Natalie’s Smile

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Big Boobs

Jason hated this. His favourite pub was being taken over by the screaming crowd. It had started a few months ago, a few young guys in throwback Nordiques sweaters and then the short skirt crowd started showing up.

Not that he minded the short skirts.

Tonight there was a group of young women acting very bubbly at a corner table. They would raise up to a jet plane decibel level, which would raise the heads of Jason and the other suds monkeys, and then lower like the monkey’s heads towards their pints. Jason let his head stray upward a little longer than the others.. Then again, he was a bit closer in age to the women then the rest of the regulars. He had just turned 30 the previous summer and kept fit by playing in pickup hockey games and riding his bike to work. He let his yes drift over the women. He noticed their tight little asses, smooth legs, and perk tits. He smirked when he saw their table filled with pink concoctions and empty glasses full of umbrellas. One of the women closest to him reached into her purse to grab a cigarette, that’s when he noticed the smile. She was very cute. A face that could best be described as pixieish A little thing about 5’5 and a touch over a hundred pounds with a pert B/C chest and shoulder length brown hair completed the package. She was giggling to something her friend was saying. Jason smiled and returned to his pint.

As he motioned for the bartender to freshen his beer, Jason’s mind clicked. He knew that smile. He glanced in here direction again, but the smoker was blocking his view. Where did he know that face?

He didn’t know many people here. He had moved to the city about a year ago, but generally stuck to is work, workout, and drinking routines. He had hooked up with some girls, of course, but she was to young to be one of them. Sadly, he only had known the company of a few bar hags. She certainly wasn’t one of those. His drinking quickened as he racked his brain. Soon he had finished another pint and was beginning to feel pressure build in his bladder. He ordered another pint, then walked toward the bathroom. As he walked by the girls he saw the side of her face and saw her tilt her head back in a laugh. He was unzipping his jeans to take a piss when it hit him.

She was a former student!

After university he had taught for a year in a small school in his home town while he figured out what he wanted to do with his geography degree. He hated it. After the one year he was luckily hired by a governmental mapping agency. He moved away and through transfers had ended up in the city.

While he had hated the teaching job, it wasn’t without its merits. All those tight little teenage asses and budding breasts had been fodder for many a night of masturbation. This girl had been the centre of many of them. She was a new student the year he started teaching, A transfer from a Catholic school, she hadn’t broken the habit of wearing the pleated skirts and white blouses. Like almost every man, Jason was a big fan of the school uniform look and had taken mental photos of her sweet cheeks sashaying down the hall as she left his class that where developed later that night as he gripped his throbbing cock. Now she was in his pub three miles kilometers from home!

He finished pissing, but not without giving his cock a few tugs in memory of those mental portraits of Natalie he had taken six years before. He had felt a little perverted jerking off to thoughts of a fifteen year old, but now she was drinking. That meant she was at least 21, or at least had a good fake ID. He was thinking that he’d have some new fodder for his drunken jerk off later, he sighed and zipped up and went back to his beer.

Walking past the table he glared over to where she was sitting. She wasn’t there! He sighed as he turned his head to get back toward the bar. All he wanted was another mental picture. In his despair he didn’t notice her right in front of him. He walked right into her, spilling the new drinks she had in her hands. Luckily none of the spillage was on her, but spilled harmlessly in the floor. He apologized profusely, offered to pay for her next round and shuttled back to his stool. She smiled and said it wasn’t a big deal and headed back to her table.

Jason was too embarrassed to glance more than a moment in her direction before resuming his abuse of his liver. He was ordering Gaziantep Olgun Escort another pint when he felt a brush against his shoulder. He turned and there was that smile.

“I decided to take you up on your offer.” she said, as she resumed her smile.

“I am so sorry I was such an idiot earlier,” he replied, as he took a twenty out of his wallet. “What are you drinking?”

“Mai Tai’s.”

“Hitting the hard stuff?”

“Well, I am not much of a drinker, but my friends insisted they take me out for my 21st.”

“Really? Congratulations.” He motioned to the bartender.

“Say, did you used to teach at Stark Memorial High?”

“Yeah,” he replied coyly. It must really be her!

“I thought so. My name is Natalie, I was in your geography class my sophomore year. I loved your class, it was my favourite. I was looking forward to taking the advanced class but when I came back in the Fall you where gone. I was so disappointed Mr. Sampson,” she said as she flashed that killer smile.

“Jason, please. Well, I didn’t really think of teaching as a career. I did enjoy teaching your class and you in particular.”

“Oh really, Jason?” (smile.)

“Well yeah, I guess I had a more of a crush than a fifteen year old student, then a 24 year old teacher should.”

She laughed.

“Well, I thought you where pretty hot too and if you can’t tell I am no longer fifteen,” she said as she straightened up and arched her back pushing her tits up towards his glare.

“I noticed.”

The drinks came and she asked him if he was their with anyone.


“Wanna join us?”

“That’d be great.”

She grabbed the Mai Tais and started to walk back to her table. He grabbed his beer and slowly walked followed. She must of felt his eyes on her ass because she started moving it in a pronounced manner as she walked.

She introduced him to her friends. The smoker was a coworker named Deidre. She was a cute blonde, but smoking was a turn off. Natalie’s other friend, Jess, was defiantly a hottie. A cute little Asian girl with bee stung lips, a C cup, long dark hair and killer legs. She would defiantly be entering his mind the next time he was was blowing a hot load into his hand.

Over the next few hours he learned a lot about the girls. Natalie had moved to the city with Jess after college and had met Deidre when she started working in the Natural History Museum. Jason kept buying drinks for himself and the girls, and had even snuck in a few sweet shots. After the fourth round of lemon drops they where all feeling little to no pain. Deidre drunkly stood up gave the girls and Jason a hug and said she had to go meet her boyfriend.

“Happy birthday!” she said as she blew Natalie a kiss and stumbled toward the door.

“So shall we keep drinking or do you girls have other plans?” Jason asked as they returned to their drinks.

“What do you have in mind?” Natalie asked. Jason didn’t know if she had meant to drag her fingers up his leg, but he certainly didn’t mind.

“Yeah, do you have any plans?” Jess asked.

“My only plan for the night was to get shitfaced,” he said, “and I think we are well on the way to that.”

“Well, we could go back to our place,” said Jess, “that ok Nat?”

“If my teacher doesn’t mind hanging out with his lame student, I am up for it!”

Of course he was up for it. They stopped off to buy some beer and a bottle of champagne and headed off to the girls apartment.

It was a little two bedroom flat in a complex with a pool in the center. A small kitchen and living room/dining room combo. They all sat down on the couch and proceeded to work their way through the beer. The idly chatted about inane things, as drunk people often do. A little while later Jess went to the kitchen to get another round and Natalie followed her. Jason sat on the couch and drank off his beer. A few minuted passed and he heard giggling from the kitchen. Natalie came out, smiled at him and went off into one of the bedrooms. Jess came out with the champagne and three glasses.

“We thought we should celebrate her birthday with champagne in the hot tub.”

“Want to join us?” Natalie said as she stepped back into the living room dressed in a skimpy little bikini.

“Sure,” he said as he felt his cock start to rise in his shorts.

“I’ve got to change, I’ll meet you two down there in a few minutes.” said Jess as she handed the bottle and glasses to Natalie and headed into her bedroom.

Jason followed Natalie down to the pool area, again with his eyes focused on her ass.

“Sorry, you’ll have to go in your boxers.”

“It’s worth it to be tubbing with to cuties like you.”

Again, Natalie flashed that million dollar smile.

Jason stripped down as Natalie set down the glasses and turned on the tub.

They where arranging themselves to make best use of the jets as Jess came down the stairs in a suit straight out of Victoria Secret. Her big tits straining the cups and causing Jason’s cock to rise up in the warm water.

Champagne was poured and bodies and tongues where loosened.

“So, Jason do you smoke?” Natalie asked as she reached into the little bag Jess had brought down.

“I’ve toked a few times sure. Cigarettes never.”

“Well, I wasn’t talking about tobacco,” she said as she pulled out a fat joint. “Jess thought we should really celebrate and got some hydro from her brother.”

Natalie lit the joint and took a deep toke. Jason took it from her as she leaned over. The alcohol must have really been affecting her in the water because she wobbled and had to steady herself with a hand on his thigh. He took the joint from her, but she kept her hand on his thigh as she sat down closer to him. Her smile was more sexy than cute this time. Jason blew out his hit and smiled back in the same manner as he passed on the joint.

After a few rounds with the weed and a bit more champagne, Natalie’s hand ad moved even further up Jason’s thigh and his cock had grown harder and now was poking its full 8 inches through the fly of his boxers.

“Wow that’s some good shit that Ken got,” Jesse said as she threw the roach back in her bag, “I’m fucked up. I gotta go lay down. Nice to meet you Jason.” She stood up weakly and leaned over to kiss him.

Her lips were soft and supple as they pressed into Jason’s, they lingered a bit more than new acquaintances should.

“Have fun,” she said she said as she climbed out of the tub. Her ass glistened in the light and Jason felt his cock get even harder she grabbed her stuff and headed up stairs.

“So, you having fun?” Natalie asked.

“Lots, actually.”

“Good.” She slid her hand further up his leg. “I am too.” She leaned in and kissed him. It was a tender questioning kiss and then took on more fervor as she she probed with her tongue. Jason opened his mouth and met her tongue with his.

They continued to kiss and when they paused Natalie sat back down and stated that she used to think of him when she explored he pussy for the first time.

“You know, I used to think of you in my alone time, as well.”

“Alone time? I was fifteen you pervert.”

“I know, but you where so hot. Still are.”

“Thanks.” she said as she slid her hand up to tease his cock. “Seems like you need some alone time now, want me to leave?”

“Only if I can follow you.”

She laughed. “I think we can have fun here don’t you?”


She reached behind her shoulders and untied her bikini top. “Think I’ve grown up?” she asked as she ran her hands over her shining tits.

“Mmmm, very nicely.” He moved his hands over hers.

She moved her hands away and pushed his back as she stood and climbed over to sit in his lap.

She draped her hands on his shoulders and leaned into kiss him again. As they tasted each other her hands moved down his sides and onto his lap.

“Looks like you’ve grown up in the last few minutes too,” she said as her hand wrapped around his hard cock. “Very nicely I might add, though I don’t have much to compare it too.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, nothing has been in my pussy except my fingers, some toys, and Jesse’s tongue.”

“Really? You know anything else that you might want in there?” he said coyly.

“I have some ideas. But first lets see it in the light.”

Jason slid out from under her and up on the edge of pool. It was hard to get the thin material of his boxers off his thighs, but soon they where creating a puddle on the cement deck. The head of his thick cock throbbed as Natalie put her arm hands on his cooling thighs.

“Looks yummy.”

He could feel her hot breath against the moisture of his cock as she moved in between his legs. Her lips where just a few inches away. She licked her lips and asked, “Mind if I taste it?”

“I’d love it.”

“I haven’t done this either.” She bent her neck and took the tip in between her lips. He couldn’t help but flex his hips upward, pushing further into her mouth.

She took the hint and took even more into her mouth. Not bad he though, she hit him a few times with her teeth, but so much better than the imagining he had done alone six years before. She continued to become more comfortable and started to suck in gusto. Moving her tongue over the sensitive skin of his engorged member. She even started to cup and massage his balls as she sucked. She sucked him in and out for a few more moments and he began to feel him cum bubbling up in his balls. She must have sensed the same thing as she took her mouth off with a pop.

“My God, I can’t believe I did that. Living out my dreams I guess.”

“Me too,” he smiled.

“You know, my pussy is so wet, and not just from the water.”

“Mind if I see?”

“I’d love you too.” She said as she stood up. He reached over and pulled her bottoms string reveling a thin strip of pubic hair and her engorged pussy.

“I bet that tastes delicious too.”

“Jess thinks so.”

Jason guided her up onto the wall of the tub and leaned down to kiss her clit. Two of his fingers probed

her lips and after feeling her juices start to coat his finger tips, he pushed them slowly into her tightness.

“Oh God! This is better than I ever imagined!”

He continued to play with her clit as he buried another finger into her. He quickened his motions and moved down and pushed his mouth over her pussy as she began to climax. Her juices coated his tongue and faced as she let out a deep groan. She continued to shudder through her orgasm and Jason was treated to another shot of honey from her pot.

She continued to shake as Jason moved his mouth away and moved his hands up to tease her hard nipples.

“I want you to fuck me hard Jason. Harder than I ever dreamed.” She reached down to grasp his cock in her post-orgasmic bliss. She grasped at air, but Jason was quick to help her up.

“You sure?”

“More than anything. I want my teacher’s big thick cock deep in my tight pussy.”

Jason sat down and helped Natalie climb onto his lap. His cock was pressed up against her flat stomach. This time when she reached down she found the thing she longed for. She stood up slightly and guided the head toward her tight hole. She was so tiny and he was so hard that it felt like she was going to split as soon as the head entered her. She wanted it more than anything she had ever wanted, and showed it as she pushed down onto him. He felt the velvet wetness envelop him and as two inches he thought he would feel her hymen.

“Jesse broke it with her vibrator, but you are the first man ever to fuck me.” She said as she pushed down so that all eight inches where buried in her.

“Oh my God, I feel so full.” She said as she settled getting as used to his girth as she could. Soon she was bobbing up and down on him. “Fuck me, Fuck me.” she cried as her tits bounced against his chest.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long Natalie, I am so glad that I found you again.”

“Me too, no shut up and fuck me.”

They continued for a few minutes until Jason shifted her onto her hands and knees. He was quick to reenter her from behind as soon as she started to complain about the emptiness. Her tits where so grinding against the cement as he plowed into her from behind. Her pussy’s tightness was grabbing his cock with what seemed like even more vigor as she neared another orgasm. Jason was beginning to feel his cum rise in his balls as well.

“I am going to cum.”

“Do it deep in me. I am on birth control.”

Jason plowed in her with deep strokes and soon let loose with what felt like a gallon of cum into her once fucked twat. They both collapsed and soon as his cock deflated he pulled from within her. She gasped with the emptiness, but soon regained what composure she could muster.

“Well we are going to continue this in my bed.” She said before kissing him deeply.

Standing up and grabbing their belongings Natalie smiled before walking up the stairs. She made sure he watched her tight ass as he walked slightly behind her.

To be continued…

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