My Stepmother’s Milk Ch. 02

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A/N: Here’s part 2! This was my most popular story by far, and I’ve gotten several emails from people who wanted to see more, so I’m finally delivering.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think! If you’d like to see some of my other writing, check out my sex & sexuality blog, link in my profile.

All characters are 18+ years of age.

As always, enjoy.


“Paul… I’m leaking.”

I heard my stepmother’s voice, timid yet urgent, coming from behind me. I turned and saw she had stopped a few feet back, slightly hunched over, a red flush spreading across her face. Sure enough, there were two small dark circles on her purple shirt.

My eyes widened and I felt my pulse spike. At the same time, my cock twitched in my pants. We hadn’t yet gotten everything we needed for dinner, but I didn’t want to embarrass Pam by making her walk around while her tits slowly leaked breast milk onto her clothes. Besides, the prospect of getting my hands on her was a lot more enticing.

“Okay,” I said, my throat suddenly gone dry. “Okay, c’mon, let’s go.” I walked towards her and grabbed the basket hanging off her arm, placing it in the cart and wheeling towards the front of the store.

The place was strangely crowded for the middle of the day, or at least I thought so; women of various ages and elderly couples meandered about the store, presumably doing exactly what we were doing, preparing for dinner for that night. We stood in line, waiting with six people in front of us. I could hear Pam squirming behind me – hell, I could practically feel it, she was standing so close. I imagine she was trying to hide the evidence of her embarrassment. I wished I could do the same: with every brush of her nipples against my shoulder, I felt another rush of blood surge to my aching cock.

It was torture standing there for so long. Finally we were next in line, and I began taking groceries from the basket and placing them on the conveyor belt, trying to ignore the throbbing sensation in my pants. Pamela was motionless, her arms crossed over her breasts, effectively hiding the wet stains, but pushing them up and out in a way that definitely didn’t cool me down any. The cashier kept giving me strange looks as he scanned our items and placed them in bags. I tried my best to avoid eye contact, busying myself with placing the bags back into the cart.

“That’ll be $52.96.”

When nothing happened for a few seconds, I glanced up to see Pam staring at the floor, face gone white. Then I realized: her wallet was in her purse, slung over her shoulder, and she couldn’t reach it without moving her arms.

Heat rose to my cheeks, and I thought to rush over and retrieve the wallet myself, but Pamela had already dropped her arms.

My eyes widened and I stared transfixed at the prominent dark splotches on her shirt. They were much larger than they were before, and very obvious. My stepmother kept her eyes trained on the ground, rummaging through her purse and pulling out her wallet. She handed her card to the cashier without looking at him. I couldn’t see his face, captivated as I was by those wet stains, but I’m sure his expression was just as shocked as mine.

I stood there clutching the handle of the basket with a death grip as Pam gave her signature and the cashier asked if she would like her receipt. His voice was high-pitched and squeaky, and I couldn’t blame him. Pamela took her card, crossed her arms again and began walking. We rushed out the store as quickly as we could.

Once outside I practically ran to the car, moving as fast as I could with the cart in front of me. I popped the trunk as we approached the van and threw the groceries in the back, slamming the door shut and pushing the basket away, not caring where it ended up. I turned to make my way around to the driver’s side when I saw that Pamela was sitting in the back seat.

I opened the door to see her leaning up against the backseat window, shirt up and bra already on the floor. She was kneading her breasts with her hands and gave me a little smile when she saw me. “There’s more room back here,” she said.

I eryaman escort scrambled in and closed the car door behind me. “That was embarrassing, huh?” I heard her ask, giggling breathlessly, but I wasn’t interested in talking. I mumbled something to appease her and settled down between her legs, ready to suck on her tits.

I had only done it a few times since the first time she let me taste her milk. Usually I would find her when she was pumping away, and she would let me drink some when the bottles were almost full. Sometimes she would let me do it even when she wasn’t pumping, just a few squirts while she was cleaning up around the house, or in the middle of fixing lunch. And then there were times like this, when we were out and about, where she would start leaking, and she would need me to help her.

I wasn’t complaining; in fact, I was the happiest I had ever been in my entire life. I had never tasted something so sweet and warm, and it felt so good to finally have the breasts that I’d fantasized about for years finally within my reach.

I stuck my tongue out, licking just the tip of her nipple, tiny droplets of milk already forming on the hardened buds. I wrapped my lips around one and sucked gently, feeling the familiar stream of creamy liquid flowing over my tongue and down my throat.

My hand was already down my pants; there was no way I could keep myself from jacking off like this, sitting here sucking on my stepmother’s tits. She was moaning softly above me, dirty words falling past her lips in whispers, sending jolts of electricity straight to my hardened cock.

“Yes, baby… suck that tit… god you suck it so good…”

I moved to her other breast and bit down softly on her nipple, making her cry out in that delicious way I liked. My fingers moved over my cock, slicked with precum and radiating heat. I wanted to feel her tits on me, wanted her hot flesh to move over my dick, wanted to get off in a way I couldn’t with just my hand.

I swiped my tongue over her nipple one last time before sitting up and pushing my shorts down past my knees. I moved my underwear and my cock sprung out, red and swollen and glistening. I reached over and grabbed my stepmother’s breast, pulling her forward so that her nipple touched the tip of my cock, grazing it over the head, watching the tiny rivulets of milk spiral down the engorged shaft.

I was making a mess but I didn’t care; this was so hot, and I needed to cum badly. Suddenly that thought took precedence in my mind, and my hand went to the top of my stepmother’s head, pushing it down until her mouth was positioned right above my cock.

“Suck me,” I said.

I didn’t wait for her to respond, lifting my hips so that my cock slid past her lips and into her mouth. I groaned as I was enveloped in the warm wetness, and I could feel her tongue moving back and forth on the underside of the shaft. I pumped in and out of her mouth, reaching down to grab one of her tits, pulling her nipple until the milk sprayed out. I didn’t care where it went, all I wanted to do was feel the warm liquid flowing over my fingers, down my legs, just out of her.

Pam was moaning around my cock, the vibrations shooting through me, and I could tell she was about to cum. Like I said before, I had never met any girl who’s nipples were as sensitive as hers, and I loved that I could make her cum just by twisting them between my fingers. She was moving against me, and I felt her mouth start to come off of my cock, so I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down further, thrusting my dick into her throat. She gagged slightly, but I didn’t care, and I don’t think she did, either; I pulled hard on her nipple, twisting it roughly, and had her cumming within seconds.

She was moaning loudly, mouth still closed over my cock, and I thrust into her face, feeling my own orgasm building. Her milk was spraying from her tits as she came, soaking the seat and our clothes and me, and the feeling of the warm liquid running over my skin, and the knowledge that it was coming from my stepmother’s breasts, sent me over the edge, and etimesgut escort I came hard, shooting my cum deep into her mouth.

I kept my hand on her head, moving her lips up and down on my cock until the pleasure started to subside, then I let go and she sat up, breathing heavily. I leaned back against the door, eyes half-closed in post-orgasmic bliss, and I looked at her and saw a tiny bit of cum at the edge of her mouth. She had swallowed the rest.

We sat there for a moment, staring at each other, as I slowly returned to a normal state of mind. I managed to push myself up and felt an uncomfortable wetness beneath me. I looked down and saw the mess that we were sitting in.

Pamela giggled. “I guess we better clean this up, huh?”

Dinner that night was rather uneventful, considering the embarrassment we had in getting the ingredients to make it. Pamela and I kept that to ourselves, though; there was no reason Dad needed to know her situation – or our situation, at that.

“How was your day, sweetheart?” Pamela asked.

Dad took his time to chew his food and swallow before answering. “It’s good, really good,” he said, nodding and setting his fork down. “In fact, I think I might have some very good news coming soon.”

“Really?” I asked. “What’s that?”

He smiled this mischievous little grin but didn’t say. “I’ll tell you guys when I know for sure, but let’s just say I’m expecting an increase in income real soon.”

“Oh, that’s so exciting!” Pamela said, no doubt thinking about all the new colors she could paint her nails. That made me think about how she’d need me to help her with her breasts, and I blushed and choked on my food.

“You all right there, Paul?” Dad asked, giving me a strange look.

“Mm-hm,” I nodded, reaching for my glass of water and taking a large gulp.

Dad picked his fork back up. “What about you, son, how’s everything going for you? You alright bein’ back at home after your first year of college?”

“Yeah, it’s not too bad,” I said. In fact, I had been dreading it, but I couldn’t have predicted the situation I found myself in now. It was more than I could have asked for.

“That’s good, then,” my father said around a mouth full of food. “I know my first summer back was shit. It’s absolute hell to come back to all this after you’ve been out on your own. I know your poor stepmother must be bored to death sitting around this place all day.”

“Not really, dear, I have plenty to do, and Paul’s been helping me out a lot.” I glanced up to see Pamela send a quick wink my way. Thank goodness my mouth was empty because I would have choked all over again.

“Well as long as you two are keeping busy somehow, I won’t feel so bad about being at work all the time.”

If only he knew.

When we were done eating, Dad and Pamela headed upstairs, leaving me to clean up the kitchen. There were so many thoughts running through my mind. How long could we keep this up? What would happen when I went back to school? Would Pamela find someone else to satisfy her in my absence? I was sure she would – there was no way she would go eight months with no nipple stimulation just to wait for me. No, I was sure she would find someone else to help her.

As well she should. It’s not like we should have been doing this anyway… I shook my head, stopping my thoughts before they went any further. The summer was still young, and I intended to enjoy every minute of it. Everything else could wait.

Once I finished putting everything away I headed to my room, thinking I might turn in early for the night. As I walked down the upstairs hallway I heard noises coming from my parents’ room: small thuds and groaning. Curious, I tiptoed over to their door and saw that it was slightly ajar. Peering through the crack, I could see two figures moving on top of the bed.

Normally this would be an exciting thing for any guy – who wouldn’t enjoy seeing their stepmother get fucked? – but I had heard how Pamela cried out when she was writhing in pleasure, and this didn’t sound anything like it. If anything, I mostly heard the animalistic etlik escort grunting noises of my father as he pounded into her pussy, presumably staying far away from her tits. I felt sorry for Pamela at that moment, that she had to suffer through sex like that, and get nothing from it.

My cock had failed to stir in my pants, so I decided I might as well head to bed like I planned.

I woke up a few hours later with something warm and fluffy pressing against my face. Confused, I turned my head to see Pamela on her hands and knees above me.

“Pam, what are you…?”

“I’m sorry, Paul,” she said, a sad and needy look in her eyes. “I tried to just go back to sleep, but I couldn’t – you know what it was like in there, I could see you standing in the doorway – and I just need… I just need…”

She couldn’t finish her sentence, but glancing down at her breasts hanging between us, I could guess what it was she needed.

I was wide awake at this point, though surprisingly it was still taking my other head a minute to come to full attention. I reached down and began to massage her breasts with my hands, milk already leaking from the swollen mounds. And already she was keening above me, body rocking back and forth as it finally got the relief it had been denied.

I watched her moving with her eyes closed, and it dawned on me that I was the one making her feel like this. My hands, on her breasts, twisting her nipples – that was what was making her cum. And I liked that, liked that she needed me like this, that I was the only one in her life right now that could do this to her, give her the pleasure she so desperately sought.

It was this thought that stirred me to erection. My stepmother, helpless above me, needing me to give her an orgasm, practically begging me to make her cum.

I grabbed her nipples roughly and pulled at them, twisting them until the milk came out in sprays. She gasped and her eyes flew open, but I kept tugging, harder than I normally would, until she was shaking uncontrollably. It seemed like her arms might give out, so I pushed her over until she was lying on her back, and I climbed between her legs.

Her nightgown was already down below her breasts and she was wearing no panties. I slid my boxers off and positioned myself at her entrance, pushing slowly into her until I my cock was buried deep inside her.

I held myself there for a moment, savoring the feeling of warmth that surrounded me, looking down at my stepmother lying beneath me. Her nipples stood erect, straining for release, and I saw a tiny drop of white liquid slide down her flesh.

I placed one hand beside her head, taking one of her nipples with the other, and I pulled out of her and then thrust back in, twisting the bud as I did so.

She had sense enough not to cry out and wake my dad but I could see it in her face, in the way she bit her lip and closed her eyes tight. I pushed into her again, and again, twisting her nipple with each thrust. Her milk was flowing freely now, and it seemed heated in a way I hadn’t felt before. I wouldn’t do it like my father did; I would do it better than him. I could feel her squeezing around me, her muscles clenching around my cock as I thrust in and out of her, twisting her nipples hard. How could he have missed this? It made it feel so much better.

I switched to the other breast, pinching and turning and pulling the bud, until I could hear the moans slipping out of her mouth. Soon she started convulsing beneath me, and I could tell she was cumming, her milk spraying onto my chest and my stomach. I felt her pussy contract around me, and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

She was still riding her own waves, but I needed to cum more than anything, so I removed my hand from her breast, placing it on the other side of her head and holding myself up, shoving my cock deep inside of her, feeling her muscles spasm around me, pushing me closer and closer. I pulled out and moved to straddle her, jerking at my cock with my hand, bucking my hips as I came, ropes of cum shooting out of my cock and landing on her chest.

I fell back so that I was sitting between her legs, spent and trying to catch my breath. She lay motionless in front of me, covered in shiny traces of milk and cum.

“Thank you, Paul,” I heard her whisper. I felt pleased in that moment, knowing that only I could give her this.

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