Mystery Lover Ch. 02

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(This is a continuation of “Mystery Lover”. By the way, this story takes a long time to unfold.)

The last few days I’ve been preoccupied with what happened between my husband, and then my son, and I. After my husband’s great trick on me, I stepped things up by continuing the game and taking my son for a wild and taboo ride which I now realize was irresponsible and immoral.

Fortunately and unbelieveably, the incident didn’t create some sort of emotional or psychological mess at home. My husband, Bill, and I have been a little distant, but that had started a little before, as our increased sexual adventures were not the only playing he was doing. And this kinkiness was only one more step in his mid-life wildness. I sort-of thought it was also a way of backing me off any questioning of him about his increased time away from home and some of his secretiveness about what he was up to.

Even more luckily, my son, Brad, didn’t freak-out or anything. He’s always had it together, and he and I have always been close. This seemed to be something we both were taking it easy with, and we just continued to be close and open with one another.

The past few days we had the occasional contact and awkward smiles, but we otherwise just continued on, all of us, with our routines. With Bill staying gone alot, it seemed Brad and I had more time alone together. It was during one of these evenings that I thought it best to bring things out in the open about how we should see this as having been just a really weird and one-time thing.

Brad was watching TV when I came home from working-out, and I sat next to him. He smiled to me, and let me know I had his attention.

“Hey, we gotta talk, pal,” I started.

“Listen, everything’s fine,” he tried to assure me.

“I know, honey. It is, but it isn’t. Listen, what happened should have never happened. You just got caught-up in some of mine and your dad’s weirdness. It should never have happened.”

He looked in my eyes and smiled.

“Like I said everything’s fine,” he replied, “we’ve always been close—you and me—and now I feel closer than ever. Just don’t worry.” He stroked my arm with his fingers.

“Everything is fine, but I want you to know that if you need to talk about this more I’m here for you. And you relax, too. Nothing like that will ever happen again. You won’t be put in that situation again.” Brad sat up, now concerned.

“Huh? Really I’m fine with what happened. I think we should just let things… .”

He looked at me and let me think about what he was saying.

“Brad, we’ll stay close, honey. But there can’t be the kind of thing that happened the other night. There just can’t.”

He was obviously disappointed and looked away for a moment. Then, as if with a new idea, he looked back at me.

“Are you saying that you regret the other night?”

I looked at him. I may’ve even blushed a little when I gave a quick thought to how I’d gotten him back up on the bed and ridden him.

“No, honey. Of course not. What I’m saying is that I’ve got to be responsible and do the right thing. That’s all.”

He smiled a big grin and tilted his head to me, again looking deeply into my eyes.

“Tell you what,” he said, “let’s both think about this. Then, let’s talk again.”

I gave him a questioning look, and he continued.

“Only, we finish this discussion tomorrow night at 7:30, and at Harry’s.”

Harry’s was the hotel bar from the other night.

I chuckled and shook my head.

“Listen, don’t make this harder on me,” I told him.

“Well, I’ll just feel better about how you feel about this if we talk about it away from here,” he explained to me, smiling a very mischieveous grin.

“Brad,” I paused, “well, your dad does have a work thing again tomorrow night. Her name is probably Bambi,” I joked. “So that’s fine, it’s just I want you to know you’re not going to change my mind. So please understand.”

“Sure, I do,” he said and he squeezed my hand as I got up to go on upstairs. I kissed him on the cheek and went on to bed.

I’d like to say I put it out of my mind as having been settled, but as I laid there that night, alone in bed waiting for Bill to come home, my hands inevitably ventured down to my thighs. I thought about Brad sitting next to me on the couch, close but not coming on to me. His eyes looking to mine and him being so sweet. But especially him not wanting to give up some romantic idea about he and I. He was implying that he wanted something else to happen, and that he didn’t want me to rule it out.

He was still wanting to convince me, and … well … to have me. My wetness was all over my fingers as I stroked myself, thinking about this young man wanting me. I moved my fingers lightly over my lips and dipped them between my lips, as I thought about when I had him in my mouth and when he was deep inside me. Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I let a couple of fingers graze my clit, sending me into an intense orgasm and my moaning out loud. I fell asleep thinking nilüfer escort about tomorrow night.

The next day was Thursday, and sure enough Bill again let me know he was going to be home late because of work. I wound-up preoccupied all day, and I thought of the different ways to make Brad understand that this wasn’t going to work or going to happen.

After work, I got a quick work-out, and I changed into casual clothes to head over for drinks. Brad was right that the change in locations, and the return to the scene of the other night, had an altering effect on the whole thing. I mean, I hadn’t changed my mind. I knew what I had to do. But the whole incident didn’t seem so weird or unreal. The bar, the hotel, drinks— it was more an adult thing, and I didn’t worry as much.

I walked confidently into the dark bar and I immediately saw my son sitting at a table away from the bar itself, waiting for me. Always the gentleman, he stood as I came up, and he kissed me on the cheek.

“Hi,” he smiled, “you look great.”

He had a glass of wine he knew I liked there for me which I eagerly tried.

“So do you,” I replied without thinking and without meaning to send any message. He seemed to sit up straighter with my compliment and I remembered that he was younger and that I had to be more aloof. For his own sake.

After some pleasantries, he talked about how he was soon leaving for another term of college, and he flirted with me about having made him not as interested in pursuing the girls at school.

“Oh, right!” I responded increduously, “Like I’m any match for those young things, Brad.” I laughed.

“You’re more than a match. You know that.”

This warmed me up.

“Really?” I wanted to know.

“Absolutely, but even more so if you learned to relax more.” He said this matter of factly.

“What? You’ve gotta be kidding me? Don’t forget, I’m your mother and I think it’s fair to say I got pretty relaxed the other night.” And we both laughed at this.

“What I mean is, sexually. It was like you couldn’t let me please you. It had to be you doing instead of getting, so to speak.”

He let that comment hang there. The other night I had let him briefly go down on me at first but not later on the bed when I wanted to ride him.

“Well, that was very early on, and when I had something I felt I had to do.” I said this and I immediately wanted it back.

“Really?” He seemed taken back, and I looked away.

“Listen,” he moved closer to me as he spoke and brought my attention back to his eyes. His face was closer to me now as he spoke softer to me.

“I’ve thought alot about the other night and about how it started. And, I’ve thought about wanting to do something for you. Something like what got this whole thing started.”

I looked at him and he could see I was totally intrigued.

“Brad, what are you talking about? What have you got on your mind, honey?” And with this, I felt myself, against all judgment, being drawn into what he was talking about.

“Mom, I think you are a very attractive woman. And, I think you are a very sexual woman, who has yet to have things that she wants.”

With this I felt a kind of exposure to him and a sense of danger or excitement. He knew this about me, it was true, and as my son, he shouldn’t know this.

“Stop this, Brad,” I said trying to slow this down. “Are you playing head games with me?”

“No, I’m not. I’m being honest with you. I want to be with you and I want to see you like you were the other night, only more so. Do you want that?”

I got another glass of wine, and he drank another beer. Then, as if on cue, a good dance song came on, and without a word said, he took me onto the dance floor and we danced together.

After the fast dance song came the slow song, and I started back to the table. He reached to my arm, and with me smiling, he had me back out on the dance floor, swaying in his arms.

I really enjoyed being close to him and after time I felt him there pressed against me with his hardness. I didn’t move away.

He whispered into my ear.

“I’ve thought about how I wound up in that room that night with you.”

“You mean, your dad?” I asked, looking to him.

“No, I mean your fantasy.” Then, the music stopped, and he started to the table. I had to catch-up to him. I immediately wanted to know what he was talking about.

“I’m talking about what you wanted that night. I’m talking about there being you in that bedroom, one man with you, and then another man with you. And you wanting it again and again.”

My mouth dropped open and the waitress brought me another glass of wine he’d ordered for me.

“Stop it, Brad,” I felt flushed and in a daze. I looked at him and gave him the most honest and pleading look I could muster.

“Brad, I came here tonight to be good to you and to try to smooth this over. Maybe we shouldn’t have come here, but you know I can’t let this continue.”

Brad brought his hand görükle escort to my cheek and caressed it gently. I didn’t know what he had in mind.

“Mom, I’ve got a friend at the bar.” He paused and let this sink in. I stared at him with my mouth open. He continued, holding my gaze.

“I’m going to go say hello, and when I do, I want you to take a look at him. A good look at him, because I’m going to ask you something important when I get back.” Brad smiled at me, knowing how utterly surprised and startled I had to be right then. Me, well, I couldn’t speak, but my heart was racing and I was as excited as I had ever been in my life.

Brad got up and left the table, and I took a long drink from my wine, which I desperately needed. My head was spinning.

After a brief moment, I turned slowly to look to the bar, trying to be as discreet as I could. I saw there my son talking to another good-looking young man, and they were acting friendly and nonchalant. The more I looked the more I noticed the attractiveness of my son’s friend. While my son was a tall, well-built handsome sort, the friend had well-defined and attractive features and was a different kind of man than my son. The friend was not as tall but was slender and looked as if he could model. But there was no denying that they were both attractive and both sexually appealing.

After some conversation, Brad came back to the table. He stood next to me and looked at me a while without saying anything.

“Brad, despite what I’ve done already, I don’t think you should assume you can bring some one in here and send me upstairs. Is that what you think of me?”

“Mom, I’m assuming nothing. I want for you to have something you probably have never had before. But it’s totally up to you.”

He again paused and looked at me, looking to my eyes, my mouth, and to my chest before looking back to my eyes.

“We can leave right now and forget about this. … Or, I can go to the restroom, and he’ll come ask you to dance and you can meet him if you like.”

I didn’t immediately reply. He smiled. Then, I smiled and looked away, trying to still get my sense of this and over my surprise.

Brad walked away from the table, and I braced myself for what was next.

Seconds passed, and I heard a male voice.

“Would you like to dance?” He was smiling and holding out his hand. He was more striking up close. I put my hand in his.

The next moments were a blur. Dancing with the friend who I didn’t take my eyes off of as I wondered how much younger he was and of the different women he could easily have with his looks. The blur of after the dance when I was sitting with both of these young men and listening to talk of college and their activities when all I could think about was the setting.

I mean, obviously Brad had set this up. They were there with me and for me. Yet, as I sat there I had an overwhelming feeing, thinking about what could happen and just how I did and didn’t have control.

There was a brief silence, and it was at that time that I realized my panties were sticking to my crotch and I was trying to figure out what was going to happen next.

“Let’s have a drink upstairs,” Brad said, and the friend looked at me. His eyes were inviting, and I was captivated by him. I then gave Brad a long look as well.

“Let’s,” I nodded.

I walked out of the bar with Brad on one side of me, and the friend, who I now knew as Patrick, on the other side of me. I remember seeing a woman watching me pass with these two guys beside me, and it was as if she couldn’t take her eyes off us. She was staring as if she were imagining it was her and as if a fantasy was about to take place. With that, I walked a little more easily and comfortably between these two men. No one else seemed to take notice of the sight of this older woman walking with two young guys at her side, both young enough to be her sons… and one of them in fact was!

Through the lobby we went to the elevators that would take us to a hotel room. There was a slight pause and then we were on the elevator up, with an elevator full of people who seemed to pay no mind to the three of us, I thought. I mean, if only one of them thought about what could be happening. These two boys taking a woman up to a room to share?

We left the elevator and Brad led us down the hall. Brad let us in the room, and we seemed to each walk slowly inside the room. Patrick walked over to the window with its view over the city which he seemed to take in. I walked over beside him and looked also, trying to remember to breathe.

Brad walked up behind me and hugged me lovingly from behind. His hands moved to my hips and pulled me back against him. I leaned into him and relaxed. Patrick came in front of me and looked into my eyes. His long, slender hands cupped my face and he brought his lips to mine in a slow gentle kiss. His lips felt good against mine and I felt Brad’s hands move up my sides.

Patrick gave me several short kisses that sucked at my lips bursa escort as Brad brought his hands to the buttons of my blouse. I was weak in my knees as I felt Brad undoing the buttons of my blouse and Patrick now running his hands through my hair in a firm but loving way of controlling the way my mouth was there for him.

Patrick backed away from me just a couple of steps and started to take his shirt off, as he watched Brad pull my blouse down over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Patrick watched Brad unfasten the clasp that held my breasts in my bra at the front and I liked the reaction in Patrick’s eyes as my tits were fully exposed to him by Brad pulling the bra completely off. My nipples were hard and swayed upon their release.

Brad was working at the back of my skirt as Patrick tugged his trousers down and off. He returned my grin as I looked to him after seeing his tented boxers exposed. Brad worked my skirt down my thighs, as I ran my hands down Patrick’s chest. I got to his boxers and started pulling them down. His tented front of the boxers made it difficult to remove them and he moved backward to lay on the back on the bed.

In my focus on Patrick’s boxers, I hadn’t realized that Brad had gotten my panties down and off me, but I realized it when Patrick was laying back on the bed and staring at my exposed pussy as I climbed on the bed. Patrick laid back and put his hands next to his head, sprawled on the bed and waiting on me.

I sensed Brad undressing behind me as I made my way up the bed to try to reach Patrick’s boxers again. There was a reason they hadn’t come off the first time I’d tried, as they still seemed collected at the base of Patrick’s unexposed cock.

I was bent over on all fours with my hands on Patrick’s boxers at the sides when he lifted his hips for me to slide them off. I pulled on the elasic band and watched the medium thickness of a smooth penis appear. I pulled down more on the boxers and the fabric came furhter down his cock. The member still strained against the boxers, and I looked up at Patick who gave me a wicked and knowing smile.

My breath seemed to shorten, and I pulled further on down Patrick’s hips. Now the fabric only seemed to confine a bent end of a penis, but the boxers were more than halfway to Patrick’s knees, it seemed. I lifted the boxers off the head of Patrick’s cock and it seemed to flop forward and up, in a wobbly and obscene way that I then pushed my face against.

At the same time, Brad positioned himself between my raised ass from the back, and licked my soaked pussy from the front to the back and on up to my ass, causing me to groan from within my throat. I looked at the long and thick penis move against Patrick’s abdomen and I brought my mouth to his balls, where they were full and tight.

I licked and licked against his scrotum and Brad licked my folds behind me. The feeling was like I was wetting myself and I couldn’t stop. Brad’s face had to be wet with my juices behind me but all I could think about was licking from the base of the largest and longest cock I’d seen in my life up to its head. As I brought my mouth up his shaft, I looked up at Patrick who looked down at me.

I licked that special place right underneath the head of Patrick’s cock like I was licking ice cream, making my mouth as wet as I could for him. I was thinking about whether I’d be able to take all of him, and I tried to get myself ready by pushing my hips further back against Brad who still lapped at my pussy.

I sucked on the head of Patrick’s cock and was starting to move my way down as best I could on his shaft when I felt Brad enter me from behind. I guess it was from my focus on Patick’s cock, but I just didn’t expect Brad to enter me yet and and I half yelped and half moaned into Patrick’s cock in my mouth. I sucked on his cock but didn’t move my head as I felt Brad start to move back and forth inside me.

The thought of Brad, my son, fucking me from behind, and him having arranged all of this, suddenly made me cum against his shaft and I had to take Patrick’s cock from my mouth and pump it with my fist as I shivered through my climax.

“Yes baby yes,” I urged to Brad as I shook and shuddered against him. That in turn caused Brad to pound harder against me and start moaning as he came into me, pushing into me deeply.

Brad pressed into me until he was fully released and I stayed still a moment with the base of Patrick’s penis still in my grasp. Brad slipped back from me and I looked up at Patrick who was nodding to me.

Brad and Patrick seemed to quickly change positions, and I rolled over onto my back. My pussy already felt warm and moist where Brad had just been, but I looked over to see Patrick climbimng between my spread legs.

Brad put my hand on his penis as he put his hips next to my face. For all the rawness of that move, he then stroked my hair with his hand in a loving gesture. I moved my hand up and down Brad’s shaft as he started to thicken again. I looked over to him to see him, since he was getting hard again, and I saw he was looking down between my legs at Patrick.

Patrick stroked his cock a couple of times as if to show it to me again. My legs were apart, and bent at the knee as i waited for him. Even though Brad had just fucked me, I still worried about taking Patrick.

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