New York Ch. 2

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Taking me by the hand, we walk slowly to the dance floor, my knees weak with anticipation, the lust I feel for you, intoxicating me….. pulling me close to your body, as your arms move around my waist, my hands fall upon your strong shoulders…. as I smile and tell you … baby, I don’t know how to dance. You grin at that and say no worries baby, just follow my lead. Soon the music takes hold of me, along with this deep passion burning inside me…our bodies begin to move slowly… feeling your thigh between my legs… as I feel the huge bulge beneath your jeans against my thigh as well. I feel your pull me tighter to you as our hips begin to move in circles.

Moving upward and downward, in what seemed the same motion, knowing my wetness was pushed against your leg, with the movement of our bodies as well as my thigh pushing up against your thick cock…. the passions within me taking control of my senses….. looking deep in your eyes as our bodies, make love upon the dance floor, becoming more and more intense with the rhythm of the movement…. feeling you pull me closer and closer… our lips just barely touching, as my mouth opens slightly, you press your lips to mine, our gaze never faltering from one another. Our tongues gently play within each other mouths, dueling as we suck in each other’s breathes, your hand moving up and down the side of my body, as our hips move in unison, your thumb brushing against my breast as your warm strong hand moves up and down, along my hip, lifting my hem slightly as it moves back up. My knees weak with the intoxicating aroma of lust in the air, the music ends… and we slowly separate..

You take me by the hand and we begin walking to the elevator, as we move into the elevator, my body shaking with desire for you…. you press the button leading to the roof. I smile at you, as my body shakes, you laugh a little, as you ask; Are you afraid baby?… giggling slightly as I reply…. Well, the shaking I am doing is not really from being frightened… but from sexual energies within me, yearning to be released…. you smile and say good baby that is what I want!

The doors open, and we begin to walk through the hall leading to the roof. My body still shaking with passion and lust, as your arm reaches across my shoulders and pulls me close to you…. telling me, not to worry, you want to show me something I have never seen before. Opening the door to the roof… a gust of wind hits us, and I begin to shiver…

Stepping out upon the roof…. I am struck in awesome beauty, the skyscrapers, all around us, the lights of the city, all flickering like stars in the night… with the ebony of the night sky in its background. Walking near the edge…. you bakırköy escort motion me to look down upon the city… my god, the cars looked like Hot Wheels cars. I was totally in awe…. breathless at the site….. as I feel you move behind me….. your arms wrap around me….not noticing that my skin had goose bumps upon it, from the chill of the night air.. the warmth of your strong arms around me, let me forget the gusts of wind brushing past my skin… as you pull me close to you.

I feel your warm breathe against my ear and neck, as your velvety tongue glides along my ear… feeling your warm lips against my skin… your hands moving along my neck… slowly down my chest, my erect nipples so hard, from the sexual essences within me, yearning for your touch…your hands cup my breasts within them, feeling your fingers slightly rolling my nipples within them…. a cry of pleasure escapes my lips as my head tilts back to you…. your lips upon the nap of my neck as your hand moves downward over my stomach…. pulling my hem up over my panties…. I feel your fingers reach between my legs.. spreading them slightly, my knees weak with desire, and a soft moan escapes my lips.

Your finger begins to stroke my clit… the pulsating with my swollen clit… growing stronger with each movement of the tip of your fingers. My hand reaches behind me as I feel your bulge against the cheeks of my ass…. unsnapping your jeans, and unzipping them, as I feel your huge thick hardness pop out… at that moment….you bend me down so that my hands land upon the walls edge of the roof, and I am looking somewhat downward over the city. Holding one hand on the small of my back while you spread my legs slightly apart… feeling the tip of your huge cock against my sweet wetness… as you move it up and down over the wetness from my clit to my ass and back again… teasing me…. as you ask me… baby you want this… I moan in pleasure, telling you yes baby I want to feel your hard huge cock in me…. please baby, let me feel you, as you place the head to my opening..

The heat of my juices flowing upon the tip of your sensitive cock… as you move your hips slightly to me, telling me, don’t move baby……wanting to push back to you… wanting to feel all of you in me…. as you only press the head in me…opening my hot wetness as you stretch me open, whispering, do you want more of me baby? As I moan in pleasure feeling the tip of your huge thick cock pushing slightly in me, as I reply, YESSS BABY… I want you, need you inside me, wanting to push back on you feel you drive deep in me, as you hold me back, and slowly move out of me. Then without, hesitation, you bend down behind beşiktaş escort me, as you move my legs apart even more, opening the sight of my pink wetness before your beautiful eyes, the aroma of my enticing juices falling upon your scent, as you move your lips closer to my wet nest.

I feel the heat of your breath move closer to me, as the sexual essences within my body, course through my body, my knees weak as your hands hold on to my thighs, your thumbs opening the lips of my wetness to you, while your wet, warm tongue gently licks up my love nest, starting from my throbbing clit, up to the opening of my butt… lapping up the juices that have flowed from me, as I hear the sound of you, suckling, and licking, the heat of your breath sending chills throughout me, and knowing that I am going to release all I have to you soon, as I moan in deep pleasure, your tongue moving from my clit to my soft skin and back again, pushing slightly into me as you pass by the lips of my opening. My hips wanting to push back on you, as you hold me… not letting me move while you delight in my juices. My body growing weaker with each pass of your velvety tongue upon my wetness, and I feel myself wanting to explode, as you feel me tense against your tongue, you stop, and whisper… Not yet baby!

You then stand, holding me in position, bent over, holding to the wall of the edge. You again push against my butt with your hardness. I turn my head to you, as you ask me; Baby are you ready to give it all to me yet? I moan with delight, as I smile and say YESSSS baby, please let me have you!! Slowly you take your huge thick hardness and again move the tip up and down from my clit to my butt and back again, pushing slightly into me.. letting just the head enter me. The tender thick head enters … as the walls of my wetness collapsing down on you… tightening around you… sucking you into me… as you move your hips slightly, teasing me as I plead with you to let me feel you completely in me. Gripping your hard thick cock with my hot wetness, as my juices want so bad to release on you … you move into me slowly…. I moan in deep pleasure as I feel you pushing into me slowly, inch by inch…. stretching me open… as I moan asking you to please baby fuck me!

Give me all of you Let me feel you sooo deep inside of me…… as you push harder… A yell escapes my lips…. as one of your hands reach to my breasts slightly pinching the nipple, the other moves to my clit…..your fingers flicking against my clit…. sending sexual electricity throughout my entire being… feeling you push hard in me… as your hips move back and forth, my insides tighten around you, as you feel the spasms beylikdüzü escort of my juices begin to release upon you, my hips pressing to yours.

I feel you soo deep in me, stroking you with the walls of my hot wetness with each thrust….. feeling you slide in and out of me… as I reach between my legs with my hand…. feeling your thrust more urgent…. my fingers move against your heavy balls… as I caress and massage them, as you stroke me back and forth with your huge hardness.. my fingers moving behind your balls as I press against your gspot… feeling your sexual essences building within your balls, as they pull closer to your body… your thrust become harder, our breaths quickened and my juices begin to explode upon you… yelling in pleasure… baby fuck me… cummm for me baby, as you push deep inside me… my finger pressing behind your balls feeling the tightening of your balls within my warm palm…. the pulsating of your huge thick cock sliding in and out of me….. pushing deeper and harder… as our cries of ecstasy yell out upon this city….pushing all our juices from us, within one another…… our last spasms spilling… our juices mingling, …… our nectar spent….. as you lean over my back holding your arms around me… shaking and quivering within them…. panting from exhilaration..

Slowly we stand up together. I turn and look at you…oblivious to my surroundings…with a look of total satisfaction upon my face, smiling, I move my lips to yours, sliding my tongue along your soft sweet lips, then without hesitation, kneel before you, taking your gorgeous manhood within my fingertips, and encircling my index and thumb finger around the thickness of you, as I look up to you and smile, with a wink, darting my tongue out as it swirls along the head of your delectable cock.

The velvety feel with the heat of my breath against your tender skin, tasting our mixed juices, as I open my lips to you, surrounding the head, and I begin to drink up our spent nectar, taking you deeper and deeper into my mouth, feeling the head deep in my throat, as I lick and lap up all we had to offer… my tongue stroking every pore upon your huge thick shaft, not wanting to waste a drop of our juices.. mmmmmm!

Releasing my hold of your glorious manhood, I smile, and stand before you, yet again. I press my lips to yours, so that we may share in our juices. Our tongues dueling within our mouths, the scent of passions upon my lips, as our desires are fulfilled. Our lips then part, as you smile and say well baby….what do you think of this great city…. I smile back at you, and say baby…. although it may be beautiful… it pales in comparison to the beauty I see before me right now, here within your gorgeous eyes!

As we kiss… holding each other…. you ask if I would like to go have something to eat…. I smile…. and say… uh huh…. as long as you are the main course……. licking my lips… as we head for yet another adventure… mmmmmmm YUMMY!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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