My Teasing Step Brother Pt. 01

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I watched as he unloaded the groceries into the fridge. Every flex of his bicep when he picked up something heavy, like the six packs of beer for our party tonight. The way his jeans stretched over his perfectly shaped ass whenever he bent over to grab something out of another bag on the floor. Even the way his flax blonde hair flopped around whenever he turned his head. He was gorgeous. But of course, I could never have him considering he was my step brother. Our parents married last month after each going through nasty divorces. Well, the last one was my mom’s third divorce, but she didn’t mention that until after they were married. Thank goodness she’s still hot. Anyways, Marco became my step brother, and as hot as he may be, my social status would plummet if I had a thing with my step brother, it’s way too taboo. Not to mention it sounds like the start of a bad porno.

“Kitten, are you going to help me put the snacks out or not? The party starts in two hours.” Marco asked, breaking me from my fantasies.

I know, I know the nickname kitten is odd. But it’s what my mom has always called me and Marco always used it to tease me. He knew I would kill him if my friends found out. But of course, I certainly didn’t mind him using it.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking about how great this is going to be. Mom and dad are away on their honey moon for the next week so the sky’s the limit with this party!”

“Yeah, I was worried you were going to be some prude when we first met. You really surprised me with this party idea.”

“Haha yeah, I can be quiet surprising.” I choked out. It was impossible not to think how else I could… surprise him.

After about an hour of setting up the sound system and putting out snacks and decorations it was time to get ready. I headed up to my room and pulled out the dress I had been waiting to wear since we planned to throw the party. It was a light lavender and clung to my body, stopping on my mid thighs. It was spaghetti strapped, so I decided to go bra-less. My b cup tits held themselves up perfectly, so no bra was not an issue. I combed through my blonde hair and gave it a quick hit of hairspray. I decided to stick with just some lip gloss as I heard our friends beginning to arrive. I slipped on my white open toed pumps and headed down stairs.

“Rose you look so hot.” A girl named Maya in my friend group said to me as I walked down the stairs.

I can’t say I have any close friends, but I have a group. I was fairly popular and was one of the only seniors who had already turned eighteen, making me a target for young druggies and smokers, which of course I never gave into.

“Thanks, you guys all look stunning.” I smiled, looking at each of my friends and appreciating how well dressed they all were.

“There’s Luca!” I teased to my other friend, Alexia. She had been trying to get with him for at least five months.

“Oh, I know, and I have an idea for later.” She smirked to herself.

“Do tell!” Maya and I chimed in unison, not wanting to wait until later.

“Fine, but you have to wait until later to do it. I need to make sure I’m ready.” She paused for a moment, then smiled, “I want to play truth or dare, and one ankara escort of you needs to dare me to spend seven minutes in heaven with Luca about halfway through the game.” A soft pink blush crept up into her cheeks as she finished telling the last part of her idea.

“Of course, it’ll be like back in middle school, but even better!” Maya nodded, excited.

It had been about ten minutes since most of our guests arrived and I could tell something was off with Marco. He was completely ignoring me.

I walked over to him and tapped on his shoulder, causing him to turn around.

“Why are you ignoring me Marco?” I asked while trying to concentrate on his eyes.

He was dressed in very well fitting tan colored pants with a white button up tucked in. The first three buttons were undone revealing the top of his beautifully toned chest and the sleeves were rolled up, giving him very sexy teacher/boss vibes.

He smirked and stared into my eyes very intently.

“Nothing, I just didn’t want to deal with your friends tonight.”

“What’s wrong with my friends?” I shot back.

“Nothing, they just seem to think that desperation isn’t noticeable and stare at me like I am some kind of meat.”

“O-oh well I mean. They do think you’re pretty hot!” I giggled. “Sorry for not realizing sooner.”

“It’s no biggie, go enjoy yourself, kitten.” He trailed his tongue on his bottom lip after the “n” in kitten.

I rolled my eyes and sauntered back to my friends, being sure I wiggled my ass and gave him a good view.

After about an hour, Alexia decided that she was ready to get it on with Luca and asked if we were ready to play.

“Sure, just be sure he doesn’t leave a mess on my carpet. That shit is expensive to clean.” I joked.

“You would know.” Maya chuckled.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” I yelled into the microphone attempting to be heard above the thumping music.

A couple heads turned and nodded vigorously indicating they wanted to join. I searched the crown and locked eyes with Marco and mouthed “you’re playing” as I walked away from the sound system and towards him.

“Like hell I am!” he laughed after I got to him.

I wasn’t taking no for an answer. This was my opportunity to openly grill him about anything. I grabbed his hand and led him to where the group was congregating.


I led the group into the upstairs common area and the group of about fifteen spread out either on the floor or on one of the three couches. We were almost in the shape of a circle and there was a glass table in the middle.

“Alright, you’ve all played before, but let’s make it more fun. You have to answer whatever you’re asked one hundred percent truthfully, and you cannot under any circumstances say no to your dare. Unless, you know, it puts you in physical danger. Nothing is off limits and don’t be scared, we’re not in middle school anymore.” I winked at Alexia, hoping she would loosen up and not chicken out of her plan.

The game started slow with a few french kisses and embarrassing questions. Eventually a guy named Thomas was dared to sit Maya down on the glass table and give her çankaya escort hickeys down her neck and on her thighs. I could tell Maya was mortified.

“Shit. Do I have to?” She asked, almost shaking.

“Rules are rules!” Alexia and I sang in unison.

I could tell Thomas was excited, I’m pretty sure he’d been into Maya all year. He walked over to the glass table and watched as Maya tentatively made her way over to him. He lifted her up by the hips and gently placed her down on the middle of the table. He leaned in and paused, taking a big gulp realizing what he was about to do in front of the group. Slowly he worked his mouth down her neck leaving two hickeys at the top on both sides. Eventually Maya loosened up and got into it. She stifled a moan as he dragged his lips down to the base of her neck, finishing the first part of his task. He then got down on his knees and softly pushed Maya back, opening her legs. He dragged his teeth and lips up her inner thighs, leaving marks stopping just before her obviously soaked pussy. He then stopped and inhaled her scent. He looked intoxicated, and almost pained to have to move past her pussy. He made his way down to the base of her other thigh just above her knee, finishing the task. The group that had been eerily silent and intensely concentrating on the couple began to whoop cheers of approval for completing such a daunting task. Maya and Thomas both stood up, blushed, and made their way back to their seats. Maya rubbed the hickeys on her inner thighs and shook her head giggling.

“My turn.” I growled, locking eyes with Alexia.

She gulped and nodded, knowing what was about to happen.

“Alexia, I dare you to take Luca into the closet and fuck him until you can’t walk.” I said while trying to suppress a giggle.

The group gasped and cheered, watching as Luca gently stood up and followed Alexia into the closet just around the corner.

“You are awful!” Marco whispered into my ear.

“Oh yes, tell me how nasty I am” I thought to myself, wishing it were Marco and I instead of Luca and Alexia in that closet.

“Oh please, she asked us to dare her to do him before the game even started.” was my actual reply.

“What a little minx!” he chuckled.

The seven minutes passed by fairly fast and were filled with whispers and people straining to hear anything possible going on in the closet. Several grunts and moans escaped from Luca and Alexia, causing everyone to quietly erupt in laughter. Finally Alexia came out with her lipstick smeared and her dress wrinkled followed by a dazed Luca who was wearing Alexia’s lipstick.

“Was he any good?” I asked Alexia once she finally sat down next to me again.

“I- we- wow!” was all she managed to breathe.

“My turn.” Olivia, a pale girl from across the room chimed in, obviously with something in mind. “Rose and Marco, spend ten minutes in your parent’s bedroom doing anything except talking”

I was dumbfounded. Would everyone think of me the same if I fucked my step brother?

With a wide eyed crowd watching us we made our way into my parents bedroom which was just down the hall. I locked and shut the door, and walked over to face the bed.

“Well, demetevler escort they’ll never know if we talk.” I whispered.

I turned around and to my surprise Marco was standing at most an inch away, and our foreheads were touching. Wordlessly he shoved me onto the bed and pinned my hands above my head and held me in place by placing himself on his knees, locking my stomach down with his crotch.

“You’re right, they won’t. And I never have been much of a rule follower.” he whispered, slowing leaning down.

At this point our noses were touching and I could smell his aftershave gently radiating off of his freshly shaved face.

“We’re breaking so many rules!” I croaked, suddenly dry mouthed but wet elsewhere.

“That’s what makes it so fun.” he breathed.

He placed his free hand on my neck, lightly choking me.

“And you walk around in such tiny pajamas and wear such tight clothes. You know how beautiful you are, and yet you dare me not to notice.” he growled, giving my neck a soft squeeze.

“I don’t think I’m beautiful, I just hoped my outfits would somehow catch your attention. I never expected it to work.” I confessed.

He moved his right left hand back to my wrists, pinning my hands above my head once again.

“Well then let me tell you why you’re so beautiful. Let’s start with your neck.”

He moved his lips down to my neck and planted a wet kiss on my Adam’s apple.

“It’s soft and smooth, and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve jerked off thinking of choking you while I bend you over the kitchen counter”

I gasped. He had to be lying.

“Next, your shoulders. Your perfectly shaped shoulders. They stay strong and you always hold them up, even when I can tell you have the weight on the world on them. It makes you even more beautiful, your unbelievable strength.”

I blushed, he really wasn’t lying. Was he?

“Ah, your breasts. Your gorgeous breasts.”

He bit my left nipple through the thin fabric of my dress.

“Perfectly shaped and such beautiful nipples.” he glanced up at me, “large and soft, just how I like them”.

I squirmed under his attention to my tits. I had wanted this for so long.

What he did next completely ruined anything left I had within me to resist him. He removed his grip that was pinning down my arms by my wrists and placed his hands on either side of my hips. He placed one hand between my breasts and shoved the bottom of my dress up to my chest, blocking my view of his head once he started placing warm sloppy kisses along the top part of my stomach.

“And your adorable” *kiss* “warm” *kiss* “round little stomach.”

I giggled but then sharply inhaled as he placed a kiss just above the hem of my underwear.

“Mmmm, the part of you I’ve still not had the luxury of experiencing.” he grumbled.

I squirmed and wiggled, I needed his mouth on my clit.

He moved his hands to my inner thighs and pried them open. He was so strong he almost left bruises on my thighs from his grip.

He gently licked in the crease of where my thigh ends and my pussy begins eliciting a low unintentional moan from me.

“Quiet kitten, I’m not done yet.”

He kissed and gently bit down on my clit through my mesh thong sending fireworks through my whole body.

He placed his hand under the top of my underwear when suddenly someone yelled through the door.

“Your ten minutes is up, lovers!”

To be continued…

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