Never Ever Have I Wanked My Brother

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“Tonight’s the night, little bro! Tonight’s the night we’re gonna get laaaiiiiid!!” whooped Joel.

As he said it, he grabbed Miles in a playful headlock and punched the air. Miles grinned too.

“You got everything?” his younger brother said.

Joel gave a thumbs-up. Inside his backpack was everything they’d need for tonight: a bottle of vodka. Condoms. A change of clothes for the morning. By which point, if all went to plan, neither of the brothers would be virgins any more.

Because tonight was the infamous Leavers’ Party. The night when all the final year uni students celebrated the end of exams and let go all their inhibitions. Especially, if rumour was to be believed, the girls. And Miles and Joel had managed to bag themselves an invite.

(Or, at least, they’d been in the same room when their older sister Charlotte had been told the time and place. And since there was absolutely no way straight-laced Charlotte would be showing her face, it only seemed fair that her two younger brothers would be representing the family instead, right?)

Joel had been dreaming about this night for weeks. He couldn’t count how many times he’d furiously stroked himself off in bed, fantasising about his sister’s hot friends and what they might do to him. Every last inch of his body was so taut with desire he felt like he’d explode. Even pulling on his jeans getting ready for the big night had given him a massive hard-on as the denim slid over his crotch.

He just hoped he didn’t look as nervous as he felt. He checked his phone camera to reassure himself. The face that stared back at him ¬wasn’t quite the visage of chiselled masculinity he might have hoped for: delicate lips, finely sculpted cheekbones and not the slightest shadow of stubble, try hard as he might to grow any kind of facial hair. And try hard as he might to work out, his build remained as stubbornly slight as ever. But he compensated as best he could with all the swagger and bravado he could muster. Not to mention all the hair gel and edgy-looking streetwear he could afford.

And of course, with Miles in tow, Joel couldn’t help looking like Dwayne Johnson in comparison. With his tight blonde curls and dimpled cheeks, there was no getting round it: Miles looked cute. Adorable. Cherubic even. Which was not exactly the look they were aiming for tonight.

“Just don’t fuck this up, OK?” Joel said to his little brother. (Even though they were both eighteen and only ten months apart in age, Joel couldn’t help but think of him that way.) “Just be cool and for God’s sake don’t say anything embarrassing!”

Miles gave a cheeky grin. “No problemo, Jo-Jo!” His childhood nickname.

Joel scowled. “Seriously! Can you manage just one single night without acting like an annoying little dork?”

“You love me really, bro,” said Miles, blowing him a kiss and winking.

Joel hoped he hadn’t made a huge mistake bringing him along.


If their sister’s friends were surprised when they turned up without her, they didn’t show it. Instead, the vodka bottle was snatched out of Joel’s hand and they were invited to take seats.

Joel recognised several of the girls. Penelope, elegance personified, somewhere between sexy librarian and high-end fashion model. Aleesha, ice-cold personality, red-hot body. Gabi, short, big-breasted and permanently wearing a wicked grin. Several other girls he didn’t know were crowded into the student bedroom too. Joel and Miles were the only guys.

“All our alpha-male friends are out chasing freshers tonight, predictably,” explained Penelope.

“No worries, we’ve got ourselves some fresh meat now too,” laughed Gabi.

Miles visibly blushed at that. Joel jabbed him sharply with his elbow.

“So you’re Charlotte’s little brothers, aren’t you?” said Aleesha.

“Err, yeah, that’s right,” said Joel. “Though not that little any more.” He winced inwardly at how lame that sounded, but Aleesha responded with a thin smile.

“Oh yes, you’re certainly all grown up,” she drawled. Something about the way she said it made Joel blush too.

Penelope passed both the boys a vodka and coke in a plastic cup.

“We’re playing a game. You know I Have Never?”

Joel nodded. They’d played it a few times with their own friends. If you’d done the thing someone said they’d never ever done, you had to drink.

“You want to go next then?”

“Err, sure. Err — Never ever … Never ever have I …” His mind raced, trying to think of something that wouldn’t be too boring and tame, but also wouldn’t sound too try-hard. “Never ever have I been naked in public.”

The girls responded with a chorus of laughs. Only one of them raised a cup to drink, prompting even louder laughter, but she refused to share the story.

Miles next. “Never ever have I ever … dressed up as Spider-Man to go watch a Marvel movie.”

Oh for fuck’s sake, Miles! Why the fuck bring that up after all those years to embarrass him? Tonight was not the night to be goofing round. Joel glared at him and took a sip. The girls bursa escort howled with laughter.

“Aww! I bet you were adorable!” grinned Gabi.

It was her turn next, and she took it up another notch. “Never ever have I … seen a guy naked.” And she immediately took a swig herself. So did about half the other girls. And of course Miles and Joel drunk too.

“It doesn’t count if it’s yourself!” laughed Gabi.

Miles blushed. “Oh, yeah, well …” Joel groaned inwardly.

“Oh, you know what guys are like! Always secretly sneaking a peek in the changing room! Am I right, boys?” Penelope asked, a playful glint in her eye.

“Err, no, I mean, you know, sometimes you accidentally catch sight of, err, you know …” Joel floundered.

Mercifully, or so he thought, another girl moved on to the next round. “Never ever have I … Well, I guess let’s do the other way round. Never ever have I seen a girl naked!”

Considerably more than half the girls lifted their cups. But Miles and Joel did not. Joel briefly considered pretending, but he felt like Penelope and Aleesha and all the others could see right through him. And being caught lying would be even worse than the humiliating truth.

“Oh my gosh!!!” squealed Gabi. “Never seen a girl naked? Not even once? Oh you poor things!”

She heaved her ample breasts suggestively. Joel felt a tingle run right down through his body at the sight of it.

“Eighteen and still virgins? You must be fit to burst!” exclaimed another girl in delight.

“Hey, we didn’t say we were virgins!” piped up Miles. Joel resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Stop digging, Miles!

“Oh sure, sure, you’ve banged dozens of girls, but they kept their clothes on, is that it?” Aleesha retorted, that same thin smile playing on her lips.

“Well, there’s one easy way to find out,” said Penelope. “Never ever have I ever had sex with a girl.”

A couple of the girls drank, giving Joel another frisson of excitement. But of course neither Miles nor Joel took a drink.

A hungry look came into Gabi’s eyes. She leant in towards them.

“Oh, so what’s the idea tonight then, boys? Turn up at the big girls’ party and finally get yourself some action?”

Joel gulped and gave what he hoped was a roguish grin. “Oh, you know, let’s just see where the night goes.” He’d wanted it to sound suave but it came out as more of a squeak.

Gabi crawled over to Miles. “And how about you? I bet you’re just aching for an experienced woman’s touch, aren’t you?” The look on her face could only be described as devilish; the look on Miles’s as terror-stricken.

“Come on Miles, hold it together!” Joel thought to himself.

Gabi held out her hand a whisker away from touching Miles’s knee, just below the edge of his shorts. “Would you like me to put my hand here?”


“Would you like me to put my hand here? I promise not to bite,” she said, though she did playfully gnash her teeth at him.

“Erm … yes please?”

Holy shit! Even in his wildest dreams, Joel had never imagined things moving this fast. He felt a pleasant warmth in his crotch as he saw Gabi’s hand make contact with his brother’s smooth, exposed skin. Miles visibly shuddered as her hand came to a rest on his leg.

“Oh, do you like that?”

“Yes,” whispered Miles.

“Oh yes, I bet you do like finally having a hand on that virgin flesh of yours!” She grinned. “Now, would you like me to move it up a little higher?”

Miles inhaled deeply. He couldn’t speak, he just nodded.

Joel watched as the girl’s hand slid slowly, oh so slowly, up inside his brother’s shorts. He was mesmerised.

Up, up the hand went, painfully slowly. Miles took deep breaths, faster and faster. Gabi’s enormous breasts were now pressed against his knee. Joel saw the fabric around Miles’s crotch visibly tent up. And when the hand was almost all the way up to the waistband of the shorts, he suddenly gasped loudly. He tumbled violently backwards and knocked the chair over. Peals of laughter erupted.

Miles stood up, looking panicked. “Err, Joel, could I talk to you outside for a second?”

Oh Jesus! What the fuck? Things were going better than they could possibly have hoped, and now Miles was going to chicken out? No fucking way!

Trying to ignore the girls laughing all around, Joel leaned over to Miles and hissed, “Chill out, little bro. And don’t fuck this up!”

Miles looked desperate. “Please, Joel. I really, really need to talk outside.”

Joel snarled in frustration and turned to the girls. “Won’t be a second!”

As he turned to leave, Miles whispered, “Grab your bag too!” Joel gave him a quizzical look, but picked the backpack up off the floor as they went out.

Once in the corridor, Miles hurriedly bundled Joel into the bathroom and locked the door.

“Miles, seriously, what the fuck?!”

Miles looked more sheepish than Joel could remember him looking at any point since they’d been kids and he’d broken one of Joel’s toys.

“I, err, kind of had bursa escort bayan an accident.”

“What? Like, you pissed yourself or something?” Joel was dumbfounded.

“Err, no, more like, I kind of … err … got a bit excited.”

Joel stared uncomprehendingly.

“I mean, I like, you know … I jizzed in my pants.”

Joel was speechless. Miles squirmed in embarrassment.

“It was just … it felt so, soooo good,” he said in a hushed tone.

Joel remembered Gabi’s hand sliding up inside Miles’s shorts. The growing bulge as that hand advanced further and further up … His own dick was still semi-hard from the memory of it.

“I need some spares, bro. From the bag.”

Joel snapped out of his reverie. Wordlessly, he unzipped the backpack and pulled out a spare pair of boxers. He turned to find Miles already stripping off his shorts. He caught a glimpse of pale, bare buttocks before snapping his head away.

“Whoa, Miles!”

Still averting his gaze, Joel held out the clean boxers for his brother to take. He felt Miles pull them out of his hand. Then he felt something else being pressed into his waiting hand in return. Something made of fabric, but covered in thick, hot, gooey liquid …

“Jesus Christ! Miles! FUCK!”

He let go immediately, but it was too late: his hand was already sticky with his brother’s ejaculate. The soiled boxers fell to the floor with a splat. To add insult to injury, Joel saw they were one of his own pairs. Burgundy Calvin Klein. Now absolutely soaked with his brother’s milky discharge.

“Miles!! That’s so fucking gross!! And why the hell are you wearing my stuff now?”

“That’s what you’re worried about right now?” said Miles. “Mum and Dad did always say you had issues with sharing.”

“I don’t think this is what they had in mind!!”

“Oh come on, bro, it’s like they always said. Good brothers share everything!”

Miles brushed past Joel, now wearing the fresh boxers ¬¬– Joel briefly saw the bulge outlined more clearly in the tight-fitting pair ¬¬– and leaned down to gingerly pick up the burgundy boxers. Joel was stunned at just how much cum there was on them.

“So … it was good, little bro?”.

Miles grinned ear to ear. “It was the best! Can’t wait for the rest of the night!”

“Just try to hold out a little longer next time, huh?” chuckled Joel, finally seeing the funny side. “Remember what I told you? You should have wanked before you left the house, so you had more stamina. That’s why you should always do what your big brother tells you to.” He wagged his finger sternly and winked.

“Yes, sir!” Miles gave a mock salute.

He then scooped up the bag and shoved the cum-drenched boxers inside. Joel winced as he realised all his spare clothes would now be soaked through with his brother’s semen. Some of which was still sitting warmly on Joel’s hand. He remembered all the times he’d spilled his own seed on his hand, his chest, his bedsheets. And now it was his brother’s cum, that secret product of his pleasure, that he could feel on his skin. He felt a heady mix of disgust and fascination.

Miles pulled up his shorts and was now fully dressed again.

“Here, you can have this back!” Joel tussled his little brother’s hair and cleaned off the excess cum from his hand.

“Eww! Gross! Joel!” he complained, rubbing his hair till he was sure it was all gone.

Someone knocked at the door. “Are you OK in there, boys?” Penelope’s voice. “Don’t go having too much fun without us!”

Joel clapped his arm round his brother’s shoulder. “Let’s go, little bro!”

When they got back, they found that a few more girls had arrived and everyone had rearranged themselves to accommodate the newcomers. The only spot left for Joel and Miles was perched on the edge of the bed. It felt uncomfortably like being on stage, with all the girls facing them like they were their audience. One of them pointed at Miles, whispered something to a girl who’d just arrived and they both burst out giggling. Gabi raised her eyebrows and gave Miles a little wave, which he weakly returned.

“Oh you’re back just in time, this one’s perfect for you boys!” trilled Penelope. “Aleesha, would you care to repeat?”

“Never ever have I ever,” Aleesha said, “seen a man pleasure himself.”

Miles raised his arm to drink. Joel stopped him: “Remember bro, it doesn’t count if it was yourself!”

The girls giggled. Miles hesitated a moment before replying. “Well, yeah, but …”

“But what?”

“Well, I mean, you know, we do share a room, bro. You’re not as quiet as you think you are.” Miles took the swig from his cup.

An agonising moment of silence, then a barrage of shrieking laughter erupted from the girls.

“Oh, Joel!” Penelope said with a tinkling laugh. “Are you noisy when you’re … what do they call it?”

“Spanking the monkey?” suggested Gabi.

“Pounding the meat?”

Joel flushed bright red. He was going to have his revenge on his brother, after this, if it was the last thing he escort bursa ever did! But as embarrassing as it was, he couldn’t help feel a thrill of excitement at all these hot girls talking dirty and imagining him playing with his dick.

The game continued for a few more rounds, with slightly tamer questions. Joel drank almost every time and was starting to feel pretty tipsy round the edges. Then it got to Gabi again.

“Never have I ever,” she said, “kissed a blood relative.” She then glanced pointedly at two of the newcomers: two sisters so alike they must be twins.

“No fair, Gabi!” one of them protested.

“You said that just to make us drink!” said the other. Then they both raised their cups and did indeed drink.

Joel’s mouth dropped open. He exchanged glances with his brother, who looked equally delighted and astonished at the revelation.

Penelope saw their eyes had gone wide as saucers. “Oh yes, that’s Vicky’s and Sarah’s favourite party trick isn’t it? Two slutty sisters making out. All the boys love that.” She fixed her gaze intently on Joel. “I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

If Joel’s dick could speak, it would be yelling YES!!! at the top of its voice.

“Well, maybe,” Miles grinned mischievously.

“No need to be coy, we all saw you staring,” said Aleesha.

“It’s every guy’s ultimate fantasy, isn’t it? Sexy twin sisters debasing themselves while you watch?” asked Penelope.

Vicky and Sarah giggled, then leaned in and teasingly brushed lips for a fleeting instant. Both the brothers gulped.

“Oh yes, I can see you’d like that very, very much,” said Penelope.

The boys nodded mutely.

“Well,” said Aleesha. “Then you have to do something for us in return.”

“Fair’s only fair,” chimed in Gabi.

“Wh-what?” Joel asked.

“You want to see us kiss …” said Vicky (or was it Sarah?)

“… then you two have to go first,” her sister completed the sentence.

“What the fuck!! No way!!” yelled Joel in shock.

Penelope raised her eyebrow.

“Oh, so you’re happy to watch the girls do it, but you’re too chicken to do it yourself?”

“He’s my brother!”

“You came here with one thing in mind. You wanted a debauched night with slutty uni girls doing sexy, naughty things,” Penelope said, precisely enunciating each word. “Aren’t I right?”

He could hardly deny it.

“Well, you have two options. You can join in or” — here she dramatically pointed to the door — “you can go home.”

Joel turned to look at Miles, who was grinning nervously. Joel leaned in.

“What do you think, little bro?” he whispered.

“I … I don’t know, Jo-Jo,” Miles replied, reverting back to the old nickname.

“Those twins are really fucking hot,” Joel said. Miles smiled wider.

“Oh yeah, they certainly are!”

That settled it.

“Well OK, then, I guess we’re doing this!”

Holy shit, was this really happening? Joel glanced furtively round. They had the girls’ full attention.

Fuck it, he thought to himself, and darted his head forward. His lips glancingly touch Miles’s, then he pulled back. Heart pounding.

“Ah no, you have to do better than that!” jeered Gabi.

Joel locked eyes with Miles. Then, more slowly this time, craned into towards him.

Their lips locked. He felt the fleshy resistance of another person’s mouth against his for the first time. Sensations he’d never felt before swirled right through his body.

Then some hot, wet, thrusting protuberance slid unexpectedly into his open mouth. Its tip brushed against his tongue, and he realised with a shock it was Miles’s own urgently probing tongue. He flicked it back, then pressed it down into submission when it advanced again. For a couple of moments, he ran his tongue gently up and down his brother’s.

Then Miles pulled back, and the brothers disengaged their lips. The girls whooped.

“Hell yes!” screeched Gabi.

Joel and Miles grinned dopily and avoided meeting each other’s eyes. Instead, they stared over expectantly at Sarah and Vicky. With well-practised routine, the sisters began a drawn-out, passionate kiss. They clutched at each other’s hair and gasped and squealed with pleasure.

This was the reward the brothers had been promised, and boy oh boy was it worth it. Joel had to restrain himself from giving Miles a high five. Instead, he sat and watched. The stirring in his pants grew uncontrollably into a rod-hard erection. Next to him on the bed, his brother’s bulge swelled too.

Finally, the sisters finished kissing. Grinning triumphantly, they sat back down.

“Well, I can see you two enjoyed that,” said Aleesha, addressing the brothers.

There was no hiding their erections now. The mounds in Miles’s shorts and Joel’s tight-fitting jeans were visible for all to see.

“Now, as we established earlier, neither of you two have ever seen a woman naked, is that right?”

They sheepishly nodded their heads.

“Oh you poor, poor things,” cooed Gabi.

“Would you like to see some real-life titties, boys?” asked Penelope.

“Just like the ones you’ve seen in all those porn videos,” added Gabi.

Joel hadn’t thought he could get any harder, but apparently he could. His dick twitched against the denim and he let out an involuntary moan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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