My sexual feelings after I forget I had any

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Big Tits


Hello everyone. This introduction will help you understand who and what I am.
I am domestic helper for family in Hong Kong, and I have been for over twenty years. I will not go into detail telling why I do this, only will say for twenty years i am without sex and man, and wish to forget previous life.
Because of position in working and for so long I am very obedient, and must call boss lady and man as ma’am, and sir. In some accounts you may wonder why with some men and women I also do this, but will become clear as things happen.

My new extension to what I think normal life changed two years ago when I met and fell in love with foreign guy on Internet. He was very experienced in sex and in short time showed me all I miss all time I live HK and in fact I miss all life.
He take what he term as late forty year old virgin, and make her into sex mad woman who needs sex like drug addict desperately need fix, and he show me not only how I should get what is rightfully mine, he also show me how to be most experienced woman to do it.

One thing he always tell me, I should take time with my learning, never rush, or make pain for myself, but as I learn I become very in need to do things to excess, and do damage to my pussy. My boyfriend he become very angry and scold me for this, saying I am beautiful, and after so long await, a little longer not matter, soon I be so good everyone will want me.
Over few month time he show me how to dress to entice, how to seduce by look, and how to have such confidence Anadolu Yakası Escort never to say no.
All this time he buy me toys to play with, saying I should not be ashamed, many women using. Very soon I am looking at porn video, learning all ways to please men, while I am becoming in need of bigger better dildo fun. One day my boyfriend who always buy me sexy clothes I love so much to wear outside, he get me thing called duo balls. I not know what they are for, but he said I will love to wear; confused I read instruction for use, then when I insert, realise what he mean. WOW! I never felt anything so good, and like instruction say, I use with small balls first, even though wanting to use big ones.
When chat to my boyfriend that night, I tell how great they feel, and he say I should visit web site to find out what they are for. I find out these not really for orgasm, even though they give me non stop all time, they also to train pussy muscles to work. Now months later I understand what he mean, so do men who have me, and more using, sometimes even when sleeping, so many big, big orgasms, and waking up in morning soaking wet.
Now is over year since boyfriend make me know I am like nymphomaniac, maybe not just like, maybe one for real. I start to accept offer to meet on messenger service with people I meeting on social site, and first I think just to chat, but before I know it, men wanting me to remove clothes for them, then they do same, telling me how sexy I am, and that I should play. First I am shocked, even though boyfriend tell me it is okay, but I still Bostancı Escort not know people do this. Yes, my boyfriend he say, I am naive woman, but not matter, I will soon understand what men wanting, and maybe women too. When he say that I am even more very shocked, because I never think of anything like that with woman, never even know it happen; all video he send me are by men, but as time move on, I see video of girl on girl too.
Everything moving very fast now, I becoming so so horny all time, but BF tell me not to have outside sex yet, I am not ready, just do with men on Internet, so I do. I am start to want to take off clothes for men, and get so excited to see their hard dick, and when they cum, I am loving it so much, as that white cum shoot from them, even my BF say I should slow down and allow the man to make the moves, and not to make it easy for them, because if do, they finish early, and go, so I not have satisfaction. So I slow all down, from allowing them to see me undress, to playing with toys.
I am receive so many sexy, very sexy clothes in post, and when I put on and show him, he says I look beautiful and very sexy. Hearing this always excite me much, and love to hear compliments.
I not like to wear bra, but must in my work. In early days I not, and boss lady she get angry, I know boss man like to see erect nips under t-shirt uniform, so does son, but my lady she know her husband start to fancy me, and he start making sexual jokes. Although my breasts quite small, only small B cup, they quite heavy and hang down a little, and best thing I have very Erenköy Escort long nipples, nearly one inch when erect, and they like direct message maker to my pussy, so even rubbing against top when walk go very hard and cause orgasms, so you imagine when I go out in sexy clothes and people see erect nips, and I have duo balls driving me mad in pussy, I am desperate for having more than just toy inside, but BF say no must do yet, because I not ready, and will thank him when I eventually do. OMG, he is so clever, and how right he was, but that is a story I will tell later in other edition. Anyway because of my nips, lady boss forbid me to walk around house without bra.

Before I begin my accounts, I will apologise to all reader, and all who speaking good English. I am not English, and spelling, and grammar not very good. I try to use writing program to improve, but only spelling is okay, and still I speaking like person who is not good with English. Please accept apology.

All events for your enjoyment, but please not attack way I write, because this me, and no matter how hard I trying, not think I can be better at writing.
I will make promise, all I writing here is true, stories will jump in all directions, because I write as I remember, not in sequence, or I never get anything finished. Some events I may miss things cause forgetting, then if it is with same person, and if remember, I will add to later event if I thinking you will be excite by it, but all things happen, and I not put anything that is lie.
In my next episode I will tell of first encounter with a man, and how it come to happen, then I was still like beginner, but oh so horny and what happen drive me crazy, and I then know, I never want to go back.
Until next time, I send love and kisses to all readers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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