New Territory

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Author’s note: This series is devoted to my wife, for whom it was originally written. It is both a history of our sexual life as well as my means of sharing our fantasies, with alterations to names and times to protect our friends, but both the fantasy and reality are/were spectacular enough to warrant sharing with others.

**This is a stand-alone story.** For those who have been following along, this is the fifth in the series. This one is much more sexually-based, vice romantically. Like previous others, this story is an abbreviated version of events, boiled down to one weekend, but otherwise it is all true. Enjoy.



I complied.

“Slap my ass.”


“Pull my hair.”

I took a handful and yanked firmly.

“Now cum with me.”

I had barely held out till now, so my release was hardly voluntary. Doing my smokin’ hot girlfriend from behind was probably my favorite, especially when we were standing in the bathroom facing the mirror. I could drive in deeper from behind (without fear of bottoming out), yet still see her tits sway and the way her face looked when my cock was deep inside her: somewhere between desire, contentment, and acute pleasure. She had that look now as her pussy clenched around me and her hand worked on her clit. I found my voice and grunted as she moaned and shuddered, trying to convulse but held upright by my grip on her ponytail. She looked at me in the mirror and licked her lips. Her lengthy orgasm outpaced mine, and I held on through clenched teeth as her vagina flexed one last time and released.

I let go of her ponytail and leaned forward, nuzzling the back of her neck while my hands roamed across the front of her body. She reached back and combed my hair with her fingers.

“Mmmm, baby, that was incredible.”

“Yeah? I was worried that I hit you too hard.” I looked down at her. “I can actually see the outline of my fingers on your skin. I hope I didn’t hurt your butt, it’s one of my favorite parts about you.”

“No baby, it was perfect,” she purred.

I flicked my tongue along the back of her ear, then slowly started to pull out. She hissed and leaned forward. Unlike when she cums from cunnilingus, where she can go more than once in a row, Tori’s orgasms from penetration were far more intense and made her vagina hypersensitive for some time afterwards.

Finally I *popped* free, and she relaxed off the balls of her feet as I removed the condom and threw it in the trash can.

“I hate the way those things smell. We should try another brand.”

“Yeah, they do smell kind of funky,” she agreed.

“You smell kind of funky,” I said, licking her spine between the shoulder blades.

“As do you, lover-boy. Let’s take a shower,” she suggested seductively.

When the water was hot enough we stepped in and began the ritual of washing. We didn’t often get the opportunity to do this, since it required being in Tori’s room, and her roommate was around pretty much anytime she didn’t have class. Fortunately, she had flown home for the weekend, so Tori and I had the room to ourselves. I vowed to spend as much of the next two days naked as I could. Tori too, of course.

“I enjoyed you taking charge like that,” I said.

“I really wasn’t doing it on purpose, it just sort of came out.” She leaned back, soaking her hair.

Since I was a kid, there has always been something fascinating to me about a girl with wet hair. She will seem…more natural that way, I suppose. I always looked that way at Tori, anyways. Not that she had much to hide, I thought to myself as my eyes took a leisurely jaunt down her naked body.

“I saw your reflection in the mirror, and you seemed so focused. I wanted to break you out of it,” she continued.

“I was listening to you, babe. I can tell how close you are to cumming by the little sounds you make.”

“Is that why you’re so quiet?”

I frowned. “What do you mean? I make noises.”

Tori laughed and shook her head. “Rarely, and come to think of it, only when I’m cumming or giving you a blowjob. The rest of the time, you are the quietest lover I’ve ever had.”

I pondered this as she went about washing her hair. To me, the ultimate turn-on is making the girl orgasm. Period. Everything else is either a step in that direction or a reward for your ability to make it happen. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not altruistic about it. In fact, I’m probably even more selfish because I expect the same attention and follow-through from the girl immediately afterwards. But only after she has been to the moon and back, thanks to yours truly.

“Does it bother you?”

“No, though it’s kind of hard to tell what you like when I’m going down on you.”

“I guess that’s fair. I mean, those are the sounds I’m looking for from you. I’ll try to work on it, but I’m also a little worried that I’ll end up sounding like a really bad porn star.”

She laughed. “You don’t have to go crazy. Just relax. Let your canlı bahis breathing and moaning come out naturally.”

“Okay. In the mean time, feel free to speak up like that anytime.”

“It was kind of fun to be in charge.”

“Yeah, well, don’t get too accustomed to it, woman; I’m still the boss of you.”

“Yes, sir.” Saucy minx.

My part in the aforementioned “ritual of washing” was to soap up my hands and spend at least five minutes lathering Tori’s boobs. She would wash the rest of herself and usually start on my upper body before finally swatting my hands away and telling me they were clean enough. I would then argue that she was a dirty slut and that she was never clean enough, she would call me a jerk, I would grab her nipples again, she would grab my cock, and from there it usually devolved into a make-out session under the streaming water.

I still enjoyed simply kissing my girlfriend, even after taking (what I laughably thought at the time was) the last step: screwing each other silly. I think I enjoyed it so much because she clearly did, too. A kiss done well can be a poem or an eloquent psalm to the person you are kissing. Two loving people can have entire conversations of devotion without saying a word. Tori and I could do that. Plus, it never failed to get her ‘in the mood.’

With my back to the water, I ran my soapy hands up and down her back, tracing the delicate muscles along her spine and the outline of her ribs. Eventually my fingers traced down to her bottom. Each cheek fit so nicely in my palms, like they were made for each other. I began massaging the muscles, sliding my hands across her smooth, flawless skin.

I could feel Tori’s perky B-cups pressing into my chest, and with our pelvises pressed together, my cock was nestled up to her sex. My little scout was still recovering, but it was still sexy to feel her naked vagina notched around it. My hands continued kneading and plying her gluteus, soaping her from waist to thigh. I slid the ridge of my forefinger and knuckle down her crack, and her butt clenched.

“Babe…” she whispered questioningly. I took a moment to consider her kiss, and I determined that she wasn’t just returning it–she was enjoying this. So I did it again, eliciting the same muscle response. I kissed her deeply, forcing her attention back to our tongues. Thus distracted, I slid a soapy finger down to her nether hole. I began pressing the fingertip into it, alternating with circles around the rim. I switched to my middle finger to add more soap, then slid my fingers around the cheek to soap them up again for more.

I began pressing and tracing again, and her body started sliding across mine. Her nipples hardened as they rubbed across my chest, and when I finally pressed my finger in to the first knuckle, she gasped. Her sphincter tightened, then slowly released. I slipped the finger out, then pushed it back in. This opening-and-closing was having physical effects on my girlfriend: her kissing became wilder, her nipples were like pointed fingers drawing across my pecs, and her breath came in short, choppy gasps in tune with my intrusions. Even so close after orgasming, she was getting VERY turned on by this.

Finally I pushed harder, and my finger slid easily into her now-relaxed hole. She squealed and bit my lip, then slowly pulled back, briefly looking into my eyes as she released and closed in again. Her tongue drove into my mouth, and I took the cue to start slowly rotating my hips, grinding my semi-turgid cock into her clit.

Now the moaning started. I broke off the kiss, and her head fell to my shoulder. I was rather surprised by how much she was enjoying this so closely after sex. I worked my finger in and out slowly, wiggling it slightly when it was all the way in and playing in-and-out every time I reset. I found myself holding more and more of her weight between my hips and other arm as her body focused more on my anal probing and less on supporting her body.

Since the first time on Halloween when I licked her asshole, I had been slowly introducing more and more anal play with Tori. She wasn’t always in the mood for it, but anytime she was we would do something, eventually getting to the point where, after a particularly memorable night two weeks ago of warming her up, I had slipped a finger in while doing her doggy style. She had orgasmed immediately and loudly. Even though she obviously enjoyed it, we didn’t talk about it much afterwards and hadn’t done anything since.

“I’m starting to think you like this,” I nibbled on her ear, “Rubbing your breasts on me, squatting onto my hardening cock while I finger your asshole. Do you like that, baby? Do you like having my finger knuckle-deep in your ass?”

Her head jerked an affirmative, still gasping too much to form words.

After weeks of anticipation for this moment, butterflies shot through my stomach as I boldly announced, “Good, because tonight I want to fuck you in the ass.”

Before she could reply, I bahis siteleri slipped my finger out and leaned back to kiss her again. She responded immediately, sliding her tongue across my mouth as I took firm grip of her butt cheeks.

Eventually I spun us around so she was under the water. I washed the soap from her back as the kiss finally wound down. You know it was a good kiss when everything from your nose to your chin is numb. We stepped out and I grabbed the towels.

“I wasn’t kidding about that,” I said matter-of-factly.

“I know,” she said, eyes sparkling, “I’m kind of excited!”

“‘Kind of excited?'” I intoned sarcastically.

“No! I mean…I’ve never done it before, so I’m nervous, too.”

“I haven’t either, babe, so this will be new and ‘kind of exciting’ for both of us.”

“Yay! Now I’m really excited…we should get some lube, though.” I did not expect bouncy cuteness from her after flatly announcing that I would be taking her anal virginity in a few short hours. She really was made for me, and by God I loved her.

“Wow…you say you’ve never done this before, yet you already have a shopping list?”

“Darling, I can always come up with a shopping list–“

“On my dime, of course.”

“To have sex with my ass, of course you’re buying,” she giggled. I almost lost it. Just hearing something like that coming out of her mouth was unbelievably hot.

“Also, you’re going to treat me to a nice dinner beforehand, and then take me shopping.”

I raised an eyebrow, none too pleased. Much of the appeal in her previous statement vanished at the prospect of ‘paying’ for this with a new purse or a pair of shoes . Not all, but most. It dawned on me that I really only wanted this if she did, too.

She beamed at my change in body language. “It’s going to be a special night, darling…I’m going to need special lingerie.”

She giggled again as I stared at her dumbly. Not for the first time the thought of marrying her passed through my mind.


I fought it, but eventually caved in and got dressed to go out. My plan to be a shut-in and play ‘doctor’ for two whole days went out the door when I gave Tori such a powerful hostage. No dinner = no anal. Now, where did I throw my shoes…?

It was still February, so I know we were dressed for warmth, but I honestly can’t remember what she was wearing. I’m sure she looked hot. Nor do I remember where we ate dinner. I’m sure I ordered a steak. I vaguely remember waiting outside Victoria’s Secret for a long time. I’m sure I didn’t care how long it took. And lastly, I remember making a quick stop at a Walgreen’s to buy a bottle of lubricant. That I remember quite vividly as a squeeze tube of KY-brand water-based jelly lubricant for sexual intercourse.

The reason everything but the last part was so vague was because I spent the whole evening in a quasi-purgatory of lust-filled anticipation. Sex with Tori was incredible, spiritual, emotional, fun, and immensely satisfying; but quite frankly, having anal sex with her was predominantly about sexual gratification. From the time I hit puberty I have been an ‘ass’ man, and Tori’s ass was a shining example that God is a man and loves the creatures he formed in his image: it was beautiful, heart-shaped, tight, and somehow still out of reach, even though she was mine. Licking, fingering, and even fucking her ass were the only ways I could adequately worship something so perfect. Beyond that, however, was her allowance for my pleasure: doing something so taboo and socially repugnant–not to mention potentially painful for her–indicated a willingness from her to please me which required a significant sacrifice. Moreover, I did not force this on her, it came freely from her as a symbol of her love for me. For all this, I wanted her badly.

Buying the lube was the pivotal moment when the unbelievable became inevitable, the fantasy real, and my memories become much more clear from that point. On the drive home she was filled with that same bubbly energy while I sat quietly behind the wheel, slightly overwhelmed by the situation. She went undefeated in the one-headlight “Sex” game, and I dutifully stripped down piece by piece as she called them out until I was down to my underwear. She boldly reached over and readjusted the slit in the front of my boxer-briefs so my hard-on stood up, naked and free. Once I felt the breeze across my proudly erect cock, however, a switch went off in my brain, and I took charge of the situation. Suddenly I grabbed her head, forcing it down to my crotch.

“Okay, congratulations, you won, we’re all happy for you, now reap the spoils of your victory,” I growled, and she went to work without hesitation sucking on the head of my penis. We were already pulling into the parking garage, but I took my time finding a spot while she fellated me. Finally I stopped and parked, but even after turning off the car I kept her head down, forcing my cock deep into her mouth a couple times. Then I pulled bahis şirketleri her up and kissed her.

“Grab your bags and get out of the car. Go wait for me over by the stairs.” This was my show, now.

She slowly wiped her chin and smiled. “Yes, sir.”

I slipped my dick back in through the hole, then tucked it up into the waistband. The top three inches were still visibly pointing to my bellybutton, so I adjusted the elastic band over the head. I threw on my jeans and grabbed my shoes and shirt, then got out of the car. I didn’t bother putting on my shirt as I strode to Tori.

“Babe, you’re showing.”

“No, my underwear is showing. Frankly, I don’t care, because right now we are going to your room, where I’m going to fuck your ass.”

I grabbed her hand without slowing and pulled her after me. She whirled around to follow, pressing close to my side.

Everyone we passed stared at the barefoot and bare-chested tattooed guy oblivious to the February chill escorting a well-dressed and stunningly beautiful girl through campus to her dorm. Stepping into the hallway, I almost ran into a pajama-clad redhead who took a startled step back, then automatically checked me out. I saw her eyes double-take on the black bulge poking up from my waist, and I winked as she looked up while we continued past. Her blush deepened. I was on top of the world.

When the door shut, I kissed Tori on the cheek. “Go get dressed.”

“Yes, sir.”

She disappeared into the bathroom, and I set about methodically laying out our playground. Comforter and sheets folded and placed on the floor. Pillows flattened along the headboard. Extra pillows (sorry, roommate) laid out halfway down the mattress for support. Desk lamp, on; all other lights out. Music, but not soft: I wanted sexual, not romantic. Lords of Acid–perfect. Lastly, I placed the lube on the bedstand. I stripped down and tried out the pillow arrangement. Showing great restraint, I placed my hands behind my head and meditated on anything other than what was about to happen in an attempt to calm the fuck down. Fat chance.

I heard the bathroom door open, then quietly shut. I waited a couple heartbeats, then said, “Stop.”

I slowly opened my eyes and beheld my girlfriend across the room. She was dressed in an aubergine silk robe that ended well up her thigh. Her raven hair hung freely around her shoulders. My eyes followed her shapely legs to her feet, which sported stiletto heels. Looking at her serene and expectant face, I saw she had reapplied her eye makeup, going with a blue eyeshadow to complement her robe.

I motioned with my hand for her to turn around, and she did.

“Bend over.”

The hem of her robe pulled up, revealing the object of my desire. My cock twitched as if divining its purpose from ten feet away.

“Now come here.”

She slowly straightened, then pivoted around and sauntered to the foot of the bed. I held up my hand to stop her.

“Untie the robe.”

Her hands came up and untied the bow, then pulled out the knot. The silk rustled as it slid back to her sides, revealing a dark blue and black satin corset with a matching blue thong. My eyes feasted on the corset: I had never imagined something like that on her, and the effect was devastating. The tops of her breasts spilled out of the reinforced material, and the dark colors contrasted starkly with her light skin.

“What are you here for?” I asked as I could no longer resist and reached down to touch myself.

“To have sex,” she said innocently.

I gave her a stern look. “Specifically,” I said in a mock-menacing tone.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she stated clearly.

I nodded slowly. “Then come here.”

She crawled onto the bed, dragging the hanging front of her robe up my legs and torso as she came. She leaned down to kiss me, which I returned aggressively. I released my cock and began exploring her corseted chest and stomach. It was indeed soft to the touch, but I could feel the rigid frame under the fabric. I followed the hourglass figure down to the gap of skin between the corset and thong, then traced my finger under the pantyline to her spine. I quickly ran my hands up her back and rubbed my fingers into her scalp, breaking off the kiss and lifting her head away. I released her hair and continued pushing her back gently until she was sitting on my thighs.

I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock. She took it and started stroking while my hands continued to explore. I pushed the robe off her shoulders, and she slipped her free hand out, but would not release her grip on my cock with the other. For some reason I found that extremely erotic.

Blue has always been my favorite color, and it never looked better than it did on her, in any situation. This particular situation, however, blew all others up to that point out of the water. The complete set–thong, corset, and eyeshadow with her midnight hair and hazel eyes–still sends shivers up my spine to this day. At that moment it was overpowering.

But again, tonight was not about sensuality–it was about dirty sex.

“I’m going to lick you, finger you, and then fuck you in the ass tonight. How does that sound?”

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