New Beginnings Ch. 02

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Rukku ran down the stairs, dizzy with the arousal of what she had just seen. She had a twinge of regret as well over having missed the full view of her mother Maniamma’s sumptuous breasts.

What she had no dearth of was her first view of a cock. Rangappa, old as he was, was no less endowed for that and was virile as ever, as evidenced by the hardness she had seen. It seemed wondrous and large leaving Rukku wondering, “Is that the size of thing my mother takes in with all her various lovers? How does she open up to accommodate such pillars of flesh? Will I be able?”

The 21-year old girl was the diametric opposite of her mother. If the mother was voracious in her appetite for sex, the daughter deliberately held herself back. Not that she hadn’t inherited her mother’s sexuality; she was –deep inside — just like her mom.

It was just that all her mother’s lovers were licentious and had more than once tried to seduce her. Some of her mother’s younger lovers were clearly in her age group and felt entitled to pitch for her.

Years of cultivating a defense mechanism had rendered her immune to these advances and predators. And yet bubbling beneath the surface was Rukku, an exact sexual replica of her mother, Maniamma the temptress and seductress.

This was the first time Rukku had such a ringside view of a sexual encounter between two adults. There had been other opportunities to indulge the voyeur in her, had she wanted to, given her mother’s proclivity for sex.

Sometimes she looked in a very general sort of way to understand what was happening. She noted sexual positions, unusual locations and the inherent dangers in the situations. But when it came to the more intimate details she always looked away or wandered off. Yet, the sights and sounds were not lost on her.

This time, what she saw was something unexpected. The naïve young woman knew next to nothing of sexual encounters.

She did not know that a woman could take a man in her mouth. She could not imagine that a man would experience the kind of pleasure their benevolent landlord had felt, when his legs went taut. Did not sex involve penetration?

And while she had masturbated often enough to know that a person could pleasure his or herself, she had not considered that a man would enjoy a woman masturbating and mouthing him in preference to an outright fuck.

In giggling conversations with others of her age group she had learnt of how semen rushed into the woman to impregnate her. Başakşehir escort For the first time that morning she saw that white, thick substance spewing out of a man and gushing in viscous waves over her mother’s clenched fist. The way her mother’s mouth was hanging open, dripping saliva as she pleasured Rangappa, the daughter feared her mother was going to be hit in the face, or worse, have to swallow the substance.

But her mother adroitly avoided that. In fact, she noted the expertise with which the woman milked the cock in her hand. “Is that the same effect a pussy has on a cock?” she wondered.

She clenched her pussy to see how tight it would go, as she settled on the heap of canvasses under the staircase near the borewell pump. This was her favorite spot, where undetected she dreamed of lovers and sex when aroused. This was where she pleasured herself. And she was in serious need of pleasure right now.

One hand grasped her own breast, the way she had seen Rangappa clench her mother’s breast. It was a bit hard to believe: the jovial and cordial Rangappa was their benevolent landlord who allowed them use of various facilities around his house. Not on one occasion had Rukku seen him say or do one thing out of place. She had long admired the man for his ‘clean’ behavior.

Now, a doubt cropped up. Was there a secret dalliance between her mother and the landlord, which was the real reason behind his benevolence?

Rukku had no way of knowing that the encounter she had just witnessed was the first ever.

In fact, from what she had seen that morning the pleasure seeking ways of Rangappa were so obvious and Rukku could not be blamed for jumping to conclusions.

As she imagined her own hand and mouth on Rangappa, as she imagined her own pussy stretching to take in the thick cock, her other hand wandered down. She sucked her stomach in so the petticoat cord had the slack to take her hand. Her middle finger slid past the mat of pubic hair and she found her passage slick with flow, ready to welcome her.

She slid her finger in to as far as it would go. It was not far enough. She put three fingers together, raised her hips and spread her legs out. She slid them in, again as far as they would go. Then she found her thumb against her clit. She rotated her wrist, creating traction between the ball of the thumb and the knob of flesh.

Pleasure frissoned through her lissome body. Through the cloth of her blouse, she pinched Bayrampaşa escort bayan at herself harder, desperate to somehow mimic the feeling of a man’s hand. It had to be harder, rougher — that would be the only thing she could consider as a man’s effect on her! Anything else — her own hands — were too soft to deliver her the pleasure she so craved right now.

She had no exposure or experience to texture, skin, temperature and the passion driving a man that touched a woman.

As her fingers slid in and out with increasing ease, it became clear that she was juicing up more than she ever had in the past. Her need soared as fingers became less effective. She needed a man, she thought in desperation, noting that there was no one really eligible. She thrust her hips too, as her fingers plunged, desperate to feel more pleasure. May be any man would do, never mind eligibility.

She thought of the eligible young men in their circle. The strongest of them had been taken by her mother. She had once seen them on an empty plot of land. A large cloth had been tied to trees to form a tent like they did in the villages. Beneath lay her Maniamma, legs spread wide apart. The strong young man, his muscles rippling, his buttocks taut, was busy pounding into her mother. She had taken note of the woman’s hand clutching those strong buttocks and pulling him in, again and again.

She needed some pounding like that! While on other days she refused to entertain thoughts of fucking men her mother had fucked, today if he appeared before her right now, she would more than willing take him. Here and now!

In desperation she looked around, as though if she spotted a man she would have him, then and there. Her eyes fell on the creeper running up the wall and she saw the small cucumbers growing on the vine of the plant. It reminded her of the landlord Rangappa’s cock.

She stretched out to reach but the nearest cucumber was just a wee bit too far away. Finally, she heaved herself up from her reclining position and lunged for the phallus shaped vegetable. She got her target.

Now, bunching up the folds of her petticoat, she nosed her pussy open with the knob of one end of the cucumber. She allowed the cucumber to be coated with her juices as she rotated the knob around the opening of her pussy. She then used this slickness to push the cucumber in a bit deeper. Now she was able to rotate it a lot less. She wiggled her hips and gasped as her Escort Beşiktaş pussy gave and absorbed the trunk of the cucumber.

She remembered hearing a similar gasp from her mother one night, when in a daring act, Maniamma had mounted her husband, even while her daughter lay asleep a hand’s length away.

She had not been asleep. She had heard the man whispering something to Maniamma. Then she had seen the silhouette of her mother rising. She noticed her mother resting one knee on the floor while the other was akimbo. As the silhouette shape fell, she was treated to the sound of the gasp, as her husband’s cock dutifully filled her space.

That fullness is what Rukku was hungry for. For now, the cucumber would have to serve her. Remembering a cautionary tale, which had sounded hilarious at the time, Rukku eased the cucumber back out a bit and instantly felt the ache of vacuum. She shoved it right back, this time with careless vigor.

“Ah!” she exulted as the stretching gave her the first full sense of pleasure she had been seeking. There was hope for her yet! Her hips started fucking the cucumber and her hand acquired a rhythm in which the supple, firm cylinder slid in and out. There was a gentle curve at which the cucumber would go no further and Rukku did not dare plunge it further than that.

She noted that the rhythm of her hand was quite similar to the rhythm of her mother’s hand on Rangappa Ayya (respectful title for an elder).

She shuddered a little spasm as she smiled to herself: same rhythm for cock as for cunt. She felt a yawning hunger inside her and the fucking became more desperate.

Leaving her breast clothed in its blouse, she slid her hand to other breast, this time under the blouse. She caught her nipple in a brutal grip between thumb and forefinger and twisted and rotated her long brown teats in rhythm with the fucking.

A man, she needed a man! She wanted to feel the weight of a man. She wanted this cucumber to be a cock, and for it to throb from within.

As her pussy melted into orgasm and gushed, she desperately wished for a similar warm gush to flood into her. She imagined the jets of cum thrown up by Rangappa’s cock and wanted to feel such jets in her.

She wept in pleasure and frustration as she ceaselessly slid the cucumber back and forth. What had proved sufficient at the beginning proved now to be wet and slick to the point that sensations were fewer than before.

She pulled at one nipple, then the other. “Yes!” she screamed inwardly. “I want this pleasure! More! And from someone else!” she sobbed.

As the waves of the rough edges of her pleasure receded, so did the desperation. What replaced it was a resolve that she would now make sure she got the real thing.

She just had to find a man that would qualify.

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