was of course her favorite movie, I enjoyed it so I was up for this, especially when she said she was buying the pizza. She ordered the pizza toward the end of the movie and afterward she turned to speak.

“So, any girlfriend?” I shook my head.

“Charlotte and I stopped seeing each other when she went off to college. Right now I work too much to go out and the only coworker close to my age is married.” She nodded and the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of the pizza. As usual the pizzas were a sausage and mushroom, while the other was a bacon and black olive. After getting some slices we returned to the living room.

“So, what should we watch next?” I bit into a slice as I considered before finally deciding.

“How about Immortal?” Her mouth was full, so she smiled and gave me the thumbs up. Immortal is a favorite of mine that she had introduced me to, a sci-fi movie where the Egyptian god Horus arrives on a future earth to impregnate a woman to stay “immortal”, with some thriller elements thrown in with a corrupt mayor and a cop trying to solve a mystery. We finished eating and continued watching the movie as she leaned in and rested her head on my shoulder. This sort of thing was not unusual as we had always been close. I vaguely remember the movie ending before nodding off.

I awoke the next morning to find myself lying on the couch with a blanket on me, which turned out to be a good thing as I realized my pants were down, exposing my semi-hard cock. I was just coming to grips with this when I licked my lips and found an odd taste that I couldn’t immediately identify. Shaking my head I fixed my clothes and stood up to start the day. I was halfway to the bathroom when I realized that the taste was what I usually taste görükle escort after a woman has finished riding my face.

This was obviously a big shock, but I needed to use the toilet. Once I had finished I headed to my room. The idea that a girl had used me to get off was both disturbing and hot. I know as a guy I’m messed when it comes to sex, however the disturbing part was becoming more so as I reached the obvious conclusion that the only girl in the house at that point was my older sister. So after dressing I decided to confront her about this. Walking down the hall to her room, suddenly I heard laughter, from two women. As I reached the door I recognized the second voice as that of Tina, my sister’s best friend. Not sure about how to handle the situation, such as should I confront my sister about what happened, however I knocked as I pondered this. They stopped their conversation, but my sister spoke up quickly.

“Come in Lukas.” As I was the only one in the house I wasn’t surprised by this. So I entered and found them sitting on Kayla’s bed.

“Hi, Tina how long have you been here?” She blushed slightly and hesitated before answering.

“Oh, about an hour I would guess, when I got here you two were sleeping peacefully. You were really cute together.” Her dark hair was cut close to her head with the exception of hair down one side to the front. Her features denoted her ancestry, her parents had come from South Korea before she was born. I had had a crush on her for some time, so the idea that I was tasting her was a serious turn on.

“So Tina, how have you been?” Smiling, but blushing a bit less she responded.

“Oh, nothing too exciting, just working and dodging my mom’s efforts to marry me off.” She laughed at this last bit, as it was a running joke based upon an incident from a few years ago. Her mother had attempted to play matchmaker, she hadn’t done this before or since, but Tina had accused her mother of trying to marry her off. Her mother was quite embarrassed and back-pedaled to the laughter of everyone else. Now though her mother had gotten into it and usually greeted her with a mention of “I met a nice you man today”.

“So, you two have been talking this whole time?” Tina’s blush only deepened as she struggled to speak.

“Y-yes, why?” I decided that it was hot and I didn’t really want to further embarrass her as I felt we had established that I was aware of what she had done.

“No reason, have fun, I have things I want to do today.” As I walked away I heard Tina speak.

“…can’t believe it…your own brother.” I shook my head at the thought. My sister offered me up to get her friend off, weird. I spent the day running errands and catching upon on my favorite series and internet reviewer. Just before dinner I got a call from my job saying that there were maintenance issues so I would be getting another day off. I went to the kitchen to find Kayla and Tina cooking. My sister looked up when I entered.

“Hey bro, should be about twenty minutes, why don’t you pick a movie, Tina will be joining us.” Tina smiled at me, but she was focused on finishing her part of dinner. I went to the living room and perused the movie collection. If it was Kayla and I it was easy as we had similar tastes, however Tina was a different manner as I wasn’t as sure about her tastes. However after some thought I decided to go with Pirates of the Caribbean as I was sure she was a Johnny Depp fan. With this decision I returned to the kitchen to see them waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

“Hi Kay, I guess I’m having another day off tomorrow.” She smiled.

“Great another movie night. Sadly Tina has to leave after the movie.” I nodded feeling a bit disappointed eskort bayan as I had hoped to have more of a chance to explore what was going on, even if I didn’t think it was likely we would start dating. The timer went off and we ate. Neither seemed all that interested in conversation as we wanted to eat and start the movie due to Tina needing to leave. As it turned out Tina was happy with the movie.

“Good choice Lukas, I haven’t seen this in a while.” We settled into watch the movie with both of them sitting on either side of me. Over the course of the movie they shifted till they were both right against me with both resting their heads on a shoulder each. It felt nice, but all too soon the movie ended and Tina had to leave. Kayla decided we should keep going with the Pirates of the Caribbean series. However I wasn’t sure about watching the fourth film as I was starting to fall asleep, but we got through it and I stumbled to my room, barely undressing before collapsing into bed.

I woke in the middle of the night, although I was certain it was a dream. I was naked and my sister was on the bed. I was starting to drift off again when I felt my cock engulfed by a wet mouth. I was more awake but still not completely. This didn’t last long before my cock was released and it felt slightly cold as it was now wet in the air. However it did not last long as I was soon engulfed by a wet pussy. Still uncertain as to whether this was a dream or not, I just lay there as she writhed up and down with increasing speed. I moaned, but still did not wake any further. She remained fairly quiet with only an increase in breathing. The grip of her pussy tightened and her breathing was now more audible. I thought I heard a stifled moan as she began shuddering and moving in a jerking motion. She collapsed on top of me and I drifted off again.

What brought me back to a semi-conscious state was the feeling of wetness on my mouth. She was obviously riding my face. With a grip on my head, she rode me hard. Her moaning was almost a scream, although I only licked her occasionally as I was still mostly asleep. I drifted in and out as she continued to writhe on top of me. I had just drifted off when suddenly she moaned loudly and gripped my head with thighs and both hands, writhing wildly on my face. However once she settled I drifted off again, not even noticing when she climbed off of me. Later I had turned onto my side and partly onto my stomach. I felt her hands on my ass and moaned as she worked what turned out to be lube into my ass. Finally I came fully awake as I felt something penetrating my ass. It hurt initially, but she had done such a good job loosening me up that the pain went away in time.

“What the hell?” Before I could say more I felt a sharp smack on my ass. Initially it was surprise that silenced me, but soon the smacking did start to sting a bit.

“No talking bro, just enjoy.” The position made it difficult to get any leverage so my efforts to get up were ineffective. Her pumping away was starting to feel really good and soon my head was resting on my arms while I moaned. The grip on my hips tightened as her thrusting picked up speed. I knew I was moaning loudly, but I didn’t care and the knowledge that my sister was the one making me feel good would eventually penetrate, although not yet. The feel of her dildo sliding in and out was focusing my attention entirely, although the swelling of my cock was also starting to draw my attention. This continued until I felt my cock virtually explode as I moaned my orgasm. She continued pumping and I collapsed onto my stomach. Giving my ass a few smacks she thrust a few more times before pulling out and I felt a moan escape my lips. She lay down next to me altıparmak escort and leaned in for a kiss. I tried to resist, but she was persistent and I was not really in a position to stop her. The kiss was nice and she pulled me into an embrace.

“So, be honest you loved it, right?” I turned on my side to better speak to her.

“I’m not going to dignify that with an answer.” She grinned, but I ignored her. “This is messed up and don’t deny that you invited Tina over so that I would think it was her who used me to get off. This is messed up you know that, right?” She nods.

“It was just some fun, it’s not like I want to get married. Relax bro, good night.” She left and I straightened my clothes and tried to get back to sleep as I pondered what had happened. It pissed me off, but I was getting hard as I thought about how my sister’s naked body looked lying next to me as well as what she had done. Groaning I soon had my cock in hand, pumping away as my mind’s eye traced a path from her dark eyes past her well-shaped nose, full lips, mid-sized breasts, tight stomach and shaved pussy. I reviewed her actions over the course of the night, growing harder until I reached the point where she had fucked me with a strapon, where I came with almost as much force as I had before. After cleaning up I soon went back to sleep.

The next day I got up and after stopping in the bathroom I continued to the kitchen where Kayla was eating breakfast. She smiled when she saw me enter.

“Hey bro, sleep well? Would you like some breakfast?” I sat down nodding.

“Yes, actually to both questions.” She spoke as she scrambled eggs and fried bacon.

“So mom and dad are coming back from vacation today so…”

“So you won’t be molesting me?”

“Don’t be like that little bro. I was actually going to say that my apartment is ready so, I’m going to be moving in this weekend. Would you be able to help me move and would you like to spend the first night?” I waited until she had finished cooking and had brought the plate to me before speaking. I wanted to delay, but this would get nowhere, so I spoke.

“Kay, what made you think this was okay?”

“Is this about the incest or do you feel humiliated, because you’re a guy?” This made me hesitate before answering.

“You have a point, but I still don’t like you using Tina and doing this while I slept.” She nodded.

“Would you have said yes?” I shook my head.

“Obviously not, but all right I’ll help you move in and spend the night.”

As promised I helped her move, not alone it was a few friends resulting in a bit of a party. After everyone left I crashed.

I was awoken the next morning to find that I had crashed on Kayla’s bed and that she had woken me. She had been sucking my cock and must have been doing it for a while as it felt strained. She smiled as she took it all in her mouth and pressed her tongue to the underside and I came in her mouth. She made a big show of swallowing before speaking.

“Morning bro, how’d you sleep?”

“Good actually, sorry for crashing on your bed, sis.” She playfully punched my shoulder as she rose.

“Hey, it meant it was easy to wake you up how I wanted. How about you make it up to me by making breakfast?” I nodded and reached for my shorts, but she smacked my hand. “Come on, it’s my place, you don’t need clothes.” I gave her a look, but nonetheless I continued to the kitchen and made breakfast. After we ate we showered together, but she only made sure I got clean and wouldn’t let me touch myself. Once dry she put on her strapon and had me get on my knees to give her a blowjob. She then took me in several positions, including missionary and had me ride her. Afterward I napped and she woke me to eat, which set a pattern for the day, sex, which included me fucking her, sleep and then food. After that weekend we met up periodically for a couple of months until I started dating Amanda. However that is another story.

End of Night Visit

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