New Horizons Ch. 13

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Alina Li

Dear Readers. I ask your patience with this chapter. While the sex is good, I felt that it was absolutely essential in setting up a new chapter in Samantha’s life, with new characters and a change in settings. I promised more passion in this chapter, I know, and I hope I don’t disappoint but as I wrote it, I realized that the only way to make things work was to split the chapter into two since this one went on so long. I hope you don’t give up on me.

The week following my experience with Brandi, my period started, which meant no sexual activities and I have to admit that I almost welcomed the time away from it. That Thursday evening, I was relaxing on the couch with my head back and my eyes closed. I’d had a rough day at work, my body was aching, and I was horny, as is my usual situation during my period.

I was mentally running through the things I needed to do, including contacting Laurie and/or Wendy regarding my shortcomings with Brandi. I had to watch my timing, because Danni’s orientation was awfully close and I promised her I’d be there and I would. I also had to contact my next candidate and get something arranged with her if possible, and I’d missed the last chapter meeting completely.

Everything was piling up on me and it was beginning to show in my appearance as well as my energy level. I know I’ve said this several times but not it was becoming essential. I simply had to slow down or get out of the organization.

I called Laurie the next morning but neither she nor Wendy were available so I left a message for one of them to call me when they returned. I left a message on Beth’s voice mail that I was trying to set up a meeting and suggested that she be there as well as Heather and Jillian, since we were due for a meeting with Laurie and Wendy anyway.

Over the weekend, I managed to contact my next candidate, a young woman by the name of Theresa. After fifteen minutes on the phone with her, it was obvious that no matter what I said or did, she would never consider sitting down with me to discuss it. She had met someone who was vehemently opposed to our organization and that was the end of that. The next woman on my list was out of town so I left her a voice mail and called it a day.

Monday morning, my whole world just came unglued. As soon as I walked into work, I was called into my boss’s office. She informed me that my work was suffering, I was tired all the time to the point of missing simple things in my assignments, my fellow employees were taking too much of my work load, etc. etc. I had to take my two weeks vacation immediately to get myself straightened out, or submit my resignation. Bam, just like that I was told that I had till the end of the day to make my decision.

Resignation was out of the question. How the hell would I pay my bills? All day long, I argued with myself, even going so far as to consider leaving Totally Woman completely. I wasn’t kidding myself, however, that was never going to happen. I accepted the two weeks vacation beginning immediately and left without saying anything to anyone but the two girls I work the closest with.

When I got home, I paced the floor, drank too much wine, got too upset for my own good and wanted to lash out at someone but knew that would do me no good. My mood improved when Beth called to tell me that she and Heather would be at the meeting but Jillian was out of town again. We talked for quite a while and two hours later, we were banging each other’s brains out with fingers, tongues and teeth and my double ended dildo. She could barely walk when she left at eleven o’clock and I lacked the strength to even get out of bed to turn off the lights. Fortunately, Beth locked the door on her way out.

Tuesday morning, I sat with my coffee and a bagel, going over my options (the few that I had,) and trying to put everything into perspective. Wendy’s secretary called and asked if I could be at the offices at seven to meet with Wendy and Lauri, informing me that Beth and Heather were already aware of the meeting and they would be attending. Pouring myself another cup of coffee, I sat down to make a list discussion topics for that evening’s meeting, though I knew that we might not get much talking done at all. After straightening up, I went shopping, every woman’s cure for stress…that and a lot of dark chocolate.

I dressed appropriately for the evenings activities, dark brown mini skirt and beige pullover and nothing else. No sense denying that I knew in all likelihood how the evening would end. I saw Beth’s car when I pulled up in front of the offices and smiled as I wondered what she was telling them about the previous evening.

They were waiting for me, greeting with the usual kiss and embrace, although Beth’s tongue seemed to be taking up where we’d left off the night before, and I started feeling that familiar tingle between my legs. Laurie and Wendy had changed into casual wear, skirts and blouses, while Beth seemed to have had the same thoughts as I had as to what to wear. When she” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort sat down, I got an excellent view of her shaved pubis. Heather wore a short skirt as well and crossed her legs to give me a quick view of bare pussy that really had me tingling. I looked up at Laurie and Wendy and knew that it was having the same affect on them.

We sat on the couches, and I waited to let Laurie dictate the direction the session would take. I was surprised to find that she actually wanted to talk about business…at least to start with.

“Samantha, I can’t tell you how proud we are of what you’ve accomplished in such a short time. In fact, we have somewhat of a problem. We don’t have any more openings at the present time for new candidates.”

“I don’t understand,” I replied. “How can that be?”

“What we didn’t count on was the domino factor. The two women you convinced were friends with some of the others who had declined and when they told them of what you’d done, they contacted their sponsors and agreed to try again. We now have seven candidates for orientation so don’t do any more until they are in the group and assigned to chapters.”

I was amazed, to say the least. I wasn’t aware that any of the women even knew the others existed but it seems there is a bond through their sponsors or something, I don’t know. I now had five more candidates to cross off my list.

“You may not be so proud when you hear how I got Danni and Brandi to agree to try again,” I warned.

Laurie laughed and Wendy smiled and nodded. “We already know,” she replied. “Listen, Samantha, there are guidelines and all but common sense has to be the biggest guideline of all. You were facing a situation where the candidate very clearly indicated what it would take for her to try again and you accepted the challenge, one, I might add that I might have welcomed myself. The point is, you got her confidence and her trust. I think you did exactly what any of us would have done under the circumstances.”

“Absolutely,” Laurie agreed. “I’d call it a job well done, even though I think you may have enjoyed it a little bit too much.”

I flushed and nodded. “I can’t deny that.”

“Beth and Heather also told us of some of your ideas and they sound workable and effective. The cameras will take a bit of time to arrange for but I can see where they would be a valuable tool in the recovery efforts.”

“I think so,” I agreed, “and my time with Brandi showed me that we need to overhaul our candidate review process and possibly develop a more comprehensive application to reveal any phobias or psychological problems. She made a good point when she said that a woman who has been raped or attacked and bound would never handle our existing system. An alternative has to be developed and I have some thoughts on that, again thanks to Brandi.”

“Excellent,” Laurie proclaimed. “I think we got the right person for that challenge.”

“Beth tells me that your day yesterday was less than spectacular, Samantha,” Wendy said.

“I guess you could say that,” I agreed, “at least up until about six-thirty or so. Spectacular might be an apt definition of the time after that.”

Beth giggled and squirmed in her seat. “I’d say,” she agreed.

“I think I should have been invited,” Heather exclaimed.

“I tried to call you but you were out,” Beth advised. “Care for a rain check?”

As with one voice, Heather, Laurie and Wendy all said, “Absolutely.”

“Which brings us to something we want to discuss with you, Samantha,” Laurie advised, as she stood and walked over to her desk to pick up some papers. “As you know, Jillian, Wendy and I and a few others have been spending some time out of town. We didn’t want to say anything to anyone until we had everything in order but thanks to your dilemma at work the timing may be right.”

The women were all smiling and I felt like odd-man-out or something.

“Totally Woman has been such a success in this area that we are being flooded with requests for expansion.” Laurie continued. “Members are bringing their friends here, they tell their friends about us, and it’s like an avalanche of interest. For several reasons, we have been hesitant to expand outside our own geographical area but now there are some reasons to re-think that mind set since some of our members have left us due to job changes or family situations that require relocation. They have been begging us to establish similar opportunities where they have moved, since it seems we are one of a kind at the present time.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing this with a group that seems to have everything in place to be our first ‘franchise’ of sorts. They are just waiting for us to say yes and sign a contract with them. We’ll be doing that in the next few days. Their orientation and celebration site is ready to open in a hotel they purchased just out of town. It needed a lot of work, but they took a gamble and the remodeling is almost done. I’ve seen the facility and I think they’ve” title=”darıca escort”>darıca escort done a wonderful job. It has a beautiful lobby, a very large ball room and several other large meeting rooms as well as the normal individual rooms. They are financially secure, well funded, well organized, and anxious. What they need help with is training and some temporary guidance. Laurie and I are just too busy and every other woman we’ve talked to has the same problem, including Beth and the others who have been working with you directly or indirectly.”

“That’s great,” I said. “Are they using the name Totally Woman?”

“They are,” Wendy replied. “That’s where the franchise comes in. We have the name, the reputation, the experience and the ability to guide. They pay a fee for the use of the name and they agree to follow our principles of conduct, and our procedural guidelines.”

“This could really grow,” I stated. “I mean, I can see where it could be national in a few years.”

“I guess,” Laurie agreed, “and the money would help us expand our programs and facilities here. In fact, it is because of that money being available that we were able to establish start putting together a franchise team. This would consist of a group of women with various skill levels that would train and guide the new franchise members through their start up and establish a follow-up procedure to insure their compliance with the terms of the franchise agreement.”

“This is all so surprising and wonderful, but I don’t understand how it relates to our situation tonight.” I replied.

“Samantha, we’re mentioning this because we want you on our franchise team and before you say anything, let me mention that it is a full time paid position with benefits and perks. You would have to do some traveling if that would be a problem but I know you’d be a definite asset to the group.”

I sat there, unable to speak. Full time. Paid. Perks. Could all this be true?

“Give it some thought, Samantha, and take the information home with you to study. Then let us know if you’ll accept our offer or not. Oh, and by the way, our newest location is Las Vegas,Nevada.”

“Oh my god,” I screamed. “Are you kidding me?”

“No honey, we aren’t kidding you. Just think about it for a day or two and let us know.”

I was stunned beyond words. Heather and Beth were sitting there grinning like a cat that just ate all the mice and Wendy and Laurie were just gushing with joy at my reaction. What reason could there possibly be not to accept. I’d still be working out of our operation so I wouldn’t have to relocate, I could tell the old bitch at the office to kiss my ass, and…oh…damn. Brandi…Danni…I’d made them promises. I always keep my promises.

“When would this be effective?” I asked. “I’ve made some promises to Brandi and Danni.”

“You’ll have plenty of time to honor your promises, Samantha and we have flexibility in our schedules so if anything like that comes up, we’ll find a way to work around it.”

“Oh my god,” I repeated, still stunned.

“One other thing,” Beth said. “Even though you will have new responsibilities, the girls you’ve been working with, along with myself, have requested that you take charge of the new candidate programs including the recovery efforts. It would be primarily an oversight position and it wouldn’t take a lot of your time but we really do hope you’ll agree. You are a delight to work with and have so many wonderful ideas. Please think about it, Sam. We love you and want to keep working with you.”

I turned to Wendy and Laurie. “Would I have the time to do that?” I wondered.

“Absolutely,” Laurie agreed. “We are in complete agreement with their request and we hope you will be too.”

“Oh my god,” I replied. “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

They all laughed and gathered around me to congratulate me with embraces, kisses, and more than just a little amorous play. By the time we had settled down, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was pulsing so hard I just knew I had something easing its way down my thighs.

“I think this calls for a glass of wine,” Wendy announced as she went to open the concealed bar.

While the wine was of excellent quality, it packed significantly more punch than I was used to. Either that, or I was already high on excitement, or a combination of all of the above, but I got a bit more light headed than I enjoy so I stopped at two glasses. It occurred to me that perhaps the wine had something added to it but then I remembered that I’d seen Wendy break the seal before she opened it.

When she came over to sit next to me, placing her wine glass on the table next to the couch, Beth and Heather got up. I knew where this was headed and I’d been thinking of nothing else all day long. My pussy was wet and waiting.

“I’m so happy for you, Samantha,” she said, placing her hand on my thigh. I put my wine glass down, knowing I’d need both hands free. “I’m sure we’ll make an excellent team.”

“Me” title=”gölcük escort”>gölcük escort too,” I replied, sliding down a bit on the couch to pull my skirt up higher on my thighs.

She moved upward a little and hesitated, looking down at the soft flesh she’d exposed when she moved my skirt even higher. I could tell she was holding back but I didn’t want her to. I reached over and fondled her breast, unencumbered by a bra. She moaned and moved her hand up and down my thigh, going a bit higher each time. “It’s been a long time, Samantha,” she muttered.

“Too long, Wendy,” I agreed. I’d been thinking about this moment since I got up that morning, and my libido was so high that it would take little to make me come and the heat of her hand approaching my sex was going to drive me crazy. “Wait a second,” I mumbled and pulled away from her groping hand to get off the couch,

I stripped off my skirt and slid off my pullover. Her hands were shaking as she watched, then she fumbled with the buttons of her shirt and raised up to pull her skirt up to her waist. I then turned and got back on the couch with my right knee on the couch and my left foot on the floor. She wasted no time, reaching over to cup my sex in her hand, the heat from her palm like a blast furnace to my needy pussy.

I bent to kiss her and reached down to fondle her now naked breast and squeeze her nipple. She groaned and opened her lips to me. A second later, I felt her fingertip moving over my wet labia without moving into it and I wanted to scream. Over and over she caressed without penetrating. Didn’t she know how badly I wanted to come? I had her breast in my hand, her nipple between my thumb and forefinger when she slipped the finger into me. I squeezed hard and she gasped,then pushed it in further.

“Oh god yes, Wendy,” I mumbled, mangling her breast as she pulled it out and shoved it in deeper. She pulled it all the way out and twisted a little bit on the couch for a better position, then she came back with her hand turned. Now it was her thumb that was in me and when she pulled it back, then went back in, her finger found my anus. Oh my god, I was going to pass out if she didn’t hurry. Instead however, she stopped completely.

“Come with me,” she said, getting off the couch and yanking me to my feet. “I have to have more than that.” Literally dragging me behind her, she went to her desk, sweeping everything to the floor as soon as she got there.

Heather lay on the day bed naked, on her back with her knees drawn upward, Beth’s face was buried in her pussy, while Laurie sat on Heather’s face. Beth had to stop every so often to take a breath and Heather was gasping for air while she moaned over and over. As we passed the day bed, Laurie said, “Oh yes, baby, right there. Oh my god honey, you know just where I need it. I’m so close…so fucking close.”

Wendy lifted me to the top of her desk and spread me wide as she bent in to suck on my pussy, drawing out my already swollen clit. Her thumb returned to my pussy and two of her fingers drove deep into my ass. I was wet and ready and she was not going to go slow and sweet. She sucked hard and drove her fingers and thumb into me deeper, harder and faster. When I came, she never even slowed down. When I once again got close, she waited until just the right moment to bite down on my clit and yank it to one side. I didn’t come, I screamed, I yelled, I nearly cried from the strength of that orgasm and it seemed to go on and on.

She pulled her fingers and thumb out and let me breathe, but while I was doing that, she was busy and the next thing I knew, I was flipped over, face down on the desk, with my legs hanging over the edge and one hell of large dildo was being pushed into my ass. No preparation, no warm up, no nothing, just a couple of quick pushes and she was driving into me. There was some pain and a lot of discomfort but I didn’t care. It was exactly what I needed at that moment and she gave it to me in spades. Hard, fast, and deep while I yelled, cursed, groaned and begged, holding on to the sides of the desk with both hands to keep from being driven off. I came hard when she pushed a thumb into my pussy and rammed it deep.

I don’t remember screaming, but I must have nearly passed out because the next memory I have is of floating on a wooden raft in a cloud of euphoria. Someone was kissing me and stroking my body and I just lay there, humming a constant stream of moans while my angel brought me down.

She lifted me up and held me to her while she kissed me with all the passion a woman can have. My world was still a world in motion, but slowly, it began to steady itself and the pictures on the wall stopped going by my eyes like a slide show. We were both covered in sweat and cum ran down my thighs like the Mississippi River. My pussy and my ass were both twitching and throbbing with life and I would swear that dildo was still deep in my bowels.

I don’t usually take that long to come down, but I don’t usually come that hard either. Wendy left for a few minutes and I took that time to study the scene over on the day bed. Heather was straddling Beth’s body, driving a large dildo into her with hard, rapid strokes while Laurie was behind Heather, driving into her ass with another one.

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