My Sister’s Babysitter

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I had nothing planned for the afternoon. I’d been to the hardware store for a few items and was heading homeward when I decided to stop and see my sister and spend a bit of quality time with my nieces and nephew. I pulled up in front of the house and banged on the front door. The door was unlocked so after banging I just walked in yelling, “Hi, Marie. It’s me.”

Standing in the kitchen was a young lady, a stranger to me. A very pretty young lady, mind you. I put her age at about twenty. She was fair-haired, nice hazel eyes and, from what I could see, a good figure. It was a hot day and she was dressed for it, wearing one of those strapless dresses that seemed to be held up by hope and a decent bust. I suppose the elasticized top also helps. She was holding Ryan, my nephew, giving him a bit of a cuddle. Lucky Ryan.

She gave me a cold look.

“I’m not Marie. She and John have gone out for the afternoon. I’m Patricia, the baby-sitter. Who are you?”

“Afternoon, Patricia. Hi, Ryan. I’m Peter, Marie’s brother. I was passing so I thought I’d drop in and spend some time with Ryan and the girls. Girls are in the yard I take it?”

“Ah, yes, but I don’t know you.”

“Don’t let it panic you,” I said with a smile. “You’ll find that the girls will identify me as soon as they know I’m here. Why don’t we wander out the back and they’ll introduce me to you.”

Her not knowing me wouldn’t be a problem as soon as the girls spotted me. I’m their favourite uncle. And no, I am not their only uncle. Just the nicest.

That was when Ryan got into the act. He also knew me and twisted around in Patricia’s arms, waving at me. He also, by an unfortunate accident, pulled on the elasticized top, popping a very nice breast out from hiding. A nice thing about that sort of dress, girls often don’t bother with bras while wearing them.

Patricia gave a horrified squeak, unable to cover up with Ryan wriggling around.

“Let me help you,” I said, reaching for the top of the dress. Damned if I know where the evil impulse came from. Once my hand was on the dress, instead of lifting it up and over her breast, I lifted it out and off the other one.

“A sight to behold,” I told her, while she stared at me looking slightly stunned. “You have lovely breasts.”

I switched my hands to Ryan, lifting him out of her arms, which at least gave her a chance to cover up slightly. I put Ryan on the floor and pointed to the back yard.

“Go get sisters,” I told him. “Tell them Uncle Peter.”

He toddled off, heading for the yard. He was old enough to go to the girls and tell them. At least, he’d tell them enough to bring them in to see what was going on. I turned back to face a fuming Patricia.

“You’ve got a hell of a nerve,” she snapped. “Why didn’t you just pull my dress right down?”

“Quite frankly, because I didn’t think of it,” I admitted, “but seeing how you’re suggesting it. . .”

Before she could jump clear I had hold of the replaced top and was pulling it down again. It turned out she was quite right. Once past those lovely breasts there was nothing to really hold it up and I was able to send it slithering to the floor.

She was lovely, standing there in a little pair of bikini panties. If she’d been slightly stunned earlier, this time she was just plain horrified.

“You. . .” was all she said. I could, however, imagine all the things she wanted to say.

I reached over and brushed my fingertips lightly over one of her breasts. Not groping her, just giving a gentle worshiping touch.

“I really am going to have to apologise,” I said.

“I should damn well think so,” she snapped. “How you could have the unmitigated gall as to. . .”

Feeling that if I let her get started, she would have an awful lot to say I interrupted her.

“Not for seeing Bakırköy escort these lovelies,” I said. “It’s just that I may never have another chance to see you properly so I’m going to take advantage of that fact.”

Her bikini panties slid down even easier than her dress, leaving her naked and scarlet faced, staring at me with mouth open.

I ran my eyes over her, enjoying the scenery, but also hearing excited squealing outside.

“Ah, I would get dressed if I were you,” I suggested. “I think the girls are on their way inside.”

Fortunately it doesn’t take long to pull on a pair of panties and a dress. Patricia was all tucked away just prior to the back door bursting open and two shrieking fiends came hurtling through it. The next couple of minutes were rather chaotic as two little girls told Uncle Peter everything that had happened since they last saw me. As an aside they told me that Patricia was their new baby-sitter and that she was nice.

When everything had settled down I told Patricia I wanted to take the children to the park for a while. Naturally I would expect her to accompany us. She dithered and didn’t want to go for some reason, but she couldn’t see her way clear to disappointing the girls. (Ryan didn’t count. He’d go along with whatever happened.)

We left a note for Marie & John and I drove them all down to the park. There was a good one reasonably close with an excellent set of kid’s playground equipment. Once there it was a case of turning the kids loose and making sure that they knew you were watching them show off and applauding at the appropriate places.

With Patricia, I was on my best behaviour, doing nothing that might offend. She was still mad at me but at least she was talking to me. Eventually, with three tired little children, we returned to the house to find Marie and John had returned.

Marie made the kids some dinner and I went with them to tuck them in, and then we adults had some pizza. I also offered to drive Patricia home, seeing that I was going in that direction.

She pointed out that I didn’t know where she lived so how would I know what direction it was. I waved that away as incidental. After all, she wouldn’t want to drag John or Marie out when I was right there offering transport, would she?

Well, yes, she would have, but didn’t know the correct way to say, “But he stripped me naked before and I’m nervous.” Instead she accepted my offer, giving me a look that promised dire consequences if I put as much as one little finger out of line.

I drove her home, chatting politely, with not a single innuendo crossing my lips. Patricia didn’t say much but she did make an effort to be polite. We finally rolled up at her place.

“Do you have anyone home,” I asked, seeing that there was a light on.

“Yes,” she said, sounding a trifle smug. “I have a flat-mate and she’ll be there.”

“That’s excellent,” I told her. “It means that you can safely invite me in for a cup of coffee, knowing that you have a built-in chaperon.”

She didn’t want to, but as I said, she had a chaperon. I was unlikely to get boisterous with someone else there watching. She invited me in for coffee.

I met Chantelle, her flat-mate and I was polite and charming, subtly letting Chantelle know that I thought she was charming but that I only had eyes for Patricia. She thought it was sweet and romantic.

We had some coffee and after it I quietly pointed out to Chantelle that they were low on milk. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if she nipped out to the 7-Eleven just down the road and bought some? Taking her time of course. It can be a hard decision deciding just what sort of milk you want, what with all the different types available.

The first that Patricia knew of the change of circumstances was when she heard the Bakırköy escort bayan front door close. She looked up smiling as I walked back into the front room and then looked confused.

“Oh. I heard the front door. I thought you might have left.”

“I wouldn’t be that rude. Leaving without saying goodbye? Terrible manners. No, that was Chantelle nipping out to buy some more milk. I think she’s being discreet and giving me a chance to kiss you.”

“Ah, I don’t think so,” she said, rising to her feet.

She would have been better off staying on the seat. I moved closer, an arm going around her and gently pulling her towards me.

“I think it will be a good idea,” I contradicted. “A way of apologising for my earlier misbehaviour.”

I bent my head and dropped a light kiss on her lips before lifting my head and considering her.

“I’m sure we can do better than that,” I murmured, and kissed her again.

After a few light non-demanding kisses she started to kiss me back. Somehow our light kisses segued into some deeper kissing. I eased down onto a chair, still kissing her, bringing her down on my lap.

Now that she was sitting on my lap I didn’t need to hold her in place with both hands. One hand stayed on her back while the other slipped down the top of her dress, exposing one lovely breast, then covering that breast. I wasn’t rough at all, just gently stoking it, feeling it react to my touch.

Patricia broke away from the kiss and gave me a look.

“My breast,” she pointed out.

“Is exquisite,” I said, “and feels wonderful. As I’m sure this one will.”

My hand drifted over to her other breast, pushing the rest of her top down, giving me free access. One hand on the newly exposed breast, my mouth sought and found the first one, latching on and sucking lightly.

Patricia’s hands were clutching at my hair but she didn’t seem to be sure if she was pushing me away or holding me in place. I opted for holding me in place, only moving my head far enough to taste the second breast. I kissed and generally mouthed her breasts, letting my teeth graze across her nipples, feeling them stiffen and stand out. Then I went back to kissing her while my hands caressed her breasts.

It reached a point where I had to advance or stop. I eased her to her feet and tugged at her dress, finding it slid down just as easily as earlier in the day. Her hands went to hold onto her panties but I didn’t even try to remove them. I just pulled her back down and started kissing her again.

The big difference now was that my hands were now roaming more freely. My hand stared on her knee, drifting upwards between her legs, stopping when she pressed them together and waited. It takes effort to hold your legs tightly together. If you’re not concentrating then they relax, and she found it hard to concentrate while I was kissing her lips and her breasts. She relaxed her legs and my hand moved higher. It only took a couple of times and I was brushing against her mound.

Once I had reached her pussy her legs gave up the struggle, moving apart to give me freer access. I wasn’t saying no. I massaged her, lightly at first and then more firmly. A finger running along the crotch eased her panties away from her mound, letting me stroke her and feel her wetness and heat.

Patricia was squirming under my touch, rubbing her mound against me, wanting something more. Also, I suspect that in the back of her mind was the knowledge that Chantelle would return shortly, so we could only go so far. Personally, I suspected that Chantelle would be over at the 7-eleven and wouldn’t leave it until she saw my car go.

Even when I put Patricia back on hr feet and took her panties down she still didn’t seem to fully catch on. It wasn’t until I was encouraging her escort Bakırköy to bend over the end of the couch that she started to object.

“You can’t,” she said quickly. “We can’t. Chantelle will be back shortly.”

That didn’t seem to stop her taking up the position I wanted, bending over with her legs nicely splayed, an aroused pussy on display. I’d already unzipped and had my erection out, and was now rubbing it back and forth along her slit, feeling her dampness, letting it rub off onto my cock.

“Chantelle, if she comes back, will knock and wait until you open the door,” I told her. “I’ll bet she forgot to take her keys with her.”

I was now stretching her lips sideways, revealing the entrance I wanted. The head of my cock was butting up against it, adjusting its position slightly and starting to push into her.

“I can’t be doing this,” she muttered, sounding shocked. “I barely know you.”

“True, but isn’t it exciting?”

I pushed slightly harder and she gave a small groan and pushed back to meet me. It was a nice start and I continued to push firmly home. In didn’t rush her, just kept coming at a steady pace, feeling her pushing back against me as she stretched to take me, her passage folding gently but firmly around me. It’s a lovely feeling, taking a woman for the first time, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Oddly enough, now that we had started, neither of us seemed to be in any great hurry to get on with what we were doing. We just started moving gently against each other, enjoying the slow sensual movement of flesh dragging against flesh, sending and getting pleasure, each from the other. We let time drift by, lost in the wonder of it, both of us aroused and excited, but with our passion currently subdued.

Of course, it didn’t stay like that. We reached a point where our passions became very much engaged. I started moving faster, driving home with more force, while Patricia reciprocated, her bottom starting to bob up and down with some vigour as she moved with me.

Where my hands had been drifting quietly over her breasts, just quietly appreciating them, they now had a firm grip on them, kneading them and rubbing her nipples, agitating and exciting them.

I was breathing hard now, putting some effort into my efforts, and I idly noted that Patricia was also gasping as she did her best to force me deeper with every stroke. She was, I might add, somewhat noisier about it than me, giving little squeaks and gasps and mumbled pleas for more of what she was getting.

Not that she had to beg for more. I was only too willing to give everything I had and a bit more if I could. Our gentle pleasure had now gone by the way, replaced by a driving need, one that could only be satisfied by total engagement. I kept on driving into her, each thrust raising the level of excitement, slowly building us up to a crescendo.

I wasn’t ready for it when it came but it came anyway. A tiny corner of my mind was relieved to see that Patricia was just as affected as I was, shuddering and shaking with the force of her climax. I was only surprised to observe that she wasn’t screaming.

Afterwards Patricia quickly grabbed her dress and pulled it on, not worrying about her panties. She just seemed to be anxious to be covered in case Chantelle walked back in. She was blushing fiercely while she did it.

It was, she informed me, time for me to go. I smiled politely and let her usher me to the door. At the door I stopped, took hold of her and gave her a very thorough kiss.

“What was that for?” she demanded.

“When Chantelle asks what happened while she was gone you can tell her I gave you a good-night kiss,” I said, smiling blandly. “Let her guess at anything else that may have happened.”

I was going to see Patricia again, soon. If Chantelle started teasing her about me she just might shy off, so feed Chantelle a tit-bit to keep her happy and keep the good stuff in reserve. I had no doubt that she’d tell Chantelle all, sooner or later, but if I could make it later our relationship just might have progressed somewhat. Time would tell.

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