Naughty Mummy Ch. 05

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Carla sat in the soft leather chair with Elsa and Mary standing dominantly over her, eyeing her up like something that was about to be severely devoured. “I need to go to the toilet.”

“Oh no, young lady, you’re not going anywhere.” Else sternly replied, a smug smile appearing.

“Please, I really need to go. Let Mary come with me if you want, but I seriously need to pee.” Carla fidgeted in her seat, accentuating her need to go!

“Very well. Mary will come with you.” Elsa then looked at Mary. “Stay with her while she pees.”

As Carla got up from the chair she casually picked up something that was draping over the side of the chair. She bunched it up in her palm and deviously smiled at Elsa as she made her way to the door. Her thoughts were of the tape she found of Elsa and Mary and even though she had only seen a snippet from the tape it was enough to stir her dirty mind.

Carla and Mary walked down the corridor and Carla couldn’t resist taking a peak at Mary’s large breasts straining to escape the white shirt she was wearing. As Mary walked, Carla could see Mary’s big nipple protruding obscenely through the lace of her bra. Carla grinned and with a quick movement with her hand she grabbed the bulbous flesh and twisted it between her finger and thumb. Mary shrieked and Carla’s other hand rose to cover Mary’s mouth.

“Not a word you bitch, you hear me?” Mary’s head nodded frantically. “I know what you are and I know what you can be.” Again she nodded her head, understanding the cryptic sentence that Carla had put forward. “Turn around and face the wall you fucking bitch.” Mary hesitated then she muffled a scream onto Carla’s hand as Carla again twisted and pulled on her nipple. “I said turn around, and keep that bloody mouth shut!”

Mary turned on her heels as Carla released the grip on her nipple and removed her hand from her mouth. She grabbed at Mary’s hands and forced them behind her so that they were resting on her arse cheeks. Carla stretched out the material from her hand. It was part of Elsa’s ripped stocking. She expertly tied it around Mary’s wrists, giving barely enough room to let the blood circulate.

“Right slut, I need to pee.” She guided Mary into the bathroom and Mary watched as Carla stood over the toilet, her legs straddling the bowl. “Come here and get on the floor.” Carla pointed at the tiled floor where her feet were.

“You’re not serious,” mumbled Mary.

“Ohh I’m very serious you bitch… get here!”

Mary walked towards Carla and knelt on the floor. Her face was close to the young woman’s pussy. Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort

“Open wide my pee-slut!” Mary closed her eyes and reluctantly opened her mouth. Carla parted her pussy lips and released a steady stream of her amber liquid onto Mary’s face. It covered her hair, neck and shoulders. Mary choked as the jet of piss hit the back of her throat. She was gasping for breath as Carla grabbed the back of her head and buried it onto Carla’s pussy. Carla forced the last of her golden flow at close range into Mary’s mouth. Mary shook her head and choked again as the warm liquid spurted into her.

Carla tugged at Mary’s hair so that their eyes met. “You didn’t do a good job of catching my pee did you? Look at the floor… Clean it!”

“How can I? My hands are tied…”

“I’ll show you how to clean it shall I?” With that Carla pushed Mary’s face into the tiled floor. “There you go, lick it up you dirty slut!” Carla kept her hand on Mary’s head and guided her to the spots of pee that were on the floor. Mary lapped it up until the yellow pools were gone. “That wasn’t so bad was it? Now stand!”

Mary stood and Carla pushed her in front of the mirror. Mary was disgusted by what she saw. Her hair was matted and sticky. Her face covered in yellow blemishes and her shirt was stained a ghastly shade of amber. Carla giggled. “Don’t you just look like a right slut Mary?” Carla opened up the cabinet on the wall and picked up a deep red shade of lipstick. “Let’s finish off your new look, shall we?” She swung Mary around and on her forehead applied the lipstick. “Right let’s go and show the kinky slut what’s happened to her playmate!”

She marched Mary out of the bathroom and they walked down the corridor. Carla made her stop outside Elsa’s bedroom. Carla headed straight to the dresser in the corner of the room. She opened the bottom draw and took out the riding crop and the cuffs. Leaving the bedroom she grabbed Mary and placed her in front of the door to the small room where Elsa was. “Stand straight Mary, we want Elsa to see you properly!” Carla knocked on the door and shortly after the door swung open.

“What the fuck… Mary… where’s the little bitch… what happened?” Elsa repeated her words over and over again until Carla stepped into her vision. Elsa stood in the doorway, her flimsy shirt exposing her hard nipples. Out of the blue Carla swiped her nipple with the crop causing Elsa to scream and lean forward with the pain. Carla grabbed Elsa’s hair with one hand and pushed Mary towards the bedroom. Mary walked ahead as Carla pulled Elsa into the bedroom and threw her on the bed face down. She took her arms and placed them behind her and cuffed them together.

Carla seated Mary on the chair in the corner facing the large mirror on the wardrobe. As she turned she saw her reflection. Four bold red letters met her as she looked at her forehead. Although the letters were back to front she knew what it said – SLUT!!

Elsa looked over at Mary and then glanced at Carla. “So what are you gonna do with us, you little whore?”

Carla walked over to the bed and ran her hand over Elsa’s arse. “Mmm, well I could heat this up for a start…” Carla chuckled. She crept up on the bed and slowly lowered the zip on Elsa’s skirt and lowered it to her knees. “Spread your legs you kinky slut!” Elsa parted her legs until her skirt restricted her from going further. Carla bunched the skirt up and it now looked like a strip of material wrapped around her knees. Elsa’s arse was now on full show. Her slightly dimpled skin begging to be reddened.

“Slut, come here and get on the bed.” Mary did as she was told. “I want you facing this kinky slut. Put your legs either side of her body and get your cunt right where her face is.” Mary shifted herself down the bed until Elsa’s face was up close to her pussy. Carla giggled. “Mmm, how beautiful my little sluts look!”

Carla leant down and unfastened the zip on Mary’s skirt and bunched it up on the top of her thighs. She then walked to the side of Elsa’s arse and again stroked the pale skin. She lifted her arm and ‘thwack’ the crop hit her squarely on the cheek.

“AAGHHH YOU BITCH!” Elsa screamed.

Carla moved to Elsa’s ear and whispered, “maybe you should bury that face in the slut’s pussy. It would make it so much pleasurable.

Mary spoke up at the suggestion. “No, please, I have my period… that’s so sick!” Carla’s eyes widened and without another word she walked to the dresser and picked up a pair of scissors. She leant down and teasingly cut away Mary’s knickers. Elsa was now staring at a piece of string hanging neatly from Mary’s pussy. “Ohh god Carla, you can’t be that dirty, surely!”

“You wanna bet.” Carla sarcastically said. She guided the older woman’s head to the string. “Use your tongue kinky slut!”

“I’m not doing that you dirty fucking bitch!”

“From where I’m standing, you really don’t have a choice… now do it!”

Elsa got closer to the string and edged her tongue towards it. Mary gasped as she felt her friends tongue softly touch her pussy. Mary moaned, “oh shit, this is so disgusting…” Carla watched intently as the string balanced on Elsa’s tongue.

“Now get it between your teeth.” Elsa did as she was told and gripped the string. “Pull it.”

Mary frowned as she felt the tampon being pulled from her. “It’s truly disgusting, you’re a disgusting whore, you know that Carla?”

Carla looked up at Mary. “Yes I do know that, fun isn’t it?”

Elsa pulled back and the coloured tampon slipped from Mary. It hung obscenely from Elsa’s mouth. Carla gripped the string and took it from her mouth.

“Open wide slut…” The look of dismay on Mary’s face sent giggles rippling through Carla. “Come on, open wide…” Mary responded and opened her mouth. Carla held up the soiled tampon about 12inches from Mary’s face and began to lower it slowly. Mary’s eyes fixated on the crimson tube heading for her mouth. Carla placed it in her mouth. “Shut it…” Mary closed her mouth and all that could be seen was the white string protruding from the corner of her mouth.

Carla stepped back and leant into Elsa. “Now eat her you dirty kinky bitch.” Elsa hesitated as Mary looked away.

‘Thwack’… “AAGHHH… Fuck you bitch,” cried Elsa.

“I told you to eat her, now eat…”

The crop rained down on Elsa’s reddening arse. She screamed and sobbed in Mary’s dirty pussy. Her face covered in scarlet wetness. Up her nose, on her cheeks, her mouth and her chin, all marbled with pussy juice and menstrual secretions. Coloured juices were now seeping from Mary’s mouth as she sucked on the tampon as Elsa bought her closer to orgasm.

Carla swept her hand over Elsa’s burning arse. Elsa moaned at the contact. Carla then slipped her fingers down the crevice between Elsa’s thighs and rubbed her pussy. “God you kinky slut, you’re soaked!” Carla continued to rub her pussy in circles. She noticed Mary’s hips bucking. She chuckled at Mary’s face as she watched red drips trickle down her chin and onto her sticky skin.

Elsa had built up a steady rhythm mirroring Carla’s movements on her pussy. “I want you both to cum when you’re ready…”

With that instruction, Elsa buried her face into Mary’s dirty pussy. She chewed on her clit and scooped up remnants of blood from the folds in her pussy. Mary was moaning as best she could, trying not to let the tampon fall from her stained mouth. Carla’s fingers gathered pace and were furiously rubbing Elsa’s clit. Out of nowhere a crescendo of screams, cries and incoherent words scrambled from their mouths. They both jerked back and forth, tensing and relaxing as they rode the humiliating wave of their filthy orgasms. After a few minutes the bedroom fell silent…apart from distant, ragged breathing. All three women turned.


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