New Romance

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All characters are 18 or older.


Jessica and Jimmy have been dating for a short while now, yet they haven’t yet experienced each other in an intimate sense. Jimmy came up with the fabulous idea of doing something special for their one month anniversary, which is to share an evening with his lover alone in their dorm room. He brought Jessica up to his room, blindfolded, and when he took it off, she saw the candles and roses he’d set up in his room. His roommate was gone for the evening, it would be just the two of them all night. She looked back into his eyes, which were locked on hers, and he smiled. They leaned towards each other and shared a kiss to begin the night as Jimmy closed the door behind him.

In the dim light from the candles, it was difficult to make out one another, but they didn’t need to. They knew who was standing opposite of each other, and they both had intentions to make the night as special as possible. They shared another kiss, then another, and eventually their lips rarely left each other’s as their hands began exploring. Jessica began unbuttoning her man’s shirt as he reached up the back of hers, unclipping her bra. Afterwards, his gentle hands came up to her curly hair, caressing it as she continued to unbutton his shirt. After unbuttoning, Jessica ran her hands up and down his chest. Jimmy moved from her lips to her cheek, and then her neck, working down to her shoulder. Her hands pushed his shirt off of him and she already started rubbing his back as his lips ran along her neck. She let out the first moans of the evening as his hands moved to remove her shirt and her bra.

There, they both stood, shirtless, smiling at one another, their hands moving around each other’s backs. Jimmy had a sensual look in his eyes, and, after seeing Jessica nod, moved his lips to her breasts, tasting her nipples almost silently, the only sound heard is the wetness of his tongue moving around them. She let out longer moans at the touch of his tongue on her breasts, and she continued rubbing his back. Her hands moved down to his belt and she slowly yet surely unbuckled it, exposing the button and fly of his pants. He leaned back from her breasts and looked into her eyes. She simply looked back and smiled devilishly. Her eyes went back down to the jeans she was unbuttoning as she slowly lowered herself onto her knees.

She’d never seen it before, but she can tell by the outline in his jeans that he was neither gigantic nor was he tiny. He seemed to be just about right. She bit her lip as she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper Ataşehir Escort down. She could hear him gulping as he was nervous about what was to come. She simply giggled as she pulled down his jeans, admiring his boxers. She slowly pulled them down too, exposing his cock, springing out of them into her face. It was gorgeous. It didn’t seem small enough to not be able to give pleasure, yet not big enough to hurt her either, it was around 6 or 7 inches at best, not too thick either. It was perfect. Jimmy’s cock, now she was excited. She looked up and gave him a smile as her lips slowly engulfed the head. Immediately he began to shiver and shake from not only nerves but the feeling of Jessica’s mouth on his hard cock.

Slowly, she engulfed him into her mouth, but not all the way when she reached her limit. A few inches left, she used her hand to grasp what was left out of her mouth and used that as well. A rhythm grew as his cock went in and out of her mouth, one hand on his shaft, the other cradling his balls, so firm and full of sperm waiting to be released. His moans grew, but he didn’t dare let them get too loud. His neighbors might hear what’s going on. But Jessica didn’t seem to care, she loved hearing every bit of what was coming out of his mouth, and she wanted every bit of what was coming out of his cock as well. His hands came down onto her head, caressing her hair as if to make a gesture of what a good job she was doing. Her head continued to bob up and down, one hand following and the other caressing his balls. She didn’t want him to cum just yet, however. She wanted him to last a while.

Jessica stood up from her spot and brought him to his bed. She laid down on it while Jimmy took the rest of his pants off as well as his shoes and socks. She waited patiently for him as she took off her shoes and socks as well. Afterwards, he climbed onto the bed with her and began unbuttoning her shorts. He slowly pulled them off, Jessica lifting her hips to assist him, giggling the whole time. He pulled off her panties too, exposing her beautiful pussy. Pink and pretty, just as he imagined it. Her face began turning red when she saw how much he was admiring her pussy. He slowly lowered his head down towards it, making eye contact with his lover the whole way, sensually. She could feel his breath on her as she was shaking with nerves. His tongue acted as a brush, her cunt being the canvas. He savored every inch of her pussy, leaving nothing untouched.

He especially loved her clit, and even rubbed it with his finger. Her knees buckled and pressed Kadıköy Escort against his shoulders as he stimulated her. Her hands kept switching between gripping the sheets and gripping his curly hair. The more she moved, the more intense he’d go down. He pressed her clit harder with his finger, rubbing it as he continued licking the entirety of her vulva. Eventually, he slipped a finger into her and quickly found her g-spot. Her eyes widened as she stared up at the ceiling, her eyes moving in so many directions at the feeling of every part of her pussy being stimulated. This boy knew what he was doing, and she loved every second. Her hands gripped his hair as if she was going to pull off his head. And he loved that too. Eventually, he looked up from her, and her face was red. She looked at him with a hungry look, and he gave the same look back.

He moved up to her level, meeting her eye to eye. One hand was up near her head, but that was a rest. The other was moving his cock towards her pussy. Her eyes went wide. This was it, she was about to have a boy’s cock inside of her. She wanted to ask him for a condom, but she remembered that her birth control was a thing, so instead she bent her knees, lifting her thighs, giving him better access to her wet, waiting cunt. He rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy, and slowly entered into her. Her back arched and she groaned in pain, the pain of that first time having a cock inside. He told her that if it hurt too much he could stop, but she just told him to keep going. Eventually, after some pain, he was all the way in, all 6 inches of gorgeous man meat deep inside of her. After the groaning, she asked him to fuck her and to fuck her good. Jimmy did so.

Feeling his cock pumping in and out of her wet cunt, Jessica gasped at every thrust and had her nails in his back. Jimmy didn’t care, he was fucking the prettiest girl he knew, enjoying every moment of it. Her legs kicked at the force of his cock plunging into her. Both were animals of sex now, and they were enjoying every second. Noises can be heard of their hips meeting, making a deep slapping sound that she enjoyed even more. Her breasts shook on top of her as they shook the bed constantly, making loud squeaking noises. Someone must know that they’re doing something now, but it only makes the experience better for both of them.

Jessica grabbed him and moved him as if begging to roll over. They did so, his cock never leaving her insides. She was on top now as she gyrated her hips back and forth like in the porn movies, moving as if she were riding Ümraniye Escort a quickly moving horse. He let out a big groan, but she just kept letting out yelp after yelp of feeling his cock move in and out of her as she rode him like an animal. Her toes curled as his hands went up to her breasts, and her hands met there too, begging him to squeeze her chest. His large hands kneaded her large breasts like bread dough, her hair shaking over her face as her whole body moved in thrusting motions on top of his cock. She had a wide smile with her eyes closed as she savored every moment that she had with his hard cock inside of her wet cunt. Jimmy eventually grabbed her ass, making her thrusting much more intense as he had a look on his face that said he might be close to cumming. But she couldn’t have that just yet.

Quickly, she climbed off of him and waddled over to where he sat, planting her pussy on his face. Immediately she let out a great moan as his tongue went to work, his strong hands planted on her thighs. Her hands planted on the wall in front of her as he ate her out ferociously, as if he was starving. She told him sorry, but she couldn’t have him cum just yet, and that his cock needs to cool off before the can start again. He approved of this and continued eating her out.

Eventually, Jessica climbed off of him and got on all fours, begging Jimmy to finish them both off in front of the window, the blinds open for any passerby to see. He wasn’t sure about this, but they figured since it’s night, nobody will really notice. He climbed up behind her and buried his cock into her again, she let out a long moan as he did so. His hands kneaded her ass as he thrust into her from behind. Her fingers gripped his sheets tightly as the bed continued to shake. Her toes continued curling, her breasts shaking, her hair falling in front of her face, and every word coming out of her mouth including the words “fuck me” over and over. His muscles tightened as he started pounding her harder. He proclaimed that he was close to cumming, and she said the same. One of her hands came back to grip his wrist which was still on her ass. Their moans grew louder and louder until they both released their orgasm. His cum erupted from his cock, splashing her insides, coating her walls in his juices. They let out one more long groan to finish off what they’d done together.

They fell onto each other and readjusted until they both laid next to each other in bed, cum still leaking out of both of them. Panting, they both looked at each other and kissed once more, exhausted from what they had performed. Later that night, they pulled their clothes back on, climbed back into bed and held each other in their arms for the rest of the night, but not without blowing out the candles. It was a very special first time that neither of them will forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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