My Wife and I Come to Terms

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There seemed an endless expanse between my wife and me. Miles of sofa cushion fabric stretched between us. My eye lids heavy with stress started to close up around the television crushing whatever show was on.

“I’m going to bed!” my wife announced.

Startled awake, I began my nighttime ritual. I rose from the sofa, turned off the television, locked all the doors, brushed my teeth, and slid into bed. She lay somewhere next to me. Again my eyes began to close as my mind walked through the events of the past few weeks.

My best friend’s wedding is tomorrow and two weeks ago we celebrated by having his bachelor party. There was some debate as to whether or not a strip club would be involved. My wife laughed and told me she thought I should definitely include strippers. Knowing the person I was, she actually found it amusing. I sent out the announcement which included the Kitten Club as the last item of the night.

At The Pub, I unwound from my work week. I was slightly more stressed than usual due to some restructuring of my company and my drinking reflected that. By the time we climbed aboard the shuttle van we had rented, I was mostly out of my mind. The Kitten Club was dark with thumping techno music and strobe lighting. There were several stages and many girls working the crowd. We pulled up to an empty table and ordered a round of beers.

The night was coming to a close when a pretty dancer approached out table. With some goading and 40 dollars from my friends, she gave me a lap dance. As she swayed in front of me to the music, she slowly untied the strings behind her neck that held up her bra. Her bra slid down revealing her breasts. She leaned forward and the tips of her nipples brushed my lips and face. She continued to dance and grind on me until the song finished. She tied up her bra, turned and smiled at me and then without warning she bent down and kissed me on the lips. I acted reflexively and kissed her quickly Anadolu Yakası Escort back.

“Thanks baby” she whispered in my ear.

Holy crap what did I just do and in front of all my friends.

The story made it around my circle of friends and finally came to rest in the mind of my wife. For the past two weeks my wife and I have argued, cried, not spoken, and for the most part fallen apart. I have been beside myself trying to figure out how to let her know that it was an accident and that she was everything to me. Nothing seemed to be working. My best friend’s wedding was tomorrow and I did not know that I could handle it. I slept fitfully.

Sometime in the night, I felt the bed shift. I thought my wife was just rolling over, but soon I could tell something was up. It was a full moon and our curtains were open. I could see pretty well. I rolled onto my back and looked up at my wife who was standing over me, her feet on either sides of my hips.

“Are you ok?” I asked her.

“No.” she responded.

“What’s going on?”

“I am having a hard time getting over what happened. But yesterday I figured out how to fix this for me.”

Her hands went over and rested on her knees. She was wearing what she wore most nights, a long t-shirt that draped to mid thigh. Her hands slowly moved up her long legs. When she got to the bottom hem of her t-shirt she grabbed it and started lifting it up. When she got half way to her waist I realized something was under her shirt.

“What’s going on?” I repeated.

She did not reply but kept slowly lifting up her shirt. The object took shape. It looked like a smooth black dildo but I could not figure out how it was hanging there. Her shirt moved up some more. Two black straps wound around her upper theighs. With the strap-on revealed, she quickly removed her shirt and knelt down beside me on the bed.

“Hello?!? What is this?” I asked

“This is how I am going to get past my hurt feelings. So…we can either live out the rest of our lives like it has been for the past two weeks or you can let me get my feelings out for the next twenty minutes.”

I was speechless. I was confused and still half asleep. I desperately wanted to get past my drunken mistake. I did not respond. Her hands grabbed me on either side of my waist and began to roll me over. I was starting to wake up. I resisted.

“You are pissing me off” she said in an angry voice.

That voice did it. The tone I had been hearing for the past two weeks, I could not listen to it any more. I relaxed, letting her roll me over onto my stomac. She had placed a pillow next to me so that when I rolled over my waist rolled up onto it lifting my butt into the air. My heart started to race. I was fairly vanilla when it came to sex and so I thought had been my wife. Where was this coming from?

She pushed my knees apart and took up a position behind me. I could feel her hand slide up my back. She pushed my shoulders down into the bed. I turned my head to the side.

“You relax and stay just like that. It will all be over soon.” she said.

A heat rose in my face as the embarrassment of the situation hit me. I heard a clicking noise . I then felt her hand rub something slick right on my ass. I clenched up immediately. She slapped my bottom hard. It stung.

“That won’t work dear. You’ve got to relax.”

I took a deep breath as I felt her move in closer behind me. Soon I could feel the end of the dildo pressing against my ass. It felt huge. This wouldn’t work I thought. She pushed it harder against the opening. It would not budge. I took a deep breath still in shock. With my exhale I could feel myself give way a little and the dildo entered me. At the precipice there was some pain. With another deep breath, it slid in further. Once it got past the initial opening, I felt a sudden rush of lust. My cock suddenly reeled against the bed. I grabbed a fistful of sheets and held on for dear life. I have never felt anything like it. I thought I might explode.

Just when I thought I had fully reached nirvana, I could feel the full weight of her hips pressing down on my bottom. Then she lifted slowly up and came down again. The dildo smoothly slid in and out of me. Her pace quickened as did my breathing and heart rate. The intense lust in me only built higher until I was sure that I really was slowly exploding.

An “Oh God” passed through my lips.

She was pounding me know. Every second I could feel the full weight of her body bounce off my bottom. I could feel my prostate enlarge as the dildo messaged it. Normally the pleasure that I felt during sex was outside and just in front of my body, in my cock. Now the feeling was deep inside me. I had no idea, I could feel like this. Still gripping the bed, I could feel the pleasure build. I thought it would stop at some point but it did not.

With another “Oh god”, my cock spasmed relentlessly and I could feel the cum that had been building up for two weeks spray the bed. My cock had not been touched the whole time. I could feel my wife slowly stop thrusting and then inch the dildo out of my ass. As the tip passed the opening, my cock gave one last lurch and my whole body shuttered. It was over. My wife collapsed in the bed next to me and I rolled over. The embarrassment showed in my face as I stared at the ceiling.

“I know it was just a stupid quick little mistake, but don’t’ ever do that again.” She said

“Never again” I replied

“Good. Now, unless you have any objections, I think this should be something we do every once in a while. Do I hear any objections…”

My brain wanted to speak up. My mouth opened. The words “Honey, I don’t think I am in to this sort of thing” wanted to come out. But nothing came out. There was a long silent pause, and I turned to look at her. She had a wicked little smile on her face as she rolled over and went to sleep. I rolled over and shut my eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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