New Secretary: Marie’s Journey

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New Secretary – The Continuing Journey

If you have been reading the previous stories about my new very personal assistant Marie, you’ll know that she has turned out to be a great addition to the company and a great influence on me. At this point, six months into her new position, she has helped me steal a great salesman,, reorganized my office for more efficiency, built a program for my executives called VPA (very personal assistant) which increased corporate morale and effectiveness, helped me close a key new account, and has taken my sex life way beyond my original plans for her.


After a night full of sensual sex at the hotel, Marie had whispered ‘Thank you for you’ as she went to sleep. She was curled up next to me now, breathing quietly as she slept off our intense and exhausting night. She had been relentless in her desire. The sense of her next to me now, the physical memories of the mind-blowing sex, the warmth of her body against mine, her after-sexl smell had all contributed to my current mental overload. It was keeping me awake. I looked down at her as the early morning light came through the window. She was an incredibly beautiful woman. I was getting stimulated just looking at her and that was all new territory for me. She had completely changed my life, at work and personally.

Most of my prior relationships had ended badly – generally because the woman was either possessive or selfish. It was why I was single and had decided I preferred it that way. I had never had any relationship with any woman who was dedicated totally to pleasing me. It was what made Marie different. Sure, you could say it was all part of her bargain to pay off her debt to the company. But either she was one hell of an actress or a willing participant. My dilemma was to decide which one was true. I didn’t want to believe her attitude was an act. That was my ego talking.

In some of our conversations of late, I became sure that she wanted to please me because she said I had given her so much in return. She said I had freed her to be who she always wanted to be. I had once commented on how her entire being was focused on the sheer pleasure and desire of fucking and getting fucked. She had this look that was wanton, lewd, sensuous and beautiful all at the same time. And then last night she wanted to show me “my passion face up close and personal” when we had sex. I couldn’t help but remember how absolutely beautiful she looked when in the middle of it all and during her orgasms.

My original motives, having a sex slave to play with and use, was not quiet where I have ended up. I really liked everything about her, had become dependent on her in some ways, and found, as I lay there that evening, that I really cared about her. From strictly a business perspective, I wasn’t sure what istanbul escort to do about that part. From a personal perspective I knew what I wanted. I wanted it to last – the companionship, the fun, and above all, the incredible sex.

She stirred slightly, and I stroked her air. She smiled, stirring in her sleep, and made a sound that resembled the purring of a kitten as she placed her arm around me and pulled herself as close to me as she could. There is nothing quite like the feel of a naked woman lying that close. I finally dozed off.

I was awakened by Marie’s mouth gently licking and sucking on my balls and the very tip of my dick. I reached over and rubbed her clit and pushed one finger into her wet pussy. I pumped her slowly, touching her “nub” deep inside her each time. She loved it and moaned around the dick in her mouth. She was sucking for all she was worth and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum at almost the same instant as she had her own orgasm. She laughed with delight.

“I love that you are always ready and willing” she said as she swung out of bed and walked to the shower.

Later that morning, on the way back to the office, she wanted to talk about the VPA program. She suggested that if all of our customers reacted as positively to the program as the Leveland brothers, we could make it a profit center instead of giving it away. I really liked the way this woman thought. I told her to make some notes and pass it by Jeff (our new CFO) and Madeline (his VPA) and get Tom and Rachel (his VPA) plugged in to contribute the sales perspective.

The following week the six of us had a dinner meeting about it and agreed on a program and pricing. Jeff and Madeline had already prepared a model for costs and a suggested organizational chart. I said I wanted Marie to head up the new company but she declined. She suggested Manny (our HR director), with the help of a new VPA for him, would have the time. Besides, she already had more than she could handle talking care of me. We all got a chuckle out of that comment. Besides, Manny had been politicking for a VPA for weeks. His current secretary was one of the ones left over from when I acquired the company and before all the support changes Marie and I made. Marie agreed to stay heavily involved, especially in the recruiting and qualifying.

During the meeting I realized how powerful the VPA program had become for my company. Even though I knew that Tom and Rachel and Jeff and Madeline were fucking each other’s brains out on the road and off hours, here in the office they were all efficiency and, above all, business. Each couple worked together like two sides of the same brain. It was a huge authentication of Marie’s selection process and the concept of the program.

We avcılar escort carved up the list of customers we thought would benefit from VPA and would benefit us between two teams: Tom and Rachel and Marie and me. The girls went to work on the research and Jeff and Madeline on the pricing and presentations. If we were successful with this sales push, which we sweetened with the VPA idea, we could double our sales volume within sixteen months.

Over the next four months, Tom and Rachel and Marie and I saw all the customers, all eighty of them. The program was basically the same – we got the agreements and Rachel and Marie showed them the benefits of the VPA program and the willingness of the VPA’s to do whatever it took – happily. Tom told me Rachel was an absolute sexual demon with the customers – she had a no holds barred, take no prisoners, attitude – and the customers loved it and couldn’t wait to sign up with us for product and VPA recruiting. Marie really got into it as well. What was a pleasant surprise was when we met up with a female executive named Melissa.

Melissa was the new president of a pretty large customer, having inherited the company from her father. Marie told me later that as soon as she met her she knew she was an active bi-sexual and would be an easy sell. We went through the program and she immediately saw the benefit of the sole source program. When Marie offered herself to the president as a thank you from me, she looked at me as if to say she wasn’t that kind of a woman. Marie took it from there.

She went behind the woman and started to massage her neck and shoulders as she told her about the benefits of a ready and willing assistant. At the same time she opened her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. Melissa’s mouth opened and her breathing began to get shallow. Marie reached down and slowly opened Melissa’s blouse and massaged her tits. Melissa’s reaction was immediate as she closed her eyes and leaned back offering herself to Marie. As Marie reached in and unhooked her bra and freed her tits for further playing Melissa reached back and, to her surprise, touched a naked Marie hip. She stretched her arms upwards and began to fondle Marie’s tits in response. She went from squeezing her tits to gently squeezing her nipples. Melissa’s shorter breath and moans told me she was really getting into it.

She gabbed Marie’s hands and stood up turning to face her. She leaned over and kissed Marie passionately as she stroked Marie’s tits and ass. Melissa squatted down and sucked and nibbled on Marie’s nipples as she undid the remainder of her own clothing. She had a nice body, one she was obviously working at keeping fit. Her large tits were an accent to a full, but not fat, body with flared hips and tight legs and thighs. She şirinevler escort hadn’t been wearing panties and I could see some liquid on the inside of her leg. She was already leaking from her pussy.

Once on her knees she licked and played with Marie’s labia and clit. Marie pulled her up and pushed her down onto the desk. She stroked her legs and pushed them open until she was fully spread wide offering her shaved and wet pussy for pleasure. Marie fingered and sucked her mercilessly. Melissa was groaning and screaming and bucking on the desk. She reached down and pulled Marie’s face into her pussy. Melissa might have been enjoying it but Marie was having the time of her life. I could see her leaking down her legs as well. Then Mellisa came with a shout – “Oh fuck yeah.. don’t stop, suck that pussy….. uuuggghhhhhhhhhhh!”

Marie jumped up on the table and straddled her face without missing a beat. Melissa reached up and stuck her tongue as far into Marie’s soaked pussy as she could. Marie answered by cumming on her face.

It kind of got crazy after that as each of the women brought the other to orgasm after orgasm. It was an incredible turn-on for me watching the best 69 and fingering and sucking I had ever witnessed. I was hard as a rock. At one point, Marie had four fingers in Melissa’s pussy and three in her ass pumping hard and fast. Melissa had two fingers in Marie’s ass and her tongue in her pussy. They both came loudly and often. I thought that would be it. I was wrong.

After a very brief rest, and still lying spread-eagled on the table with Marie’s head between her legs licking her clit and tonguing her pussy, Melissa motioned for me to come over to the table. She reached out and undid my belt, unzipped me, and pulled my pants and briefs down to my knees. My cock was already hard from the sex show. She moaned with delight and literally swallowed my dick all the way down her throat. Using only one hand, as the other was busy fingering Marie, she stroked and sucked me in a frenzy. I responded by pumping her mouth as deep as she would let me. She took it all humming some happy tune. I couldn’t hold out too long and, with a groan of my own, pushed all the way down her throat and unloaded. She swallowed it all and then licked me clean with a huge smile on her face.

“Just lovely. You have a beautiful dick, Jack, and you clearly know how to use it. Maybe we can play some more sometime? And Marie, well what can I say about her abilities. I have cum this afternoon more times than in the last three years combined. Thank you for your wonderful ‘gift’.”

Afterwards, as we pulled ourselves together, Marie got the assignment to find two VPAs for Melissa – one male and one female – for a huge fee. Now that’s cool.

Funny thing though, each and every time Marie did her thing with a customer, she would plead with me afterwards to have her spend the night and she would fuck me with ever increasing intensity. It was like she wanted a reward for her performance – something I was more than willing to give. Watching her fuck total strangers made me incredibly horny.

To be continued

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