No More Skipping

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Jericho was in troubled waters, that was for sure. Her step dad was expecting her report card today and she was practically failing all of her classes. This wasn’t good. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t okay. She took a breath, shoving her report card into her backpack and hopping into her car. It was a bit of a clunker, but her parents had gotten it for her for her 18th birthday, so she couldn’t complain. It was all they could afford, and she was lucky they had decided to get her a car in the first place. She paid her own insurance on it with money from her job. She worked as a cashier at a nearby gas station. Technically, school was close enough to walk, but she preferred to drive, and why wouldn’t she? I mean, she did have her own car.

She tried to think of excuses on the short drive home, but came up empty. She’d been skipping class to go smoke weed and have sex with her boyfriend and his friends. Jericho and her boyfriend, Eric, were in a mostly open relationship, so he didn’t mind her getting it on with his friends. Hell, some of the time, he even joined in! Now, that was a good time. Mm, yeah, she was smiling just thinking about it. Her thoughts were often on sex and boys, which probably explains why she didn’t think of any excuses while she was driving. Maybe she could blame it on her parents divorce? No, that happened years ago. Or her mom remarrying? Her and her step dad had only been together for a year, having gotten married a few months ago.

She sighed, parking on the street in front of her house. This was gonna be rough. With a hard swallow, she grabbed her backpack and went inside.

Inside, Samuel was pacing. He had gotten a call from Jericho’s school saying she was skipping classes. Apparently, she had also managed to put down her own cell phone number as her mom’s contact number so she had been intercepting the phone calls from her school. This time, though, they had called Sam’s phone number, and boy was he mad. He was fuming. Lets see her talk her way out of this one. He set his phone down on the table and sat down, waiting for his step daughter to get home.

Jericho entered, her head down as she tried to dip up the stairs to her room unnoticed, flinching when her step dad cleared his throat. “Hey, Sam. What’s up? How’s it hanging, my man?” She tried to play it cool, then sighed when he shook his head. “Jericho, what have you been doing, skipping so many classes? Did you realize you’re failing all but one class? Your mom and I are going to have to take your keys away if you don’t turn things around. What’s so important that youve been skipping school for it?”

She swallowed and hung her head, not wanting to tell him the truth. Now, that would be awkward. Telling her step dad that she was skipping school to have sex? Yeah, not gonna happen.

“Jericho, tell me the truth. Don’t even try to lie to me.”

“It’s bursa evi olan escort just… it’s nothing. I just don’t want to be in class, that’s all.”

He leaned forward and gave her a good sniff, wrinkling his nose. “Don’t. I know what weed smells like. And I know what sex smells like, too. You reek of both. Feel like changing your story before I give your mother a call?”

Jericho had a deer in the headlights look as she stared at Sam. Shit. She was caught. She tried to stammer out an excuse but the look on his face cut her off. It was scary, almost. But there was an undertone of lust in his eyes that intrigued her. She shook her head, averting her eyes as she looked down and away.

“Now, what are we gonna do with you… I should tell your mother anyway, but I’m sure we can come to a compromise. She’s already so stressed out with work, do we really need to bother her with the fact that her daughter is skipping school to hook up with guys?” As he spoke, he was rubbing her arm suggestively.

Wait, what?

Was he really suggesting… no, he couldn’t be… could he?

She bit her lip, thinking about it for a moment. If he was, she could play along and keep her car. Keep her privileges. If her mom found out about her grades or her activities, she’d take away her keys for sure. “You’re right, Sam. I’m sure we can come to some sort of… agreement.”

Sam smiled, his hand moving to her chin as he tilted her face up to him, leaning down to take her lips in a rather possessive kiss. Jericho played along, finding that he was actually quite a skilled kisser. It made her wonder what else he could do with those lips.

She hummed in pleasure, allowing his tongue to probe against her mouth as she opened her lips. Their tongues danced, and by the end of the kiss they were both breathing heavy. She stared at her step dad as he stared right back, his eyes dark with lust. He had been waiting for this moment for months, ever since Jericho turned 18. She had grown into quite the young woman, and he could see why all the boys wanted her.

“Good. Now, if you’re clear on the terms of this arrangement, I’ll meet you in your room.”

Jericho nodded, making her way up the stairs to her room.

The wait was excruciating, even though it was probably less than five minutes. When Sam knocked on the door, she stammered out a “c-come in…” and the door opened. He closed it behind him, turning the lock before looking at her and tilting her head. “First things first. You will address me as Daddy or Sir, is that understood?”


“Yes what?”

“Y-yes Sir. Daddy.”

Man that felt weird. But it kind of turned her on.

She swallowed hard, looking down at the floor as he motioned for her to stand up. She did so, looking anywhere and everywhere except his altıparmak escort eyes, only her gaze was drawn to the large bulge in his jeans. He was packing, geez. She chewed on her lower lip, her body trembling as he stepped up to her and rubbed her arm. “Second, you will stop skipping class. I don’t care if you smoke weed, just don’t do it during school.”

She nodded, her breath hitching in her throat as his hand traced her collarbone and down her cleavage.

“Third. As long as you continue to satisfy me, I will not tell your mother about your grades and you get to keep your car. Back out on this agreement without changing your behavior and these terms are revoked. Is that understood?”

She nodded again, yelping softly as he pulled her close and kissed her again, pulling off her shirt to let her breasts bounce in their bra. She had nice tits, and he was apparently skilled in removing bras, freeing her boobs in a flash as her bra dropped to the floor. He groped her boob, kissing along her jaw and neck, darkening a hickey that Eric had left there earlier in the day. She gasped, then moaned, her head falling back as he worked his magic. Sam growled, backing her up against the wall as he lowered his mouth to her nipple, his tongue flicking the nub until it hardened into a point. She moaned again, hands running through his hair as he moved to the other one. Her breath caught in her throat as his hand rubbed her crotch. He undid the button on her jeans, sticking his hand down the front to massage her pussy through her panties. Once she was thoroughly flustered, he paused to pull down her pants, letting them fall to the floor once they were past her thighs. His mouth moved back to hers, kissing her hard as his fingers roamed her body, finally finding their way into her underwear. He rubbed gently, drawing soft mewls of pleasure from Jericho’s lips. He was much more experienced than the boys at school, and he actually knew where the clit was, hot damn.

He paused again, undoing his belt and pulling out his cock as Jericho struggled to catch her breath. She glanced down, eyes widening at his size as she dropped to her knees. She looked up, making eye contact with him as she leaned forward to catch the tip with her tongue, licking a drop of precum from his shaft. She caressed his length with her tongue, coating him in spit before taking the head in her mouth. He groaned, steadying himself with a hand against the wall. Fuuuuck…

Jericho grinned, bobbing her head and taking him almost all the way to the base as she worked her way up to deep throating. It was a skill she had recently perfected, and she was eager to show it off. Sam huffed, grabbing her hair and thrusting his hips as she opened her throat, his dick sliding home as he began to fuck her face. After a few seconds, she coughed and he let up for her gemlik escort to catch a breath, then he grabbed her ears and resumed. The only sounds were his whispered curse words and the sound of his dick hitting the back of her throat. He was getting close. “Fuck me, shit, I’m gonna cum in your hot little mouth, you little slut, and you’re gonna swallow every fucking drop you hear me? And don’t you think for a moment that I’m done with you. I’m gonna fuck your brains out before I leave this room, slut. Understand?” He pulled her off, tilting her head up as she nodded. “I can’t hear you.” he growled, tightening his grip on her hair.

“Y-yes Daddy.”


He slid his cock back between her lips and sighed, thrusting his hips as she suckled and swirled her tongue. He pistoned his length in and out of her mouth, fucking that pretty little hole until his breathing quickened and he swore, cumming into her throat.

After the stars faded from his vision, he pulled her to her feet by her throat and kissed her, his other hand feeling its way between her legs. She was dripping, her panties soaked as he pulled them to the side and slid two fingers inside. He curled them around in a come hither motion, drawing forth some rather loud moans and gasps from Jericho. His thumb rubbed against her clit and she yelped, grinding her body into his touch.

He growled, throwing her onto the bed and yanking off her panties as he lowered his face to her cunt, licking bottom to top in one slow swoop. Jericho let out a high pitched hum, almost squealing at the sensation. Man he knew how to eat pussy. He lapped at her slit, sucking on her clit and slowly pushing his fingers into her hole until she cried out, her body writhing beneath him. “Oh ho, god fuuuuck!”

She came hard, panting as the climax left her.

Sam grinned, stroking his cock until she looked at him. “Play with yourself. Put on a show for me until I’m ready to fuck you.”

Jericho blushed, but did as he said, swirling her fingers around her clit and pushing them into her cunt until she was on the edge of another orgasm. Sam pulled off his shirt once he was hard again, dropping his pants as he pulled her to the edge of the bed. He rubbed his dick up and down her slit, coating his length in her wetness before thrusting into her. She gasped, rubbing her clit as he started to fuck her hard and fast, thrusting his hips forward with mind blowing speed. She came again, a rush of fluid rewarding him as he grinned wickedly.

He clasped his hand around her throat as he fucked her, cutting off her oxygen until her face turned red. She groaned, her back arching up to meet him.

He pulled another orgasm from her before he finished, grunting as he came. He knew Jericho was on the pill, so he wasn’t worried about getting her pregnant. Though, maybe he should have considered the possibility of STDs with the amount of guys she was fucking.

He sighed, humming in pleasure as he pulled out. He’d get tested later, and he’d have to make an appointment for Jericho to get tested as well. Other than that, he figured this was one arrangement that was going to work out quite well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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