Not IN Love Ch. 12

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This is a fictitious story. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real people is coincidence. Do not take any information in this story as health advice.


Joe’s breasts had grown to AAA cup size and no bigger. They were no longer tender to the touch. His nipples were no longer sore unless Jenny or Lucy sucked them too hard. His nipples were as large as Jenny’s, about two centimetres in diameter and in length when erect. He, upon Lucy’s prompting, had decided to see doctor Judith to get a referral to again see doctor Rebecca, an endocrinologist.

At Joe’s appointment with doctor Judith, she suggests that he has another blood test. She’s takes his blood sample and sends it off to pathology asking for a copy of the results to be sent to doctor Rebecca. Doctor Judith also provides Joe with a referral to see doctor Rebecca.


Joe sees doctor Rebecca a few days later, Joe said that his breasts had stopped growing and that his testes may be smaller. Doctor Rebecca compared the size of Joe’s testes to the MRI scan that he previously had and she agreed that his testes were about half their original size.

Doctor Rebecca also looked at Joe’s hormone levels in his blood test results and they appeared to be the same. She suggested that doctor Helen, a fertility expert, should examine him.

Doctor Helen asked Joe for another semen sample to check his fertility. Joe took a specimen jar into the adjoining examination room and started to masturbate, but he couldn’t deliver. The atmosphere is too sterile and isn’t stimulating enough for him to perform.

After about half and hour, doctor Helen asked through the door, “May I come in Joe?” she entered the room when Joe answered yes. Doctor Rebecca followed and doctor Helen said, “During your previous examination we helped you with stimulation. Would you like us to help you with that?”

Joe hesitated so doctor Helen said, “I assure you that it won’t be as intense as the previous time. That was due to a slight miscommunication. I’m a professional Joe and we’re here to help you provide a sample that I can examine, so we’ll do the best for you. Okay?”

“Okay,” agreed Joe.

“Good,” said doctor Helen, “During you previous visit I stimulated your prostate to help you ejaculate. With your permission I’d like to do that again. It can be very pleasant I’m told.”

“Okay,” answered Joe. It was very pleasant the previous time although it was very intense. Doctor Helen proceeded to put on some gloves and get out the lubricant.

“Please take off your clothes,” asked doctor Rebecca. She already had on her latex gloves. Joe took off his clothes. Doctor Rebecca said, “I like what you’ve done with your pubic hair and the hair on the rest of your body,” when she saw that Joe was hairless except for the hair on top of his head.

Joe felt that the conversation was more relaxed so he also relaxed and replied, “My girlfriend removed my body hair for a fancy dress party.”

Doctor Helen took advantage of Joe’s distraction by doctor Rebecca and pushed her finger into Joe’s anus. Joe groaned and doctor Helen said to doctor Rebecca, “That seemed much easier this time.”

Doctor Rebecca smiled and asked Joe, “Really, what costume did you wear?”

“I went as a French maid,” answered Joe.

Doctor Rebecca started to masturbate Joe’s penis which was becoming fully erect. Doctor Helen helped massage another part of Joe’s penis.

“Oh, very nice. I bet that you looked beautiful,” suggested doctor Rebecca. Doctor Helen started to rub Joe’s prostate.

Joe sighed and answered, “I was mistaken for my girlfriend.”

Doctor Helen noticed Joe’s pre-ejaculate was starting to flow out of his penile meatus.

“And what costume did your girlfriend wear,” asked doctor Helen as she continued to stimulate Joe’s prostate.

“She went as Grasshopper from the Kung Fu TV show,” answered Joe. His breathing was starting to quicken.

The two doctors kept masturbating and fingering Joe. They kept up the stimulation for over twenty minutes.

“My hand is starting to tire,” said doctor Rebecca to doctor Helen.

“Mine too,” replied doctor Helen.

Doctor Rebecca asked Joe, “Joe, I saw you glancing at my cleavage earlier. Would it help you come if you saw a bit more?”

Doctor Helen interrupted and said, “Joe you realise that we are trying to help you ejaculate. What doctor Rebecca is asking could be considered a little bit unethical but we assure you it’s for your own benefit. You must not tell anyone what may happen?” she looked at doctor Rebecca who nodded.

“Yes, of course,” answered Joe.

“Yes of course to what Joe?” asked doctor Helen, “That you won’t tell anyone or that you’d like to see more cleavage?”

“Both,” answered Joe.

Doctor Helen smiled and then started to undo the buttons on doctor Rebecca’s uniform. Doctor Rebecca did the same to doctor Helen’s uniform. Once fully unbuttoned Joe could see both doctors’ bra, undies, suspender belt and stockings doctor Helen asked, “Do you think this will help you Kurtköy Escort ejaculate?”

“Oh yeah,” answered Joe as he stared at the doctors’ beautiful bodies.

“He’s lasting a long time considering the stimulus,” doctor Helen said to doctor Rebecca.

Doctor Helen asked, “Joe, do you like the idea of lesbians having sex?”

“Uh huh,” answered Joe as he nodded his head so doctor Helen started kissing doctor Rebecca. Doctor Rebecca gently caressed doctor Helen’s breasts and Joe sighed.

Doctor Helen noticed that Joe’s pre-ejaculate was flowing abundantly. She thought that she really liked her job. She asked, “Joe, are your breasts sensitive? If we stimulated them would that help you come?”

“Absolutely,” gasped Joe so both doctors leant down and started to lick and suck Joe’s nipples. He closed his eyes and sighed. This was the first time that he had both breasts sucked at the same time and it wasn’t long before he had that warm orgasmic feeling running through his body. He gasped as doctor Helen increased the speed and pressure of her rubbing on his prostate.

Joe’s eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned a full breath groan.

Doctor Helen asked, “Would you like another one of my fingers inside of you?”

Joe moaned and nodded so doctor Helen temporarily pulled out her finger. Joe’s body shook but then he grunted as she pushed two fingers into his anus as far as she could. She started to gently massage Joe’s prostate and Joe started to sway his head from side to side.

The two doctors slowly masturbated Joe but when they noticed Joe’s expression, they started to increase the speed. Doctor Helen also started to more quickly rub Joe’s prostate in a ‘come here’ motion. They both sucked Joe’s breasts harder.

Joe trembled and said, “Oh… oh… oh fuck!” as semen shot out of his meatus. He only just had the sense to capture his semen in the jar.

Doctor Rebecca kept masturbating Joe’s shaft and sucking his breast. Doctor Helen stopped sucking Joe’s breast and indicated for doctor Rebecca to take over the milking of Joe’s prostate. Doctor Rebecca pushed two fingers into Joe’s anus and kept rubbing Joe’s prostate after doctor Helen pulled out her fingers.

Once the specimen jar was full, doctor Helen said, “I’ll take that,” and took the specimen jar from Joe’s hand. She placed it in a machine that did the fertility tests but Joe didn’t notice because his eyes had rolled back into his head and he was still coming.

Joe’s meatus kept oozing out his seminal fluid each time doctor Rebecca rubbed Joe’s prostate. She kept wanking his shaft and he kept on coming. His orgasm just built up higher and higher. He started to gasp in short, little breaths. His whole body kept shaking. Soon it was clear liquid coming out of Joe’s penis. His erection had softened and his penis was now flaccid but doctor Rebecca kept sucking, masturbating and, more importantly, fingering him as fast as she could.

Joe had passed out. His body was still shaking involuntarily but doctor Rebecca kept up her onslaught.

Doctor Helen was concentrating on the fertility results. When she turned around and saw Joe’s condition she said, “Becky, BECKY! STOP!… He’s passed out.”

Doctor Rebecca released Joe’s breast from her mouth and his body spasmed. She slowed down her manipulation of his penis and Joe’s head started rocking from side to side. She then slowly pulled her fingers out of Joe’s anus. Joe’s eyes opened wide, his head and shoulders lifted off the bed and he let out a long, guttural moan. Once doctor Rebecca’s fingers were out of Joe’s anus and his sphincter closed up, his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed onto the bed completely relaxed.

Doctor Rebecca looked at doctor Helen and said as she pulled off her gloves, “I may have gone a wee bit too far.”

“You think so?” admonished doctor Helen, “I promised him that it wouldn’t be as intense as the previous time and you go and do that,” she then said to Joe, “Joe? Are you okay?”

Joe nodded once and grunted. Doctor Helen took this to be ‘yes’. She looked at doctor Rebecca, shook her head and said, “He appears to be still alive.”

“I love helping people come,” was doctor Rebecca’s answer, “Are you turned on? I am.”

“Yes,” answered doctor Helen, “but… and then she trailed off as doctor Rebecca caressed her face and started to kiss her.

Doctor Helen said to Joe, “Joe… Joe? You sleep for a while. Okay?” Joe grunted and stayed still.

Doctor Rebecca led doctor Helen over to the side bench and kissed her neck down to her breasts. She pushed back her bra and sucked Helen’s nipple. Helen gave in to her lust. Helen grabbed Becky’s head and pulled her into her breast and said, “Suck as hard as you can,” which Becky was only too willing to oblige.

Helen felt for Becky’s labia under her underpants and found it to be soaking wet. She quickly thrust two fingers into Becky’s vagina and Becky shuddered. Becky then started to thrust herself onto Helen’s fingers so Helen pushed another finger into Becky’s wanting pussy. Pendik Escort Helen thrust her three fingers in and out of Becky’s hole as she rubbed Becky’s clitoris with her thumb. This is probably why Becky was rough on Joe because she liked it rough herself. Helen felt Becky shudder as Becky came.

Helen pushed Becky off her breast and said, “Suck my pussy,” so they switched into a 69 position, pushed aside each others underpants and started eating each others vulva.

Meanwhile, Joe became conscious. He could hear love making but when he opened his eyes, he realised that he wasn’t involved. He looked out of the corner of his eyes and saw the two doctors eating each other’s fannies. He smiled and fell blissfully unconscious.

Some time later Joe regained consciousness. He looked up at the ceiling and realised he was still in doctor Helen’s surgery. He looked over to where he had previously seen the doctors making love and saw them sitting on the bench, breathing heavily. They saw that he noticed them and doctor Helen asked, “Hello Joe. How do you feel?”

“Um… completely relaxed…” Joe tried to think of the appropriate words to explain how he felt, “Exhausted but sated… um… There are really no words to explain but if there was a heaven, this is what it must feel like.”

Both doctors laughed and then doctor Helen stood up and approached Joe. She then said as Joe tried to sit up, “Take it easy. That was quite an effort to get your semen sample.”

The doctors started to get dressed in their own clothes as Joe recovered.

After they were dressed, doctor Helen asked, “Are you driving home tonight?”

Doctor Rebecca wiped Joe’s semen and the lubricant off his body.

“No,” answered Joe, “I don’t want to hit a roo.”

“Wise choice,” said doctor Helen as she steadied him on the bed, “Do you have accommodation?”

“Yes,” answered Joe, “I’m booked into a motel. It’s just down the road. I can walk there, once I get my breath back.”

“You look a bit unsteady,” said Helen concerned and then to Becky, “Becky help me get him dressed.”

The two doctors managed to get Joe dressed into his clothes. They then helped him sit down in doctor Helen’s consulting room.

Doctor Helen said, “Well, the fertility results show that there are no spermatozoa at all in your voluminous specimen. As you probably realise, doctor Rebecca…”

“You can call me Becky,” interrupted Becky, “I think that we have established a less formal relationship.”

Doctor Helen continued, “Okay, um… Becky worked very hard to get as much as possible of your semen from you but there are no spermatozoa, either alive or dead. This confirms that your testicles are no longer creating any sperm at all. You’re completely infertile, which you seem to say is not a problem because you never want children?”

“That’s right,” answered Joe, “Children might trigger an overload and I don’t know how to react to that.”

“What if your partner wanted children?” asked Helen.

“I’d separate from them,” answered Joe. Joe noticed that both doctors were a bit surprised with his answer so he explained, “My position on the autism spectrum prevents me from falling in love so it’s best for me, and probably the other half, for us to separate.”

“The other two thirds,” corrected Becky referring to Joe having sex with Lucy and Jenny.

“Um… I suppose so,” answered Joe, “Lucy had made it very clear that I will be her boyfriend until someone better comes along or she leaves because she wants to travel.

“Jenny is still in love with her late husband but she’s very happy for us to live together. She’s also had two children, who are now adults, and she’s made it quite clear that she doesn’t want any more children.”

“What if you leave both women and you find someone who wants to have children?” asked Becky.

“It’s like Deja vu all over again, Becky,” answered Joe with a smile, “We would separate but I’m happy for you to keep the viable specimen of it’s not taking up valuable room.”

“I like Yogi Berra’s sayings,” laughed Helen, “Well that’s settled,” said Helen as she looked at Becky sternly to try and stop her from pressing the issue.

Now, back to my diagnosis,” said doctor Helen, “Your testicles are not producing enough testosterone to counteract the female hormones. We should monitor that but I think that you should continue on the very mild course of testosterone that Becky has you on. Do you agree Becky?”

“Yes,” answered Becky, “Your testosterone is at the minimum expected of a male at your age and the female hormones are overriding any testosterone that you are producing, so it won’t hurt to keep taking the milder dose. If further tests show a change in your levels then we can adjust the dosage.”

“Will it make me aggressive?” asked Joe.

“No more than you are now,” answered Becky, “Do you feel that you’re aggressive now?”

“No,” answered Joe.

“Good,” answered Becky, “I’ll write you another prescription,” which she proceeded to do.

“Now if you find any change please come and Mutlukent Escort see me. For example, if you feel that you are more aggressive, or your nipples or breasts become tender, or they start growing again, or anything else, you come and see me, okay?” asked Becky. Joe agreed to do that.

Joe settled the bills which didn’t cost anything because they were both bulk billed.


Joe spent the night at the motel. It wasn’t very nice but at least it was roof over his head. The next morning he had breakfast and drove home.

On his arrival at home Lucy greeted him. He told her that he had some news that both she and Jenny should hear so they drove over to Jenny’s for a cuppa.

Jenny was pleased to see them and they sat down for a cuppa as well as a light lunch of sandwiches.

Joe told Lucy and Jenny about the fertility results so they both decided to immediately stop taking the pill. He told them about the prostate milking but not the doctor’s being partially undressed nor them having sex with each other. That would be breaking the client doctor confidentiality.


A short time later, after waking up, Joe was sucking Lucy’s breast as foreplay before sucking the come out of her. Lucy was feeling exceptional turned on and said, “Oh… that feels so good. It’s… It’s like I’m going to explode. Joe tasted something thick and sweet and stopped sucking. Lucy said, “Oh, please don’t stop,” so Joe kept sucking and he felt sure that he could taste something.

Joe kept sucking and Lucy said, “Oh fuck, I’m going to come,” and of course she came. Lucy came twice while Joe was sucking her breast. He felt that there was no more of the thick, sweet liquid so he then switched to the other breast. When he looked down at the breast that he just finished sucking, he saw a white stain on the tip of Lucy’s nipple.

Joe licked Lucy’s other nipple and a very small, white droplet formed on her nipple. Joe licked it off and it tasted like the liquid that he drank from Lucy’s other breast. He started to gently suck that nipple and tasted more liquid. It started to slowly flow into his mouth and Lucy moaned. He stopped sucking and looked at Lucy’s nipple. There was definitely something thick and white oozing out of her nipple. He wiped the liquid off with his finger and said, “Taste this,” as he pressed it to her lips. Lucy licked his finger as he said, “I think that might be milk.”

Lucy tasted it and said, “It’s really thick.”

“I know,” said Joe, “it could be the thick stuff that comes out before the proper milk.”

“Oh.. ah… colostrum?” suggested Lucy.

“Yes, that’s it,” answered Joe.

Lucy sat up and said, “I’m lactating?”

“Maybe,” answered Joe.

“Holy shit that’s so sexy,” said Lucy, “Suck out some more.”

Joe obliged and sucked Lucy’s nipple. A little bit of the colostrum came out and he drank it all. Lucy thought that she could feel her colostrum leaking out and she came two more times as Joe sucked her nipple.

Joe then sucked the come out of Lucy and she had an exquisite orgasm. Once Lucy recovered she started to suck Joe’s nipples and he too had orgasms. She kept on sucking, hoping that Joe would also produce colostrum but she didn’t taste anything. She then deep throated Joe and he came down her throat.

A few hours later Lucy asked Joe to suck her breasts again. She manoeuvred both of them into a 69 position so that she could also suck his breasts. Joe tasted some more colostrum but Lucy didn’t. She was a bit disappointed but she was very happy that she had started to lactate and she came a few more times whilst being suckled.

Every few hours they repeated the same process and Lucy kept coming and producing a little bit of colostrum. Both Lucy’s and Joe’s nipples were getting tender but Lucy loved the feeling and the thought of being milked.

They slept through the night and the next morning, Lucy’s breasts were very sore. They once again sucked each others breasts and Lucy was very relieved when Joe had sucked out all of her colostrum. She definitely felt her milk ‘let down’ this time. Again, they sucked each other’s breasts every few hours throughout the day.

Fortunately, Lucy was on a two week break and could afford to stay with Joe and have her breasts suckled. Joe’s business was also at a lax time and he could keep sucking Lucy’s breasts every few hours.

The next morning, they sucked each other’s breasts and Joe thought that Lucy’s milk was slightly thinner and greater in volume. Lucy regularly came when she felt her milk ‘let down’ and as Joe suckled her.

On the fourth day, as they were sucking each others breasts, Lucy wasn’t really concentrating, but once she’d recovered from her second orgasm, she detached from Joe’s breast and said, “I think I can taste something.”

Joe released Lucy’s breast and said, “I don’t know about that but my nipples are really sensitive.”

Lucy gently sucked Joe’s nipple again and could taste something sweet. She stopped sucking and stared at Joe’s nipple. She saw a very tiny dot of white start to form on his nipple. She licked it off and it tasted sweet. She became all excited and started to suck Joe’s nipple again. She was able to suck out a tiny bit of sweet, thick liquid, about half a teaspoon’s worth. She almost had an orgasm just thinking about Joe lactating.

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