New Beginnings

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My brother had just gotten divorced after only a year of marriage, so I talked him into coming to visit and spending some time with me. At first he didn’t want to come. He was depressed and he was afraid him being at my place would cramp my style with my new lover, a female lover. I told him that Liz would understood, she have gotten a divorce herself after deciding that she was a Bi-sexual.

It began snowing a couple of days after Ray got there, so we had a fire going almost ever night. Sitting around the fire place, drinking wine in the evenings talking with Liz and me seemed to start to bring my brother out of his depression. But there was still something wrong.

Then one night after Liz said “I going to bed early, I’ve a headache.”

She kissed me good night and went to our bedroom I noticed my brother’s cock was tent-poling his pants, and a chill went up my backbone. I am bi-sexual. I prefer girls to guys. But the budge in my brother pants was one of the biggest if not the biggest I had ever seen. That is the one thing I like in a man, a big dick.

I asked ‘Does Liz and my kissing turn you on?”

He turned so red. After a bit, he admitted that he could hear us making love at night. That it was hard for him not to notice that we walked around the house bra-less all the time. That girl on girl kissing was hot even if I was his sister. He admitted he was horny as hell, that in the last three months of his marriage he only gotten laid a couple of times, it was one of the thing that had lead to his divorce.

Thinking about that big budge I had seen I asked, “So what was the problem with your sex life?”

Again Ray turned red, he admitted it was his size, his ex couldn’t take it.

My heart was thumping in my chest as I asked my next question, “How big was it?”

Ray was beet red as he said, “Over ten inches.”

I took a shallow of wine I had never seen a cock that big on a man. The guys I had ever been with were around eight, maybe nine inches at the most. I did have a strap-on that Liz would use, that was thick and ten inches, on the night I need more that her fingers in my cunt.

My heart was in my throat and my voice was barely a whisper as I asked “May I see it?”

Ray blinked and was quiet. I figure he was thinking bursa escort that his sister was a sexual pervert, living with a female lover, and asking to see her own brother cock. Then he stood and dropped his pants. Our conversation had soften it some, but even soft it still was as big and thick as any cock I had every fucked.

My desire took over I knew I wanted it in me. Pulling my brother toward me, I began to give him a slow hand job. My fingers didn’t wrap around its thickness. His dick was spongy to my touch and ridged with ropy veins. I grasped my brother’s rod tightly and jacked it up and down, feeling the foreskin, to which I was unaccustomed. I’m used to lovers who are circumcised. His balls like his cock seemed huge and heavy; they hung down obscenely between his legs.

I hefted them with the hand that hasn’t jacking his dick, gently prodding the contents of the sac and rolling it around in my hand. I looked up in to my brother’s face his head was back his eyes closed as he groaned at my touch. After three months of no one but himself touching his cock even his own sister’s touch was a welcome change. As my hand slide over my brother’s groin, my own groin was getting wetter and wetter. I knew want I was about to ask for was wrong but I wanted it so badly.

Not stopping my stroking I said, “I want your cock inside, Ray.”

Ray looked down at me, “But…”

I cut him off looking at his cock, “you need this and I want this.” squeezing his cock to show him want I meant.

“But won’t Liz hear us if I can hear you guys?”

I almost laugh my brother wasn’t worry about the fact we were about to comment incest, he was worried about waking Liz. I guess after months without pussy a guy take any pussy he can get, even his own sister’s.

I told him, “When Liz goes to bed with a headache she takes medicine that knocks her out. Even an earthquake or a rock concert in the front yard wouldn’t wake her. Hell we could probable fuck on the same bed she’s sleeping in and not wake her.”

For a second this look crossed my brother face, then he said, “Still we better go to me room and lock the door, just in case.”

Again what was happen was so strange I wanted to laugh. Once in my brother room behind lock doors, I strip naked. bursa eskort The look on my brother’s face was pure lust.

“Like want you see?” I said as I turn around show off my entire body.

“Sis may I eat your pussy first?” he said his request so softly, “it been a long time since I have taste a woman.”

The way he said it, I had the felling that it had been longer than three since he tongued a woman. I lie back on his bed and spread my legs and reached down and spread my wetness for him.


I felt warm all over as my brother lower himself down between my legs his breath on my wetness had me trembling even before his tongue touched me. His tongue felt long and agile. It probed the recesses of my crack, explored every corner and cranny. Swiping at the length of my juice-slicked slit, he dallied over my inflamed clit as he traced a repetitive path up and down the length of my burning slit.

I raised my ass up and down off the bed as I responded to lingual ministrations. His tongue rasped at my crevice, drawing the first climax out of me easily. I howled as my orgasm overtook me, draining my body of energy and leaving me limp on the bed.

Ray climb on top of me, spreading my legs with his knees and positioned his rampant cock at the entrance to my pussy. The tip was oozing pearly whit droplets of creamy male essence. At that moment any thought that neither of us was using any birth control wasn’t on our minds only the canal need to fuck was there.

It didn’t matter I was his sister at that moment Ray’s desire was complete in control as was my own desire in control of me. Ray insinuated his long dong into my steamy cunt. The head of his impressive cock popped inside, without a second of resistance. Ray pushed a little harder and more of it eased in. Stretching my insides as it moved deeper into me. Making me whimper in pleasure. His slow invasion of my private parts did not stop until his balls were resting on my ass. Then he began the Ol’ in- and-out.

Fucking me steadily, he established a rhythm of drawing back slowly till only the tip remained inside me, then pushing forward with a vengeance so that the entire cock was thrust into me sharply, then drawing back slowly again. I settled comfortably into his rhythm, escort bursa I loved the sparkle in his eyes as my cunt sheathed his throbbing pole.

He exuded a natural ale musk that was intoxicated me. Stroking my nails over his skin, I felt how soft, smooth, silky it was, and how hard his muscles were. I was in heaven. It had been over a year since I had had a male lover. All too soon we both neared orgasm. His cum erupted from his massive tool just as my insides knotted up and went to pieces. We bit each other’s shoulder as orgasms tore through us both simultaneously.

The next day I talked to Liz and told her that my brother had told me what his problem was. I told her that his ex was sexually fridge. That she thought oral sex was dirty. And because my brother was larger than average his ex wasn’t up to fucking him.

I lied saying “If I wasn’t his sister I give him want he needs and then some! And I am not about to get him a hooker. I didn’t know what to do but I need to think of some thing.”

I wasn’t surprised when I came back in a few hours that I found Ray sleeping and a nude Liz in our bedroom sleep with a look on her face of a woman who had her brain fuck out.

A couple of days later after my brother had Liz again.

I lied again to Liz “I’ve been have naughty fantasy about my brother, ever since I found out he was pleasuring you, Liz so well.”

Liz has a kinky side to her, and after showing her how wet I was by put her hand on my steamy pussy just think about my brother and her.

Liz said “You shouldn’t refuse yourself the pleasure that your brother big cock and talented tongue would bring you. Rules about incest are to make ‘normal’ people feel better than others. You and I break their rules because of our desire to be with other women. So why not break a few more?”

After my “first time” with Ray it didn’t take a lot to convince him to move in with us. Liz and I took turns letting Ray pleasure us, five nights a week Liz and I share a bed. The other two one of us is in his bed. Strangely we were all surprised when I became pregnant. Six months after I had my son.

Again strangely we were surprised when Liz got pregnant. She had a girl. We all sat down and decided that our unique Bi-sexual-incestuously life-style was working for us. We been living together every since. We decided that when our children are old enough that we would include them in our lesbian-incestuously love making. It has brought us so much joy, why should it them, as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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