New Beginnings Ch. 03

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After we’d been home from Mexico for a few weeks, the pandemic response started to deepen. My wife worked at my company, and while a couple of us had to be there to do essential work for a local medical institution, we decided customer service could go remote and we sent her home. Given all of that she was pretty bored as even client contact had slowed to a crawl. Idle hands and all of that, she decided it was a good time to get some painting projects done in the house. Of course that meant when I got home at the end of the day, she put me to work.

We had a small project to do in our master bath. As we sat down for an at home Happy Hour on Friday night, she asked me to help her get it done on Saturday. I said, fine, on one condition. All we could wear was a shirt, underwear (no bra though) and footwear. We would play and tease, but none of that good fuckin’ until the project was done. She agreed to my conditions, and we went back to our drinks and snacks with a new sense of anticipation about the coming project. I wanted to make all of the mundane things we had to do sexy, if I could. Staying in a sexualized mindset just makes everything more fun and keeps your lilbido on a slow burn.


Painting and Playing

“Wake up, sleepy head”, my wife said as she stood over my side of the bed and gave me a little shake. I slowly opened my eyes and grabbed my glasses. She stood over me, braless, in a tight tank top and a cute, if functional, pair of panties.

“Bacon is cooking, coffee is made, eggs are next, get your cute butt downstairs. Time to have some breakfast and then get some work done.” She turned and sashayed her plump ass in my direction as she walked out of the room and back down the stairs.

My cock stirred as my brain un-fogged a bit and I remembered what we would be getting up to today. I rolled off the bed, went to the bathroom and had to pee through a semi-erect dick. I threw on a pair of boxer shorts and a tight t-shirt. Found some old athletic shoes that were pretty worn out, and ready for paint, put those on, and headed down the stairs for breakfast.

I sat down at the table, poured myself some coffee and started going through my email on my pad. I heard my wife plating the eggs she had just cooked and looked up to see her walking across the kitchen, her heavy breasts bouncing and straining against the fabric of her Haramidere escort bayan tank top. Her nipples had hardened a bit and they were just visible through the thin fabric of her shirt.

As she came up beside me to set my plate down, I reached behind her and grabbed a handful of her butt cheek.

“Maybe I want something else for breakfast this morning,” I said. At my age my libido is always a little hotter in the morning.

She laughed, brushed my hand away, and said, “eat your breakfast, we have work to do before any of that is going to be on the table.”

“On the table? Sounds good to me!” I said playfully.

We chatted about some local news, and what we were learning about the pandemic as we ate our breakfast. Talking about the project ahead, we decided to do the main part of the walls quickly and then do the trim work, since that would take more time. All in all we figured it would only take us a couple of hours to finish it up. I got up, cleared the dishes, scrubbed the pan and basically tidied up the kitchen. My wife headed upstairs to start spreading some drop clothes and get the paint mixed up.

As I came upstairs she was just pouring some paint into the tray. With her hands full I took full advantage of the situation and I reached my hands around her and cupped her breasts.

“Careful!”, she exclaimed.”You’ll make me spill.” I gave her nipples a little tweak through her shirt and released her.

We tucked into the project and got the main part of the walls filled in pretty quickly. As I would reach the higher spots for my shorter wife, I would grab a handful, any chance I got. Gave her ass a couple of playful spanks as I walked by.

I grabbed a couple of trim brushes and poured the paint from the trays into a couple of large paint cups. The trim was going to take a while. As we reached the halfway point on the trim, our play became a little more earnest and erotic. She went up a step stool, with her paint cup in one hand and a brush in the other. I set mine down and with her breasts nearly at eye level, I pulled her shirt up and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. Playing my tongue around her nipple a massaged her other breast with my hand,

“Hey, I can’t even defend myself,” my wife protested. “But it does feel good, so don’t stop just yet.” I gave her breasts a bit more attention, pulled her Escort İkitelli shirt back down and got back to work.

I had to do the high trim on my side of the bathroom and climbed up the step ladder to make it easy to reach. Turnabout being fair play, not long after I got started my wife snuck over, grabbed my boxers and dropped them to my ankles. Given where I was on the ladder my cock was pretty much level with her mouth. She wrapped her lips around me and I was hard in seconds. She worked me in and out of her warm mouth, it was very distracting. I stopped what I was doing and watched her suck my erection in and out of her mouth. When she knew I was good and hard, she really got into it, plunging her forehead all the way to my waist and taking my whole length down her throat. She knows that drives me wild. Next she went deep again, and just held me there for a bit, my throbbing cock letting her know she was getting me close. She released me, pulled my shorts back up, and left me with my hard cock poking out of my waist band.

“Work’s not done yet,” she said, and went back to her side of the bathroom to continue the work.

I sighed audibly, and went back to my task, having to pull the waistband of my underwear out to let my softening cock retract back into my drawers. Though I think we both sped up a bit so we could get into each other’s pants.

Since it was now my turn, I went to her side of the bathroom and wrapped her in my arms. I hooked my thumbs on either side of her panties and pulled them to the floor. Rising back up, I picked her up and set her on the vanity, then pulled her panties the rest of the way off. I spread her legs, stepped to her, and gave her a deep kiss. Then I lowered my head to her pussy and began giving it the attention it deserved. Her scent drove me crazy and I ate her with gusto. My wife has a bit of hair on her mound, but keeps her labia clean shaven. We figured out a long time ago we both really like it that way. It is fun to run my tongue over her shaven lips and when the time comes, I can open my mouth wide and apply suction to draw her clit toward my mouth. I’ve gotten pretty good at flicking my tongue back and forth quickly and I have a lot of stamina, built up over many years. I could tell she was loving it, and was edging toward orgasm. I stood up and left her there perched on the vanity, naked from the waist Çapa escort down.

“Work’s not done yet,” I said with a smirk, and went back to do the last touches I had left to finish up.

She jumped down from the vanity, left her panties on the floor and went back to work. Now I had to look at her cute naked ass jiggling as she was finishing up her task on the step stool. I tucked into the final bit of work and finished up in about 10 minutes. My lovely wife finished up soon after and we headed down to the kitchen sink to clean up the paint gear. As we cleaned up we found various places on our bodies that we had gotten paint on as we worked and played.

After we finished the clean up, I suggested we go back upstairs and check our work. Of course as I followed my half naked wife back upstairs, I had other ideas. As we reached the bedroom, I pulled her shirt over her head and laid her down on the bed. I crawled up from the end of bed and went back to work on her damp pussy. This time, I wasn’t stopping. I lapped and sucked, She began to moan and sigh, it was so hot. I reached my hands up and caressed her breasts and played with her hardened nipples. Her eyes started to pinch shut, I applied my final finishing move and sent her over the edge. She screamed with pent up need, gasping and writhing around on the bed. I love it when I get her to that point!

I grabbed a little lube and rubbed it over her lips and into her opening. Putting a bit more in my hand, I stoked it all over my cock. She rolled onto her side ready for one of our go to positions, that we had “discovered” just a few years ago. She rolls onto her side with her bottom leg straight and pulls the knee of her top leg up, I kneel, straddling her bottom leg, and enter her side saddle so to speak. She says it feels amazing for her clit, and today was no exception, she came almost immediately after I entered her. I can straighten up in this position and get an amazing view of my glistening cock sliding in and out of her. Being a male and a highly visual creature, I love this position too! As my need was pretty urgent as well, I thrusted into her with long deep strokes. She orgasmed again, with a very sexy little whimper. Keeping the rhythm going I thrust again and again. I sat more upright and watched my cock fill her, the erotic view sending shuddering excitement into my loins. Just as I began to cum, she came yet again and her pussy clamped onto my cock squeezing every last drop out of me.

Satisfied, I fell to her side on the bed.

“Well, that’s the most fun I have ever had painting,” I said.

‘No doubt”, she agreed

We relaxed, caught our breath, and got dressed to get on with the rest of our day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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