My Sexual Life Ch. 02: The Two Thieves

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Female Ejaculation

Ch. 2 – The Two Thieves

The Summer of 1993 had started off well with the opening ceremonies going off without a hitch! I’d met a beautiful woman named Cynthia who gave me not only my first kiss but my first thousand kisses. By mid July my mouth and tongue were the strongest muscles in my body.

I hung out with Cyn every minute I could spare. She’d had an office job over the summer just a couple of miles from me. I tried to see her everyday if I could. Just being in her presence taught me so much. As I got to know her it had become apparent to me just how mature and worldly she was. She was not only smart but street smart. She’d seen through me the moment we met. I was the shy virgin who needed help. The more time I could spend with her the more I could learn.

My tennis game was suffering though. I was lucky that I didn’t have to get a summer job. My job was supposed to be honing my tennis game in anticipation for my first year of college. I’d gotten accepted to a prestigious university in upstate New York. It wasn’t a large school but had a good tennis program where I was sure to be in the top player. Tennis isn’t a team sport I’d always thought. I never liked having to never rely on people. It therefor didn’t really matter what school I went to. They constantly let you down no matter how much you tried to help them. I found it ironic now that I needed Cyn so much. Never in my life did I ever rely upon and care so much for another person.

I was taking every chance I could with stealing a kiss. We’d make out everywhere: at my house, on the top of the state capital, on the other side of the kitchen wall from where her mother WAS COOKING! I was a wild man! Her presence brought out the lustful animal in me. She was always quick to temper it, making sure we wouldn’t get caught or stopping me from kissing her at just the right moment to leave me in such a frenzied state my eyes would spin.

To say I was lost in infatuation was an understatement. She was wearing my class ring AND my letter jacket. We’d talk on the phone every night. I didn’t have an orgasm that summer that didn’t involve thoughts of her.

One thing though was that we didn’t have sex. On out second date, this time at the movies, we were walking lazily away from the theatre talking when she squeezed my hand.

“You know I like you but there’s something we need to talk about,” she said with a serious yet disappointed tone. I turned my head to acknowledge and listen.

“Before this goes any further you need to know that I’m a virgin and plan to stay that way. I’m not going to have sex until I’m married.”

She glanced a look at me to gauge my response.

“OH.. well… of course,” I said. I wasn’t disappointed. I was making out with the most beautiful woman in the world. Who needs sex when you can share such an intimate experience already?!

“You’re not disappointed?”

“NOOo… no of course I’m not! Besides I’m not sure if I’m ready anyways… I mean don’t get me wrong I’d try it in a heartbeat if you offered it to me but I’m okay. I can wait,” I said and winked to her. The subtle joke was not lost on her. She smiled and sighed.

Like I’d said the summer was magic. Practice in the mornings, lunch and making out with Cyn, practice or hurried masturbation in the afternoons, dinner with my family or hers for dinner followed by more making out then once more masturbating to her before going to sleep.

This continued until the first week of August. I’d been invited to travel Europe for two weeks and playing against local tennis players also graduating and getting ready to play at the university level. The morning of flight was heartbreaking. I was going to be away from my Cyn for two weeks. We met for breakfast and as much as I tried to hide it she saw the look of pain on my face. She kept telling me it was only two weeks and I’d be having so much fun that I’d barely notice that she wasn’t there by my side. I made her give me a list of gifts I could bring back her so that I could feel her while I was gone. We kissed one last time and I left.

When I came back two weeks later I looked a mess. I’d lost my razor after the first day in some hotel in the middle of Scotland. I was already late getting a haircut before I left so two more weeks of growth and now I looked like a shaggy dog. That combined with the strenuous travel schedule, the days full of constant walking and at least one tennis match everyday lead to me losing almost 10 pounds in that two weeks.

It was a Saturday when I returned. My mom picked me up from the airport and we went straight home. I told my parents all about the trip and how diverse and glorious Europe was. I’d had at least five rolls of film to develop before I could show them the pictures. None of that mattered. It was very late and all I wanted was a proper hot shower, a shave and my own bed.

The shave and shower had worked. I felt refreshed. I plopped on my bed and thought about calling Cyn. I hadn’t spoken to her Bahçelievler escort for two weeks. I thought I wouldn’t even recognize her voice it felt like it had been so long. I decided to wait as tomorrow is Sunday and I would surprise her at church. As I slipped under the sheets I remembered that I’d been rooming with a bunch of other guys for two weeks in hotel rooms and hadn’t had a chance to relieve myself.

I slipped off my boxers down to my ankles and started playing with my cock. My thoughts started turning to not just Cyn’s face and her movement and presence but her hands. It had been two weeks since she’d seen me. Perhaps my absence will make her want to push my boundaries some more. Making out was magical but I started to picture her hands massaging me. My mind saw her face next to mine while we breathed, her hands working themselves gently over my balls and rock hard shaft. She moves her lips close in to mine as I cup my testicles, massaging and tugging at them. As I orgasm in my mind our lips touch. My breathing is heavy and two weeks of pent up sexual energy release themselves over me. There’s cum everywhere. I’m spent.

Morning comes and I’m up early. I’m showered again and dressed ready for church. My mom has breakfast ready for me and sees how elated I am. What a sight for her. Her youngest child is rushing to get to church to see a girl. I can in her face that she’s a little sad, her baby boy is no longer a boy. He’s a young man in love.

We get to the church after morning service in time for Sunday school. Cyn isn’t there so I join my class and see all of my friends from the youth group. Most of them are there and greet me heartily. We’d not seen each other a lot that summer. Although I was now going to church religiously because that’s where Cyn was everyone had gone their separate ways exploring before college. They plied me for stories about Europe. The girls wanted to know if I’d gone to Paris and the boys wanted to know about european women. I hadn’t gone to Paris and I really didn’t pay attention to any other women unless they looked like Cyn. I tried instead stories of fabled tennis matches but they just rolled their eyed as the usually did. None of them were particularly gifted athletes except for Mike. He wasn’t really fast or smart but he was six foot four and two hundred and sixty pounds of human wall that made for a good defensive lineman.

After Sunday school I made a dash for the church hall. I scanned the faces of all of the people coming in looking for the only face that mattered. Finally from the back I saw Cyn. She was walking through the back right door in a light peach sundress. Her hair was down and just below her shoulders… wait did she cut her hair?!

I went down the opposite side of the aisle and came upon her from her back right. That was her blind spot. I leaned in close to her ear.

“Hiiiiiii Cyynnnnn,” I let trail off slowly and sexily.

Cyn almost jumped and turned towards me. He eyes were wide open through her glasses, her lips pursed in that I don’t like being startled kind of way and I could tell she was surprised to see me. She jumped and hugged me without saying anything. She smiled and before we could talk we were getting pushed into the pews. Service was beginning and now I’d have to wait an hour before I could sing her praises. We sat next to each other and held hands. I focused as hard as I could on the preacher and his sermon and not Cyn’s porcelain neck.

“Nuns… kittens… Oh look there’s a ceiling tile that needs fixing,” I thought to myself. Yeah it’s not like it couldn’t be fixed by someone. All they had to do was climb up on my hard on and they’d be a foot from it.

After service was over we were filing out. We found my mom who invited us all to lunch afterwards. Cyn spoke up.

“No thank you Mrs. Jones. I’m going to take Byron to lunch and I’ll drive him home,” she said smiling first to her then me. She squeezed my hand and the blood she squeezed from it went immediately into my pants.

My mom said okay and smiled, patted my head and left with my father. Cyn and I walked slowly to her car where I told her tales of Europe and losing my razor, etc. She remarked how skinny I looked. She said she liked it but that I definitely needed to get a haircut. We saw the youth group members on the other side of the car park. Cyn moved quickly and we got in her car. She wanted to avoid getting caught up with that whole scene.

As we drove out of the church car park she started to take a serious tone, “I wish you had called to let me know you were going to be here!”

“I wanted to surprise you. I got in too late last night to call your house,” I explained trying to not sound desperate..

“Listen… Byron…” she said. She was nervous, fidgety. She was having a problem looking at me. What had I done?

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore,” she said.


She tried to explain. I didn’t really catch Bahçelievler escort bayan most of it. My mind was reeling. I left like someone had parked a car on top of my chest. I was getting clammy. She was going on about how the summer was coming to an end and I was going thirteen hundred miles away to college and she was attending an all women’s college just a couple of hours away from home. I do remember her saying something about me being too nice of a guy. “Too nice?” I thought. What the hell does that mean? The thought got immediately lost in the ocean of pain my head was in and the lump in my throat.

We didn’t go to lunch. She’d been driving me home. I put on a stiff upper lip as best I could and just sat there for the last 10 minutes speechless. Then she let the bomb out.

“And I’ve been kind of seeing Mike while you were gone.”

She pulled into my driveway and parked her car. She handed me my class ring and jacket which she had in her backseat. She’d been planning on this. She had my effects on her to be able to give them back to me when I came back.

I didn’t look at her. I didn’t do anything but take my things, say thanks and bye. I got out of her car and walked into the house as fast as I could without it looking like I was running away. My mom saw me come in and said hi.

“You two didn’t have any lunch?”

“No. I’m just going to go rest in my room,” I said trying to choke it all back.

“Okay,” she said. She could see it on my face.

I got to my room, dropped my jacket and ring on my desk, fell face first onto my bed, put a pillow over my face and cried.

“Come on bro it’ll fun,” said Rory, trying to convince me this was a good idea.

Rory was a hall mate in my dorm. He was this shorter, italian slickster from New York City. He was a decent enough guy. He was very intelligent like most of the students here. You had to be to get accepted.

“We’ll pop in, get our IDs and pop out,” he said.

It was our 4th week of college and already people were becoming bored of the frat and sorority parties. At our college there were no bars, parties in the dorms were strictly forbidden and only the grad students who could afford an apartment off campus had parties and undergrads were hardly ever invited. It did have an extensive fraternity and sorority section however. For a school of four thousand students there were twenty-something fraternities and six-ish sororities. There were less sororities because until just recently it had been an all male university. Because of that almost all of the socializing on campus happened there. It was fun and all but each house had its own kind of people. One frat was jocks, one was geeks. My brothers frat, which I’d be a legacy and a shoe-in for were all ravers so I passed on that.

Rory, on the other hand, had other ideas. New York was only an hour away and he knew the nightlife there wasn’t even in the same league as our little college. The problem was our age. Being eighteen back where I grew up was no problem as that was the legal drinking age. It was understood that when it’s your eighteenth birthday that you will be calling in sick to school the next day.

Rory knew ‘a guy’ that knew where to buy fake ID’s in New York. He’d been asking me for a week now if I wanted to go with him and a couple others from the hall to the city to buy one. He wasn’t asking me because I was particularly popular. I’d spent most of my time practicing and playing in tennis tournaments or studying. I’d been forced to room with someone else despite my request for a single room. It’s not that I don’t like people… it’s just that I don’t like people… especially yankees. Yeah yeah say what you will about people from the south but yankees can be intolerable to live with especially when they hear you’re from a place like Louisiana.

No Rory was asking because unlike every freshman there I was allowed to have a car. Our practice facility wasn’t on campus as there was no tennis facility and we used shared public facilities. It took some convincing the dean but mom did her stuff. I’d driven up there with ALL of my stuff and I was the ONLY student there not from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Connecticut. He took pity and bestowed upon me the precious gift of a parking permit. Because of that I was now shoved into popularity.

“Okay fine we’ll go!” I said in a huff. I really didn’t want to go to New York… at night… in a car filled with idiot college boys but Rory had agreed to pay not only for the gas but the price of my fake ID which was sixty dollars and food. Rory cheered, patted me on the back, said something I’m sure incredibly witty and misogynistic and went to tell the other guys.

Two nights later we’re heading into Manhattan. Growing up in New Orleans, while technically a city, is a lot different than New York. It’s the scale of course. It felt like we were driving through the city for two hours before we got to our address. Escort bahçelievler Rory is giving me directions. Only one other guy, Heath, came with us to get an ID. The other two guys thankfully chickened out at the last second. We’re driving through Manhattan at 6pm on a Sunday. It’s early October so the sun is just about to set. The trees are all still green but I’m freezing. It was still in the mid nineties where I was from and that day was a chilly mid sixties while driving by Central park.

So we pull into a parking garage at Nth Street and I don’t remember Ave. We walk down the street a couple of blocks while Rory briefs us.

“We knock on the door, I give them the password, they ask how many, we say three, one of goes in at a time, we get our IDs made and then we leave.”

Why is it New Yorkers talk in one long, carried on, never ending, rhythmically toned sentence of coordinating conjunctions?

Anyways we get to, ‘the door’. I was picturing some back alley, old tin garbage cans with pages of newspapers dancing in the steam kind of setting. This was some place that said, ‘Bail Bonds’ on the sign over the door and was right out on the main street. There was a chinese place right next to it! Okay okay there was an alley on the other side… so it was only minorly skeevy.

Rory knocks on the door and looks up at the camera above the door. Twenty seconds later a man opens the door. Rory and him exchange words and we shove Heath in as the sacrificial lamb.

“Fifteen minutes fellas,” the guy says. He almost caressingly puts his meat paw of a hand on Heath’s back and leads him in. Heath stares back in a frightened yet this is funny kind of way. We give him the ‘buh-bye’ fingers only wave.

“Everything is going fine,” I thought to myself. Whenever things were going well I’d think of Cyn. It’d hurt so much the way she’d dumped me. All I had were questions. Why did she do it like that? Did I do something wrong? What did I miss?

After that Sunday afternoon with Cyn I didn’t see her again. I was only in town another two weeks before leaving for college so I stopped going to church. I didn’t love her anymore. I didn’t want to see her anymore. I wasn’t hoping she’d had a change of heart and wanted me back. I was hoping she’d of just fucked off and died. What did I care? She’s stolen my heart. In the end I did care and I knew if I didn’t move on and get answers that I was starting to develop a generally poor opinion for women.

Some things were starting to make sense though. I figured out why she wanted to move quickly when she saw the youth group coming out of the church. Now I knew why no one in the group was asking me about Cynthia. Mike was acting weirder than normal. How did I miss it? Cyn, while hugging and welcoming just was acting a little weird. This is why you don’t love. It’s a joke and everyone is in on it except you.

None of that mattered right now. I was in New York, where I was promised good pizza and getting a fake ID made so we could go out in the city. I hadn’t let what happened to me turn me into a complete and utter trainwreck and social recluse so hey… I’m winning right?

A smile was on my face.

“Hey bayyy-bee!!” I hear. I look left and coming up to us are two prostitutes. There’s nothing poetic or story worth about this. They were whores. Okay well at the time I didn’t KNOW that they were whores but like a funny man said, they were wearing a whore’s uniform.

Rory immediately starts talking them up. I don’t know why? Professional courtesy? Rory himself was nothing but a whore. He had a girl in his room the first week of school and someone else new continuously. For all I know these two were his cousins.

They introduced themselves. Don’t remember the names but I’m sure it was either something like Diamond or Destiny. They asked what we were doing in the city. Rory did all the talking and I just looked around nervously. I was starting to not like all of this. Fake IDs AND hookers in one afternoon?! I’m not ready for any of this!!

Before I can do anything one of them has Rory by the hand which he’s holding up as though she’s some kind of lady. The other one walks over and puts her arm in my arm and they turn us around and into the alley next to our now growing in skeeviness fake ID setup.

“You ever gotten a blow job, baby?” she growls at me smiling.

“No,” I say sheepishly with a football sized lump in my throat. Blowjob? From her? Here. So much of me wants to say no.

“What the FUCK are you thinking with NO?!” my dick says to me. Right then he stands up, shoves me and my subconscious aside and takes over.

She’s got her face inches from mine. She’s got the sluttiest, most turned on face I’d ever seen. It was if she WANTED to give me a blowjob right? Like it was her only desire? It was just like my thoughts of Cynthia. One hand ran down the side of my face while the other ran up my crotch. She gave both a squeeze, licked her lips, looked down at her other hand then up at me.

“Would you like one?” she questions as she’s circling her lips with her tongue.

“Yes please.”

My tone was half scared shitless and half schoolboy response. Looking back on it now it wouldn’t matter if I said yes, no or anything else. She was going to give me that blowjob!

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