Nice Flight

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I was on route to a conference in Japan and I was about to board my flight. I walked up the aisle looking at all the faces and wondering what I would do to occupy my time. I took my seat and noticed that the plane was closing up and the flight attendants were taking their spaces around the plane. My seating section was empty so I took the advantage and moved to the aisle so I could later stretch out. I listened to the usual instructions and fastened the seat belt. The plane takes off and the trip begins a long time in the air, but what happens up there is totally exciting. I hear a voice I glance up and there she is one of the most beautiful Asian woman I have seen in my life her tag reads Kim and I look her up and down. She stands around 5’3″ tall and a very petite figure but well accented. She asking a gentleman in front of me is he comfortable. The converse for a second and then she comes to me and ask if I need anything and I tell her yes. She ask me what….

I say I would rather write it and I ask her how long she will be in Japan and would she like dinner. She gives me a casual smile and then giggles. She gives me a once over, smiles, and keeps on down the aisle. I was crushed. She just blew me off like nothing happened. I turn around and look at her lovely legs. She is wearing sheer pantyhose and black pumps I sit back and relax with my eyes closed thinking about how it would feel to have those silky legs wrapped around my body I slowly dose off to sleep. Hour later I wake up from some slight turbulence. I sit there and look around to see if I can see her she is no where in sight.

Three hours into the trip and 5 sprites later I get up to go to the bathroom. I open the door and before it shuts a hand slides in and stops the door. I am startled. It is Kim and she has a reply to my note. She hands me the note grabs my crotch and leaves out. My dick is engorged from the confrontation that I have just experienced. The note is sealed with a kiss and says that she will be there for 2 days and that pendik escort she would love to have dinner and then there is some other garble saying she likes to eat with a smile next to it. I am so excited I can barely pee straight. I go back to my seat and the rest of the flight is so much like any other flight. Maybe 6 hours into the flight I get up to go to the bathroom again. This time the same thing happens. This time Kim shuts and locks the door. She begins to nibble on my ear and says that she was impressed that I found her attractive, but yet in still ask her out on a date. She whisper slowly that married men only ask her out. She is now rubbing her pantyhose clad feet up and down my leg. She kisses my neck. She turns me around and pulls out my dick and helps me guide it. I finish she washes it off and then slowly sits on the toilet. All this movement in this small space but we are doing it. She said that she found me quite attractive and not the normal business traveler. She begins to lightly lick the head and says she likes to eat. She slowly licks the shaft and move her tongue all around it. I am going crazy. This beautiful woman is giving me a nice service right here in the bathroom. Then she slowly takes it in her mouth. She unzips her skirt and pulls it off. She has no panties on and I can see her love canal. She slides one hand inside her pantyhose and starts to rub her pussy. I am feeling quite well. I thought this would be another dull trip.

She slowly takes as much as she can in as she swirls her tongue around my dick. As she does this she picks up the pace on her clit. She is going to work on my dick and she is just going crazy. I pull out and stand her up. I begin to lick her pussy through the hose. I sit her up on the sink and she starts to rub her pantyhose clad legs on the side of my head. I reach up under her blouse and grab her small but perk breast her nipples are at full attention and she is bucking against my face. I am so excited right now. She says that she is sorry but she had to tuzla escort have me. That she had not had a mans touch in three months and needed me to do this. I was the first man that she was attracted to in a while. This got me going. I did not know her from Adam, but I was in the bathroom of a jet making love to her. She reaches over and unbuttons the top button of my shirt. Then she ask me to do a few . I move against the wall as I stand up. I start to unbutton the button those buttons and she rubs her feet against my chest. I am going crazy. What more could anyone ask for….

There is a knock at the door and someone says I like to eat. Kim gets up and goes for the door I am petrified I try to stop her but it is too late. This was planned. A brunette walks in the same outfit as Kim her tag reads Rachel. They have done this before I suspect now. We are packed in this place like sardines but I am wondering what is going to happen. 1 1/2 hours left in the trip. Rachel pulls off her skirt and has on a pair of sheer hose as well. They both have great bodies, but Rachel is a little thicker. Kim bends over and says let me show you what to do. She begins to eat Rachel as I had done her and Rachel begins to rub Kims long black hair. I am now on the sink and Rachel is on the toilet and Kim is standing up. Rachel is moaning. So Kim tells me to give her my dick to make her be quiet. I does as she says and Rachel with no hesitation starts to gobble it up inch by inch and I feel the back of her throat. She starts to hum as she sucks it and this gets me going again. What a sight just imagine. I am on the sink getting a nice blow job by a woman being eaten by another woman.

Rachel reaches back and rips a hole in the crotch area of Kims hose. I respond by hoping under her and eating her pussy. Kim likes this and reaches back and rubs my chest. She squeezes her hose against my face and I am going crazy she is sliding them up and down. The hose are so silky sheer and great. I start to rub Rachels legs and put my finger kartal escort on her pussy as I do this Kim licks my fingers. I then can not take it and tear a hole in Rachels and move to her. Kim is now grinding on my back as I eat Rachel. Kims pussy is so wet. By the way I took my shirt off about 10 minutes ago. Her pussy is all over my back. I think they have to get back to work soon. I ask what are they going to do. Kim reached under and began stroking my dick. I stopped eating Rachel and rolled over. I laid back on the floor and Kim mounted me like a champ. Rachel got behind her grabbed her ass and started slamming her on my dick. They were bringing all the force they could muster. Then Rachels started licking my dick and Kims ass. Then Rachel asked Kim was she ready. From behind the toilet they grabbed some oil. (This had to plan just had to find the right person). She squirted Kims tiny ass. All along her hose are rubbing against my shaft as she rides me because the hole is not that big. Then Rachel lifts her up and starts to push my dick into Kims ass. Kim bites her lip as the initial pain gets her but then lets out a sigh. Then she starts pounding away now I can feel her hose even more and I am just excited.

Rachel pulls a nice move and straddles my face and I start eating her as I am fucking this wonderful woman Kim in the ass. She starts to lick Kims clit. Yes this is a weird position but it is possible. Kim gets more excited and reaches back and rubs my balls. Rachel then sticks a finger in my ass. I am going absolutely crazy now. Kim starts pounding faster and harder and faster and harder. What can I do. I tell her I am going to cum. Kim hops off and her ands Rachel start licking and stroking me. Within seconds I explode and it goes right in to Rachels mouth. Then Kim grabs the base to stop me then lets go and takes some in her mouth. They switch spots and Rachel gets on my semi – erect dick and stars to ride it. Then the two start to kiss and as they do my cum slips out the side of their mouths and onto my stomach. All this time they have been rubbing my body with those hose clad legs. Rachel rides it a little longer then stands up and says she can not wait until dinner….They kiss me and say see you at dinner……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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